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‘Proxy Detention’ of American Citizen

ACLU/SC Suit Seeks Information on U.S. ‘Proxy Detention’ of American Citizen in the U.A.E.


August 18, 2010 - Seeking to uncover information about the U.S. government’s 2008 overseas “proxy detention” of American citizen Naji Hamdan, the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California filed a lawsuit in federal district court here today. The suit asks the CIA, the FBI, the National Security Agency, and other intelligence agencies to turn over records about their surveillance of Mr. Hamdan in the United States, and their involvement in his detention and torture in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates. {read more}



* Watch an interview between Hamdan and Pasquarella.


A week of public forums, school teach-ins, art/culture actions,
religious communities’ events, protests, film showings, and more…. This
project will be voted on at City Council’s September 21 meeting. Please
contact City Council members to inform ...them of your support, and please
attend the meeting.


Omar Khadr's Gitmo Trial

One last chance to do right by Khadr


August 21, 2010 - Fate has thrown one last opportunity to the Prime Minister to finally do the right thing and bring Omar Khadr home to Canada.

I have returned to Canada after a week of observing the latest chapter in Khadr's unending saga at Guantanamo Bay -- the continuing determination of the U.S. government to try a child soldier for war crimes. And I return struck with the fact that the Canadian government has this unexpected chance to protect his rights. It is so unexpected and steeped in the drama of his lawyer collapsing in court, that one is even tempted to believe that this time it might be impossible for the government to resist.

The Cambodian War Crimes Tribunal

Cambodia looks beyond war crimes tribunal


August 20, 2010 - After handing down its first verdict in July, the international war crimes tribunal in Cambodia will next year hear the second - and possibly final - case against a former senior Khmer Rouge leader. But some people are looking beyond all of this - to a time when the tribunal has left Cambodia - and a need for learning centres and other legacy projects. {read more}

Will this Country, the United States, wait, if ever, years to do what we should already be doing and the World Awaits same?

Hiding Information On Torture

ACLU Lawsuit Charges Feds With Hiding Information On Torture Of US Citizen

Aug. 18, 2010 - Naji Hamdan Was Held in Secret Arab Prison For Months, Alleges US Involvement

Naji Hamdan, an American of Lebanese origin, looks from the balcony of his home, in Beirut, Lebanon, in this Nov. 2009 file photo. The American Civil Liberties Union filed suit in federal court in California today to force the CIA, the FBI and other federal agencies to tell what they know about the alleged torture and detention of Hamdan, who was held in a secret prison in the UAE for months.(Bilal Hussein/AP Photo)

Symbolism in Occupations

Our symbolic transfer from combat during 'Nam was when we were sent over no longer as labeled 'combat' but as 'advisors' once again.

That started just before I left CI/SERE in early 1970 and headed into country, we were given military beanies, i.e. berets, with the operations patch on them and called 'advisors', never did meet my supposed 'counterpart' the whole year I was there.


Why aren't we?

Other countries probing Bush-era torture — Why aren't we?

18 August 2010 - In June, the Supreme Court refused to hear the case of a Canadian man who contends that U.S. authorities mistook him for an al Qaida operative in 2002 and shipped him to a secret prison in Syria, where he was beaten with electrical cables and held in a grave-like cell for 10 months.

Four years earlier, however, the Canadian government had concluded an exhaustive inquiry and found that the former prisoner, Maher Arar, was telling the truth. Canada cleared Arar of all ties to terrorism and paid him $10 million in damages, and his lawyers say he's cooperating with an investigation into the role of U.S. and Syrian officials in his imprisonment and reported torture.


This fall, be a part of 
 - October 10-16

A week of public forums, school teach-ins, art/culture actions, religious communities’ events, protests, film showings, and more….

Initiated by a proposal to the Berkeley City Council from World Can’t Wait (below), Progressive Democrats of America, Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute, Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists (Social Justice Comm.) and Rev. Kurt Kuhwald. [Also endorsed by the National Lawyers Guild SF Chapter.]

Passed 6/7/10 by the Berkeley Peace and Justice Commission, this project will be voted on at City Council’s September 21 meeting. Please contact City Council members to inform them of your support, and please attend the meeting.

WORLD CAN’T WAIT (SF BAY) at 415-864-5153,

Gitmo Controversy:

President Obama's promise to shut the Guantánamo Bay detention facility has come back to haunt him.

For many that's what this will carry as the political meme. But for those of us who understand that the previous decade, along the extreme hateful rantings of many throughout and now, this will be seen as the reality of creating much more hatreds towards us and our very blatant hypocrisies that are way too numerous to list! Which will effect much in this country in the coming decades, especially Security and Economy! It will also remind us of the fear within many who fight bringing those held as criminals, many already released for lack of any evidence, to the U.S. to stand trial, in a Country that once stood for Law and Human Rights as it condemns others of not, and be incarcerated here if found guilty! We created our own enemies of those who would never have been nor ever thought of being!

Samer Muscati: Torture in Iraq and More Part 1 & 2

Interview Part One

Interview Part Two

Samer Muscati researches and reports on the human rights situation in Iraq for Human Rights Watch. Samer recently returned from a trip to Iraq during which he and his colleagues interviewed over 40 men who had been tortured while detained in an Iraqi prison. EPIC talked with Samer about the Iraqi government’s role in preventing torture, the violence facing religious and ethnic minorities in Iraq, and the future of civil society there.

Bradley Manning and the Secret World

By John Grant

Poor Bradley Manning. The kid can’t catch a break. Not only does the military have him locked in some inhuman solitary hole where they can slow-torture him using the latest approved methods, now his troubled private life is being broadcast for all to see.

After running 75,000 secret military field reports released by WIkiLeaks, The New York Times assigned a reporter, Ginger Thompson, to find out personal details about PFC Manning, who is being held at the Marine base at Quantico, Virginia.

What she found was a sensitive, smart kid who did his best to survive the mess he landed in when he was born. A dysfunctional family life seems to have pushed him into the loner category. Then, as kids are encouraged to do by recruitment posters, he chose to join the Army, as Thompson writes, “to give his life some direction.”

Omar Khadr: If You Agree Gitmo Should Close, Well.....

Officer off Gitmo jury for agreeing with Obama

8/11/2010 - Prosecutors exclude juror for wanting to close the prison

A veteran U.S. Army officer who agreed with President Barack Obama that the Guantanamo Bay prison should be closed was excluded from the jury in a U.S. military commission trial Wednesday after prosecutors objected that he had "pre-conceived" views that might jeopardize their case.

The move came as prosecutors and jurors selected a seven-person jury of military officers to hear the case of Omar Khadr, the so-called "child soldier" accused of hurling a hand grenade that killed an American soldier in a firefight in Afghanistan eight years ago.

Khadr, now 23, has spent a third of his life at Guantanamo. He is accused of murder and attempted murder in the first trial before the Obama administration’s revamped military commissions.

Broken At Bagram,

But Still Admissible

Canadian defendant Omar Khadr attends his hearing in the courthouse for the U.S. military war crimes commission at the Camp Justice compound on Guantanamo Bay U.S. Naval Base in Cuba, August 9, 2010. JANET HAMLIN/THE CANADIAN PRESS

Guantanamo Trial: Omar Khadr

First Guantanamo Trial Under Obama Opens


Courtroom sketch of Canadian defendant Omar Khadr (l) at his pre-trial hearing in the courthouse for the U.S. military war crimes commission at the Camp Justice compound on Guantanamo Bay U.S. Naval Base in Cuba, 9 Aug 2010.

10 August 2010 - Jury selection began for the first war crimes trial under U.S. President Barack Obama - when 23-year-old Canadian detainee Omar Khadr appeared Tuesday before a tribunal at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

So Please Tell Me Again:

What's the Afghanistan War About?

August 8, 2010 - When facts are inconvenient, when international law, human rights and history get in the way, when war crimes can't easily be justified or explained away, when logic doesn't help much, the current crop of American political leaders turns to what is now the old reliable: 9/11.

We have to fight in Afghanistan because ... somehow ... it's tied into what happened on September 11, 2001. Here's Vice-President Joe Biden: "We know that it was from the space that joins Afghanistan and Pakistan that the attacks of 9/11 occurred." 1

Here's Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC): "This is the place [Afghanistan] we were attacked from 9/11." 2

America's legal black hole

Exclusive: Caught in America's legal black hole

AP A row of sleeping tents in Camp Justice

9 August 2010 Have a nice flight with Country Airlines," said the smiling stewardess, "and enjoy your trip." Standing on the gangway of the Sun Country 737, she could have been welcoming us aboard a jet bound for any one of America's favourite holiday destinations.

But the US military-chartered aircraft taking off from the Andrews Air Force Base in Washington this weekend was heading for somewhere not altogether known for its leisure facilities.

The Bush Torture Program

ACLU Calls For Broad Investigation Into Bush Torture Program

Aug 7, 2010 - Jameel Jaffer, Deputy Legal Director of the ACLU:

"This revelation illustrates the lengths to which the Bush administration went in order to shield its conduct from the courts and keep prisoners outside the protection of the law. Secret detention constitutes a grave breach of the Geneva Conventions, and the officials who authorized the CIA's secret prisons and torture program should be held accountable. Continued

Guantanamo: Omar Khadr

Khadr trial will be a window into America's war on terror

08.07.10 - GUANTANAMO BAY, Cuba -- Across his eight years in U.S. custody, Americans have seen Canadian Omar Khadr grow from a child found near dead in a war zone in Afghanistan to a brooding, weeping teenager and more recently a defiant young man spurning a guilty plea deal at Guantanamo.

They've seen him cast as, alternately, a child of jihad who hurled a grenade that killed a U.S. soldier in battle in Afghanistan in 2002 or a 15-year-old captured far from his native Toronto and then tortured into confessing to a crime he now denies.

Prosecutors say Khadr, now 23, was an ``unprivileged enemy belligerent'' when he joined elders on a night mission in Afghanistan, planting mines. They call it a war crime.


Sunday, August 1st, was the 8th anniversary of the writing of the torture memos by John Yoo and Jay Bybee. Cheers to Coleen Rowley, the former FBI official, for protesting in Minneapolis, calling for prosecutions of those who have authorized and implemented torture. Read her call to action and see more photos here.

Along with this anniversary comes the expiration of the 8 year statute of limitations for prosecuting the torturers. Rowley called for immediate action in response, and wrote: "Obama's insane slogan and policy about 'looking only forward' makes no sense as it would entail overlooking all crimes committed in the past."

Torture Memo: Eight Years On

All from a Country that is based on it's Laws and Constitution to hold it together, was and is the major architect of International Laws and Condemns those who fail to uphold Human Rights and those same International Laws, not to mention that torturing of others for so called intelligence doesn't work but those ordering and those doing get a perverse joy out of carrying out these acts!

Eight years after the torture memo, Obama should take a hard look back

The AP’s “Most Complete Published Account” that Leaves Out Torture

The AP’s DOJ and intelligence writers have a story out on the Durham investigation that purports to be “the most complete published account” of the destruction of the torture tapes. Only, it ignores key details that have already been published which paint a much more damning picture of the tapes and their destruction.

READ THE REST at Emptywheel.

Just 19years for Thousands of Lives in Massive War Crimes!!

Khmer Rouge jailer faces 19 years for 16,000 dead

26 July 2010 Cambodia – A war crimes tribunal convicted and sentenced the Khmer Rouge's chief jailer Monday for overseeing the deaths of up to 16,000 people, in the first verdict involving a senior member of the "killing fields" regime that devastated a generation of Cambodians.

Victims and their relatives burst into tears after hearing that a 35-year sentence given to Kaing Guek Eav — also known as Duch — had been whittled down to just 19 after taking into account time already served and other factors. That effectively means the 67-year-old could one day walk free.

The Horrific Nature of Abu Zubaydah's Story Stands Out

By Andy Worthington

In the history of the “War on Terror,” few stories are as disturbing as that of Abu Zubaydah. Seized in Pakistan in March 2002, Zubaydah was initially regarded as a “high-value detainee” of such significance that the Bush administration conceived its torture program specifically for use on him, but the case against him has steadily unraveled over the years, as officials — first in the Bush administration, and then under President Obama — have conceded that his significance was monstrously overstated, and that he was not a member of al-Qaeda, was not involved in planning any international terrorist attacks, and had no advance knowledge of the 9/11 attacks.

Three Decades Later

Verdict due in Comrade Duch Khmer Rouge trial

25 July 2010 After a wait of more than three decades, some kind of justice is at last in sight for the victims of the Khmer Rouge.

As many as two million Cambodians died because of the policies of Pol Pot's government. They included the evacuation of cities, forced labour in the rice fields and the summary execution of those considered "enemies of the revolution". Continued

Long haul for Cambodia's genocide court

25 July 2010 Cambodia's UN-backed genocide court has taken four years to conclude its first case

Marooned in the dusty outskirts of Phnom Penh, the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia are hardly in the most auspicious of locations.

Known as “the Bulldog,” “the Star Judge,” the “Superjuez,”

The ‘Superjuez’ under fire

July 22, 2010 Crusading judge Baltasar Garzón faces charges for opening the wounds of the Fascist past

He’s inspired tens of thousands of Spaniards to protest on his behalf—and support his efforts to uncover the crimes of Spain’s Fascist past. In 2008, Spanish judge Baltasar Garzón opened the historical floodgates, announcing an official investigation into 114,000 disappearances during Spain’s bloody 1936-1939 civil war, and the subsequent years of Gen. Francisco Franco’s rule. And he did more than strike against the unofficial pacto del olvido, or pact of silence, that has existed since the dictatorship ended in 1975. He charged Franco and his associates with crimes against humanity, for the first time, and vowed to exhume Franco-era mass graves.

"the rank amateurs of the 'World' public"

The millions of "rank amateurs" have yet, sadly, to be proven wrong in anything said before and through all these years of two destructive occupations, From the abandonment of Afghanistan in their much needed help to rebuild after decades of others trying to control them by focussing all attention on an innocent country and people in Iraq and reeking destructive terror on same, to today!

Manningham-Buller was right about the Iraq war

22 July 2010 Tony Blair ignored the MI5 boss's advice, as he did the public's protests, but history has proved her fears to be uncannily accurate

Eliza Manningham-Buller, former head of MI5. Photograph: Graeme Robertson/Getty Images

Chosen Brit Torture Judge Coming Under Question

Torture inquiry judge urged to quit over bias claims

21 July 2010 The judge probing torture claims against the security services is facing calls to disqualify himself from the investigation.

A human rights group said Sir Peter Gibson's links to intelligence chiefs meant he should be a witness to the inquiry rather than its chairman.

It claimed the High Court judge's previous posting as the official watchdog over the security services had made him too close to agents, ministers and officials.

David Cameron set up the inquiry earlier this month to discover whether MI5 and MI6 turned a blind eye to the abuse of terrorist suspects in U.S. custody.

Licensing complaint to the New York Board of Psychology against Torture Psychologist Dr. John Francis Leso

Noted New York Psychologist Steven Reisner filed a complaint and request
of disciplinary actions against torture psychologist Dr. John Francis
Leso who developed and implemented a series of psychologically and
physically abusive interrogation techniques applied against detainees
held by the U.S.

Check out the attached link for details.!/pages/War-Criminals-Watch/61460980748?ref=search

Torture Psychologist and War Criminal Dr. James Elmer

Read the detailed Complaint to the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists Against Torture Psychologist Dr. James Elmer who directed various extreme torture methods among prisoners included Abu Zubaydah who was waterboarded 83 times.

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