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Syria News - Feb 14


U.S., Russia pledge to unblock Syria talks, Brahimi says - Reuters

VIDEO: Lakhdar Brahimi, Press Conference (Geneva, 13 Februrary 2014) English - YouTube

Opposition plan for post-war Syria ignores Assad - Reuters

FULL TEXT: Syrian opposition issues “Statement of Basic Principles” at Geneva talks - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT

Syrian Coalition: We Seek To Eliminate the Terror of the Assad Regime - Syrian National Coalition

Syrian Coalition: Regime’s claims about Alleged Massacre in Maan are False - Syrian National Coalition

VIDEO: Rebel: No “Massacre” By Insurgents in Maan in Hama Province - EA WorldView


What Happened in Maan, the Two Massacres (PHOTOS) - SyriaNews


VIDEO: Report about the Islamic Terrorist Massacre on Civilans in al Maan -


Russian Resolution Focuses on Fighting Terrorism in Syria – Minister - RIA Novosti


Syria's warring sides agree to extend cease-fire in Old City of Homs -


Homs governor says detained evacuees to be freed - AFP


Some almost good news from Yarmouk: UNRWA says deal in works to allow aid access -


Non-Palestinian fighters leave Yarmouk camp - Worldbulletin News




VIDEO: Takfiri terrorists strangulate Syrian girl in public - PressTV

ISIS Sharia Court Orders Syrian Girl Stoned to Death in Raqqa for Facebook Account - FrontPage Magazine

PHOTO: ISIS Sharia Court Orders Syrian Girl Stoned to Death in Raqqa for Facebook Account - Google Search

Exclusive: Top ISIS leaders revealed (PHOTOS) - Al Arabiya News

ISIS losing ground in Syria to Jabhat al-Nusra - Al-Monitor


New rebel group wages war on ISIS in Latakia countryside - ZAMAN ALWSL


Child soldiers: victims of an expanding practice by al-Qaeda affiliates in Syria - Al-Shorfa


The destruction of the idols: Syria’s patrimony at risk from extremists - The Independent


Escaped Inmates From Iraq Fuel Syrian Insurgency -


In Syria, Western Fundamentalists Are Tweeting From Amongst the Corpses - Newsweek




Battle for Qalamoun reignites in strategic town of Yabroud - Syria Direct

Syrian planes pound rebel-held Yabroud - THE DAILY STAR

Special Report On Hezbollah's Role In The Yabrud Offensive - Brown Moses Blog

Opposition spokesman: 'FSA on home turf' in Yabroud - Syria Direct

When the battle in the city of Yabroud ends, political discourse in Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Iran will hit a new milestone - Al Akhbar English

Syrian Opposition Militants Holed Up in Krak des Chevaliers “Waiting for their Turn” - Al Akhbar English


49 FSA rebel groups unite in one entity in south Syria - ZAMAN ALWSL 


Al-Qaeda offshoot releases video of Iran embassy bombing, warns of more attacks to come - THE DAILY STAR


VIDEO: Abdullah Azzam Brigades publish new video of Iranian embassy attack - NOW


Lebanese army seizes top al Qaeda-linked militant - ZAMAN ALWSL


Lebanese Sunnis fighting 'holy war' in Syria - Al Jazeera English


To protect Shiites, Hezbollah imposes its own checkpoints in Lebanon -


What's wrong with this conflict map of Syria? - Threat Matrix


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Turkey News - Feb 13


VIDEO (don't be misled by the wrong title): Talk to Al Jazeera - Erdogan Interview - YouTube

Cash found in shoeboxes at Halkbank ex-manager’s home not bank’s money: Turkish PM -

Erdogan Defends New Internet Curbs as Way to Stop 'Cyber Bullies' - Naharnet

Turkish PM acknowledges phone call to media executive -

Erdoğan's dismissal of questions not enough to refute probe claims - Airing News

CHP leader: Major tenders distributed by Erdoğan and Yıldırım - CİHAN


Gov't keeps playing deaf as Urla villa scandal deepens - CİHAN


Topbaş claims no misdeed in Urla villas - CİHAN


Two prominent businessmen testify as part of graft probes -


Turkey vows to go ahead with new airport despite court order - Yahoo!7


CHP leader reveals former Turkish minister’s advice to son before arrest -


Turkish government set to reintroduce controversial bill restructuring HSYK -


Government's conflictual approach to summary of proceedings draw criticism from opposition - Airing News


İzmir police chief reassigned twice in under a month - CİHAN


MHP leader calls on PM to ask for trial for graft - CİHAN




17 given prison sentences for chanting anti-Erdoğan slogan - CİHAN

Turkish editor hits out at media coercion under Erdogan - Reuters

'Instructions rain down on Turkish media every day,’ says prominent editor-in-chief -

VIDEO (Turkish): Turkish editor hits out at media coercion under Erdogan - CNN Turk

PM advisors' heavy role in media signal new level of engineering - CİHAN

Journalists' union criticizes PM's attitude towards media - Airing News


Opposition claims Erdogan may be media owner - Al-Monitor


Opposition expresses concern for security of free and fair elections - CİHAN


MHP leader: Legal voice recordings are of public interest - Airing News


RSF and CPJ reports show media freedom further crippled in Turkey - Airing News


REPORT: Democracy in Crisis: Corruption, Media, and Power in Turkey - Freedom House




Suspicions Grow of Turkish Involvement in Murder of PKK Activists - SPIEGEL ONLINE

MİT behind Paris killings, says HDP co-chair - Airing News

Probe: Prosecutor's order to raid MIT trucks was a "counter-espionage activity" aimed at harming the work of the MIT - Sabah

Are Turkish weapons falling into hands of radical Syria groups? - Al-Monitor


Turkey likely to remain on gray list for terror financing - Airing News


Voice recording reveals pro-gov't daily turned blind eye on Uludere airstrike - Today's Zaman


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Syria News - Feb 11


UN "shocked" at reports of Syria massacre by rebels in the Alawite village of Maan - AFP

Activists: Rebel attack on Maan killed 40, half of the victims civilians including women while the other half village fighters defending their homes - ABC News

Syrian Army: Nusra Front Slaughter 42 in Maan, Hama - The Syrian Observer

Syrian Information Minister: Opposition Coalition delegation should have condemned Maan massacre - SANA

Syrian National Coalition on the Maan massacre in Hama: "This empty accusation is a desperate attempt to discredit rebels” - Syrian National Coalition

VIDEO: Syrian National Coalition spokesman Safi responds about Alawis killed for sectarian reasons at Maan: "No, no this not true” - Twitter / joshua_landis

Brits 'Involved In Syria Executions And Torture', The material was uploaded onto the accounts of two men from London thought to be linked to Jahbat al Nusra (VIDEO) -


Tales by ex-detainees raise questions about extremists’ goals in Syria - McClatchy DC News


In recent months, ISIS targeted hospitals, doctors, journalists - Latino Times


Al Qaeda splinter ISIS executes civilians as group withdraws from oil-rich Syrian province Deir Al Zour - ZAMAN ALWSL


VIDEO: Suspected ISIS militants killed Tawhid commanders in their sleep w. silenced small-arms in Sheikh Saeed, Aleppo - Twitter / Charles_Lister


ISIS Executes Man Attempting to Defect in Raqqa - The Syrian Observer


ISIL arrests FSA leader in Al-Raqqa - Syria Newsdesk


ISIS applies its own laws in Raqqa - Al-Monitor


VIDEO: Syrian Execution: "Scene Of Utter Cruelty” -


VIDEO: ISIS kills a man and steals his motorcycle - Twitter / joshua_landis




VIDEO: Lakhdar Brahimi, Press Conference (Geneva, 11 Februrary 2014): Syria talks not making much progress - YouTube

Syria Deputy FM Mikdad: Coalition delegation's rejection of acknowledging presence of terrorism in Syria hindered agreement - SANA

Assad advisor: Syrian delegation has no qualms about an agenda for talks as long as counterterrorism comes first and transitional government second - SANA

Syrian Coalition: Political Transition Should Take Precedence over Ending Violence - Syrian National Coalition

Syrian Coalition: Effective Mechanisms Needed To Hold Assad to His Commitment - Syrian National Coalition

Syrian Coalition Submits a Report to the United Nations about Assad Crimes - Syrian National Coalition

Syrian opposition adds rebel figures to Geneva delegation - Reuters


Ambiguous Rebel Statements on the Geneva Negotiations - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace


NCC Outlines Conditions for Participation at Geneva - The Syrian Observer


UN declares chaotic Homs evacuation a success, presses for similar access elsewhere in Syria - McClatchy DC


Syria allows some fighting-age men to leave Homs - Yahoo News


Syrian authorities question over 300 men from besieged Homs: U.N. - Yahoo News


Syria: Civilians to take over Yarmouk refugee camp after Al Nusra withdraw, new deal stipulates - Al Bawaba


Yarmouk Camp initiative enters into force as roadblocks and landmines removed - ZAMAN ALWSL 




Xelil: A Federal System Is Now Inevitable For Syria - The Rojava Report

The Kurds and Rojava, State-Building in the Syrian War - Red (Team) Analysis

Construction of Democracy Continues in Cizîre Canton - The Rojava Report

Syrian Opposition Chief: PYD Autonomy ‘Useless’ and Will Not Last - Rudaw


KRG Says It Won’t Deal With PYD Autonomous Cantons in Syria - Rudaw


European delegation including MPs visit Syrian Kurdistan - ekurd


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Turkey News - Feb 11


Der Spiegel Report: Germany Has Evidence of Turkish MIT Hand in PKK Killings in Paris - Rudaw

Kurds murdered in Paris: justice refuses to question the DCRI Archives -

PKK leader issues ultimatum to Turkish government - CİHAN

MIT Syria-bound trucks filled with US dollars, says opposition party leader - Today's Zaman

Erdog˘an’s Unusual Relationship With IHH Director - Aydinlik


Turkey’s MİT to monitor all religious groups as potential parts of parallel state -


Turkish PM hints at legal action against ‘gang’ within the state -


Lawyers, academics say ‘parallel state' was invented to block graft probe - CİHAN




Erdoğan's media meddling knows no bounds, voice recordings reveal - CİHAN

AUDIO (Turkish): PM Erdogan intervenes Haberturk paper for publishing negative story, 3 journalists get fired - YouTube

PM Erdoğan: Internet bill protesters are defenders of porn - Today's Zaman

No. of banned websites in Turkey - Twitter / p_zalewski

Leaked photo of Zeynalov's press card shows press body under the Prime Ministry misinformed him - CI˙HAN


Restrictions on corruption suspects canceled - Today's Zaman


Turkey replaces controversial prosecutor Akkas in top cases - Worldbulletin News


Police experience high levels of stress in light of mass purge - Today's Zaman


Some corruption allegations: Government neck-deep in dirt - Today's Zaman


Turkey's new health law criminalizes Hippocratic oath - Today's Zaman


Turkey's Halkbank replaces 'shoebox cash' CEO - Yahoo News


Despite Turkey's spiralling economy, KSA is still investing "big" in Ankara--$8 billion "big"! - Al Bawaba


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Syria News - Feb 10


600 evacuated from Syria's Homs on eve of talks, Shelling targeted the UN aid convoy on Saturday and Sunday - Yahoo News

SANA: Terrorists fired mortar shells and detonated an explosive device in an attempt to derail the Homs relief efforts - SANA

Syrian Coalition Says Regime Attacked UN and Evacuees in Homs, Calls for UN Resolution - Syrian National Coalition

Syrian Coalition: Introduction of Aid to Homs Is a Cosmetic and Inadequate Response to Coalition Demands - Syrian National Coalition

VIDEO: Video appears to show incoming fire at Homs residents preparing to evacuate - Twitter / Brown_Moses

VIDEO: UN personnel running for covering as bombs fall near their vehicles - Twitter / joshua_landis

VIDEOS: 24 videos showing the attack on the UN convoy in Homs Sunday - Twitter / Brown_Moses


VIDEOS: Playlist of videos related to Saturday UN visit in Homs - Twitter / Brown_Moses


VIDEO: Besieged Homs Described as "Jungle of Monsters" by Evacuated Civilians Under the Rule of the Armed Militants - YouTube


VIDEO: Rebels Threatened to Fire at UN Aid Convoy Over a Week Prior to Homs Attack - YouTube


Syria's opposition not to change its delegation to second round of talks in Geneva - The Voice of Russia


Syrian Opposition Interim Prime Minister: PYD Autonomy ‘Useless’ and Will Not Last - Rudaw


Opposition calls for Syrian VP to head Geneva team - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT


Saudi Arabia calls for urgent U.N. meeting on Syria, cites “growing evidence pointing to war crimes” - Al Arabiya News


Report: US officials presented the Saudis with a huge dossier with irrefutable evidence proving the involvement of Saudi Arabia in terrorist activities in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and even Russia - Al Akhbar


Syrian Official: Saudi Anti-Terrorism Law Not Real, It does not mention anything about halting support of insurgents in the form of funds, armaments and military training -


1,400 Saudi militants fight in Syria: Report - PressTV


Hezbollah says to remain in Syria - THE DAILY STAR




Islamist fighters seize Alawite village Maan in central Syria, kill 25 people -

VIDEO: Islamic Front's Ahrar & Jund al Aqsa capture Alawite village, Maan, north Hama & cleanse it from "filth of shabiha" - Twitter / joshua_landis

VIDEO: Video shows dead in Alawi village of Maan - Twitter / joshua_landis

VIDEO: Wahhabi Militants Invade Alawite Town of Maan in Rural Hama & Sectarian-Based Killings Reported -

Maalula nuns plead for release of Syria’s female prisoners in a new video broadcast by Al-Jazeera (VIDEO) - AFP

Al Nusra Front sets conditions to release Maaloula Nuns: Lebanese TV says - ZAMAN ALWSL

Ahrar Al-Sham, Al-Nusra Front Form Alliance to Fight ISIS in Deir Ezzur -


Jabhat al-Nusra accuse ISIS of cutting supply lines and theft in warning statement - Syrian Observatory for Human Rights


Activists say ISIS top Lybian commander killed in in the eastern province of Deir al-Zour, Syria - Al Arabiya News


Ahrar al-Sham call ISIS traitors and abolish joint front in Hasakah - Syrian Observatory for Human Rights


ISIS Second-in-Command Chechen Umar Shishani Slams Saudi Cleric al-Mohaisany and “Peace Initiative” - ZAMAN ALWSL 


13 members defect from ISIL in Al-Raqqa - Syria Newsdesk


ISIS Jihadists execute man for blasphemy in Raqqa - ZAMAN ALWSL


Boy shot dead by ISIS sniper in Syria's Raqqa -


VIDEO: Torture in ISIL prisons: documentary, compilation of liberated prisoners' testimonies - Twitter / joshua_landis


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Turkey News - Feb 9


Turkish police fire tear gas to break up Internet protest - Reuters

VIDEO [Exclusive Video with Camera Amateur]: Turkey: Water cannon drive protesters out of Taksim Square - YouTube

VIDEO: Fireworks and water cannon at Turkey internet protest - YouTube

VIDEO: Turkey: Police water cannons met with protesters' fireworks - YouTube

Opposition calls on Turkish President Gül to veto law on Internet -

Erdogan says no Internet censorship in Turkey - AFP

Decision to deport journalist anti-democratic, say Turkey journalists' associations - Today's Zaman

Journalist's deportation stirs int'l press, fuels concerns over media freedom - Today's Zaman

Journalist in exile: How I was smeared, prosecuted and deported - Today's Zaman

AUDIO (Turkish subtitles): Erdogan’s phone call to head of private TV channel leaked. PM scorns CEO for airing opposition leader’s presser live - Twitter / WashingtonPoint


Leaked audio reveals Habertürk manipulated opinion poll - Today's Zaman


Court imposes media ban on Zarrab news reports - Today's Zaman


Main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP): ‘Zarrab to be released after threatening to reveal graft details’ - Today's Zaman


Iranian businessman Zarrab files lawsuit from prison against CHP leader - Today's Zaman


Businessman, bank manager cooperate to help companies pay bribes - Today's Zaman


Decision to demolish Urla villas not implemented - Today's Zaman


Justice minister admits calling prosecutors about graft probe - Today's Zaman


Delaying delivery of summary of proceedings unlawful, analysts say - Today's Zaman


Court halts reassignment of İzmir police officer, 195 more purged in Trabzon - Today's Zaman


Opposition accuses gov't of trying to block graft probe with new bill - Today's Zaman


Academics sign statement saying ‘rule of law suspended' - Today's Zaman


Turkish PM Erdoğan labels illegal wiretapping targeting him as ‘espionage’ -


Deputies' phone communications to be electronically stored, CHP deputy warns - Today's Zaman


Senior education officials to be sacked under upcoming dershane bill - Today's Zaman


Opposition concerned about possible rigging in upcoming elections - Today's Zaman


Ninth MP quits over Turkish graft scandal - AFP


Ratings Agency S&P Downgrades Turkey Rating Outlook to Negative From Stable -


Turkish state-owned lender Halkbank’s brand value drops in 2013: Report -


EBRD's Davey: Corruption may hit huge infrastructure investments - Today's Zaman


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Syria News - Feb 8


Scores of Syrians leave besieged Homs in U.N.-brokered deal - McClatchy DC

VIDEO: UN begins evacuation of Homs, Syria - YouTube

VIDEO: Busloads of Syrians evacuate Homs -

VIDEO: Civilians evacuated from Syria's besieged Homs - YouTube

UN affirms Syrian gov''t, local opposition cooperative in Homs evacuation - KUNA

Opposition leader Ghalioun decries UN-Assad agreement to vacate Homs rebel Areas instead of breaking the siege - ZAMAN ALWSL

Syria: Lifting the Siege of Yarmouk, One Food Parcel and One Polio Vaccination at a Time - Foreign Policy Journal


Syria government will join next round of Geneva peace talks, demanding a discussion "article by article" of the Geneva Communique - Reuters


Regime Begin's People's Campaign in Support of Assad during Geneva Talks - The Syrian Observer


Jarba: All of Geneva I Terms Must be Implemented - Syrian National Coalition


Jarba Studies Expansion of Opposition Delegation, Excludes Regime Figures - The Syrian Observer


Main domestic opposition group the National Coordination Committee (NCC) not to join Syria talks -


Syria can meet June 30 chemical weapons deadline: U.N. chief - Reuters


Syria vows chemical disarmament despite missed deadlines - AFP


UN Security Council Should Impose Measures under Chapter VII over Non-compliance by the Assad Regime on Chemical Weapons Disposal - Syrian National Coalition


First UN report on children in Syria’s civil war paints picture of ‘unspeakable’ horrors - United Nations News Centre


Foreign Ministry Source rejects report allegations issued by UN Secretary General on Children in Syria - SANA, Syria


UNESCO says Syria archaeological material and cultural heritage objects are being trafficked through illegal systems into other countries and markets -


Syria’s protection of cultural artifacts ‘only piece of good news’ amid rubble of war, says UN cultural agency - United Nations News Centre 




Syrian opposition groups fail to capture Aleppo prison - Al-Monitor

Aleppo Jail Attack Suicide Bomber 'Was British’ -

VIDEO: Ahrar al-Sham video shows the moment of yesterday’s suicide truck bomb detonation at Aleppo Central Prison - YouTube

PHOTO: Here’s a picture of the suicide truck driven by British citizen Abu Suleiman al-Britani into Aleppo prison yesterday - Twitter / ShirazMaher: 

VIDEO: Muhaysini, leading Saudi fundraiser, at Aleppo prison calls leaders of Muslims to send help to kill apostate Alawis - YouTube 

Rebel mortar attack kills nine in Aleppo - Business Standard


VIDEO: War in Syria: terrorists indulge mortar attacks - YouTube


Calls for demonstrations against ISIS in Al-Raqqa - Syria Newsdesk


Syria's Christian Minority Are Fighting Back -


Inside Baseball on Syrian Rebel Infighting -


VIDEO: ISIS retaking Manbej and Jarablus after Islamic Front/FSA took it over - Transnational Middle-East Observer


Islamist North Caucasus Rebels Training a New Generation of Fighters in Syria - The Jamestown Foundation


Hanging Out with the Sunni Warlords Who've Seized Control of Tripoli - VICE United Kingdom


VIDEO: Warlords of Tripoli - VICE United Kingdom


US Homeland Security Secretary: Syria Conflict a Threat to Homeland - ABC News




Relations among Syrian Kurdish parties hit new low - Al-Monitor

POLL: Internet poll says PYD leader Salih Muslim best choice for leading Syrian Kurdistan - ekurd

Syria Kurds seeking relation with Ankara, Tehran and Baghdad - Kurdpress News Aganecy

Syrian Kurds reportedly seek to export oil via Turkey - ekurd

PYD Co-leader in Turkish Parliament - CİHAN


“We are ready to protect Turkmens and form an alliance with them against al-Qaeda”: Salih Muslim - Al-Monitor


PKK and AKP: Adversaries or Allies? - Rudaw


VIDEO: New ISIS video: We are the enemy of Ocalan and Barzani - Transnational Middle-East Observer


Kurdish jihadists from Iraq wage holy war in Syria with one eye on home - ZAMAN ALWSL


“With These Guns We Will Return to Kurdistan”: The Resurgence of Kurdish Jihadism - The Jamestown Foundation


VIDEO: Iraqi Kurdish Jihadist Going to Syria - Transnational Middle-East Observer


NOW examines the history, geopolitical position, and possible future of the Kurds in Syria - NOW




Social Media Analysis Reveals The Complexities Of Syrian Conflict - MIT Technology Review

REPORT: Online Social Media in the Syria Conflict: Encompassing the Extremes and the In-Betweens -

Al-Qaeda And Its Offshoots Train And Indoctrinate Newborns, Toddlers, And Preschoolers – Captured On Twitter -


How Facebook Is Destroying History - A Survey Of August 21st - Brown Moses Blog


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Syria News - Feb 7


Islamic Front joines forces with the Nusra Front to launch an assault on Aleppo dubbed "The promise of truth approaches" - GlobalPost

Islamic Front and the Nusra Front Take Over Parts of Jail in Syria’s Aleppo, 'Freeing Hundreds’ of Inmates - Businessweek

SANA: Syrian troops repel rebels' attack on Aleppo's central prison - Xinhua |

VIDEOS: Several videos (reportedly) related to the battle for Aleppo's prison -

VIDEO: Syrian Army Kills Al Nusra Chechen Top Commander in the Aleppo Prison’s Battle - YouTube

Jarba says rebels to receive advanced weapons because they have been waging a two-front war against regime troops and ISIS - THE DAILY STAR

Saudi Arabia pushes hard to get the Islamic Front access to advanced weapons, trains Syrian rebels on anti-aircraft weapons in Turkey - TheNational

At least $1.2bn from Gulf governments has been pumped to rebels in southern Syria since July, That amount is set to rise to as much as $2bn - TheNational

Saudis top UK as world's 4th largest arms buyer -


Suqour Al Sham: no truce agreed with ISIS - ZAMAN ALWSL 


VIDEO: Suqour Sham spokesman on ISIL truce: local initiative, not approved - YouTube


"The ISIS - Suquor al-Sham Truce: Is It Real and Can It Last?" - Syria Comment


VIDEO: ISIS secures way for retreating Suqor al-Shamn - YouTube


Armed groups, regime fight for control of eastern Syria - Al-Monitor


Syria: Islamic Front Condemn Umar Shishani & ISIS “Treachery” Over Suicide Bombing in Ar-Raei on Turkish Border - EA WorldView


ISIS Women Battalion Leader Revealed - The Syrian Observer


VIDEO: Warlords of Tripoli (Part 3/5) - VICE


VIDEO: Warlords of Tripoli (Part 4/5) - VICE


Syria: At least 50 Americans have joined extremist units, U.S. says -


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Turkey News - Feb 6


CHP leader: Erdoğan collected $630 mln from businesspeople to buy out Sabah media outlet - Today's Zaman

Bribe collected for Sabah media group carried by armored vehicle - Today's Zaman

CHP asked source of million dollars 'donated' to foundation led by PM's son - CİHAN

Report: Businessman bribed ex-minister to win tenders - CİHAN

Purges pick up pace across country as more than 200 police officers reassigned, raising the number of those reassigned to roughly 6,000 - CİHAN

Ministry sends back motions on corruption, raising fears of tampering - CİHAN


MHP leader on corruption: PM has two choices, appear before court or flee - CİHAN


Former ruling AKP deputy criticizes government over graft allegations -


POLL: Corruption a major problem in Turkey, says survey - Today's Zaman




PM Erdoğan's act of censorship exposed by a voice record, instructing a manager at a TV channel to immediately remove a news ticker - Today's Zaman

AUDIO: Alleged phone conversation between Erdoğan and an executive of private broadcaster Habertürk - YouTube

Turkey's Parliament voted Wednesday to empower authorities to censor the Internet -

Internet bill to intensify censorship, opposition CHP warns -

Turkey’s top business group warns that Internet bill violates rights -

International Media watchdog warns against Internet bill - CİHAN


Probe launched into daily Taraf on the grounds that the newspaper's articles aim to cause chaos in Turkey - Today's Zaman


A website and a Twitter account by the name of “Haramzadeler,” which means “sons of thieves”, gain popularity when media is under pressure - Today's Zaman


Arrangement on illegal wiretapping to cover up corruption claims, nationalist party leader says -


Experts debate lack of religious freedom in Turkey - Today's Zaman


Latest practices of AK Party gov’t raise fears of ‘one-party state’ - Today's Zaman


BDP leader to PM: Where is the proof for parallel state - CİHAN




Obama skips Turkey in his visit to the region, in another sign of deteriorating relations between the two countries. - CİHAN

Turkey’s Domestic Troubles Causing Tensions With U.S. -

Merkel Holds Out Turkey EU Prospect While Reiterating Skepticism - Businessweek

Tensions Grow Between Turkey, Radical Islamist Group ISIS Fighting in Syria - VOA

Turkey-Syria border remains vulnerable - Al-Monitor

New photos of Syria-bound truck show Turkish gendarmerie arresting Turkish intelligence officers, Gendarmerie Colonel who ordered the truck raid was removed from his post today (PHOTO) - Worldbulletin News


Turkish charity IHH to send 200 aid trucks to Syria - Worldbulletin News


Swedish MP Raises Questions Over Turkey’s Role In Bishops’ Kidnapping by an ISIS Caucasian Fighter - The Rojava Report


Turkish Hospitals Traffick Organs of Injured Syrian Citizens -


Turkish Power Struggle Leaves New Questions on Kurdish Issue - aina.or


What does Ömer Güney’s audio recording tell? - ANF


Full transcript of alleged recording of Omer Guney, the suspect in Paris Kurd killings - ekurd


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Syria News - Feb 5


US denies Kerry said Syria policy failing - AFP

US suggests engaging Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran into a parallel track during Geneva peace talks on Syria - The Voice of Russia

Gul proposes Turkey-Iran cooperation in Syria - Al-Monitor

Iran can play key role in Syria crisis resolution, Qatar opposed to the exclusion of Iran from the Geneva II conference : Qatar FM - PressTV

Geneva talks only way out of Syrian crisis: European Commission - KUNA 

Russia says Syria government to attend Geneva talks, ship more chemical arms - Reuters

Syrian National Coalition chief Jarba meets Russian FM Lavrov in Moscow - RT


VIDEO (in Russian, translation below): Lavrov’s opening comments to Jarba -


Report: Russia stepping up military aid to Syria's Assad - Israel News


Pressure on Coalition to Expand the Negotiating Delegation - The Syrian Observer


Abdulazim: NCC to Join Geneva Negotiations - The Syrian Observer


Kurdish KNC statement Geneva II (Arabic) - Transnational Middle-East Observer


Syria's Christian Minority Are Fighting Back - VICE United Kingdom


How academics got the Muslim Brotherhood wrong, One of these long-held assumptions is that the Brotherhood is moderate - The National


VIDEO: Warlords of Tripoli The war in Syria is dragging neighbouring Lebanon to the edge of the abyss (Part 1/5) - VICE


VIDEO: Warlords of Tripoli The war in Syria is dragging neighbouring Lebanon to the edge of the abyss (Part 2/5) - VICE




Renewed clashes between Syrian Kurds and Qaeda near Raqqa -

Al-Raqqa FSA rebel group promises military action against ISIS - Syria Newsdesk

FSA Advances in Deraa, ISIS In Deir El-Zor - The Syrian Observer

Aleppo province : ISIS fighter detonated himself in rebel Islamic battalion headquarter in Al-Miaden city - Syrian Observatory for Human Rights


Current ISIS strategy appears appears to consist of 3 inter-related focal points - Twitter / Charles_Lister


VIDEO: ISIS suicide bomber killed by FSA before detonating -


Isolating the Islamic State - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace


Reyhanli: medical base for Syrian mujahedeen in Turkey - Al-Monitor


Saudi king orders punishing jihadists, The decree appears aimed at stemming the flow of Saudi fighters going to Syria - The Washington Post


Has the Number of Chechens Fighting in Syria Reached Its Peak? - The Jamestown Foundation


VIDEO: Homeland Security Chair: Syria-trained terrorists returning to U.S. is 'one of the highest security threats'  - Blogs


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Syria/Turkey News - Feb 4


Al-Qaeda disavows the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham, saying it isn’t responsible for the actions of the group - The Daily Beast

Translation of al-Qaeda Statement acknowledging ISIS officially isn't part of AQ -

Pro-al Qaeda Saudi cleric calls on ISIS members to defect - The Long War Journal


VIDEO: Ex-ISIS Member Reveals Torture in Name of 'Prison Jihad’ - Farsnews


VIDEO: ISIS turns church into the headquarters to torture citizens in Raqqa, Syria - YouTube


Syrian Opposition Pillages Heritage - Commentary Magazine




Syrian opposition main offices in Turkey shut down due to ISIS threat - CİHAN

Syrian Coalition: We Are Committed To Go On With Geneva II - Syrian National Coalition

Syrian opposition delegation in Geneva should be more representative: Lavrov - The Voice of Russia


Safi: Exclusive Right to Expand Negotiating Team Belongs to the Coalition - Syrian National Coalition


'Muslim Brotherhood' has no intention to quit National Coalition: Comptroller General - ZAMAN ALWSL


U.N. delivers aid in Yarmouk for 4th day; UNRWA asks for more speed -


Hundreds of Syrian refugees evacuated from Yarmouk - Channel 4 News




Turkish police murder trial opens amid tight security - AFP

Turkish police deny killing student in June protests - AFP

VIDEO: Turkish police brutality: killing of peaceful demostratror caught on camera - YouTube

POLL: Ruling AK Party's support drops to 36 percent in local elections, Huge support for corruption probe - CI˙HAN

POLL: New poll predicts Erdogan’s defeat in Istanbul - Independent Balkan News Agency

Insight - Fight for Istanbul likely to shape Turkish political landscape - Yahoo News UK

Turkey’s rising political star set for major fight - The Irish Times


Motions reveal practices of unlawful activities and irregularities between the prime minister and a former minister and businessmen - Today's Zaman


CHP to stage protests if summary of proceedings about ex-ministers not submitted to Parliament - Today's Zaman


CHP submits parliamentary question regarding dismissal of Prosecutor Öz's sister - CİHAN


Prime minister's inconsistencies raise eyebrows, A list of 12 Erdogan's lies - Today's Zaman


Turkish government fights graft scandal with probe of 'parallel state' - Reuters


Gov't plans for judicial police a veiled attempt to change regulation - CİHAN


Erdoğan accuses journalists of collaborating with ‘parallel state' - Today's Zaman


Journalists and Writers Foundation: It is sad to note that our country has recently been witnessing deeply worrisome developments regarding democracy and the rule of law - CİHAN


Freedoms, rights grow weaker as censorship knows no boundaries - CİHAN


Turkish Unionists: 'We Are Not Terrorists' - Labor Notes


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Syria/Turkey News - Feb 3


Activists: 36 Killed Sunday Including Children as Syrian Forces Drop Barrel Bombs in Aleppo, Nearly 90 were reported killed on Saturday - VOA

16 Syria rebels killed in ISIS suicide bomb attack in Aleppo: NGO - THE DAILY STAR

VIDEO: Al-Qaeda’s ISIS fighters in Aleppo slay head of Islamic rebel group the Tawheed Brigades - YouTube

Islamist Rebels kill 20 Militants of Al Qaeda-linked Group, East Aleppo - ZAMAN ALWSL

Syrian rebels linked to ISIS behead man using small knife in front of chidren in Homs - Mail Online

VIDEO: ISIS terrorist beheads a government supporter in Homs -

VIDEO: Time magazine publishes photos of decapitation by Takfiris in Syria - YouTube

PHOTO: ISIS members spotted playing billiards in Al-Raqqa after allegedely killing its owner for selling alcohol - Syria Newsdesk

ISIS grants amnesty to "adulterous" couple in Al-Raqqa, It was expected to carry out a stoning sentence in a public square in the city - Syria Newsdesk


PHOTOS: ISIS Media Hub (Twitter account) allegedely hacked! -


Militants targeted Syrian chemical cargo: Moscow -


Rebel Mortar shells wound 24 people near Syria's Damascus - PressTV


Aussie 'thugs' at Syrian frontline - The Australian


Jabhat al-Nusra claims deadly Lebanon suicide bombing - Yahoo News UK


VIDEO: Deadly al-Nusra suicide car bomb strikes eastern Lebanon - YouTube


The Salafi Plot to Assassinate Najib Mikati - Al Akhbar English




Rojava’s Autonomous Cantons Begin Major Diplomatic Effort In Region with Official Visits to Iran, Iraq and Turkey - The Rojava Report

Head of Afrin Canton: ‘We Exist and We Are Here’ - Rudaw

Syria Kurdish autonomy a model for Syria: PYD leader - Kurdpress News Aganecy

Syrian Kurds won’t fire at Turkey: Salih Muslim - Kurdpress News Aganecy


Iraqi Kurdistan's Gorran movement backs autonomy in Syrian Kurdistan - ekurd


Kurdish Left Party leaves Syrian Kurdish National Council SKNC - ekurd


Kurdish YPG forces attack ISIS Islamic-Jihadists, killing 12 - ekurd


ISIS arrests six Kurdish civilians near Aleppo -


Kurdish jihadists fighting in Syria are on the rise - BAS NEWS




CHP directs parliamentary inquiry to Erdoğan into bribery in Sabah-ATV sale - CİHAN

PM son's TÜRGEV is where bribes go, CHP leader maintains - Today's Zaman

CHP: Parliament speaker, minister using trick to cover up corruption - Today's Zaman

CHP deputy asks why graft suspect Zarrab's assets unfrozen - Today's Zaman

Halkbank risky loans skyrocket during graft suspect manager's term - Today's Zaman

Wiretapping of PM to be counted as espionage crime -


Turkey counters corruption probe with investigation into police -


Turkish directorate orders MP to remove parliamentary question over the Sabah-ATV sale from his personal website -


New gov't plans fuel concerns over executive's grip on judiciary - Today's Zaman


HSYK bill sets alarm bells ringing for Justice Academy - Today's Zaman


New Internet bill to limit freedom of information, sparks reactions - Today's Zaman


Fresh resignation in Turkey’s ruling AKP over graft scandal -


A Leader Shows Vulnerability in Turkey’s Cash Crisis -




Ankara alarmed over Qaeda threat in Syria, reportedly taking measures against potential suicide bombing inside Turkey -

Turkish army deploys tanks to Syrian border - Syria Newsdesk

Ankara denies presence of al- Qaeda bases on Turkish soil - CİHAN

Probe into raid on Turkish intelligence's trucks begins - Worldbulletin News


Keep on truckin': Turkey and Al Qaeda in Syria - RT Op-Edge


Turkey Islamic charity Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) has long had ties to al-Qaeda and Hamas -


Turkey's Role in the Kidnapping of the Syrian Bishops and the Country's Relationship to the Suspected Kidnapper -


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Syria News - Feb 1


VIDEO: Brahimi Says No Progress in Syria Talks - YouTube

VIDEO: Brahimi Backs Feb. 10 For More Syrian Peace Talks - YouTube

Syrian Foreign Minister: Opposition "acted as if we had wanted to come here for one hour and hand over everything to them” - AFP

Opposition leader Jarba says Syria regime in Geneva "to dig its own grave with its own hands", the talks marked the beginning of the end for Assad - AFP

VIDEO: Walid al- Muallem Press Conference in Geneva (P.1) - YouTube


VIDEO: Walid al- Muallem Press Conference in Geneva (P.2) - YouTube


VIDEO: Assad adviser: time is right in Syria for a national unity government that might bring in opponents, but not a transitional body - Telegraph


President Ahmad Al Jarba's speech at the end of first round of negotiations in Geneva - Syrian National Coalition


VIDEO (Arabic): Interview with Ahmad Jarba - YouTube


TRANSCRIPT (English): Interview with Ahmad Jarba (Translated) - syriancivilwar


VIDEO (English): Islamic Front's Military Commander: No to Democracy as Syrians are Thirsty for Islamic State - YouTube




Report: UNRWA successfully delivers aid to Yarmouk Palestinian camp - ReliefWeb Mobile

VIDEO: UNRWA successfully delivers aid to Yarmouk Palestinian camp Part 1 - YouTube

VIDEO: UNRWA successfully delivers aid to Yarmouk Palestinian camp Part 2 - YouTube

As Syrian Factions Talk, Homs Starves - Newsweek


Russia Defends Syrian Government Over Aid Stalemate For Homs - RIA Novosti


Did the Syrian army and rebels join forces to operate a checkpoint (VIDEO)? - The FRANCE 24 Observers


American Light Arms to Opposition in Southern Syria - The Syrian Observer


Syrian Christians Ask US to End Support For Rebels -


Church Leaders:‘Will Be No More Christians in Syria’ If War Continues -


VIDEO: Marked for Destruction: The Plight of Syria's Christians with Syrian Christian Leaders -




Al-Qaeda’s ISIS attacks Turkmen-populated areas of Syria - CİHAN

12 Syrian Turkmen wounded in clashes with ISIS close to Turkish border - Anadolu Agency

Syrian Turkmen ask for Turkey's backing - Anadolu Agency

Thousands of Turkmen flee to Turkey amid ISIS-rebel clashes - CİHAN

Syria: ISIS Claim Capture Of Ar-Raei, 24 Hours After Turkish Attack - EA WorldView

ISIS forms two all-female battalions in Al-Raqqa - Syria Newsdesk


ISIS suicide team assaults Iraqi ministry - The Long War Journal


Iraqi army kills 40 ISIS fighters in Fallujah - Al Arabiya News


Lebanese army in firefight with ‘Syrian gunmen’ - Al Arabiya News


Three al-Nusra Front Suspects Detained in Bekaa - Naharnet


Hezbollah and Assad Plan Offensive On Jihadists In Yabrud - The Daily Beast


Indonesian Militants Join Foreigners Fighting in Syria -


The Siege of Adra: Islamist Rebels are Accused of Massacre - CounterPunch


VIDEO: RT first TV crew at besieged Syrian town Adra after alleged atrocity by Salafascists -


Jihad in Syria (Summary) - Institute for the Study of War


Jihad in Syria (Full Report) - Institute for the Study of War


The Islamic State of Disunity: Jihadism Divided - jihadica




Salih Muslim: Syrian coalition does not represent Kurds - Al-Monitor

It is possible that a federal Syria will shape, Kurdish PYD leader Salih Muslim says - ekurd

Salih Muslim Questions Authority of NCC Statement on Kurdish autonomy - The Rojava Reports

A Rift in the Syrian National Coordination Body - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace


Ocalan Letter Asks Barzani Support in Rojava, Peace Process - Rudaw


PYD: Arrested people have received training in Iraq Kurdistan, The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) is training armed forces to send to Syria - Kurdpress News Aganecy


6 Kurds kidnapped by ISIS - Transnational Middle-East Observer


The Politics of the Islamic Front, Part 5: The Kurds - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace


Is Kurdistan Syria Church's Best Hope for Survival? - CBN News




HRW: Syria Must Stop Illegal Demolitions - VOA

REPORT: Razed to the Ground: Syria’s Unlawful Neighborhood Demolitions in 2012-2013 - Human Rights Watch

PHOTOS: Before-and-after satellite photos show destruction of Syrian neighborhoods -

Kerry warns Syria of possible U.N. action over chemical arms delay, Russia says Syria unable to ship the chemicals to the port of Latakia because of security threats from opposition forces -


Interview with head of CW team in Syria -


Third Chemical Volcano Rocket Used On August 21st Geolocated (VIDEOS) - Brown Moses Blog


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Turkey News - Jan 31


Erdogan, son and son-in-law involded in funds raised from firms for tenders during Sabah-ATV purchase - Today's Zaman

CHP asks PM about claims of public land allocated for TÜRGEV, Erdoğan's son Bilal is a member of TÜRGEV's executive board - Today's Zaman

Erdogan Eye on ‘Crazy Projects’ Links Turkey Scandal to Builders - Bloomberg

AUDIO (Turkish): Sabah-ATV 1 - Wiretapped phone conversation - YouTube


AUDIO (Turkish): Sabah-ATV 2 - Wiretapped phone conversation - YouTube


AUDIO (Turkish): Sabah-ATV 3 - Wiretapped phone conversation - YouTube


AUDIO (Turkish): Sabah-ATV 4 - Wiretapped phone conversation - YouTube


AUDIO (Turkish): Sabah-ATV 5 - Wiretapped phone conversation - YouTube


AUDIO (Turkish): Sabah-ATV 6 - Wiretapped phone conversation - YouTube


AUDIO (Turkish): Sabah-ATV 7 - Wiretapped phone conversation - YouTube


AUDIO (Turkish):  One more wiretapped phone conversation with Bilal Erdoğan - YouTube


Bilal Erdoğan Rules This Week’s Humor Magazine Covers - Bianet


Erdoğan's 10-minute hologram speech costs around 50,000 euros - CİHAN


VIDEO: Erdoğan’s hologram - CİHAN YouTube




Turkey government removes around 800 more police officers -

Leading graft probe prosecutors purged with 115 others - CİHAN

Current prosecutors unwilling to accept complaint against PM, ministers - Today's Zaman

Turkish Parliament dismisses summary of proceedings against justice minister -

Injunction on Zarrab's assets lifted in graft probe, prosecutors to object - CİHAN

Turkey Crisis Puts Jailed Millionaire at Heart of Gold-Smuggling Ring - Bloomberg


Anadolu news agency placed outside of auditing - Today's Zaman


AK Party deputy chairman threatens journalist and insults graft prosecutor - Today's Zaman


New Internet law paves way for censorship, concerns journalists - Today's Zaman


AK Party gov't pressuring professional groups, daily says - Today's Zaman




Turkish lawmakers fight during parliamentary commission session over Syria - Today's Zaman

Ankara denies presence of al-Qaeda bases on Turkish soil - CİHAN

Erdogan and the IHH, The Islamic charity works as an extension of Turkish foreign policy - Stand for Peace

Why has US not designated IHH as a terror group? - Israel Hayom


Who Ordered the Killing of PKK founder Sakine Cansiz? Rudaw


Jean-Louis Malterre: Sakine Cansiz's murder investigation should not stop at national borders - ekurd


Syrian opposition figure: Turkey's 'many mistakes' in Syria - Al-Monitor


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Syria News - Jan 30


US intelligence chief Clapper Says Syrian Al-Qaida Wants to Attack US - ABC News

VIDEO: Senate Hearings on Syrian Al-Qaida - YouTube

VIDEO: James Clapper: 7,000 foreign jihadists from 50 countries now fighting in Syria - YouTube

TRANSCRIPT: Senate Intelligence hearing on national security threats - The Washington Post

VIDEO: Syria Al Qaeda Training Western Citizens for Terror Abroad - CNN

Israeli general says al Qaeda's Syria fighters set up in Turkey can easily access Europe from the NATO member state - Yahoo News

Turkish military strikes ISIS convoy in Syria - Today's Zaman

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al- Maliki says that providing rebels in Syria with arms would only mean sending weapons to terrorists in Iraq -


Iraq’s violence originates from Saudi Arabia: Maliki -


Iraq says Syria war spillover hinders oilfields, pipelines - Yahoo News UK


Israel's Growing Role in Southern Syria to confront Qaeda - The Washington Institute for Near East Policy


Syria Jihadists Say Liberation of 'Palestine,' Golan Will Follow Fall of Assad (VIDEO) -


Nusra, ISIS moves raise worries in Lebanon of spreading violence - McClatchy DC


How the War in Syria Empowers Lebanese Jihadism - Syria in Crisis - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace


Syria sends letters to the United Nations and the UNSC about Saudi Arabia’s Terrorist Operations - Global Research


Brahimi says no substantive progress on Syria but hopeful - Reuters


VIDEO: Lakhdar Brahimi Press Conference on Geneva, 29 January 2014 - YouTube


VIDEO: Syrian Coalition spokesperson- press conference - Syrian National Coalition


Lavrov: Geneva II key task is to stop terrorism in Syria, not to have Assad step down - APA


Syria army edges forward in Aleppo - Al Arabiya News


Syria Report -  War Dead (GRAPHS) -


Azerbaijani Foreign Fighters in Syria - JIHADOLOGY




Syria: Popular media activist Raed Fares shot allegedly by ISIS, but stable - GlobalPost

ISIS Hunts Down Kfar Nabel Activists as Agents of the West -

Syria's Islamic Front clashes with ISIS - Worldbulletin News

Aleppo Rebels Kill Second In Command ISIS Fighter - The Syrian Observer

Mujahedeedn Army Arrests ISIS Emir - The Syrian Observer

ISIL evacuates Al-Raqqa town in order to "liberate 17th Division" - Syria Newsdesk

Thousands of Turkmen flee to Turkey amid ISIS-rebel clashes - CİHAN


Eye On the Battle Between ISIS and Other Rebel Groups: International Crisis Group researcher explains the current situation on the ground - Syria Deeply


Ahrar al Sham leader Hassan Abboud criticizes head of Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham - The Long War Journal


On Ahrar al Sham leader Hassan Abboud’s Latest Speech - danielabdullah


ISIS says never rejected reconciliation with rebels but asked questions prior to any agreement - ZAMAN ALWSL


PHOTO: Iraq releases rare 'ISIS chief' photo - THE DAILY STAR


The Dawn of the Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham - Current Trends in Islamist Ideology


How Carl Campeau, abducted in Syria, escaped al-Qaeda's clutches - CBC News


As Free Syrian Army Use of Child Soldiers Detailed in New UN Report, How Can US Aid FSA? - Inner City Press


Syria: Rampant Looting by Both Sides in Damascus Countryside - Al Akhbar English




Efrin Becomes Last of Three Rojava Cantons To Officially Declare Autonomy - The Rojava Report

VIDEO: Efrin celebrates autonomy - YouTube

Syrian Kurds: ‘We don't want to draw new borders’, PYD leader Salih Muslim says - ekurd

Syria Kurds autonomy prohibits party nepotism: Cezire Canton Prime Minister Akram Hasu - Kurdpress News Aganecy


Syrian Kurds Regain Control of Strategic Town in Syria from ISIS -


Layla Zana to make accord between Barzani and Ocalan - Kurdpress News Aganecy


Reports: Ocalan Letter for Kurdish President Barzani Could Be About Syria Kurdistan - Rudaw


Who Ordered the Killing of PKK founder Sakine Cansiz? Rudaw


Jean-Louis Malterre: Paris murder investigation of PKK founder Sakine Cansiz should not stop at national borders - ekurd


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Turkey News - Jan 29


According to wiretapped phone conversations Erdogan accepted two villas from a businessman in return for easing zoning restrictions in Urla - Today's Zaman

AUDIO (Turkish): Urla Villas -1: Wiretapped phone conversations between Erdogan's daugther and businessman Topbaş - YouTube

AUDIO (Turkish): Urla Villas -2: Erdogan’s wiretapped phone conversation - YouTube

AUDIO (Turkish): Urla Villas -3: Erdogan’s wiretapped phone conversation - YouTube

AUDIO (Turkish): Urla Villas -4: Erdogan’s wiretapped phone conversation - YouTube

AUDIO (Turkish): Urla Villas -5: Wiretapped phone conversations between Erdogan and businessman Topbaş - YouTube

AUDIO (Turkish): Urla Villas -6: Erdogan’s wiretapped phone conversation- YouTube

AUDIO (Turkish): Urla Villas -7 Erdogan’s wiretapped phone conversation - YouTube

Report: Municipality illegally donated public buildings to TÜRGEV, Erdogan's son Bilal is a member of TÜRGEV's executive board - Today's Zaman

Turkish opposition voices new graft claims, $100 million transaction to TÜRGEV which counts the Erdogan's son Bilal as a board member - hurriyetdailynews

Police chief suspended after revealing order to halt corruption operation - CİHAN


Massive purge in police creates security weakness, say analysts - Today's Zaman


Autonomy of Turkish Justice Academy to end - CİHAN


Internet censorship growing more reckless in Turkey - Today's Zaman


Turkey Internet activists warn the government 'cannot stop us' - DW.DE




POLL: Survey reveals broad public support for corruption investigations - Today's Zaman

Erdoğan widens hostile stance to include diverse groups amid corruption woes - CİHAN

Erdoğan calls critics, civil movements ‘traitor’, threatens investors - CİHAN

Erdoğan vows to continue sending ‘aid' to Syria - CİHAN

Turkey may face trouble in future due to trucks allegedly carrying weapons to Syria - Today's Zaman


Political Divisions in Turkey Widen Over Syria Policy - VOA


Zarrab suspected of sending $1.5 million for assassination of Saudi envoy - Today's Zaman


Exiled Turkish cleric Gulen says he is a "scapegoat" in Erdogan corruption scandal - BBC News


VIDEO: Interview with Turkey’s Fethullah Gulen - BBC News


Minister's remarks on Gülen cause AK Party members to resign - Today's Zaman


Turkish central bank makes massive rate hikes to stem lira fall - Reuters


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Syria News - Jan 28


Syrian talks break down over future role of Assad - AP

'No concrete step' yet for Homs evacuation, aid - Yahoo News

US resumes nonlethal aid to Syrian opposition - The Washington Post

Congress secretly approves U.S. weapons flow to 'moderate' Syrian rebels - Reuters

Damascus-based FSA rebel faction backs Coalition delegation to Geneva 2 - Syria Newsdesk


Evidence points to secret Israeli strike on Syrian missile launchers - Fox News


Inside the Syrian Electronic Army Hack on CNN -




30% of Al-Raqqa's residents flee to Turkey - Syria Newsdesk

Mounting Abuses by Al-Qaeda’s ISIS Against Civilians in Raqqa - The Syrian Observer

VIDEO (Arabic): An ex-prisoner by ISIS confirms that Father Paolo Dall’Oglio is in ISIS Akirshe prison of Raqqa - YouTube

Key Al-Qaida Militant Reportedly Killed in Syria - ABC News

Opposition factions launch new battle against ISIS in Aleppo - Syria Newsdesk


Jaish Al Mujahideen arrests ISIS Emir and other fighters West Aleppo - ZAMAN ALWSL


Saudi cleric's reconciliation initiative for jihadists draws wide support, then ISIS rejection - The Long War Journal


Translation of ISIS's rejection of the Moheisini peace plan - Twitter / aron_ld


ISIS in Lebanon: Lebanese Army a Target - Al Akhbar English




PYD Names Second Local Kurdish Government in Kobani -

President of Kobani Governing Council: Geneva 2 Is Not Binding For Us - The Rojava Report

Third Kurdish autonomy to be announced in northern Syria - Kurdpress News Aganecy

Qamishli to be capital city of Jazeera Canton in Syrian Kurdistan - ekurd

US State Dep calls for unified Syria following PYD declaration - Worldbulletin News Portal


Syrian Kurds not united behind opposition delegation to Geneva talks - Al-Monitor


Clashes break out between Syria Kurds and Qaeda near Sere Kaniye (Ras Al Ain) -


YPG sucesfully defends Manajir from ISIS - Transnational Middle-East Observer


VIDEO: Kurdish YPG Fighters Fighting With Al Nusra In North Syria 26 01 2014 - YouTube


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Syria News - Jan 26


Syria Geneva II talks: Breakthrough in sight with humanitarian corridor that could see aid convoy heading to Homs within 48 hours - The Independent

Homs aid a 'trial balloon' for peace talks: Syria opposition - GlobalPost

VIDEO: Lakhdar Brahimi, full press conference on direct talks between Syria government and opposition - YouTube

VIDEO: Horrific footage of starvation in Palestinian Yarmook camp in Syria - YouTube

Syrian Coalition Calls for Setting a Specific Timeframe for Geneva II Negotiations - Syrian National Coalition


Weak Rebel Support for the Syrian Peace Talks - Syria in Crisis - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace


American Official Reveals Secret Communications with Regime - The Syrian Observer


Chaos in Syria could avalanche if regime changes abruptly: Lavrov - Interfax


Russian-Chinese Naval Training Exercise Begins in Mediterranean - RIA Novosti


CNN gets hacked: ‘Syrian Electronic Army Was Here…’ - Poynter




Jihadist announces creation of ISIS branch in Lebanon - Naharnet

VIDEO: Jihadist announces creation of ISIS branch in Lebanon - YOUTUBE

Nusra Front claims responsibility for several attacks in Lebanon, urges Sunnis to avoid Hezbollah areas - THE DAILY STAR

Israel foils Al Qaeda plot to attack American Embassy in Tel Aviv - Fox News

Israel fears it is next target of al-Qaeda-linked jihadis in Syria, to re-evaluate its policy of neutrality in the conflict - The Times of Israel

Israeli officer: With 30,000 Al Qaeda fighters in Syria, ready to embark on cross-border military action to stem this direct threat - DEBKAfile

Al Qaeda group claims responsibility for Cairo bombings - The National

Al Qaeda offshoot ISIS imposes strict Islamic rules in north Syria, beheaded on Friday two men by sword over charges of insulting The Holy Prophet -  ZAMAN ALWSL


VIDEO: ISIS Beheader -


VIDEO: New ISIS mass grave near Atareb, 2 women pulled from it - YouTube


VIDEO: Ex-ISIS man reveals torture in name of 'prison jihad’ in Syria -


Child exploitation by ISIS terror group in Syria war -


VIDEO: Syrian kid about 3-4 years old shooting with AK 47 -


Belgium’s Syria Jihadist Fighters ~ An Overview of 2012 and 2013 - JIHADOLOGY




Kobanê To Declare Kurdish Autonomy on January 27th - The Rojava Report

Kurdish members of Syria opposition coalition lashed out al-Jarba after he did not mention the rights of the Kurds in his speech - Kurdpress News Aganecy

Lavrov: Kurds and NCB should be included - Transnational Middle-East Observer


Jabhat al-Nusra, ISIS and Ahrar ash-Sham form joint front to seize western Ras al-Ayn from PYD control - YALLA SOURIYA


VIDEO: Rebels get ready to storm Ras al-Ayn to free it from YPG -


VIDEO: Fighters from ISIS, Ahrar and Nusra sing for unity & the end of fighting that diverts them from jihad - YouTube




Report on Martyrs Who Died in Regime's Detention Center Branch 215 of the Military Intelligence Division, Damascus - Violations Documentation Center

Ten Inconsistencies in the Carter-Ruck Torture Report - SibiaLiria

Carter Ruck clients: Yasin Qadı, Yusuf al-Qaradawi and other people allegedly connected with al-Qaeda, Erdogan and Islamic Relief Organization (IHH) - nsnbc international


Does a Qatar-Sponsored ‘Smoking Gun’ Torture Report Reveal An Ulterior Motive? -



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Turkey News - Jan 25


Former US envoys to Ankara say Erdoğan doing great harm to democracy - Today's Zaman

Op-Ed by former U.S. ambassadors to Turkey: The United States needs to tell Turkey to change course - The Washington Post

US State Department on Turkey graft probe claims: No comment - CİHAN

Turkey's Government Sees US Hand in Anti-Corruption Probes - VOA

EU president urges Turkey to respect rule of law - Today's Zaman

EU to wait before taking action, Erdogan failed to convince the European Union leadership of the existence of a parallel state - CI˙HAN

‘Parallel structure’ case to bring gov’t closer to authoritarianism - Today's Zaman


PM Erdoğan confirms partial suspension of HSYK bill - Today's Zaman


Turkey's main opposition: Draft military law bill jeopardizes promotions, amendments will require prime minister’s approval before trying senior members of the military by the judicial authorities - hurriyetdailynews


Legal proceedings underway for Turkish Justice Minister Bozdag - hurriyetdailynews


Truck-intercepting prosecutor stripped of some powers - Today's Zaman


Turkish PM Erdoğan's son ready to testify over graft probe: Lawyer - hurriyetdailynews


Turkish PM Erdoğan slams top business group head for probe warning - hurriyetdailynews


Int'l press institutions: PM identifying journalist as target worrisome, hampers press freedom - Today's Zaman


Intellectuals call on gov't not to ‘acquit' corruption, coup plotters - Today's Zaman


Online Petition Drive in Turkey Attempts to Force Anti-Corruption Reforms - VOA




Erdogan threatens to unveil graft accusations against main opposition candidate for Istanbul mayor - Reuters

CHP Istanbul candidate Sarıgül replies to TMSF: ‘You cannot scare me’ - hurriyetdailynews

Turkish government accused of trying to sabotage poll -


A Race for More Than the Mayor of Istanbul –


Turkish Opposition Eyes Its Opportunity In March local elections - KNAU Arizona Public Radio


Lira slide becomes headache for Turkey's embattled Erdogan - Reuters


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They Never Announce When You Prevent a War

There exists, I suppose, some slight chance of this one making it into the State of the Union address, no doubt in a distorted, bellicose, and xenophobic disguise.  Typically, there's no chance of any announcement at all. 

We're stopping another war.

There are a million qualifications that need to be put on that statement.  None of them render it false.  A bill looked likely to move through Congress that would have imposed new sanctions on Iran, shredded the negotiated agreement with Iran, and committed the United States to join in any Israeli war on Iran.  This would be a step toward war and has become understood as such by large numbers of people.  Efforts to sell sanctions as an alternative to war failed. Tons of pushback has come, and is still coming, from the public, including from numerous organizations not always known for their opposition to war.  And the bill, for the moment, seems much less likely to pass. 

This is no time to let up, but to recognize our power and press harder for peace.

Pushback against the sanctions bill has come from the White House, from within the military, and from elsewhere within the government. But this bill was something the warmongers wanted, AIPAC wanted, a majority of U.S. senators wanted, and corporate media outlets were happy to support.  The underlying pretense that Iran has a nuclear weapons program that endangers the world had the support of the White House and most other opponents of the March-to-War bill.  That pretense has been successfully sold to much of the public. The additional supporting pretense that sanctions have helped, rather than hindered, diplomacy has similar widespread backing. But when it comes to a measure understood as a step into war, the public is saying no, and that public response is a factor in the likely outcome.

In this instance, President Obama has been on the right side of the debate. I've never known that to actually be true before. But there's been a whole infrastructure of activism set up and fine-tuned for five years now, all based around the pretense that Obama was right on various points and Congress wrong.  So, when that actually happened to be true, numerous organizations knew exactly what to do with it. War opposition and Obama-following merged.  But let's remember back to August and September.  That was a different situation in which . . .

We stopped another war.

Raytheon's stock was soaring. The corporate media wanted those missiles to hit Syria. Obama and the leadership of both parties wanted those missiles to hit Syria.  The missiles didn't fly.

Public pressure led the British Parliament to refuse a prime minister's demand for war for the first time since the surrender at Yorktown, and the U.S. Congress followed suit by making clear to the U.S. president that his proposed authorization for war on Syria would not pass through either the Senate or the House.  Numerous Congress members, from both houses and both parties, said they heard more from the public against this war than ever before on any issue. It helped that Congress was on break and holding town hall meetings.  It helped that it was Jewish holidays and AIPAC wasn't around. 

And there were other factors.  After the public pushed Congress to demand a say, Obama agreed to that.  Perhaps he wanted something so controversial -- something being talked about as "the next Iraq" -- to go to Congress.  Perhaps he expected Congress would probably say No.  In such a scenario, the decisive factor would remain the past decade of growing public sentiment against wars.  But I don't think that's what happened.  Obama and Kerry were pushing hard and publicly for those missiles to fly.  When they couldn't get the "intelligence" agencies to back their fraudulent case, they announced it anyway.  Those lies are just being exposed now, in a very different context from that in which the Iraq war lies or the Afghanistan or Libya war lies have been exposed.  Obama told us to watch videos of children suffering and dying in Syria and to choose between war and inaction.  We rejected that choice, opposed war, and supported humanitarian aid (which hasn't happened on remotely the necessary scale).

In the space of a day, discussions in Washington, D.C., shifted from the supposed necessity of war to the clear desirability of avoiding war. The Russians' proposal to eliminate Syria's chemical weapons had already been known to the White House but was being rejected. When Kerry publicly suggested that Syria could avoid a war by handing over its chemical weapons, everyone knew he didn't mean it.  In fact, when Russia called his bluff and Syria immediately agreed, Kerry's staff put out this statement: "Secretary Kerry was making a rhetorical argument about the impossibility and unlikelihood of Assad turning over chemical weapons he has denied he used. His point was that this brutal dictator with a history of playing fast and loose with the facts cannot be trusted to turn over chemical weapons, otherwise he would have done so long ago. That's why the world faces this moment." In other words: stop getting in the way of our war! By the next day, however, with Congress rejecting war, Kerry was claiming to have meant his remark quite seriously and to believe the process had a good chance of succeeding, as of course it did.  Diplomatic solutions are always available.  What compelled Obama to accept diplomacy as the last resort was the public's and Congress's refusal to allow war.

These victories are limited and tentative.  The machinery that pushes for war hasn't gone away.  The arms are still flowing into Syria.  Efforts to negotiate peace there seem less than wholehearted.  The U.S. puppeteer has stuck its arm up the rear end of the United Nations and uninvited Iran from the talks.  The people of Syria and Iran are no better off.

But they're also no worse off. No U.S. bombs are falling from their skies.

There could be other proposals for wars that we'll find much harder to prevent.  That's precisely why we must recognize the possibility of stopping those proposals too, a possibility established by the examples above, from which we should stop fleeing in panic as if the possibility that everything we do might have some point to it horrifies us.

Any war can be stopped.  Any pretended necessity to hurry up and kill large numbers of people can be transformed into a negotiation at a table using words rather than missiles.  And if we come to understand that, we'll be able to start dismantling the weaponry, which in turn will make the tendency to think of war as the first option less likely.  By steps we can move to a world in which our government doesn't propose bombing someone new every few months but instead proposes helping someone new. 

If we can stop one war, if we can stop two wars, why can't we stop them all and put our resources into protection rather than destruction?  Why can't we move to a world beyond war?

Syria/Turkey News - Jan 24


Syrian opposition chief Jarba says Russia not sticking to Assad - THE DAILY STAR

VIDEO (and transcript): Russian FM Lavrov: Geneva II talks must not include any discussion of Syria regime change - EA WorldView

Kerry: Some nations ready to deploy Syria peacekeepers - AFP

Iran president Hassan Rouhani calls for “free and fair elections in Syria,” says Tehran “ready to engage” neighbors - CBS News


Syrian opposition refuses to meet govt face-to-face at Geneva 2 talks - RT News


FSA seeks new US arms supplies as Geneva talks resume - Telegraph


A Revolution in Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood? - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace


VIDEO: Syrian President’s Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban goes on fiery rant - CNN


Many Syrians still see Assad as indispensable in saving their country - McClatchy DC


Hope Springs in Syria? How Local Cease-fires Have Brought Some Respite to Damascus - Foreign Affairs


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New photos thought to show more Syrian torture - Anadolu Agency

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State Dept. Learned in November of Photos Said to Show Torture in Syria -

Report on Assad's tortures in Syria 'full of inconstistencies' - expert - The Voice of Russia


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Brawl occurs in Turkish parliament arliament during a debate over the corruption scandal - The Washington Post

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Weapons being shipped to Syrian rebels in accordance with MGK decision: Report - Today's Zaman


Intel not tasked with carrying weapons, Turkish main opposition leader says -


Syria-bound trucks put spotlight on Turkey - Al-Monitor


French prosecutors ask Turkey for details about Paris murder suspect connections - Today's Zaman


New developments in Paris killings threaten to derail PKK peace talks - Al-Monitor


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Syria/Turkey News - Jan 23


Syrian Geneva II peace talks witness bitter exchanges between opposing parties - Chicago Sun-Times

TRANSCRIPTS: Statements at the Geneva Conference on Syria -

VIDEO: Syria rivals exchange blame in Geneva talks - YouTube

Russia's Lavrov says Syrian rivals vowed to hold direct talks - Yahoo News

Syrian enemies may discuss prisoner swaps, local ceasefires and humanitarian aid despite talks acrimony - Reuters

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Syria’s Kurds will declare self-rule in the whole Kurdish regions within a week -

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VIDEO: Kurds celebrating their self-declared autonomy in Qamishli - Syria

Residents throughout the Cizîre Region Celebrate After Declaration Of Autonomy (VIDEO) - The Rojava Report

The Kurds claim an autonomous government in north-east Syria. Three Christians among the 20 ministers - Fides News Agency


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Ministry of Justice dismisses as baseless Carter-Ruck’s torture report- SANA


Who Attacked Ghouta with Chemical Weapons?: Analysis of the Second UN Report shows the opposition has used sarin on at least three occasions -


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Syria News - Jan 22


Syria warring sides join world powers in Montreux for peace talks - AFP

Geneva II: Syrian Regime And Opposition Announce Delegations -

Order of speakers at Geneva-II revealed - Anadolu Agency

Syrian National Council quits opposition bloc over the Geneva II peace talks with the Damascus regime - Al Arabiya News

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US secretly backs rebels to fight al Qaeda in Syria - Telegraph

More than 1,000 Syrians flee al-Qaeda-linked ISIS in northern border-town of as they mow down children and behead prisoners in cold blood - Al Jazeera

Islamic Front says State of Al Qaeda behind Bab Al hawa suicide blasts - ZAMAN ALWSL

Al Qaeda offshoot ISIS imposes strict Islamic rules in north Syria - Reuters

ISIS release 4 statements that decree new laws on the Syrian citizens in the areas under its control in Raqqah - Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

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Syria photos prove mass torture by Assad regime: Report - AFP

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Why one day before the Geneva meeting? This report is altogether most unconvincing, based on alleged photos of alleged victims by an alleged 'defector' in Qatar - Media Lens Message Board


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Carter-Ruck law firm behind new Syria smear defended 'al-Qaeda financier' Yasin al Qadi in 2007 -


Human Rights Watch says US undermining efforts to bring Assad's regime before global court - Star Tribune


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Should Syria’s Future Be Decided by Men With Guns?

By Medea Benjamin

Just days before the Syria peace talks known as Geneva II are scheduled to begin on January 22, 2014, in Montreux, Switzerland, Syria's main political opposition group, the Syrian National Coalition (SNC), has agreed to attend. They will be joined by various officials of the Syrian government, UN officials and representatives from 35 countries. Swiss President Didier Burkhalter will deliver the opening remarks, followed by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. Then, Russian Foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry will address the assembly on behalf of the forum's initiators. But one voice will be notably underrepresented—that of Syrian women, especially the non-violent, pro-democracy activists who represent civil society. “When we talk about women at the table, the men see them as the tablecloth,” said Hibaaq Osman, an NGO leader who has been working with Syrian women and pushing for their inclusion. “The future of Syria should not exclusively be decided by those who carry guns.”

Syrian women have suffered immensely throughout the conflict. The estimated 100,000 killed so far includes not just men, but thousands of women and children. Women activists have been detained as part of government crackdowns on the rebel opposition and have been raped and tortured in detention. An investigation by the Women’s Media Center tracked reports of rape and deliberate, politically-motivated attacks on women. When a soldier in the Free Syrian Army was captured by government forces, women from his family were brought to the prison and raped in front of him. In another sickening story, three sisters recounted how a group of Syrian army soldiers broke into their house in Homs, tied up their father and brother, raped the three women in front of them, and then opened their legs and burned their vaginas with cigarettes, saying “You want freedom? This is your freedom.” There have also been reports of women and children being used as human shields or hostages by armed groups.

In areas controlled by the fundamentalist rebel groups, extremists have imposed oppressive rules on women and girls, reversing freedoms of movement, expression and other rights women had previously exercised. In some cases, women and girls have been prevented from working, going to school or just leaving their homes without a male guardian, even to flee violence. Human Rights Watch has reported that some extremist Islamist groups in northern Syria, such as Jabhat al-Nusra, the Nusra Front, and the al-Qaida linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), are imposing strict and discriminatory rules on women and girls, such as requiring them to wear headscarves and full-length robes, limiting their ability to carry out essential daily activities, to move freely in public or to attend school.

The humanitarian crisis is acute. Some 4 million Syrians have been internally displaced. Food and access to it is so restricted in some of the military-contested areas that children are dying from starvation. “There are children who are eating roots and leaves off the trees,” said Kefah Ali Deeb of the National Coordination Committee for the Forces of Democratic Change. “Believe me; this is not my imagination. There is more suffering than you could imagine.”

Syrians desperate to escape the war have fled to Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq and Jordan, sometimes arriving by the thousands in a single day. Some three million Syrians are now refugees, over 80% of them women and children. Large numbers of women whose husbands have been killed or are off fighting have suddenly become heads of their households, but bereft of resources to care for their children. Relief agencies and host countries are overwhelmed by the numbers and the need. And although the refugees living abroad are spared the immediate impact of the fighting, many are unfortunately still subjected to violence, sexual assault, and abysmal living conditions.

According to a U.N. Women study, child marriages and domestic violence are on the rise among refugee families. As refugees grow more destitute, parents are more inclined to pull their daughters out of schools or marry them off at younger ages in exchange for dowries. Early marriage is seen as a way to ensure that daughters are cared for and fed, and to generate scarce income for the family. But girls sold into marriage are extremely vulnerable to abuse, lose opportunities for education and risk serious health hazards of early pregnancy.

Some refugee women have been forced into prostitution by their families, under the cover of short-term marriage arrangements. Women and girls sold into marriage are sometimes abandoned or sold again to brothels or traffickers, where their abuse and exploitation only worsens.

Syrian women, many of whom were involved in the initial pro-democracy, nonviolent uprising against Bashar al-Assad, have been risking their lives to address the humanitarian crisis—distributing humanitarian aid, monitoring human rights and providing emergency help. Syrian women have brokered local ceasefires to enable aid to get through. While the fighting has raged around them, women have continued to organize, build civil society groups and train themselves to play a role in designing a unified, democratic Syria.

These women have repeatedly called on the international community to include their voices in peace efforts. From January 11-13, 2014, 47 Syrian women gathered under the auspices of UN Women to hash out their positions. "We cannot remain silent regarding events unfolding in Syria, such as daily death, massive destruction, starvation, displacement of hundreds of thousands of Syrian families in Syria and abroad, the spread of terror and violence, ongoing detentions, acts of kidnapping, destruction of infrastructure and the spread of diseases, particularly among children," said Syrian activist Kefah Ali Deeb at a UN press conference.

The women called for the effective participation of women in all negotiating teams and committees in a proportion of no less than 30%. They called for senior gender experts to be fully integrated into the UN mediation team. “We want there be a meaningful participation of women in the entire political process, including in the formation of the transitional governing body, the constitutional drafting committee, the drafting of the election law, mechanisms of transitional justice, the local administration and local committees for civil peace,” said Syrian activist Delsha Ayo at a UN press conference.

The women are desperate to deal with the immediate human catastrophe. “Large numbers of women have been arrested, kidnapped or disappeared. They include our families, our friends, our colleagues,” said Kefah Ali Deeb, activist and member of National Coordination Committee for the Forces of Democratic Change. “We must get the detainees released from prison and break the sieges that are driving stranded populations to starvation.”

But they are also looking down the road, and many have been working on principles for a new constitution. “We have been watching what happened in Tunisia and Egypt and Libya and there are a lot of lessons to prepare ourselves,” said Sabah Alhallak, the women’s coordinator for the Syrian Commission for Family Affairs. They insist that any eventual constitution guarantee women’s equality and penalize all forms of discrimination and violence against women.

While Lakhdar Brahimi has met with the women several times and has encouraged their participation as observers, he has not agreed to grant them an official role. Unfortunately, even at the peace table, the men with guns will continue to have the loudest voices.

In response, the groups CODEPINK, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), MADRE, Karama and the Nobel Women’s Initiative are gathering at the talks under the banner of “Women Lead to Peace” to support Syrian women. The day before the official talks begin, they will hold a Women’s Summit with women from former conflict zones such as Bosnia, Liberia, Guatemala and Ireland speaking about their experiences of transitioning from war to peace. Syrian women and humanitarian aid workers will share their stories and experiences of life in Syria and refugee camps. There will then be a modeling of the negotiations: a look at what the official peace talks could and should look like. On January 22, the women will stage a peace rally outside the official talks. You can sign their petition to the international community and watch the Summit.

The Syrian women and their global allies understand that the Syria crisis is so deep and complex that it will take a long time to end the fighting and even longer to rebuild, but they see no other option. “We are lawyers, engineers and professors; we are housewives, nurses and other medical professionals; we are 50 percent of society and we are determined to stop the war,” said Rafif Jouejati, director of FREE-Syria (the Foundation to Restore Equality and Education in Syria). “If Geneva II fails, then we will keep going to make Geneva III, IV or V work. We will keep pushing the men who are making war until they make peace.”  

Medea Benjamin is cofounder of and, and author of eight books, including Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control.

Syria/Turkey News - Jan 20


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Al-Qadi denies al-Qaeda link in newspaper ad - Today's Zaman


Alleged Erdogan ties to al-Qadi a national security concern - Today's Zaman


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Syria/Turkey News - Jan 18


Syrian government submits plan for truce, prisoner swap -

VIDEO: Syria offers truce, prisoner swap with rebels - YouTube

Syria ready to help speed humanitarian assistance: Russia - Yahoo News

Syria allows aid into 2 contested areas - The Washington Post

Syrian gov't ready to join forces with opposition to combat terrorism - FM - Voice of Russia

Russia steps up military lifeline to Syria's Assad -sources - Reuters

Geneva-2 to take place whether opposition wants it or not - The Voice of Russia


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Turkey: Islamic charity IHH workers released from custody -


Victim's families: Lift confidentiality of Paris murders probe - Today's Zaman


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Syria/Turkey News - Jan 17


Nearly 1,100 killed in Syria rebel-ISIS jihadist battles: activists - Yahoo News

U.N. Reports mass executions in Northern Syria carried out by armed opposition groups, in particular by ISIS -

Battles rage to push ISIS out of north Syria - THE DAILY STAR

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PYD leader Salih Muslim: Kurds will not attend Geneva II unless Kurdish question is on agenda - ekurd

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New analysis of rocket used in Syria chemical attack undercuts U.S. claims -

REPORT (Full Text): Possible Implications of Faulty US Technical Intelligence in the Damascus Nerve Agent Attack of August 21 -




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Turkish intelligence agency MIT denies claims over Paris killings but launches internal probe -


Investigative reporter Baransu exposed the spy agency MIT illegally profiled opposition party members & relayed the confidential memo to Erdogan - Twitter / abdbozkurt


Benghazi weapons shipped to Syrian rebels through Turkish IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation -


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Syria News - Jan 16


Western intelligence talking to Damascus about the jihadist threat, Syrian minister says - BBC News

VIDEO: Interview: Western intelligence talking to Damascus about the jihadist threat, Syrian minister says - BBC News

European Spies Reach Out to Syria to Share Information on Jihadists -

VIDEO: European Spies Reach Out to Syria to Share Information on Jihadists -

Flow of Westerners to Syria Prompts Security Concerns -

The Spanish Foreign Fighter Contingent in Syria - Combating Terrorism Center at West Point


Syrian rebels kill Belgian commander linked to al Qaeda’s ISIS: activists - Reuters


Canadian killed in Syria: Calgary man, 22, joined fight after converting to Islam - National Post


Syria's Assad slams Saudi Wahhabi ideology as 'threat to world' - Yahoo News


Syria’s internal political opposition may not attend Geneva II - Al-Monitor


US to stop financing Syrian opposition if it refuses to go to Geneva - The Voice of Russia


Kerry pledges another $380M in humanitarian aid for Syria - TheHill


VIDEO: Kerry Announces Aid Package for Syrians -


New analysis of rocket used in Syria chemical attack undercuts U.S. claims -


UN Chief Urges Syrian Opposition to Join Talks - ABC News


U.N. says it abandons aid delivery after Syria insisted on dangerous route - Reuters


Syria: UN agency determined to reach starving Palestinian refugee camp near Damascus - United Nations News Centre


Hamas urges militants to leave Damascus Palestinian camp - AFP


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Turkey/Syria News - Jan 15


Turkish police detain at least 23 in anti-al-Qaeda operation, after the raids two anti-terror police unit chiefs were dismissed -

Turkey cracks down on Islamic charity İHH suspected of arming Al Qaeda affiliates in Syria (VIDEO) -

Profile: Islamic charity IHH, a significant actor in the global jihadist movementy - The Long War Journal

Policemen relieved of duties following discovery of ammunition on buses heading from Turkey to Syria - Today's Zaman

Interior Ministry approves lists for new wave of police purges - Today's Zaman

Turkey president urges shift in Syria policy - Yahoo News


Turkish PM to show ‘no mercy’ to ‘group’ behind graft probe -


Turkish gov't to ‘freeze’ judicial bill if opposition agrees to charter change on key body -


'Gov't must await Constitutional Court approval to implement HSYK law' - Today's Zaman


Former graft prosecutor Öz files formal complaint against PM Erdoğan after ‘threat’ claims -


New graft prosecutors request unfreeze of suspects' assets - Today's Zaman


Supreme State Council able to try Turkish Armed Forces commanders - Today's Zaman


Gülen to file criminal complaint over illegal wiretapping - Today's Zaman


US, EU step up pressure on Turkey over judicial independence -


Brussels asks Turkey to be consulted to ensure judicial bill in line with EU legislation -




Turkey's Intelligence Agency MİT denies any link to Paris killings of Kurds - Today's Zaman

Voice recording suggests MİT ordered killings of PKK members in Paris - CİHAN

AUDIO: Tape released allegedly features Paris killings suspect voice - ANF


TRANSCRIPT: Full transcript of alleged Paris killings suspect Ömer Güney recording - ANF


Following the audio recording, leaked “secret" document could link Turkish MIT to the Paris assassinations (Document text translated) - The Kurdistan Tribune


Turkish Intelligence Agency (MIT) at center of political storm - Al-Monitor




U.S., Russia call for trust-building moves ahead of Geneva talks such as prisoner exchanges, localized cease-fires and an end to blockades - The Washington Post

VIDEO: Kerry, Lavrov zero in on ceasefire in Syria - Yahoo News

U.S. Presses Syrian Opposition to Join Talks -

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VIDEO: John Kerry talks Syria with Pope's aide - Yahoo News

Ambassador Ford to opposition: Geneva II without preconditions or guarantees - ZAMAN ALWSL #syria


Syrian opposition holds firm to Geneva II preconditions - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT


Syrian Coalition: Political Solution Impossible Without Assad's Departure - Syrian National Coaltion


Syrian Coalition: Participation in Geneva II Will Be Dependent On the Response of the International Community to Our Basic Demands - Syrian National Coaltion


Syrian Coalition: Russia’s And Assad’s Attitudes To The Syrian Revolution Are Identical - Syrian National Coaltion


The Politics of the Islamic Front 1: Structure and Support - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace


The names of the Syrian government delegation to Geneva leaked - all4syrian


The Baath Battalions Move Into Damascus - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace




Regime advances near Aleppo, ISIS tightens grip on Raqqa - THE DAILY STAR

ISIS Kills Nusra Front Emir in Raqqa - The Syrian Observer

Syria: How Did Raqqa Fall To The Islamic State of Iraq & ash-Sham? - EA WorldView

ISIS ihadists seize Syria town near Aleppo, execute 60 - Yahoo News

ISIS car bomb kills 8 rebels at Syria checkpoint - THE DAILY STAR

ISIS is planning to assassinate Massoud Barzani: source - Kurdpress News Aganecy


Two Christians beheaded by ISIS in Idlib in Syria - OrthoChristian.Com


Italian Jesuit Priest Kidnapped By ISIS In Syria Being Held In Prison - YALLA SOURIYA


More proof of ISIS torture of Kurds - Transnational Middle-East Observer


VIDEO: Three “spies" are executed by the Mujahideen: western Homs -


VIDEO: al Nusra Front terrorists beheading a syrian citizen+Subtitles -




Damascus: Yarmouk Starves as Relief Convoys Attacked by Rebels - Al Akhbar English

VIDEO: Yarmouk residents waiting for the promised aid today that never arrived - YouTube


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