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Mark Sauer: Generals Opposing Iraq War Break With Military Tradition

Generals opposing Iraq war break with military tradition

Retired Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton: "The ethos is: Give your advice to those in a position to make changes, not the media. But this administration is immune to good advice."

What Would Nancy Say? Not THAT One - the Other One!

Equinox Chart: Tendencies for the rest of this year

In the Equinox chart for Washington DC, the first thing we see is that the nation wants to actively debate current issues. The planet Mercury rules the Ascendant and the Midheaven (top of chart) pointing to a highly mental and analytical period. The country is seeking exchange of ideas, balance and compromise (Mercury in Libra).



If we organized properly via the web we could have local citizens throughout the country who agree to a pledge to stalk the MAINSTREAM MEDIA to push the "IMPEACH NOW" agenda. For example, the citizens near the OJ case could show up with IMPEACH NOW! signs and form a crowd outside the courthouse. The location(s) around the country would change on a day to day basis but with email we could stay a step ahead of the MM whores by notifying participants. They could then head out to the event with their IMPEACH NOW! signs in tow and make their voices heard. I think it's crazy enough of an idea that it just might work....

Lester Dore: We Must Speak Up on Impeachment Issue

Lester Dore: Alderman Clear wrong -- we must speak up on impeachment issue

Dear Editor:

On Monday, I joined in a demonstration in front of Sen. Herb Kohl's office on Mifflin Street. I was reading the names, ages, ranks and dates of death of American troops killed in Iraq since Jan. 1. When I came to a death that listed the age of the soldier as 18, I had to stop and let someone else carry on.

West Hartford CT Preps to Welcome Col./Diplomat/Author/Activist Ann Wright on 10/9/07

Special Guest: Former Foreign Diplomat, True American Hero and Patriot, and author: Colonel Ann Wright

Come Hear Why This Decorated Hero, a US Army Colonel in Special Ops and Later, a Career Diplomat, Resigned, Went to Congress, and then Went to Jail to Make Her Point.

After more than four and a half years as an occupying and destructive force in Iraq, what role does dissent play in the lives of Americans who are fed up, frustrated, and fuming about American Foreign Policy under the Bush Administration? And, how what we do---and don’t do now---will effect Foreign Policy in the next administration.


On Thursday, the corporate media turned out in impressive numbers to cover the pro-justice march in Jena, Louisiana. But last Saturday, just five days before, that same corporate media barely addressed the anti-war march in Washington DC.

Personally, I'm thrilled the mainstream corporate media covered Jena, but I'm not delusional as to WHY:

For the Bush-crony corporate media, which owns profitable "defense" industry businesses and serves the military industrial complex in myriad ways, the march in Jena was viable to promote. It served the interests of both the Bush administration and American media corporations by providing a global view of Bush's exportable democracy. Unlike the anti-war movement that directly targets George Bush and Dick Cheney, the Jena march targeted local officials and local injustice. It never mentioned George W. Bush or his administration. Thus, the Jena march was covered and the anti-war march was not.

Furthermore, if Bush put a media kibosh on the Jena march the way he does on anti-war marches, he would ensure an even greater divide between Black Americans, the Republican party and his administration. Activists know the success of public demonstration is judged by the attention it gets. If the Jena march generates media attention, the march is deemed a success. If the Republicans and George Bush want to keep any faith with Black Americans, they had better let the media do its work.

Impeachment and Our Right to Privacy

Impeachment and Our Right to Privacy
by CIndyCasella |

Impeachment is the best way we can prevent a war with Iran. It is the only way to save our Constitution from becoming just a piece of paper, as George W. calls it, instead of the guarantor of our freedoms and American way of life. Impeachment isn't a prerogative, it's mandatory. Impeachment is unequivocal. Impeachment is the right thing to do. Why then, is the propaganda machine going full tilt against the I-word? No impeachment op-eds. No impeachment letters published. Why have people flip flopped about impeachment, who backed it before? Why was it taken off the table?

Daniel Young's Letter to the Editor: Pelosi, Stupak Urged to Begin Impeachment of President, Vice President

Letter: Pelosi, Stupak urged to begin impeachment of president, vice president

Daily Press Editor’s note: The following was addressed to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Northern Michigan Congressman Bart Stupak. Its writers asked it be reprinted here.


Ms. Pelosi and Congressman Stupak:

When George W. Bush took the oath of office in January 2001, he swore to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic.” It is a solemn and grave oath; especially when viewed from the perspective of decisions he has since made and the actions he has taken.

Richmond VA City Democratic Committee Passes Bush-Cheney Impeachment Resolution Using Jefferson's Manual

On September 7, 2007, Jim Nachman, chairman of the Richmond City Democratic Committee, announced the passing by the Committee of a resolution calling for the impeachment of President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney. The resolution was brought before the Committee by Christopher Dorsey and passed by an overwhelming majority. The vehicle used by the Committee was Jefferson’s Manual, a set of parliamentary guidelines written by Thomas Jefferson and used by the House of Representatives.

Duty, Honor, Country 2007

OpEdNews Original Content
September 13, 2007
By By Dr. Robert M. Bowman, Lt. Col., USAF, ret., National Commander, The Patriots

An Open Letter to the New Generation of Military Officers Serving and Protecting Our Nation

Dear Comrades in Arms,

You are facing challenges in 2007 that we of previous generations never dreamed of. I'm just an old fighter pilot (101 combat missions in Vietnam , F-4 Phantom, Phu Cat, 1969-1970) who's now a disabled veteran with terminal cancer from Agent Orange. Our mailing list (over 22,000) includes veterans from all branches of the service, all political parties, and all parts of the political spectrum. We are Republicans and Democrats, Greens and Libertarians, Constitutionists and Reformers, and a good many Independents. What unites us is our desire for a government that (1) follows the Constitution, (2) honors the truth, and (3) serves the people.

With YOUR Help TODAY, Madison WI Will Reconsider Impeachment

Members of Veterans for Peace and the Impeachment Coalition of Dane County have called upon Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz to stand up for America, to call for the Madison city council to reconsider its recent impeachment resolution and to vote yes on impeachment.

Buzz Davis, a Veteran for Peace (VFP) and a Coalition member, said, "The mayor is the political leader of the city. He has taken an oath of office to support the United States Constitution. The Constitution is being shredded in front of us with illegal wars of aggression, illegal torture and illegal wiretapping by the Bush/Cheney administration. Fifty-four percent (54%) of the public believes impeachment investigations should commence against Cheney and 76% of the Democrats feel the same way. Mayor Cieslewicz is a Democrat and was elected as a Democrat. In 2005 the Democratic Party of WI was the second Democratic party in the nation to call for impeachment. The Green Party called for impeachment even earlier."

U of FL Tasered and Evicted for Asking Kerry About Impeaching Bush and Skull & Bones

Student Arrested, Tasered at Kerry Event

University of Florida Student Arrested, Tasered at Kerry Forum After Asking About Election

A University of Florida student was Tasered and arrested after trying to ask U.S. Senator John Kerry about the 2004 election and other subjects during a campus forum.

Videos of the incident posted on several Web sites show officers pulling Andrew Meyer, 21, away from the microphone after he asks Kerry about impeaching President Bush and whether he and Bush were both members of the secret society Skull and Bones at Yale University.

Cheri DelBrocco: MAD AS HELL: "...But to Do and Die"

MAD AS HELL: "...But to Do and Die."
By Cheri DelBrocco | MemphisFlyer Online

Bush has bought himself another year in Iraq. Mission accomplished -- again! Barring a miracle (doubtful) or impeachment proceedings (inconceivable), our brave troops are guaranteed to be stuck in Iraq for the next 16 months. Kick the can on down the road.

A Gathering of Reich-Wing Whackjobs Pays CodePINK a House Call

Now this was interesting. I was ensconced in the basement of the CodePINK house hand coding the Bye Bye Gonzo going away party blog post when a ruckus erupted out front on the sidewalk. Seems a visit was being made by some pro-military types who were expressing their contempt of the CodePINK ladies' peaceful message. Some of the gals were a little ruffled by this appearance and others went outside for an "open meaningful discussion of views". I paid little attention as the situation didn't seem overtly threatening and I sent the wife, Mrs. Cactus, out to take a couple photos and went back to the tedium of preparing a blog post with eleven embedded photos.

Around the time I was making real progress, CodePINK friend Lydia comes in and suggests the pro-military group needs to see some "MEN" come out of the house to show them its not just women in the group. So I figure, what the hey?, and mosey out to take measure of the goings-on...

Gen. Petraeus Wonders If Our Courageous Military's Day-In Day-Out Service & Sacrifices Will Make America Safer

1-2-3 What are we fighting for?

Don’t ask me, I don’t give a damn. The next stop is Vietnam.

5-6-7 Open up the pearly gates.

It ain’t no time to wonder why. Yippee! We’re all going to die.

-- Country Joe and the Fish

The Rapist Returns: More Lessons from Katrina's Aftermath

9 September 2007
by August H. Nimtz

In the big business media's "two years after Katrina" coverage, there was one glaring omission -- the story of the utter bankruptcy of the so-called Black leadership, in particular, the Black Democratic Party establishment. Nothing confirms that story better than the brief appearance in New Orleans on August 29 of President George W. Bush. As one resident of a FEMA trailer park aptly described the visit, "it was like the rapist being allowed to return to the scene of the crime with impunity."

Rove Replacement Seen as Highly Partisan Go-Getter

Rove Replacement Seen as Highly Partisan Go-Getter
By Michael Abramowitz |

While President Bush was in Australia last week, the White House completed the divvying-up of Karl Rove's sizable and important portfolio.


MSM ABCNews/WaPo Poll: "Most Are Skeptical of Petraeus Report"

Most Are Skeptical of Petraeus Report
ABC News/Washington Post Poll: Few Think Bush Will Change Course on Iraq War


A skeptical public expects little of this week's developments on Iraq: More than half of Americans think the Petraeus report will try to sugar-coat the real situation there, and two-thirds don't believe it will influence George W. Bush's war policy anyway.

Australia Welcomes War Criminal Bush

Bum's rush | The Sydney Morning Herald

A protest involving around 50 bare-bottomed activists spilled onto Sydney streets today, stalling an APEC motorcade and triggering scuffles with police.

Vermonter Takes it to Bush Down Under

“President” Bush may not be willing to visit Vermont, but one of Vermont’s finest, ex-marine Matt Howard, was in Australia today delivering the message to Bush and the world that we have seen through his lies, calling him and his sycophants out for their criminal Iraq adventure.
The three mile steel barrier that the city erected to keep the Decider from being exposed to the multitudes who disagree with and despise him may have prevented him from hearing the words of Mr. Howard, but listeners to the BBC/WBUR program The World, distributed across the U.S. by Public Radio International were treated to a short but articulate condemnation of the Bush Iraq war policy by Mr. Howard.


During previous American presidencies, less calamitous than that of George W. Bush, the most consistent visitors to local and national legislators were paid corporate lobbyists seeking favors that rarely, if ever, served the common good. Greedy K-Street 'Abramoffs' exploited American capitalism and sacrificed the many to benefit the few.

Before the reign of George W. Bush, self-indulgent corporate lobbyists far outnumbered unpaid patriots who called-on elected officials. Average Americans didn't phone, fax, email and visit their national, state and local legislators to plead for their country's salvation. They felt no need to. Their democracy, though flawed, was at no risk of failing. Their electeds, though flawed, weren't tearing it apart.

But today, with America in a Constitutional crisis, savvy constituents across the nation are rushing to intervene. The number of patriot lobbyists visiting electeds has grown substantially. Citizen interventions abound.

Dr. Carol Wolman: Impeachment or Enslavement? Now or Never

By Carol Wolman, M.D. | Op-Ed

As we head into Labor Day weekend, there’s lots of chatter about a false flag event. "Middle Eastern looking men" acting suspicious on ferries in Puget Sound – are they preparing to mess up San Francisco? while the Bay Bridge is closed for renovation this weekend? Or is Houston the target?, with trains full of military vehicles are supposedly rolling into town? Or perhaps Oregon? where Operation Noble Resolve is underway?

Protest of War Smaller than Expected

Protest of war smaller than expected
By James Hohmann | Dallas Morning News

About 250 war protesters gathered outside the Texas Republican straw poll Saturday, calling for an immediate troop withdrawal and the impeachment of President Bush.

Cindy Sheehan was among the war protesters outside the Texas Republican straw poll in Fort Worth. Organizers who promised thousands would attend the protest said the lower- than-expected turnout inside the straw poll had an effect.

Among the speakers was Cindy Sheehan, who became the face of the anti-war movement after setting up camp outside the president's ranch in Crawford, Texas. Ms. Sheehan, the mother of a killed-in-action soldier, plans to challenge House Speaker Nancy Pelosi next year because the California Democrat has not sought to impeach the president.

"Not only should they be impeached, they should be thrown in prison," Ms. Sheehan said. "Most of the Democrats belong in prison right next to George Bush and Dick Cheney."

Challenging the Generals

August 26, 2007

On Aug. 1, Gen. Richard Cody, the United States Army’s vice chief of staff, flew to the sprawling base at Fort Knox, Ky., to talk with the officers enrolled in the Captains Career Course. These are the Army’s elite junior officers. Of the 127 captains taking the five-week course, 119 had served one or two tours of duty in Iraq or Afghanistan, mainly as lieutenants. Nearly all would soon be going back as company commanders. A captain named Matt Wignall, who recently spent 16 months in Iraq with a Stryker brigade combat team, asked Cody, the Army’s second-highest-ranking general, what he thought of a recent article by Lt. Col. Paul Yingling titled “A Failure in Generalship.” The article, a scathing indictment that circulated far and wide, including in Iraq, accused the Army’s generals of lacking “professional character,” “creative intelligence” and “moral courage.”


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