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German Parliament Writes to Obama About Abuse of Bradley Manning

On April 12th, the Human Rights Commission of the German Parliament (Bundestag) wrote to President Obama criticizing the treatment of Bradley Manning. On April 14th, they issued a press statement and published the letter to Obama on the Website of the German Parliament.

Press Release:


Spain drops case against Bush officials

The following is from AFP

US pressure to change Spanish law on universal jurisdiction and US pretense of investigating crimes it is not investigating have won out.

A SPANISH judge overnight dismissed a complaint filed against former top US officials over alleged torture at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp.

Judge Eloy Velasco decided to throw out the case as he said the US justice system is competent to handle any such complaint.

He also argued that the Association for the Dignity of Prisoners of Spain which filed the suit "is not based in Spain".

The association had alleged in 2009 that six officials in the administration of former president George W Bush, including ex-US attorney general Alberto Gonzales, sanctioned torture against prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.

In 2005 Spain declared itself competent to investigate any crime committed abroad under the principle of "universal jurisdiction".

Justice Department Asks Spain Not to Prosecute U.S. Torturers

Spain is pursuing a case against former top U.S. officials who authorized the use of torture, including David Addington, Jay Bybee, Douglas Feith, William Haynes, John Yoo, and Alberto Gonzales. U.S. activist groups have been encouraging Spain in this endeavor.

Guerrilla gardening in Rome for Palestinian Land Day

Land Day commemorates the sacrifice of six young Palestinians who, in 1976, were killed in the area of al-Jahil while protesting the expropriation of their land. For the past three years, throughout the world Land Day is commemorated with Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) actions targeting the Israeli economy. March 30, 2011, in fact, saw the launch from Palestine of an international campaign to block the activities of the Jewish National Fund (JNF).

Since 1901, under the pretext of working for the environment, the JNF has stolen land and resources from the Palestinian people, selling the land exclusively to Jews or planting non-native trees so as to distort and cancel the sites of Palestinian history and culture.

Tens of Thousands Protest in London

Thousands protest in London against government spending cuts 26 March 2011 - In the largest demonstration since the Iraq war more than 250,000 protest against austerity measures



Suit Filed on Behalf of Spanish Judge


MADRID (AP) — A human rights group has filed suit in a European court on behalf of a Spanish judge who won international fame by indicting foreign dictators but who was indicted himself on charges that he exceeded his authority by investigating Spanish Civil War atrocities, the group said on Friday.

The group, Interights, which is based in London, filed the suit Thursday with the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France, on behalf of Judge Baltasar Garzón, who is internationally famous for cases in which he indicted, among others, the Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet and Osama bin Laden.

MORATORIUM: Any Radiation Exposure Is Unsafe

Physicians for Social Responsibility Calls for a US Moratorium on New Nuclear Reactors, Citing Medical Risks

Warns Any Radiation Exposure Is Unsafe

Washington, DC - March 19, 2011 – Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) today called for a nationwide
moratorium on new nuclear reactors in the United States and a suspension of operations at the nuclear reactors with a similar design as those involved in the disaster in Japan, as well as those on fault lines. PSR cited the medical risks associated with any level of radiation exposure regardless of how small. Lower doses result in less chance of harm than higher doses, but any dose level can put an individual at risk.

U.S. Torture of Bradley Manning Condemned in Scottish Parliament

From Ciaron O'Reilly

“Degrading treatment” of whistleblowers condemned in Scottish Parliament

Dr Bill Wilson MSP (SNP) condemned the degrading treatment of whistleblowers today while attempting to get the Scottish Government to acknowledge the importance of WikiLeaks. The Scottish Government was prevented from commenting on this topic by the Presiding Officer.

American Human Rights Groups Place Ad in Spanish Newspaper Encouraging Prosecution of US War Criminals

You signed the petition.  You visited the embassy and consulates.  You donated the funding.  Now check out the ad your dollars paid for in El Publico newspaper in Spain.

Click for larger image:

Here's the text in English:
A Spanish judge, acting under international law, will soon decide whether to investigate US officials' roles in authorizing torture. We hope you agree that such cases must go forward, despite pressure from the Obama administration to drop them.  The organizations sponsoring this advertisement represent hundreds of thousands in the American public who believe the US government must be held to the same rule of law as other countries. We thank the people of Spain for your courage, and ask for your support as your courts consider bringing American officials to justice for the crime of torture.

The Spanish government's representatives appreciated the support you gave them on Valentine's Day, thanking and encouraging Spain to prosecute U.S. war criminals.  A report is here on what we did. The Spanish media spread the word
Now comes a report from the Center for Constitutional Rights that suggests Spain may be listening.  Good work!

If you have not yet signed the letter to Spain or donated to this campaign, please go here!

And let's give some thought to asking Sweden not to extradite Julian Assange to the United States.

Will Sweden Bring Back Death Penalty After Over a Century?

Sweden banned censorship and guaranteed free speech in 1766, 10 years before the Declaration of Independence in the American British colonies, and -- apart from shameful episodes of caving in to dictatorships and Nazis -- has pretty well kept it in place.

Sweden banned the death penalty and has not used it since 1910.

Now, Sweden has an opportunity to punish the speech of a Nobel Peace Prize nominee with the death penalty by extraditing Julian Assange to the United States to be put on trial.

Dear Sweden, what will you do? You've led the way toward civility. You've banned not only the death penalty but violence up to and including spanking. You gave refuge to Denmark's Jews. You gave birth to my grandfather. Usually I look to you for leadership.

That may sound funny to you, coming from a citizen and resident of a nation with more weapons than the rest of the world combined. But I said leadership, not insanely sadistic militarism.

"Your Forefathers Would All Have Been Gassed"

There's a video available online that has created quite a scandal this week. It shows a fashion designer in Paris telling someone he loves Hitler and that their mothers and forefathers would have all been gassed to death.

I think the staying power of Hitlerian madness is more easily understood when we properly understand that Hitler and the Nazis didn't invent it out of whole cloth but built on a deep tradition that had long dominated European and U.S. culture. I wrote about U.S. influences on Hitler in "War Is A Lie." Another book that should be required reading is "Exterminate the Brutes," by Sven Lindqvist.

Spain Hears You

The Spanish government's representatives appreciated the support you gave them earlier this month, thanking and encouraging Spain to prosecute U.S. war criminals.  A report is here on what we did. The Spanish media spread the word
Now comes a report from the Center for Constitutional Rights that suggests Spain may be listening:

February 25, 2011, New York – In response to news that the full panel of Judges of the Audencia Nacional (Spain’s High Court) rejected a Spanish prosecutor’s effort to stop an investigation into the role of  US officials for torture on Guantanamo, the Center for Constitutional Rights, which has submitted many papers in this and a related case in Spain, released the following statement:
This is a monumental decision that will enable a Spanish judge to continue a case on the “authorized and systematic plan of torture and ill treatment” by U.S. officials at Guantanamo. Geoffrey Miller, the former commanding officer at Guantánamo, has already been implicated, and the case will surely move up the chain of command. Since the U.S. government has not only failed to investigate the illegal actions of its own officials and, according to diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks,  also sought to interfere in the Spanish judicial process and stop the case from proceeding, this will be the first real investigation of the U.S. torture program. This is a victory for accountability and a blow against impunity. The Center for Constitutional Rights applauds the Spanish courts for not bowing to political pressure and for undertaking what may be the most important investigation in decades.  
For more information and filings related to the Spanish cases, both the above torture case and the Bush 6 case looking into the role of the lawyers in the torture program, visit the Spanish case page on the Center for Constitutional Rights web site.
If you have not yet signed the letter to Spain or donated to this campaign, please go here!
Tavis Smiley and Cornel West discuss this:

“Bush Six” could face torture charges

Smiley: "Torture is not just illegal. It’s a crime against humanity."


West: "In the history of the Black church, I say Amen."


George W. Bush, War Criminal, Is Not Welcome in Europe

By Andy Worthington

Last week I returned from Poland, where I had been touring the documentary film, “Outside the Law: Stories from Guantánamo” (which I co-directed with filmmaker Polly Nash), and discussing the importance of an ongoing investigation into the complicity of the Polish government in the establishment of a secret CIA torture prison in Poland in the early years of the “War on Terror.”

Turkey unveils its final report on Israeli attack on Gaza-bound aid convoy

From TurkishPress

Turkey on Friday made public its report on the May 31 Israeli attack on a humanitarian aid convoy that killed eight Turks and an American of Turkish origin and injured many others.

Turkey repeatedly asked Israel to officially apologize and pay compensation for all the loss and damages caused by its illegal attack.

The report, prepared by Turkish National Commission of Inquiry, has been submitted to the Panel of Inquiry set up by the UN Secretary-General in August 2010, in accordance with the Presidential Statement issued by the UN Security Council in June 2010 which called for a prompt, impartial, credible and transparent investigation conforming to international standards.

U.S. Thanks and Encourages Spain to Prosecute Bush Officials

If you've wanted to be part of a powerful effort to bring Bush-era officials to justice for their crimes, now is your chance. We've joined a national effort to reach out to the people of Spain, whose courts are considering prosecuting six of Bush's lawyers under international law. Our campaign includes an open letter and ads in prominent Spanish newspapers and billboards.

Even though the Obama administration has been working hard behind the scenes to stop this, our friends at the Center for Constitutional Rights have already submitted proof to the Spanish courts that our government is not taking action under international law and treaties. Now is our chance - we can keep the wheels of justice turning by doing people-to-people diplomacy now.

Here's what you do: Read and sign the letter to the Spanish people at's name is behind it.  The letter will go to the Spanish embassy and consulates across the country on Monday - Valentine's Day.  We'll also bring Spanish officials flowers and invite the media.  You can join us in these events.  Get details at

But we can't stop there.
We've designed a billboard and newspaper advertisement that says in Spanish, "Please do what the U.S. won't. Prosecute torturers." We are raising money to place ads and billboards around Madrid where the country's leaders will see that there are Americans who want the case to continue.

We need to raise $30k to make this happen, so please consider a generous donation toward bringing the message directly to the Spanish people.  Read and sign the letter at

CCR and ECCRHR To File Torture Case Against George W. Bush!

From DailyKos

President Bush was supposed to be in Geneva on Monday. He was going to address a group at the Hotel President Wilson. It was to be one of those big dollar events where the Ex-President speaks to a rah-rah crowd for a big passel of cash. That is now canceled, and just canceled this evening. Why is that?

Well you see the CCR and its allies in Europe had been preparing a bit of a surprise for the 43 President of the United States and unindicted torturer. They had been working for months to bring two complaints against George W. Bush under the International Conventions Against Torture. One in the name of Al Jazeera reporter Sami el-Hajj and a current CIA detainee Majid Khan, who is to this day held at Guantanamo Bay without charge.

CCR and the European Center of Constitutional and Human Rights have put together a 2.500 page case against the criminal President Bush and had intended to file it Monday when Bush was in Geneva. They had been keeping the a pretty tight lid on this, talking to reporters under a news embargo and preparing a press conference. Some how it seems that it has leaked and lo and behold, W suddenly can’t attend and the event is being canceled.


Former CIA “Ghost Prisoner” Abu Zubaydah Recognized as “Victim” in Polish Probe of Secret Prison

For those seeking accountabiity for the senior Bush administration officials and lawyers who established a global torture program in the "War on Terror," involving extraordinary rendition and torture in a variety of secret prisons, the news that the Polish Prosecutor has today accepted the claims of Abu Zubaydah, a former CIA "ghost prisoner," that he was a victim of extraordinary rendition and secret detention in P


Blair is appearing before Chilcot for his recall evidence next Friday 21st January. We are calling a demonstration outside the inquiry at the Queen Elizabeth II centre Westminster (nearest tubes Westminster and st James's).

Please do everything you can to attend and make the day a success. We will be organising a series of activities, stunts etc as part of the protest.

There is clearly real disquiet even in establishment circles about the evidence which has come out about the legality of the war. Now's our chance to bring this issue to the forefront of politics.

Further details of the time will be out soon but prepare for an early start.

Newsletter No.11835
12th January 2011
Tel: 020 7801 2768

White House Intensifies Military Buildup In Poland

By Rick Rozoff, Stop NATO

Immediately on the heels of reports in the Guardian and other Western news media that the U.S.-led North Atlantic Treaty Organization has crafted a strategy to intervene with nine army divisions in the Baltic Sea area, President Barack Obama met with his Polish counterpart Bronislaw Komorowski at the White House and confirmed plans to increase U.S. military hardware and troops in the latter’s country.

The two heads of state agreed on expanding bilateral military relations “in the spirit of the 2008 U.S.-Polish Declaration on Strategic Cooperation,” [1] including the stationing of 16 U.S. F-16 jet fighters and four C-130 Hercules military transport planes on Polish air bases beginning in 2013.

Something Rotten in Sweden:

By Dave Lindorff

With a grown daughter and a wife, far be it from me to minimize the issue of rape, but to borrow from the Bard, in the case of the “rape” case being alleged against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, currently being held in a British jail without bail pending an extradition request from Stockholm: “Something is rotten in Sweden.”

As I wrote earlier in this publication, the alleged sexual crimes that Assange is currently being sought for by a Swedish prosecutor are:

1. Allegedly failing to halt an act of consensual sexual intercourse when his sex partner and host, Anna Ardin, claims she somehow became aware that the condom he was using had “split” and,

All Quiet on the Western Front - Once Not So Quiet

By Victor Grossman, Berlin Bulletin No. 15

On December 5th one or two hundred people left a movie theater in Berlin, mostly silent and deeply moved though the film they had seen was first released in 1930. This American-made epic had lost none of its extremely emotional appeal. It was "All Quiet on the Western Front" and the date of its showing here was no coincidence. Exactly eighty years earlier, to the day, Joseph Goebbels, later to become Hitler's notorious propaganda minister, had led 200 Nazis in violently preventing the showing of this same film. At the shout of Goebbels, who was in the balcony, the Nazis, storm troopers without their brown uniforms and some of the many newly-elected deputies to the Reichstag, blew whistles, attacked the rest of the audience and then let hundreds of white mice out of cardboard boxes to scurry through the rows. The police tried to restore order, at least some of them did, but this proved impossible and the showing was stopped. Then five or ten thousand Nazis waiting outside joined Goebbels in a march and rally in the downtown area. The tumults continued for a whole week, after which the Censorship Office, made up of Nazi sympathizers or men fearing the growing Nazi pressure, bowed to the demands of several pro-Nazi states to have the film banned altogether in Germany. This was a first major success of the Nazis and was accompanied by an obscene barrage of propaganda against this "defamation of our boys in uniform" by the "Jews in Hollywood" and in Berlin's "elite" West Side.

Get Over It! WikiLeaks is Good for America

By John Grant

“The problem here is to define ... a form of life that would not depend on an unsustainable relation of domination over the rest of the world.” 
Jean Bricmont

We live in a time of incredible change, and to have any say at all in the direction that change will take requires a respect for reality. Right now, the United States is losing this battle as it tries mightily – and wastefully -- to sustain its post-WWII legacy as the world’s undisputed Top Dog.

The key to this disaster here in the US is a greater and greater restriction of information in conjunction with what can only be called a top down enforced blindness among the population.
If you think this is only the view of a disgruntled leftist, read Thomas Friedman’s latest column in The New York Times, where he imagines WikiLeaks revealing a gleeful cable from the Chinese ambassador in Washington to his bosses in Beijing:

America's present villainy awaits future world's obloquy

Russian parliament condemns Stalin for Katyn massacre

Russia's lower house of parliament has condemned Joseph Stalin by name for the mass execution of Poles at Katyn during World War II.

Wikileaks: The Faucet Has Opened!

I'll say this again: Sadly it looks like these don't go back far enough, I for one want to know how much it cost this country for the so called 'coalition of the willing' for the invasion of Iraq, and there's still plenty that needs to be added to what has already come out as to the previous admin!!

US embassy cables: browse the database

Sunday 28 November 2010 - Use our interactive guide to discover what has been revealed in the leak of 250,000 US diplomatic cables. Find stories and original documents by country, subject or people Visit to Use Their Interactive Globe and More

EU 'failing' over CIA renditions

Amnesty says EU 'failing' over CIA renditions

15 November 2010 - Amnesty International has accused the EU of failing to hold its members to account for their role in the detention of terrorism suspects by the CIA.

It calls for European governments to ensure justice for suspects who were interrogated under the programme known as extraordinary rendition.

Countries including Poland have been accused of hosting secret CIA prisons.

Many suspects are alleged to have been taken to other countries where they were tortured or disappeared.

Several European nations have been accused of co-operating by hosting secret CIA prisons or allowing CIA flights carrying the prisoners to use airports on their way to other countries.

U.S.: Subversive Activities in Friendly Territories

America conducts subversive activities in friendly territories

13.11.2010 - The United States found itself embroiled in a major spy scandal. As many as five countries caught the Americans illegally spying on their citizens.

Nobody would think it was strange if we were talking about the citizens of Russia, China, Iran, Syria and Venezuela. With these five countries, everything is clear: U.S. officials constantly refer to them as those presenting threats to the national security. But this time the U.S. was caught by quite friendly countries of Northern Europe - Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland and Sweden.


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