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Syria News - Aug 26


Obama pressured to intervene in Syria. Most Americans say 'no,' says poll (+VIDEO) -

POLL: Despite Chemical Weapon Usage, Most Americans Oppose Any Syrian Intervention - Business Insider

Hague: Syria chemical attack evidence may have been destroyed, repeats his belief that Assad's forces were responsible - AFP

France says "no doubt" Damascus behind suspected chemical attack - AFP

Israel Ministers Urge US Response to Syria "Crime" - ABC News

Top lawmakers call for military response in Syria -


Official: US military updates options for possible strikes on Syria – Blogs


Dempsey, allied military chiefs meet in Jordan amid escalating Syrian crisis - AP


US, Britain and France already have military muscle near Syria - The Irish Times


American, Israeli And Jordanian Troops And CIA Agents Have Entered Syria, Le Figaro Reports - Zero Hedge News


Wikileaks release 84,067 sensitive emails from US intelligence contractor Stratfor – HackReafd




Syria agrees to UN probe of purported chemical attacks - Yahoo! News

U.S. official claims "very little doubt" Syria used chemical weapons, any belated move to allow the U.N. inspectors in is already too little, too late - CBS News


Russia says 'tragic mistake' to assign blame too soon for Syrian gas attack - Reuters


Iran Warns US Over Military Move Against Syria - ABC News


Report: 3,600 Syrians Treated for 'Neurotoxin' Exposure - VOA


In Syria, the dead include countless animals and birds - NY Daily 


VIDEO: Chemical attack in Syria: Shocking first independently verified pictures by ITV News - YouTube




Al-Nusra Front to target Alawite faith, Assad 'over chemical attacks'- recording - RT News

AUDIO: Statement By Jabhat Al Nusra Leader Calls For Revenge For Chemical Attacks - You Tube

Syria-based al Qaeda group issues threat to Western aid workers - CBS News

American Tells of Odyssey as Prisoner of Syrian Rebels -


Syrian army finds chemical agents in rebel hideout: State TV - Al Akhbar English


AUDIO: phone call between rebels uncovered that they used the chemical weapons in Deir Ballba in Homs countryside - YouTube


Former Jabhat al-Nusrah Member admits Chemical Weapons Use - nsnbc international


VIDEO: More Videos Emerge Of Chemical Attack Linked Mystery Munitions - Brown Moses Blog


Large arms shipment reaches Syrian rebels: opposition - Yahoo! News


Saudi Arabia stirs the Middle East pot - The Washington Post


Saudi Arabia And Qatar Fight For Influence -



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Will Obama pull a Bush WMD Scam in Syria?

A rush to judgment is a rush to war. 

obamaheadIt's put up or shut up time for President Barack Obama.

Will the president wait for the completion of an objective study to determine the source of a chemical weapons in an attack on a Damascus suburb on August?  Or, will he fix the results, declare the Syrian government guilty, and unleash some form of military attack?   If he chooses the later option, the similarities to the George W. Bush WMD lies will be too close to ignore.

Added to Obama's refusal to get Wall Street crooks prosecuted, his weak efforts on jobs, the NSA spying on all citizens coupled with his outright denial of the effort, Obama's presidency will lack even the most rudimentary form of legitimacy.

Obama has been pressured to attack Syria since the start of the rebellion against the government of Bashar al-Assad began 2011.  Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton traveled the world demanding that "Assad must go." Others in the perpetual war faction have lent their voices to the chorus.

Talk Nation Radio: Jean Bricmont: Keep Humanitarian Imperialism Out of Syria

Jean Bricmont is the author of Humanitarian Imperialism, and of a recent article on CounterPunch called "The Wishful Thinking Left."  Bricmont is a member of the Division of Sciences of the Royal Academy for Sciences, Letters and Arts of Belgium.

You can say no to attacking Syria here:

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“Wag the Dog” – The Sequel Set in Syria

By George Galloway

Over the last couple of weeks a western-backed (and armed) military junta slaughtered many hundreds of Egyptians in broad daylight live on television. The death toll, still concealed, may have been thousands.

The west confined itself to disapproving words and calls for “restraint” on “both sides” – even though the victims were unarmed.

In Syria hundreds of people have just been slaughtered in circumstances which are entirely unclear, and the west is about to launch (in our case without parliamentary approval with the prime minister acting from a beach in Cornwall) a military attack with entirely unforseen consequences on Damascus.

There is a “Wag the Dog” element about this, and indeed the war of President Clinton’s penis satirised in that masterful award-winning movie has already proved a handy diversion from Egypt before its even started.

It is entirely implausible that the Syrian regime chose the moment of the arrival of a UN chemical weapons inspection team to launch a chemical attack on an insurgency already suffering reverse after reverse on the battlefield and steadily losing international support with each new video showing them eating the hearts of slain soldiery and sawing of the heads of Christian priests with bread knives.

In the absence of conclusive evidence one would have to believe that the Assad regime was mad as well as bad to have launched such a chemical attack at a time when it is in less danger than it has been for almost a year. I do not believe that Bashar is mad.

There is ample evidence that the Syrian rag-tag-and-bobtail insurgency, dominated by the most extreme fanatic franchises of Al Qaeda, has access to chemical weapons, indeed any weapons the rag-tag-and-bobtail coalition behind them can get to them.

The US has a long history of using such weapons – and worse – and not just in SE Asia. In the destruction of Fallujah in next door Iraq they slaughtered thousands with the same kind of cocktails.

Israel regularly shares its own chemical weapons stockpile with their neighbours in Gaza. Check the pictures of phosphorous gas raining down upon the UN schools and hospitals in Operation Cast Lead if you don’t believe me.

Britain introduced chemical weapons to the middle east in the first place, dropping gas on the “uncivilised tribes” of Iraq in the 1920s and wondering in parliament “what all the fuss was about”.

Does anyone believe that the foul dictatorships of the Gulf – like Saudi Arabia – wouldn’t give the Syrian rebels some of their chemical weapons? Especially if the purpose was to draw the big powers into the war?

Does anyone believe that a Syrian rebel army whose vile atrocities abound on YouTube wouldn’t use them, for the same purpose?

So now we wait for the summer-surprise attack on yet another Arab country by the former colonial powers. Another summer, another Muslim country under murderous bombardment by the last people on the planet whose motives are trusted by anyone in the Muslim world.

Meanwhile, the money, and the weapons, keep on flowing to the Egyptian junta. The blood of some people, as always, turning out to be of far greater consequence than the blood of others…

George Galloway MP
House of Commons

Design by Gayatri

An Appeal Against Attacking Syria

Mairead Maguire, Nobel peace laureate, today appealed to the Rt. Hon. William Hague, British Foreign Minister, and M. Laurent Fabius, French Foreign Minister, to stop calling for military action against Syria which, she said, will only lead the Middle East into even more violence and bloodshed for its people.

Maguire said:

Arming rebels and authorizing military action by USA/NATO forces will not solve the problem facing Syria, but indeed could lead to the death of thousands of Syrians, the breaking-up of Syria, and it falling under the control of violent fundamentalist jihadist forces. It will mean the further fleeing of Syrians into surrounding countries which will themselves  become destabilised. The entire Middle East will become unstable and violence will spiral out of control.

Lying About Syria, and the Lying Liars Who Lie About the Lying

UPDATE: Flyers you can use to oppose this war: Color PDF, Black and White PDF.

"U.S. prepares for possible retaliatory strike against Syria," announces a Los Angeles Times headline, even though Syria has not attacked the United States or any of its occupied territories or imperial forces and has no intention to do so.

Imminent US War on Syria?


Imminent US War on Syria?


by Stephen Lendman


Syria is Washington's war. It was planned years ago. It's about regime change. America wants pro-Western puppet leaders replacing independent ones.


Washington doesn't launch conflicts to quit. US-enlisted death squads are no match against Syria's military. They're being routed. 


False Flag Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack


False Flag Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack


by Stephen Lendman


False flags are an American tradition. They're an Israeli tradition. They're used strategically. They reflect Big Lies. 


Merriam-Webster calls them "deliberate gross distortion(s) of the truth used especially as a propaganda tactic."


Drumbeat for War on Syria


Drumbeat for War on Syria


by Stephen Lendman


Whenever America goes to war or plans one, media scoundrels march in lockstep. Truth is the first casualty. Managed news misinformation substitutes. 


It happens every time. It's standard practice. It's no different this time. Facts on the ground don't matter. They're systematically ignored. 


Syria: Truth v. Lies on Chemical Weapons Use


Syria: Truth v Lies on Chemical Weapons Use 


By Stephen Lendman


Churchill was right saying "(a) lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on." 


Today it circulates instantly. It does so virtually everywhere. 


Nazi Reich Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels said:

Syria/Egypt News - Aug 22


Reports of massive chemical attack near Damascus as UN observers arrive in Syria - RT News

Syria Information Minister: Reports on chemical weapons use in Ghouta untrue - SANA

White House seeks U.N. probe of alleged Syria chemical weapons attack -

VIDEO: White House seeks U.N. probe of alleged Syria chemical weapons attack - YouTube

Russia suggests Syria chemical attack was ‘planned provocation’ by rebels, homemade rocket launched from an area controlled by the opposition - RT


VIDEO: Damascus 'chemical attack' - YouTube


VIDEO: Syria Chemical Weapons Attack - YouTube


VIDEO: Raw Footage of the massacre with chemical weapons  - YouTube


VIDEO: Syria Chemical Weapons Terrible Disaster - YouTube


PHOTOS: Are These The Munitions Used In Today's Alleged Chemical Weapon Attack? - Brown Moses Blog


List of videos coming out of Eastern Ghouta claiming chemical weapons attack -


Defense expert: Destroying Syria's chemical weapons could have 'horrifying' consequences - Fox News


Dempsey opposes military action in Syria because it does not believe the rebels will support US interests - AFP


Mass Grave with charred Syrian citizens massacred by an armed terrorist group in Latakia - SyriaNews


VIDEO: Syrian Army discovers mass graves holding the victims of al-Qaeda's "Latakia offensive" -


Syrian Kurds vow to fight for oil fields -




Europe suspends export of arms, other equipment to Egypt -

Egypt PM says country can survive without US military aid - RT News

Egypt to put ex-president Mubarak under house arrest following release from prison - Fox News

Egyptian Authorities Arrest Cleric, Brotherhood Spokesman - VOA


Egypt ex-VP ElBaradei's party 'shocked' over lawsuit - Ahram Online


VIDEO: Army Snipers Shooting From The Rooftops At Protesters -


VIDEO: Egyptian military shooting at protesters -


VIDEO: Pro Morsi Gunmen in Alexandria -


VIDEO: Savage beating of unarmed Egyptian Police man -


VIDEO: Pro Morsi Protester Shooting at Police -



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The Syrian Chemical Weapons Use Canard


The Syrian Chemical Weapons Use Canard


by Stephen Lendman


Throughout months of conflict, Assad faced repeated accusations of chemical weapons use. No evidence whatever suggests it. 


Clear evidence suggests otherwise. Wrongful accusations persist. They ring hollow. They lack credibility. It doesn't matter. They repeat with disturbing regularity.


Syria/Egypt News - Aug 21


Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood leader Badie arrested, set to face trial Sunday -

Egypt’s Brotherhood says struggle will remain nonviolent, not to take up arms in response to the arrest of the group’s leader - The Washington Post

VIDEO: footage of Badie after his arrest - YouTube

VIDEO: Egypt 'anti-coup' alliance slams Brotherhood arrest, says struggle will remain nonviolent -MSN Video

US criticizes arrest of Brotherhood leader in Egypt - Ahram Online

Egypt's ElBaradei faces court for 'betrayal of trust' over his decision to quit the army-backed government in protest at its bloody crackdown - Reuters

Tamarod calls for dissolution of Muslim Brotherhood - World Bulletin


Who's Who in Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood - The Washington Institute for Near East Policy


Arrest warrants of two policemen issued after 37 detainees died in escape attempt - Ahram Online


How some ordinary pro Morsi Egyptians became ‘malicious terrorists’ -


Egypt media 'biased' against Islamists, portraying the fight against the Muslim Brotherhood as a "war on terror" - AFP


Egypt at War Against Terrorists, Says Catholic Copt Leader -


Attacks in Egypt on Christian churches and businesses - The Washington Post


Egypt: Government must protect Christians from sectarian violence - Amnesty International


POLL: Egyptians See Life Worse Now Than Before Mubarak's Fall - Gallup




UN pushes Egypt to allow rights monitors, demands an "independent, impartial and credible" probe into the bloody crackdown by security forces - Al Jazeera

Ban Ki-moon calls for investigation into Egypt prisoner deaths -

US Weighs Pros, Cons Of Cutting Some Aid To Egypt - NPR


White House Reviews Egypt Aid Case by Case -


EU reconsiders arms sales, financial aid to Egypt -


Recent bloodshed underscores urgent need to halt arms transfers to Egypt, of the type used by Egypt’s security forces in violent dispersals and unwarranted lethal force against sit-ins and other protests - Amnesty International


U.S. Allies Thwart America in Egypt, Saudi and Israel encouraging the military to confront the Muslim Brotherhood rather than reconcile -


Israel and Egypt strengthen military ties  to confront security threats from jihadist groups in the Sinai region -


Erdoğan says Israel behind coup in Egypt, has evidence - Today's Zaman


US slams Erdogan claim on Morsi ouster - Ahram Online




Kurds to Meet Sept. 15 in First Regional Summit to Unify Stand - Businessweek

Pan-Kurdish National Conference puts self-determination at the top of its priorities - ekurd

Barzani calls on Kurdish Syrians to stay and fight - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT


Iran supports PYD for immediate interests - Today's Zaman, your gateway to Turkish daily news


Syria Kurds, jihadists in fresh battles, "There is a war for territory, control and oil" - AFP


PYD loses control over northern Syrian town - World Bulletin


Aleppo province: The ISIS and al-Nusra detain more than 30 Syrian Kurdish civilians - Syrian Observatory for Human Rights 


Assad's forces counter rebel gains in Syria's Deir al-Zor - Reuters


Al-Qaeda’s Internal Divide Grows In Syria - Al-Monitor


Christians, other minorities in Syria fear 'ethnic cleansing' by rebel groups - Stripes


VIDEO: UN's Ghadbian: Free Syrian Army head not in control - BBC News


VIDEO: Aleppo Beheading + Shooting -



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Syria/Egypt News - Aug 20



Dozens of protest detainees killed in Egypt - Al Jazeera English

Fresh Egypt protests follow prisoner deaths, amid calls for an international probe into the deaths of 36 protesters while in police custody - Al Jazeera English

VIDEO: Fresh Egypt protests follow prisoner deaths - YouTube

VIDEO: Coup government in Egypt kill political prisoners in Abu Zaabal prison - YouTube

Egyptian security forces’ massive use of lethal force to disperse sit-ins is most serious incident of mass unlawful killings - Human Rights Watch

U.S. 'troubled' by Egypt prison killings, says Muslim Brotherhood shouldn't be banned - Haaretz

VIDEO: Minister of Defence Abdul-Fattah al-Sisi statement - YouTube


Muslim Brotherhood must be removed like Nazis, Egypt's ambassador to Britain says - Telegraph


National Salvation Front: Obama Misleading American People -


VIDEO: Military crackdown on unarmed demonstrators: Canadian Killed in Egyptian Protests -


Al-Ahram journalist shot dead at military checkpoint after curfew - Ahram Online


Canadians in Egypt reportedly arrested while asking police for directions - Yahoo! News Canada


3,500 Morsi supporters arrested since violence began: Brotherhood lawyer - Ahram Online


Vigilantes emerge as menacing force in Egypt as mosque siege ends -


Egypt draft constitution may ban religious political parties – report - RT News


Mubarak could be freed after Egypt court drops corruption case - Yahoo! News




Militants execute 25 Egyptian police in Sinai ambush -

VIDEO: Islamists execute 25 police officers in Egypt's Sinai region - YouTube


Survivor's account of an assault on a police station in which 15 police were killed - AP


Egypt crisis: After six hours looting church school Islamist mob parades nuns in Cairo as prisoners of war - Mail Online


In Egyptian village, Christian shops marked ahead of church attack (+VIDEO) -


Egypt: Pope Tawadros blasts U.S., E.U. as Islamists converts three churches into mosques - Jihad Watch




EU to ‘urgently review’ relations with Egypt, says killings of hundreds cannot be justified - The Washington Post

Obama reviewing annual US military aid to Egypt after violence - The Hill


Leaving Military Aid Intact, U.S. Takes Steps to Halt Economic Help to Egypt -


VIDEO: Hagel: U.S. ability to influence outcome in Egypt "limited" - CBS News Video


POLL: You don’t want U.S. aid dollars in Egypt - Blogs


Arabs ready to cover cuts in Egypt foreign aid: Saudi - Fox News




Syrian army recaptures all rebel positions in Latakia - FRANCE 24

Advancing army 'kills jihadist emir in Syria's Latakia' - Fox News

VIDEO: Syrian army advanced in several villages in Latakia -

Syrian Kurd refugees flee in fear of al Nusra rebel group (VIDEO) - Reuters

VIDEO: Syrian Kurds flee homelands due to jihadi threat: Al-Nusra Islamists persecuting Kurds in Syria - YouTube


Italian priest missing in Syria may be alive: monitoring group - Reuters


Details Emerge On Kidnapped Syrian Bishops - As-Safir Newspaper


Al-Qaeda tortured and killed prominent Syrian cleric – report – InSerbia News


Presence of al Qaida-linked groups in northern Syria complicates rebellion -


ICRC: Syria rebel divisions limit humanitarian access - AFP


Hezbollah commander killed near Damascus - Ahram Online


Syrian opposition leader Ahmad Jarba said Syria is now being run not by Assad but Iran and Lebanon's Hezbollah - Al Jazeera Blogs


The Brotherhood Starts Anew in Syria - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT




U.N. inspectors arrive in Damascus on chemical probe -


Ban insists on free access in Syria chemical weapons probe - FRANCE 24


A Chemical Weapon Specialist's Thoughts On The UN Visit To Syria - Brown Moses Blog


Ankara Spy Chief Discloses Smuggling of 2 Cargos of Sarin from Libya to Georgia, Bulgaria Via Turkey - Friends of Syria



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Syria/Egypt News - Aug 18



Security forces clear Cairo mosque after gun battle with anti-government protesters - The Washington Post

Egypt PM suggests dissolution of Brotherhood - Al Jazeera English

Top Brotherhood leader's son shot dead in Egypt -

General Al-Sisi: The Man Who Now Runs Egypt - Newsweek and The Daily Beast

Egyptian generals face legal action by the Muslim Brotherhood and the Shura Council - World Bulletin


Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri's younger brother arrested in Egypt, sources say - World News


Crackdown in Egypt: reports that several foreign correspondents have been harassed, beaten and detained by vigilantes and the security forces -


Threatened, harassed, killed by both sides: journalists in Egypt- DW.DE


VIDEO: 50 Unidentified Armed Civilians Surround ABC News Team Crying "They Are Spies" - ABC News


Catholic spokesman defends Egyptian army crackdown against protesters - Catholic Sentinel


Brotherhood spokesperson denies justifying church attacks - Egypt Independent


Tamarod movement calls on Egyptian government to cancel Camp David peace treaty, stop accepting US aid - JPost


VIDEO: Egyptian security forces clear Cairo mosque - FRANCE 24


VIDEO: More on the Cairo mosque cleared by security forces - BBC News




U.S. allies were near a deal for peaceful end to Egypt crisis, But the military-backed government rejected it and ordered to break up the protests - The Washington Post

Pressure by U.S. Failed to Sway Egypt’s Leaders -

EU calls emergency summit over Egypt crisis as European leaders consider sanctions - Telegraph


Ties With Egypt Army Constrain Washington -


U.S. military needs Egypt for access to critical area - usatoday


Freezing U.S. aid to Egypt would not be easy or cost-free - Reuters


Syria rebels move HQ from Egypt to Turkey -


Illegal weapons shipment heading from Libya to Egypt “seized” - Libya Herald




Rebel Gunmen kill 11 near Syrian Christian villages -

17 dead as Qaeda attacks Syria Kurd town: watchdog - Fox News

PYD prepares draft for autonomy in Syria Kurdish regions - Kurdpress News Aganecy

800 Islamic-Jihadists linked to al Qaeda died in July in clashes with Syrian Kurds: YPG - ekurd


Two Turkish intelligence (MIT) agents killed in Syria, Kurdish Jabhat al-Akrad said - ekurd


In Raqqa, Islamist Rebels Form a New Regime - Syria News


As Islamist rebels rise in Syria, liberal activists take a step back - The Washington Post


U.S. has yet to deliver arms to Syria rebels -


Iraq premier warns of weapons smuggled from Syria - Chicago Sun-Times


Lebanon arrests 3 suspects in Turks' kidnapping - The Times of Israel


VIDEO: Victims of the Syria airstrike on Aleppo building - YouTube


VIDEO: Panic in the immediate aftermath of the Syria airstrike on Aleppo building - YouTube


VIDEO: Rebels Kidnap a Belarusian and a Moldovan Woman - Friends of Syria



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Syria/Egypt News - Aug 17


Friday protests in Egypt cause over 60 more deaths - usatoday

Egypt's Brotherhood announces week of rallies to end 'coup' - Ahram Online

Govt warns Egyptians against ‘terrorist’ Brotherhood - Ahram Online

In Egypt Clashes, Civilians Oppose Protesters -

Tamarod calling for all Egyptians to form neighbourhood watches to protect their houses, mosques and churches - Daily News Egypt

Protesters, police killed as Egypt army deploys to guard govt buildings - 


Egypt: Clashes With Firearms At Azbakeya Police Station -


Egypt: Attempt to Storm a Cairo Police Station Thwarted -


Spokesman for Egypt's NSF quits group over support for 'police massacres' - Ahram Online


VIDEO: Unarmed Protesters Shot By Egypt Army -


VIDEO: More unarmed protesters shot by the Egypt military - YouTube


VIDEO: Egypt: Protesters Mowed Down By Heavy Gunfire On Camera -


VIDEO: Man trying to carry a dead body away hit by army sniper in Egypt -


VIDEO: Head shots and face shots by Egypt's security force -


VIDEO: Protesters jumping off a bridge in desperate attempt to flee violence - ITV News


VIDEO: Ramses Square mosque turned into makeshift morgue - YouTube


VIDEO: Pro Morsi protester caught on video shooting machine gun -


VIDEO: Clashes in Garden City amid fire from security forces, an armed protester is visible - YouTube


VIDEO: Egypt Police Station Burns - YouTube




VIDEO: Christian taxi driver being killed by a mob that swarmed his car as he drove down a street in Alexandria - YouTube

VIDEO: Pro Morsi protesters burning down a Church -

Witness Accounts of Sectarian Attacks of Morsi Supporters Against Christians Across Egypt (VIDEOS) -

Morsi supporters storm schools, two churches in Minya: Eyewitnesses - Ahram Online


Egypt’s Coptic Church announces support for army, police - 


Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood denies attacks on churches - NBC World News


Statement: Muslim Brotherhood Reiterates Denunciation of Attacks on Copts, Churches and Property - Ikhwanweb


As the Military Stormed Cairo Sit-Ins, Kerdasa Residents Went on a Rampage, Killing 11 Policemen, Attacking a Church -




UN Calls for 'Maximum Restraint' in Egypt - ABC News

US urges Egypt to avoid 'lethal force' - Ahram Online

US Seeks to Keep 'Leverage' by Maintaining Egypt Aid - ABC News

Germany Suspends Egypt Aid As World Continues To React To Crisis -


Saudi King Abdullah declares support for Egypt against terrorism - 


Jordan backs Egypt efforts to 'impose law' - Ahram Online


Iran calls on OIC to intervene in Egypt - Ahram Online


Hamas supporters rally against Sisi in Jerusalem - GlobalPost


Gaza jihadists call for 'jihad' against Egypt's el Sisi - The Long War Journal


Tunisian labor leader rejects parallels with Egypt - Yahoo! News




Hezbollah chief says he is ready to fight in Syria, states that preliminary investigations showed jihadists likely behind the bombing - AFP

Residents of Syria’s Raqqa celebrate the devastating car bomb that struck Hezbollah’s Beirut-stronghold (VIDEO) - AFP 

Syrian arrested over July car bombing in Beirut: minister - THE DAILY STAR


Syrian War Fueling Attacks by Al Qaeda in Iraq, Officials Say -


U.S., Iraq boost cooperation on Syria spillover - Haaretz


Iran arms to Syria down but not over: Iraq FM - AFP


CNN, Washington Post, Time Hacked By Syrian Electronic Army -


VIDEO: FSA Al-Faruq Cannibal Commander Wounded by Kurdish Militia, He ate the heart of a Syrian soldier -


VIDEO: Qaeda's ISIS military operation with night vision goggles - YouTube




PYD’s Salih Muslim: We are Awaiting an Invitation for Talks with Washington - Rudaw


Syrian Kurdish YPG fighters seize Turkish documents on Islamic-Jihadist Al Nusra rebels - ekurd


Iraqi Kurdish delegation visits Syria bordwer crossing - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT


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Syria/Egypt News - Aug 16


Death toll rises to 638 in Egypt; buildings torched by Morsi supporters - usatoday

Egypt authorizes police use of deadly force after defiant Muslim Brotherhood protesters torch government buildings - Fox News

Egypt's military claims Morsi protesters were armed - The Observers

Egypt's ambassador to Britain defends assault on opposition protesters, claiming many of the dead had been shot by their own side - Telegraph

Churches torched across Egypt in anti-Coptic violence by Morsi loyalists - Ahram Online

Christians under attack since Morsi's ouster, Churches, houses, orphanages, schools and businesses belonging to Copts targeted - usatoday


Egypt court extends Morsi's detention for another 30 days - Ahram Online


ElBaradei’s resignation garners mixed reactions in Egypt, The Tamarod saying it was irresponsible - English 


VIDEO: Aerial footage shows Cairo burning after security forces stormed protest sites - BBC News


VIDEO: Morsi's supporters torch govt building in Giza after crackdown - YouTube


VIDEO: Egypt: protester shooting police -


VIDEO: Egypt's military: Morsi protesters were armed - YouTube


VIDEO: Two civilians armed with AK-47s (kalashnikovs) - YouTube


VIDEO: The same two armed civilians encouraging the looting of a police vehicle. They provide cover, while helmets, batons and anti-riot shields are offloaded - YouTube


VIDEO: One of the two armed civilians is seen setting fire to the police vehicle - YouTube


VIDEO: Group Of Morsi Supporters Attack Egyptian Soldiers -


VIDEO: Protester killing one of their own -


VIDEO: Egyptian Christians suffer Muslim Brotherhood backlash: Coptic churches set on fire across Egypt - YouTube




Obama denounces massacre by Egypt military, cancels joint military exercise - Yahoo! News

VIDEO: Obama remarks on Egypt - YouTube

TRANSCRIPT: Obama Cancels US-Egypt Exercises - The Washington Post

U.S. reviewing aid to Egypt in all forms: State Department - Yahoo! News


US-Egyptian relations on the rocks. El-Sisi wouldn’t accept Obama’s phone call - DEBKAfile


Hagel: Egypt/US military ties 'at risk' - The Hill's DEFCON Hill


Tunisia’s Islamist Leader Calls on Egyptians to Avoid Violence -


Iran's new president says Egypt's army should not 'suppress' the people - Fox News




Al-Qaida Kills 2 Shiite Teenagers - ABC News

VIDEO: Al-Qaida Kills 2 Shiite Teenagers - YouTube

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) intends to declare Raqqa an Islamic emirate by the end of August - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT


FSA Kurdish Commander: Jihadi Groups in Syria Have Hijacked FSA - Rudaw


Foreign Jihadists — Who Are Jaish al-Muhajirin wa Ansar - EA WorldView


Who are the Liwaa Asifat al-Shamal who are holding the Shiites in Syria - Syria Comment


Scores of Azeris Fighting Among Rebels in Syria and Elsewhere - Asbarez Armenian News




New Saudi-supplied missiles boost rebels in south Syria - Reuters

Syria’s War Takes Hold of Lebanon Through Bombings and Kidnappings - Yahoo! News

Jordan seeks U.S. surveillance aircraft as Syria war rages - Yahoo! News


Iraq will not become another Syria, says government, as car bombs kill 34 - Reuters


Young Kurds from Iraqi Kurdistan to go to Syria for "Jihad for Kurdistan" against al-Qaeda linked Jihadists - ekurd


Turkey not categorically against formation of autonomous Kurdish entity inside Syria -


The Post just got hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army. Here’s who they are -



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Syria/Egypt News - Aug 15


Egypt police storm protest camps; Officials say 235 civilians and 43 policemen were killed - AP

Egypt declares state of emergency - Al Jazeera English

Egypt army vows strict curfew enforcement - Ahram Online

3 Journalists Killed in Egypt Turmoil - ABC News

Egypt's VP Mohamed ElBaradei resigns in protest against crackdown -

ElBaradei sets out reasons for resignation - Ahram Online

ElBaradei Resigns Over Crackdown, but His Old Allies Now Love the Egyptian Police - FP Passport


Egyptian officials say several Muslim Brotherhood leaders detained in assault on protest camp - Fox News


Signs of a Rebellion in Egypt's Army? - Israel National News


VIDEO: Raw Video of Crack Down on Sit-Ins - YouTube


VIDEO: Deadly clashes as protests spread - YouTube


VIDEO: Live ammo on protesters fired by Nasr City police station - YouTube


VIDEO: Egyptian woman shot down during clashes -


VIDEO: Regime sniper on the roof in Egypt -


PHOTO: One of three rooms with corpses - Twitter


VIDEO: Bodies of protesters, some charred beyond recognition - YouTube




Morsi Supporters Torch Three Churches in Egypt - Naharnet

VIDEO: Egypt Morsi Supporters Attack Coptic Churches - YouTube

VIDEO: Muslim Brotherhood supporters allegedly lynched 4 police officers after raiding Kerdasa police station -

VIDEO: Policeman allegedly executed in Kerdasa by Muslim Brotherhood supporters -

VIDEO: Egypt government: Muslim Brotherhood 'fired on police' - BBC


VIDEO: Egypt: Gunmen Fire At Security Forces -


VIDEO: One Morsi supporters firing on security forces -


VIDEO: Ransacking of Police Station in Beni Suef in Northeast Egypt - YouTube


VIDEO: Egypt interim PM: Today was a difficult day - YouTube




Statement by White House: The United States strongly condemns the use of violence against protesters in Egypt -

VIDEO: White House press conference on Egypt violence, state of emergency -


VIDEO: Kerry Remarks on Egypt - YouTube


U.S. weighs calling off military exercise with Egypt - Yahoo! News


Exclusive - West warned Egypt's Sisi to the end: don't do it - Reuters




Syrian monitoring group says Qaeda jihadists in Raqqa kill Italian Jesuit priest - Reuters

Qaeda jihadists push FSA rebels out of Raqqa - NOW

VIDEO: Syrians protest against al-Raqqa's new Qaeda rulers - YouTube

VIDEO: Islamic State of Iraq and Levant opens fire against protesters in Raqqa - Al-Ayyam

VIDEO: Iraq’s Al-Qaeda affiliate expands in Syria - Fox News Video


VIDEO: Syria now safe haven for Al Qaeda linked group ISIS - CBS News Video


VIDEO: Executing Children for Supporting Assad - YouTube


VIDEO: Terrorists Beheading Syrian Officer at Menagh air base - TruTube.TV




Syria opposition proposes transition political roadmap - AFP

Plan to overhaul Syria armed rebel forces stirs dissent - AFP

Syrian National Coalition Issues Report On FSA’s Ramadan Military Victories -


Syrian Opposition Condemns Jihadists Targeting Alawites - Al-Monitor


VIDEO: Salafis celebrate the slaughter of Shias including a five year old Syrian child. - YouTube


Exclusive: Syrian National Council President Sabra Says Only ‘Hundreds’ Of Extremists In Syria - Talk Radio News Service


Lebanon offers no asylum for Syrian army defectors - AFP




Syria: Parties discuss forming Kurdish regional government - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT

Kurds and Syrian National Coalition reach initial agreement to stop fight - Zawya

The Head of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) is in Turkey Seeking Transitional Administration, Not Independence - Al-Monitor


Turkey Reconsiders Support For Jabhat Al-Nusra - Al-Monitor


Turkish NGO Recruiting Muslim Albanians for War in Syria - aina


Snatching of Turkish pilots in Lebanon tied to Turkey's Syrian policy: analysts - Xinhua |


Iraq's Kurdistan MPs visit western Kurdistan, northern Syria - ekurd


Syrian Electronic Army Leader Says the Hacks Won’t Stop - The Daily Beast


New York Post and Social Flow hacked by Syrian Electronic Army- The Inquirer



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Will or Won't Obama Attack Syria?


Will or Won't Obama Attack Syria?


by Stephen Lendman


US regime change plans are longstanding. War was planned years ago. US-supported proxy fighters wage it.


Obama didn't initiate conflict to end it. At issue now is what's next. Insurgent invaders are no match for Syria's superior military. Guerrilla fighting can continue interminably. 


Syria/Egypt News - Aug 13


Barzani pledges to defend Syrian Kurds against Al-Qaeda, send delegation to investigate claims of Kurdish massacre - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT

Kurds discuss conflict with jihadists on Turkey-Syria border -

The PYD leader Muslim visits Iran - Al-Monitor

PYD leader Muslim to visit Turkey for Syria talks - Today's Zaman

Turkey Signals More Pragmatic Approach to Syria's Kurds - VOA


Raqqah residents protest against jihadists demanding the release of "hundreds" of people including a Jesuit priest - Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

VIDEO: Al-Qaeda militants open fire at protesters in Raqqah -


Syria: rumors, denials circulating on Dall'Oglio death -


Contradictory reports on Syrian Kurds’ massacre - Kurdpress News Aganecy


Kurds in way: Witness account of atrocities as Arab-Islamic Al-Nusra Front asserts northern Syria position - ekurd


Syrian rebels pass on 13 abducted Kurds to jihadists: NGO - AFP


Syria's FSA must distance itself from al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra, says Kurdish leader - Anadolu Agency


Kurdish Jabhat al-Akrad's commander: Islamic-Jihadist groups in Syria have hijacked FSA - ekurd


US Condemns Jihadist Attacks On Syrian Kurds - Al-Monitor


VIDEO: Kurds' cry for help in Syria falls on deaf ears -




Syrian rebel commander Idris visits front in Latakia, Assad's home province - Reuters

The Syrian National coalition plans to form a “national army”, to combat “warlords” - Asharq al-Awsat

VIDEO: Syrian opposition calls for unified rebel army that works under the command of the Free Syrian Army chief of staff - Al Jazeera English

Syrian rebels accused of sectarian murders in Latakia- Telegraph


Rebels launch new offensive near Syria's border with Iraq - The National


Syrian Rebels Destroy Orthodox Church in Al-Thawrah, the metropolitan, Boulos al-Yazigi, was kidnapped (and allegedly murdered) on April 22 - aina


Kidnapping threats escalate in Lebanon, neighboring Syria - McClatchy


Syria Fallout Raises Tensions in Lebanon’s Palestinian Camps - VOA


Syria’s Palestinian camps controlled by Salafi-Jihadists - Scoop News


State Department confirms al Qaeda in Iraq leader has relocated to Syria - The Long War Journal


VIDEO: Interview  with FSA founder and former chief Riad al Asad - YouTube




Arms Shipments Seen From Sudan to Syria Rebels, Qatar paid the bills -

Iran claims Qatar wired $5 billion to Syrian rebels - Money Jihad

European Parliament identifies Wahabi and Salafi roots of global terrorism - DAWN.COM


European Parliament Report on Wahabi and Salafi roots of global terrorism - European Parliament


Revealed: What equipment the West has given Syria's rebels - The Independent


VIDEO: A Small Delivery Of Advanced Weapons To Damascus Rebels - Brown Moses Blog




Pro-Morsi sit-ins gain strength, prompt Egypt to postpone dispersal to avoid bloodshed - The Washington Post

VIDEO: Morsi supporters protest in massive sit-ins in Egypt - CBS News Video

Egyptian liberals call for crackdown against pro-Morsi sit-ins - The Washington Post

Morsi slammed with another 15-day detention order - Ahram Online


Egypt's Security Agencies Back, Now With A New Mandate - NPR


POLL: Attitudes in the Post-Tamarod, Post-Morsi Era - Daily News Egypt


Is Egypt Muslim Brotherhood working together with Amb. Chris Stevens’ assassin? - Fox News


Benghazi: Arabic-Language Media Implicates Egypt’s Fallen Muslim Brotherhood Regime - PJ Media



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Syria/Egypt News - Aug 9


Egypt Christians on the defensive as Islamists wage hate campaign in south - CBS News

16 Egyptian rights groups condemn sectarian violence against Christians - Ahram Online

Jihad unleashed on Egypt’s Christians - Human Events

VIDEO: Egypt Christians Allege Torture Under Morsi Regime -


AUDIO: Christians fear violence in Egypt - Vatican Radio


Christians Attacked, Homes Damaged by Pro-Morsi Protesters in Egypt -


Christian Girls Being Snatched by Islamist Traffickers -


Increasing Attacks on Christians in Egypt Incited By Leader of Al-Qaeda -


Morsi's wife in surprise show at Egypt rally (VIDEO) - Al Jazeera English


Egypt a Battleground for Hamas, Fatah Feuding - Israel National News




Kurdish National Congress to Be Established This Month, Seeks Unity of All Kurds of the Region - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

Syrian Kurds should participate in Geneva independently, Russia says - World Bulletin

Assad agrees with Peshmarga deployment to northern Syria: daily - Kurdpress News Aganecy

YPG announces three-day ceasefire in northern Syria - Mesopotamische Gesellschaft


Harrowing report from war-ravaged Aleppo - Barnabas - Christian persecution


Syria: Christians under terror and siege in the north -


Syria’s war in miniature: meeting the Christians driven out of Qusayr by Islamists - The Spectator


Syria rejects Assad convoy attack claims (VIDEO) - Al Jazeera English


Five citizens killed by mortar shells fired by rebels in al-Sayyeda Zainab area, Damascus - SANA


Statement on the fall of the Minnag aiport by Emir Omar al-Chechen, Commander of Northern Directorate of Islamic State of Iraq and Sham -


A Saudi rebel fighting in Lattakia publishes proudly photos of him and his victims -




Erdoğan talks Syria, Egypt with Obama, The two leaders discussed the influx of foreign jihadists - Today's Zaman

What Ankara’s improved ties with Syria’s Kurds mean for the Turkey–PKK peace process - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT


Moscow ‘rejects’ Saudi ‘offer’ to drop Assad for rich arms deal - RT News


Rise in German Islamists fighting in Syria, warns secret service - EUROPE ONLINE


Syria PM Pessimistic About Geneva, "the Syrian government decided to go to Geneva, despite our conviction that the other party is not ready"- The Syrian Observer


Syria: What FSA Chief Idris Says is Needed to Turn the Tide - Atlantic Council



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Pouring gasoline on a fire will not put it out!

U.S. Labor Against the War (USLAW) speaks out on the crisis in Syria

U.S. Labor Against the War (USLAW) has focused most of its attention and resources on the Iraq and Afghan Wars, and building the New Priorities Network and Jobs-Not-Wars Campaign to shift resources from the bloated Pentagon budget to meet urgent social needs.

US-Backed Death Squads Massacre Hundreds of Syrian Kurds


US-Backed Death Squads Massacre Hundreds of Syrian Kurds


by Stephen Lendman


Western leaders are silent. Media scoundrels ignore what demands headlines. Cold-blooded murder doesn't matter. It's too insignificant to report. Managed news misinformation substitutes.


Syria is America's war. It was planned years ago. Death squads were recruited. Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, and other terrorists are Washington's shock troops.


Syria/Egypt News - Aug 8


Syrian government forces kill dozens of rebels in Damascus ambush -

VIDEO: Syrian army ambush kills 62 rebels -

VIDEO: Nusra Damascus commanders arrested, suspected of masterminding the assassination of cleric Sheikh Mohammed Said al-Buti -

Al Qaida groups lead Syrian rebels’ seizure of air base in sign they continue to dominate anti-Assad forces - McClatchy

VIDEOS: Footage indicates a high level of coordination and collaboration between FSA and ISIS fighters in the operation to besiege and take the airbase -  EA WorldView

VIDEOS: More videos of FSA and ISIS fighters in the Menagh Airbase - EA WorldView


VIDEO: ISIS flag flying over the base after its capture - YouTube


Foreign jihadists behind the rebel capture of Aleppo military airport (VIDEOS) - Telegraph


VIDEO: Foreign jihadists talking to Al Jazeera about the capture of Aleppo airport  -


VIDEO: ISIS Saudi suicide bomber making final “martyr statement” before attacking the Airbase - YouTube


Former al-Nusra Front emir retires, returns to civilian life - NOW


Hyperinflation Hits Syrian Economy, Syrian currency drops amid declining economic output -


Syria's other war: The battle to save its economy -


Syria pays out $500 mln in oil subsidies, minister says - AFP


Food Crisis Grips War-Torn Syria - VOA


VIDEO: Syrian Electronic Army Causing Havok - Al Jazeera




Obama Announces $195 Million in Humanitarian Aid for Syria - VOA

US proposes Syria peace talks at UN in September, Lakhdar Brahimi is thought to have urged international sides to pressure SNC leader to show more “flexibility” - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT

CIA Official Calls Syria Top Threat to U.S. Security, Foreign fighters flowing into Syria to take up arms with al Qaeda-affiliated groups -


Al Qaeda Conference Call Intercepted by U.S. Officials Sparked Alerts - The Daily Beast


Pentagon Proposes $2.7B In Iraq Arms Sales - Defense News Mobile


Obama cancels meeting with Russia's Putin over Snowden decision - Reuters




UNSC should condemn crimes committed against Kurds in Syria - Lavrov — RT News

Iraq KRG warns al-Nusra over attacks against Syria Kurds - Mesopotamische Gesellschaft

Unsubstantiated Reports of al-Nusra's Massacre of Kurds in Syria, The burning of the Kurds is an old recycled version of an al-Qaeda in Iraq video from February 2008 - The Jawa Report


VIDEO: Confession of Lebanese Rebel in Syria: They Killed People for Only One Reason, Because they were Alawis or Christians or Kurds- YouTube


Exclusive: Saudi offers Russia deal to scale back Assad support - sources - Reuters




Egypt's president says diplomacy by U.S., others fails to end crisis -

Egypt PM says decision to break up sit-in is final - Reuters

Exclusive: John McCain on His Meeting With the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo - The Daily Beast


Egypt political rivals vie over Eid prayers -


103 'terrorists' arrested, 60 killed in Sinai security crackdown: Army statement - Ahram Online



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Syria/Egypt News - Aug 7


Syrian rebels claim control of Aleppo military airbase, while government denies it was in use - Al Jazeera English

Capture of Syrian Airbase Shows Qaeda linked Islamists' Increasing Sway, ISIS's swift growth in size and influence  -

Syrian rebels push into Assad’s Alawite mountain stronghold - Ya Libnan

Analyst: Rebels fight in Syrian coast to cover losses in central region - Xinhua |

Latakia offensive inflames Syria’s sectarian wounds - THE DAILY STAR


Syria: Car bomb in Damascus suburb kills 18 - San Jose Mercury News


VIDEO: FSA Colonel, ISIS Fighter Speak Together From Menagh Airbase - YouTube


VIDEO: Claimed footage of a suicide bombing with an armored BMP vehicle in Aleppo airbase - YouTube


VIDEO: Islamic State of Iraq and As-Sham using a 120mm gun to bombard the Aleppo airbase -


VIDEOS: Insurgent offensive in the regime-held Menagh Airbase near Aleppo - EA WorldView


Rebels in Homs look to Nusra for help - THE DAILY STAR


12 groups leave FSA ranks in Syria -


VIDEO: 12 groups leave FSA ranks in Syria - YouTube


Rebel-held Aleppo settles into a routine – but residents now face additional danger from rebel factions that have turned to kidnapping and other criminal activity -


Kurdish Civilians Fear Reprisals in Northern Syria - Al-Monitor




Jarba Clarifies Controversial NYT Interview - The Syrian Observer

Syria: Opposition to receive $1bn fund – Report – InSerbia News

Exclusive: Syria seeks to tap frozen bank accounts for food supplies - Reuters

Syria Buying Russian Weapons With American Dollars -


Syria's Assad "legalizes" private security firms - AFP


The Saudi Kingdom and the Kremlin: The Strategic Significance of the Bandar-Putin Meeting - Arabian Aerospace


Prince Bandar's Syria ambitions troubles Riyadh -


Bandar, the Prince of Jihad: Expect a Syrian Shift in Power - Al Akhbar English


Ankara softens stance on Syria's emboldened Kurds - Fox News


Lebanon probing link between bomb factory where 2 died and Syrian war - McClatchy


Syrians crossing into Jordan held, arms seized - AFP


Italian FM:  Pro-Rebel Jesuit Priest Paolo Dall’Oglio ‘Abducted by al-Qaida Offshoot’ - IBTimes UK


A Report on The Status of Christian Minorities in the Middle East -


Report: A short overview of the status quo of Christian minorities in Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Lebanon -




US senators urge release of Islamists, Egypt unhappy with 'foreign pressure' - Ahram Online

Exclusive: John McCain on His Meeting With the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo - The Daily Beast

US, EU envoys presented no initiatives on Egypt standoff: Islamist coalition - Ahram Online


Egypt government offers Brotherhood 3 ministerial posts - Ya Libnan


In tense Egypt, bodies are surfacing near protests, pro Morsi supporters accused by Amnesty of killing and torture - Yahoo! News


Jailed Morsi supporters declare hunger strike in Alexandria - Ahram Online


Turkish court sentences ex-army chief to life in prison over coup plot against Erdogan - | Haaretz



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Syria/Egypt News - Aug 6


VIDEO: Qaeda set afire Syrian Kurds alive - YouTube

Syrian gunmen kill pro-regime family, a man, his wife and their three daughters - AFP

Shari'a Council issues list of of prohibited materials from crossing into besieged Aleppo - Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

Qaeda terrorizes Christians, threatened with death and their property stolen -


Kidnapped Syrian Bishops Have Been Held Captive For Over 100 Days - huffingtonpost


Did Qaeda massacre Kurdish civilians in Syria's Tal Abyad? - alalam


Report: Qaeda massacre of Kurds in Aleppo Continues - Alliance for Kurdish Rights


Quran Recital & Balloons — Islamic State of Iraq Hosts More Ramadan 'Fun' in Aleppo (VIDEO) - EA WorldView


Times of London: British charity supplies al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorists in Syria with money -


U.S. extends embassy closings, lawmakers say Qaeda threat serious - Yahoo! News


We strike terror with iron fist, says Syria’s President Assad - PressTV


VIDEO: Syria's Assad in rare televised address - YouTube


Assad granting Syrian citizenship to Hezbollah, Iraqi Shiites - Ya Libnan


Syria limits foreign currency use, threatens traders with jail - Reuters


PYD leader: Turkey continues to support al-Nusra Front against Kurds - Today's Zaman


Kurdish organization in Iran is prepared to send fighters to Syria - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT


Syrian opposition figure: PYD autonomy could pave way for Alawite state - Today's Zaman


Russia Considers Saudi Angle in Syria - Al-Monitor


New Qatari emir signals policy shift with bow to Saudi Arabia - World Tribune




Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood rejects appeal to accept Mohamed Morsi's ouster -

Egyptian government offers Muslim Brotherhood ministerial posts - The Guardian

Egyptian Brotherhood leaders to face trial for inciting murder - Yahoo! News


Egypt’s government won’t find it easy to clear pro-Morsi encampment -


Egypt claims jihadists fired US Hellfire missile at government office - Fox News


Egypt ends jail terms for insulting president - Al Jazeera English


Report: Egypt Cancels Erdogan's Gaza Visit - Israel National News



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Syrian Conflict Resolution: Stamp Out Terror


Syrian Conflict Resolution: Stamp Out Terror


by Stephen Lendman


Previous articles explained. America wants unchallenged dominance. It's ravaging Middle East/North Africa/Eurasian countries. It's doing so to achieve it.


It's destroying them one at a time. It's committing mass murder and destruction. It calls it a small price to pay. It wants the region colonized. It wants it balkanized. 


Syria/Egypt News - Aug 4


Kurdish–jihadist violence kills 12 Al-Qaeda fighters in Syrian city of Hasaka, commander announces FSA sent reinforcement to Islamists - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT

Al Qaeda-linked militia attacks Kurdish villages in Aleppo - ekurd

Iraqi Kurds Call On Youth to Cease Cooperation With Jabhat al-Nusra - Al-Monitor

Syrian Kurds take fragile steps toward autonomy - THE DAILY STAR

Friends confirm Fr. Paolo Dall’Oglio has been kidnapped by Al-Qaeda in Raqqa, Syria - Vatican Insider

Syria opposition 'deeply concerned' for Italian priest, calls for the immediate release - Fox News

VIDEO: Al Qaeda murdering Kurdish civilians in Syria - YouTube


VIDEO: Al-Qaida Beheading Kurd from Hasakah, Syria - YouTube


VIDEO: Rebel Sharia Court Flogs Men in Idlib, Syria - YouTube


VIDEO: Raqqa Sit-In Condemns Kidnappings by Islamic State of Iraq - Liveleak


VIDEO: 13 year old terrorist confesses beheading: "My uncle asked me to take the machete and behead them" [English Subs] - YouTube


VIDEO: Hundreds Strong Al Qaeda Convoy in Eastern Syria - YouTube


Jihadists lay hands on Danha ammunition depot near Damascus - Middle East Online


VIDEO: Footage of the operation to take over the Danha ammunition depot, the arms gained - Syrian Observatory for Human Rights


VIDEO: Syrian opposition leader Ahmad al-Jarba: 'Al-Assad will not win' - Al Jazeera English




U.N. rights chief calls for investigation into Khan al-Asal massacre by jihadists - Reuters

Syrian Christian towns emptied by sectarian violence - Telegraph

Syrian Looters in Bulldozers Seek Treasure Amid Chaos - Bloomberg

Saudi Arabia Tries to Cut a Deal With Russia Regarding Syria - Al-Monitor


Syria's U.N. Ambassador blasts Saudi Arabia, radical Islamists at Dearborn event - Detroit Free Press


State TV: Jordan seizes ‘large amount of weapons’ near Syria border - English


Hezbollah, Hamas agree to disagree on Syria at high-level Beirut meeting - THE DAILY STAR


Briefing: EU ends arms embargo on Syria. What does that mean for rebels? - Alaska Dispatch


Were CIA agents smuggling arms to Syria before Benghazi attack? - digital journal


Rep. Wolf: Sources Say CIA Was Moving Guns in Benghazi -


The Secret CIA Mission In Benghazi - Business Insider




Rare interview with Egyptian Gen. Abdel Fatah al-Sissi - The Washington Post

Excerpts from Washington Post interview with Egyptian Gen. Abdel Fatah al-Sissi - The Washington Post

An interview with Mohamed ElBaradei, who hopes for reconciliation in Egypt - The Washington Post

Exclusive: Egypt pro-Mursi alliance signals flexibility in talks - Reuters


US Envoy In Egypt Holds Talks With Rival Sides - NPR


POLL: Gallup: Egyptians lost faith in Morsi government, party and elections - Ahram Online


POLL: Egyptians' Views of Government Crashed Before Overthrow - Gallup


Popular backlash against Egypt Islamists - The Washington Post


Pro-Morsi rallies across Cairo draw thousands - Ahram Online


Defiant Morsi supporters clash with police in Cairo (VIDEO) - FRANCE 24


Egypt's Tamarod and the military united for now - DW.DE 



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Empire Project in Syria Reaches New Low - Syrian Support Group

pergallon1How low will the Western powers stoop in the assault on the people and nation of Syria?    You may be surprised.  Here are three nightmares from the conflict. (Image: Neil Turner)

The United States, United Kingdom, France, Turkey, and the Gulf oligarchies sponsored a rebellion in Syria that chose cities as the primary battleground.  Syrian rebels entered the cities, took over without invitation by the residents, and battled the police and other representatives of the Syrian government.  Nobody expected the government to simply surrender the cities to the rebels.  This often-overlooked fact explains the scale of death and destruction in Syria.

The above listed cast of characters supported or looked the other way as foreign fighters from Al Qaeda in Iraq took on a major combat role. The group, known as Al-Nusra, is credited as the best combat force fighting the Syrian government.   The group slaughters civilians and captured soldiers.  A favorite targets for violence and kidnapping are the minorities of Syrian Christians and Kurds.

The latest news of the effort to depose a government that never attacked the United States and posed no imminent threat has more to do with hypocrisy than death and destruction.   Craven, rapacious greed flowers in the context of a full tilt violence.

U.S. sanctioned Syrian rebel fundraisers "obsessed" with oil over revolution

Syria/Egypt News - Aug 2


Ousted Egypt president’s supporters snub offer of protection if they end their protests - The Washington Post

Egypt protesters plan new marches after crackdown order - GlobalPost

International concern over ending Cairo sit-ins - Daily News Egypt

UN, EU stress inclusive political process in Egypt amid crackdowns on protests - Xinhua


German foreign minister Westerwelle arrives in Egypt, calls for restraint and urges authorities to avoid 'selective justice' - DW.DE


National Salvation Front reaffirms trust in government to fight terrorism - Daily News Egypt


Egypt extremist group warns of 'chaos' over protest clearances - NBC World News


One million pro-Morsi protesters, 30 million opponents in 1432 July demos: Democracy Index - Ahram Online




Photographer recounts ordeal at hands of Islamists in Syria, recalls mock executions and scenes of torture - AFP

Assad visits troops in Damascus suburb, says army will win 'the fiercest barbaric war the modern history has ever witnessed' - Yahoo! News

VIDEO: Bashar al Assad tells army troops that victory is near - YouTube

Assad's confidence "disgusting" after he destroyed his country, opposition figure says - AFP


US State Dep calls Assad Instagram account "repulsive" glossing over the brutality and suffering he is causing - AFP


Ammo dump blast triggered by rebel rockets kills 'at least 40' in Syria's Homs - Fox News


VIDEO: Deadly explosions hit Syria's Homs - Al Jazeera English


VIDEO: Rebel massacre at Khan Al Asal near Aleppo - new details -


VIDEO: Remember SAA soldier beheaded by brainwashed rebel child soldier? Boy surrendered begging for amnesty -


VIDEO: Syrian regime officers flogging teen - NOW


Syrian Rebels Urge N.Caucasus Jihadists to Stay Home - RIA Novosti


U.S. unlikely to sanction another Israeli strike on Syria - Haaretz



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