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U.S. Military Says No to War

By Victor Madej, USMA ‘70+

The Repetition Compulsion for War -- and How It Might Fail This Time

By Norman Solomon

No matter how many times we’ve seen it before, the frenzy for launching a military attack on another country is -- to the extent we’re not numb -- profoundly upsetting. Tanked up with talking points in Washington, top officials drive policy while intoxicated with what Martin Luther King Jr. called “the madness of militarism,” and most media coverage becomes similarly unhinged. That’s where we are now.

But new variables have opened up possibilities for disrupting the repetitive plunge to war. Syria is in the crosshairs of U.S. firepower, but cracks in the political machinery of the warfare state are widening here at home. For advocates of militarism and empire by any other name, the specter of democratic constraint looms as an ominous threat.

Into the Capitol Hill arena, the Obama White House sent Secretary of State John Kerry to speak in a best-and-brightest dialect of neocon tongues. The congressional hierarchies of both parties -- Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, John Boehner, Eric Cantor -- are on the same page for an attack on Syria. And meanwhile, the U.S. mass media have been cranking up the usual adrenalin-pumped hype for war.

PROTEST: Tell John Kerry world says no to war on Syria

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7 September 2013 |

Monday 9 September 8am
Foreign Office
London SW1

US secretary of state John Kerry is touring Europe trying to drum up support for a war on Syria that opinion polls around the world show is opposed by majorities in most countries. Two thirds of Americans say no to war. Close to 75% of people in Britain are opposed, which no doubt was what motivated MPs in parliament to stop David Cameron taking this country into yet another war in the Middle East on the coat-tails of US foreign policy.

Barack Obama was isolated at the recent G20 meeting, at which only the French government was prepared to commit to a military attack on Syria. Latest polls show that most people in France are opposed to president Hollande's backing of Obama's drive to war, saying they feared it could "set the entire region ablaze".

The attack Barack Obama is planning is illegal under international law without the backing of the United Nations security council. It will not help to solve the civil war in Syria which is causing such suffering for the Syrian people, but will only further inflame the conflict, as we have seen happen in all the US-led interventions in the region over the past decade -- in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. What is needed in Syria is not more devastation and death at the end of a barrage of US Cruise missiles, but serious moves towards a negotiated political settlement.

On Monday 9 September, John Kerry will be in London banging his drums for more war, as his boss Obama prepares a national address he will make on Tuesday trying to persuade the American people and US Congress that yet more war is what's needed to help bring peace to Syria.

Stop the War has called a protest on Monday 9 September, at 8am, when John Kerry will be meeting British foreign secretary William Hague at the Foreign Office in Whitehall. If you can, please join us to tell Kerry that the world says no to war on Syria.

* A new motion that has now been been tabled in Parliament urging US representatives in Congress to reject war. Please use Stop the War's lobbying tool to urge your MP to support this motion:

* Stop the War will call a protest at the US embassy in Grosvenor Square, London on the day the of the debate in the US Congress, which is likely next week. Details will be publicised on the Stop the War website and through our Facebook and Twitter.

* No Attack on Syria
Public Meeting
Wednesday 11 September
Conway Hall, Red Lion Square on Wednesday 11 September at 7pm.
More details here:


Shady PR Operatives, Pro-Israel Ties, Anti-Castro Money: Inside the Syrian Opposition’s DC Spin Machine

During the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Syria on September 3, Secretary of State John Kerry and Senator John McCain both cited a Wall Street Journal editorial by Elizabeth O’Bagy to support their assessment of the Syrian rebels as predominately “moderate,” and potentially Western-friendly.

“She works with the Institute of War,” Kerry said of O’Bagy. “She’s fluent in Arabic and spent an enormous amount of time studying the opposition and studying Syria. She just published this the other day. Very interesting [Wall Street Journal] article, which I commend to you.”

Kerry added, “I just don’t agree that a majority are al-Qaida and the bad guys.”

What Kerry and McCain neglected to mention was that O’Bagy had been recently hired as the political director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF), a little known outfit that functions as a lobbying arm of the Syrian opposition in Washington.

Until today, O’Bagy had failed to note her role as a paid Syrian opposition lobbyist in her Wall Street Journal byline and did not note the position in her official bio at the Institute for the Study of War. Only after a storm of criticism did the Wall Street Journal insert a note in O’Bagy’s recent op-ed disclosing her paid position at SETF. O’Bagy was also compelled to amend her bio with a lengthy clarification about her work at SETF.

But her work at the Institute for the Study of War should have been enough to set off alarm bells.

“Logrolling for war”

The Institute for the Study of War’s (ISW) board of directors is led by William Kristol. Kimberly Kagan, the group’s president, was on General Stanley McChrystal’s strategic review team in 2009, advocating for a dramatic expansion of the US presence in Afghanistan. Her husband is Frederick Kagan, the AEI fellow who is the uncle of fellow neocon Robert Kagan.

In its 2011 annual report [PDF], the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) detailed its close working relationship with Palantir Technologies, a private surveillance firm contracted by Bank of America in 2011 in an unsuccessful plot to dismantle Anonymous and sabotage Glenn Greenwald.

The report listed New York Times reporter Michael Gordon as “ISW’s journalist in residence.” Back in January 2013, Gordon published an article pushing claims that Syrian army forces had used sarin gas, thus crossing Obama’s “red line” and triggering a US intervention. Noting that the State Department could not confirm the information in Gordon’s report, former Defense Intelligence Agency officer Pat Lang accused Gordon of “logrolling for war in Syria.”

Despite his past affiliation with a think tank dedicated to pushing for US intervention in Syria, Gordon remains on the Times’ Syria beat.

Rebel marketing

When O’Bagy took to Twitter to boast about McCain’s “shout out” to her during the Senate hearing on Syria, the conservative writer Charles C. Johnson (who recently reported on O’Bagy’s lobbying) asked her if she was in fact employed by the Syrian Emergency Task Force.

“Yes I do humanitarian aid work through the organization,” O’Bagy told Johnson. “Can’t go to Syria frequently and not help the people.”

But O’Bagy’s work has less to do with tending to the needs of war-stricken refugees than it does with leveraging the media to agitate for US intervention. Indeed, she has been among the most prominent and widely cited commentators marketing the Syrian rebels as a bunch of America-friendly moderates.

As she said during an August 26 appearance on Fox News, “What I’ve tried to show through this research and by traveling around with many of these rebel groups is that there are actually a majority of the opposition that would be aligned with U.S. interests.”

Woman informing Kerry, McCain’s opinions on Syria is a paid advocate for Syrian rebels

The woman whose opinion lawmakers are relying on to go to war in Syria is also a paid advocate for the war-torn country’s rebels.

On Wednesday, Secretary of State John Kerry encouraged members of the House of Representatives to read a Wall Street Journal op-ed by 26-year-old Elizabeth O’Bagy — an analyst with the Institute for the Study of War — who asserted that concerns about extremists dominating among the Syrian rebels are unfounded.

“Contrary to many media accounts, the war in Syria is not being waged entirely, or even predominantly, by dangerous Islamists and al-Qaida die-hards,” O’Bagy wrote for the Journal on Aug. 30. “Moderate opposition groups make up the majority of actual fighting forces,” she wrote.

But in addition to her work for the Institute for the Study of War, O’Bagy is also the political director for the Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF), a group that advocates within the United States for Syria’s rebels — a fact that the Journal did not disclose in O’Bagy’s piece.


This War Too Is A Lie

Some smart people thought, and perhaps some still think, that the 2003-2011 war on Iraq was unique in that it was promoted with the use of blatant lies.  When I'd researched dozens of other wars and failed to find one that wasn't based on a foundation of similar lies, I wrote a book about the most common war lie varieties. I called it War Is A Lie.

That book has sold more than any of my others, and I like to think it's contributed some teeny bit to the remarkable and very welcome skepticism that is greeting the U.S. government's current claims about Syria.  The fact is that, were the White House telling the truth about the need for an attack on Syria, it would be a first in history.  Every other case for war has always been dishonest.

The United States sought out war with Mexico, not the reverse.  There was never any evidence that Spain sank the Maine.  The Philippines didn't benefit from U.S. occupation.  The Lusitania was known to be carrying troops and arms.  The Gulf of Tonkin incident never happened.  Iraq didn't take any babies out of incubators.  The Taliban was willing to turn bin Laden over to be tried in a neutral court.  Libya wasn't about to kill everyone in Benghazi.  Et cetera.  Even wars that people like to imagine as justified, such as World War II, were nonetheless packaged in lies; FDR's tales about the Greer and the Kearney and supposed secret Nazi maps and plans were a step on the steady trajectory from Woodrow Wilson to Karl Rove.

The idea that Syria used chemical weapons is more plausible than the idea that Iraq had vast stockpiles of chemical, biological, and (in some versions) nuclear weapons and was working with al Qaeda.  But the evidence offered in the case of Syria is no stronger than that for Iraq.  It's harder to disprove merely because there's nothing to it: no documentation, no sources, no science.  Congress members who have seen the classified version say it's no better than the declassified.  Experts within the government and reporters in Syria who have seen more than that say they don't believe the White House's claims.  The assertions masquerading as a case come packaged in dishonest claims about how quickly Syria gave access to inspectors, and are written in a manner to suggest far greater knowledge and certainty than they actually assert on careful examination.  The latest claims follow a series of failed claims over a period of months and stand to benefit a Syrian opposition that has been found repeatedly to be manufacturing false propaganda aimed at bringing the United States into the war.  It seems, at this point, unlikely that the Assad government used chemical weapons two weeks ago, and already certain that even if it did, President Obama and Secretary Kerry don't know it -- they've only guessed it at best. 

The debate over chemical weapons, itself, is framed by the lie that a law against chemical weapons can be enforced by one nation attacking another.  In fact, Syria is not a party to the Chemical Weapons Convention.  If it were, it would be subject to prosecution in court.  In any event, it is subject to the judgment and action of the world and its courts, not of one vigilante representing 4% of the world.  The bizarre idea that bombing a country can be a form of law enforcement dishonestly hides the fact that the action itself violates the U.N. Charter and the Kellogg Briand Pact.

Wars, a central lie maintains, are fought against evil.  But Assad is not the devil incarnate.  He's a horrendously awful ruler, pushed in bad directions by those around him as much as they by him.  He's someone who has proposed disarmament in the past and been rejected by the United States.  He's someone who has done evil things in cooperation with the United States, including lawless imprisonment and torture.  He's not going to eat American children in their sleep.  He's never threatened the United States, and has shown remarkable restraint in the face of threats by the United States and the CIA's efforts to undermine and attack his government.  Residents of the United States in search of dangers to get excited about shouldn't arrive at Bashar al Assad until far, far down the list past poor diet, poor healthcare, lack of exercise, automobiles, obesity, industrial pollution, unsafe workplaces, gun accidents, chain saws, lightning strikes, and countless other causes of death. 

Wars, a common lie holds, are fought in defense.  But Syria is no threat to the United States, and when President Obama suggests that theoretically it could be, the laughter you hear from most listeners is the correct response.  The White House hasn't sought to build much of a case for "defensive war" against Syria, even on the Benghazi model, and that deficiency is a major weakness.  Most people have no tolerance for non-defensive wars.  Exceptions are sadists and believers in humanitarian bombings, or -- to name a category that encompasses both of those groups -- imperialists.

The Syrian government is, like any government the United States wants to attack, a brutal government that the United States worked with until recently, situated in a region full of brutal governments the United States still supports.  In this case, the brutal governments still armed and supported by the U.S. government include Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, and Yemen.  If the US. government wanted to reduce violence, it could end its 2001-begun war on Afghanistan, it could end its drone strikes, and it could stop supplying Saudi Arabia with cluster bombs and Egypt with tear gas and Bahrain with ex-police chiefs.  Wars are not driven by generosity, despite what you'll often -- and increasingly -- hear.

We've also been hearing that President Obama has no choice.  He's painted himself into a corner.  War simply must happen now, for better or worse.  This is nonsense, of course.  If Kennedy could back off from a nuclear pissing match with Khrushchev, then surely Obama can accede to the opinion of the United States and the world on the matter of Syria.  Had Kennedy prioritized stupid machismo, we wouldn't admire him more. We wouldn't do anything at all.  We'd all be dead or never born.  Wars, despite a common lie, are not inevitable.

Violence doesn't reduce violence, despite the prevalence of this lie.  Wars are not ended by enlarging them.  Adding violence to the Syrian civil war will kill directly, escalate the killing by both sides, risk further escalation into a regional conflict, exacerbate a refugee crisis, damage existing aid operations, and make a cease-fire and negotiations more difficult.  Killing some Syrians and blowing up some Syrian buildings will leave Assad with exactly whatever "impunity" he had before -- particularly if no nations pursue his indictment in any court for any crimes.  But those Syrians killed and everyone else impacted indirectly will be worse off, not better.

As war drags on and expands, the arguments for continuing it will be retaliation against the attacks of other nations, even if our nation provoked them, and the almost religious duty to "support the troops."  But the dirty little secret hidden by that shiny lie is that the troops don't benefit from adding years to each quagmire.  The troops, in fact, suffer -- often severely.  Wars are not prolonged for the good of soldiers, no matter what your television says.  They're prolonged for politicians and profiteers.

The beneficiaries of a U.S. attack on Syria will be war profiteers, their political servants, media outlets that gain higher ratings, and a gang increasingly dominated by al Qaeda-affiliated groups that is seeking power in Syria through the use of vicious violence that is illegal in its entirety.  War makers do not have noble motives.

A U.S. war on Syria, short or long, will not be fought by armies on a battlefield.  It will be fought by missiles and planes and drones in and above the neighborhoods where men, women, and children live.  The human, societal, and environmental damage will be something that too many parts of the world are familiar with but the United States itself is not.

This war, like others of its sort, will not be won.  Syria was not going to be the first case in which a war was based on honesty.  It's also not going to be the first place where a humanitarian war benefits humanity.  It's not going to be the first place where the U.S. military builds a stable democratic nation.  It's not going to be the first nation whose people are grateful for such an intervention.  And it's not going to involve anything that could be properly called a victory.

The deepest lie at the route root of this drive for war is perhaps the lie that a nation can prepare for war, dumping its energies and resources into every possible plan for every conceivable war, and yet manage to avoid those wars unless they are forced upon it as a "last resort."  This next dishonest, immoral, illegal, unpopular, murderous, atrocity-laden, uncontrollable, environment-destroying, rights-eroding, money-wasting war will come relentlessly, ineluctably, it will come . . .  unless we compel our government to consider other possible courses of action, including that of actively working for peace through a posture of respect for others that would require a bit of truthfulness.

Hopeful and disturbing signs in an unscientific neighborhood survey: Anti-War Conservatives and War-Monger Liberals

By Dave Lindorff

I just had two discussions with neighbors in my suburb of Philadelphia that offer both a hope that the Republican-run House may block President Obama’s war on Syria, and a warning that liberal Democrats could hand him the narrow majority he needs to claim Congressional backing for his war.

Obama Plans One of History's Great Crimes


Obama Plans One of History's Great Crimes


by Stephen Lendman


US history is ugly. It's disturbing. It's ruthless. It's deplorable. No nation ever matched it. None came close.


Crimes of war, against humanity and genocide define it. Terror bombing is official US policy. Permanent wars cause mass killing and destruction.


Global Opposition to Attacking Syria


Global Opposition to Attacking Syria


by Stephen Lendman


It's growing. Millions oppose more war. They're fed up. They're not silent. They're speaking out. They're making their feelings known. More on that below.


Imagine claiming war on humanity's being waged for peace. Imagine mass slaughter called humanitarian intervention. 


The Bill Congress Should Pass Instead of War

By David Swanson

Here's a preliminary draft of what the United States Congress could pass this week if it were sincerely interested in human rights, international norms, the rule of law, and peace in Syria.  You are welcome to suggest it to your Congress members, who are more than welcome to tinker with it.  You might also share it with any friends or uncles or neighbors who demand to know: "If you're against missile strikes then what are you in favor of?" Send me any suggested changes.


Non-Lethal Aid to Syria

Joint Resolution


No Military Solution

Sec. 1

a) The Congress does not authorize military action or support of military action in Syria, and such action by the Central Intelligence Agency and any other agencies of the United States must cease immediately.

b) The United States respects the position of the United Nations Charter and the Kellogg-Briand Pact, under Article VI of the U.S. Constitution, as parts of the Supreme Law of the Land.  The United States will not violate these treaties by military action or threat of military action against Syria.

Chemical Weapons

Sec. 2

a) The United States will encourage Syria, as well as Egypt, Israel, Angola, North Korea, and South Sudan to ratify and abide by the Chemical Weapons Convention.

b) The United States will eliminate in the swiftest manner that safety allows the entirety of its own chemical weapons stockpiles, and urge other nations, including Russia, to do the same.

c) The United States will forthwith cease to maintain or make use of as weapons: white phosphorous, depleted uranium, or any form of napalm, and will assist Iraq in its recovery from their use.

d) The Congress urges the president to sign the United States on as a member of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

e) The United States will forward to the UN Security Council and to the prosecutor of the ICC all evidence of violations of the Chemical Weapons Convention.

f) The United States will urge the United Nations to send human rights monitors to Syria.

Humanitarian Aid

Sec. 3

a) The United States will transfer 1% of the current year's Department of Defense budget to non-military aid programs for Syrian refugees and those suffering as a result of war in Syria and around the world.


Sec. 4

a) The United States will diplomatically urge Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan, and all other nations to cease providing arms and ammunition, or funding for arms and ammunition, to fighters in Syria on both sides of the war.

b) The United States will diplomatically urge Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan, and others involved to urge the Syrian opposition and the Syrian government to establish a cease-fire. The United States will use all available pressure, including ceasing to itself provide arms to nations involved.

c) The United States will work with the international community to bring both sides in the Syrian civil war to a neutral negotiating table, with no pre-conditions.

A serious question for Democrats on Syria

The fake cowboy and the fake liberal are real buddiesLeaders of the Democratic Party and their media side kicks are giving President Barack Obama a free ride on his proposal to attack Syria.  Along with the Republican leadership, they're ignoring the strong opposition to any attack by citizens in both parties and independents.

The president's proposed military strike targets a government that has neither attacked nor threatened to attack us or our allies.  Obama did so without any intent to get congressional approval and before any evidence was made public.  He and the Secretary of State announced the attack without regard to clear international law which bars the unprovoked attacks on sovereign nations.

We are told, Trust me.  I've made the decision.

Does this remind you of anyone?  The president is Barack Obama but the words sound just like those of former President George W. Bush before the 2003 Iraq invasion. 

Who's Lying? Brennan, Obama, or Both?

Obama Warned on Syrian Intel

September 6, 2013

Editor Note: Despite the Obama administration’s supposedly “high confidence” regarding Syrian government guilt over the Aug. 21 chemical attack near Damascus, a dozen former U.S. military and intelligence officials are telling President Obama that they are picking up information that undercuts the Official Story.


FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)

SUBJECT: Is Syria a Trap?

Precedence: IMMEDIATE

Syria News - Sep 7


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To contact Bartolo email

Already Obama's Syria Policy is Benefitting Another Nation He Cares Deeply About in His Secret Heart of Hearts

Bahrain: Syrian crisis impact on Bahrain’s Revolution; more crimes by regime

The dramatic developments surrounding the conflict in Syria has had two direct impacts on the Bahraini situation. The regime has intensified its oppression against the Bahraini natives; more arrests, raids on houses, abduction of children, heavy sentences of people accused of anti-regime protests and more media attacks on the country’s majority. The Alkhalifa have also escalated their preparations for future attacks on Bahrainis by purchasing more arms including Typhoon fighter jets from UK. Unfortunately, David Cameron’s government has embraced Bahrain’s dictator, Hamad Al Khalifa, granting him high profile reception and accepting in principle to supply him with the Typhoon aircrafts. On the other hand, the people have taken heart from the regional developments and raised the stakes by taking to the streets in most areas, vowing to protest in the capital and refusing to accept any accommodation with a regime that has been proven to be engaged in “syst ematic torture” according to the Commission it had itself formed and financed. While Bahraini Revolution has adopted peaceful means to topple the Alkhalifa dynastic rule, violent attacks by the regime’s forces have left many people dead or seriously injured.

The martyrdom of Sadiq Sabt, 22, last Friday 30th August, after several weeks in coma after he had been run over by a police vehicle, has inflamed the emotions and led to new confrontations. His funeral the following day was attacked with shotguns, chemical and tear gases causing more injuries and anger. The young man lost his life calling for the rights of the people; his killers remain at large.

This morning 14 years-old Jaffar Al Muqdad and his cousin Yousuf Ibrahim Al Muqdad were abducted from a swimming pool at Athari town.  Their abduction brings the number of the Al Muqdad family members detained to eight. Another child, Hussain Mohammad Mahdi has been sentenced today to six months jail on the universal charge of “participating in an illegal gathering”. Another young man; Mahmood Abdulla MalAllah, has been abducted. Eyewitnesses said that he had been hit with shotguns and that he has been taken to the military hospital.

In the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia a young man has been shot dead today by the regime’s forces. Ahmad Al Muslab. 19, from Al Awwamiya Town has been killed after being shot by regime’s forces who had attacked the town. At least fifteen injured people were taken to hospital, seven of whom sustained serious injuries. It was an unprovoked attack by the Saudi forces against innocent people. The Saudis are exploiting the confused situation in Syria and settling accounts with the citizens who have been calling for political reforms in the kingdom which has remained outside the

political norms of the 21st Century.

Another day of showdown between Bahrainis and Alkhalifa mercenary forces is planned for tomorrow (Friday). The 14th February Alliance has called for peaceful protests in Manama. Nabeel Rajab, the jailed human rights activist, has issued calls for wider participation in the Manama protest arguing that demonstrations must reach the capital and eventually bring it to a standstill. On his twitter account Mr Rajab said: Manama is your capital, go to it and don’t fear the prisons. It is much better than living in humiliation without honour, dignity or rights”. He added that confining those protests to the towns and villages has only limited political advantages and that the Revolution must claim the capital as its main territory. The regime’s forces have surrounded the capital and almost every entry point has a check point with several policemen and military vehicles. 

Yesterday, a rally in support of the jailed medics was held at the house of Dr Ali Al Ekri who is serving five years sentence for treating injured Bahrainis. It was attended by other doctors and aimed at urging the people to participate actively in the proposed Manama protest tomorrow.

Bahrain Freedom Movement
5th September 2013

Serrano: “I Cannot Vote For War”

The Bronx, NY – September 5, 2013 – Congressman José E. Serrano released the following statement today on the potential resolution authorizing the use of force in Syria, which the Obama Administration has asked Congress to consider.

"I have grave doubts about the wisdom of involving our nation in another war in the Middle East. I cannot vote in favor of this authorization because I believe that the outcome of strikes on Syria is unpredictable, and unlikely to be in our nation’s interests. I fear setting off a chain of events which leads to American soldiers fighting and dying in the Middle East yet again, for reasons that are not clear and persuasive.

“I commend President Obama for correctly bringing this issue of war before the Congress. Whether we agree or disagree with him on this issue, it is a welcome change to have a President with a deep belief in our constitutional system.

“The use of chemical weapons is morally reprehensible, as is the targeting of civilians with any sort of weapons. I believe the best reaction would be a broad multilateral response from the international community—not just an American enforcement action. The world must show its outrage, not just America.

“I have thought long and hard about this decision and have come to the firm conclusion that I cannot vote in favor of war. I will continue to work to find alternatives that deter the use of chemical weapons on civilians. I believe such alternatives exist and should be used.”

U.S. War with Syria: Think Pyrrhic Victory at Best

by Bill Hughes

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” - George Santayana

Who can ever forget Dubya’s premature freedom rant on board the aircraft carrier, “USS Abraham Lincoln,” way back on May 1, 2003. The backdrop for this slice of national insanity was a huge sign, worthy of Germany’s notorious propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels. It read: “Mission Accomplished.” Dubya, a failure as president if there ever was one, falsely and recklessly declared to the world “an end to U.S. military operations in Iraq.”

From one Nobel Peace Laureate to another

Open letter to President Barack Obama
Adolfo Pérez Esquivel

Hear the outcry of the peoples!

The situation in Syria is an object of serious preoccupation and once more the United States, assuming the role of the world's policeman, proposes to invade Syria in the name of "Freedom" and "Human Rights".

Your predecessor George W. Bush, in his messianic madness, invoked religious fundamentalism to launch his messianic wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  When he declared that he talked with God, and God told him that he had to attack Iraq, he did so claiming it was the message of God to export "freedom" to the world.

Determined Political Protest against US Bombing of Syria Needed NOW

Barack Obama is selling the planned US Cruise missile bombing of Syria as a “humanitarian” act in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack.  Bombing Syria will kill more civilians, polarize the situation further, and invite even more intervention and weapons into the country, making it more likely that the civil war could expand into an extremely dangerous regional conflagration.

Talk Nation Radio: Rep. Alan Grayson on Syria: House Will Vote No, Obama Will Heed

Congressman Alan Grayson is leading efforts within Congress to prevent an attack on Syria. He explains why, points to huge popular agreement, says the votes are lining up, and that President Obama will not attack Syria if the House votes against it.  Congressman Grayson has a petition set up at

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No Matter if Congress Says It’s Legal: Attacking Syria is Immoral, Unjust, Illegitimate

by Debra Sweet         While protesting in Times Square Saturday, we listened amid the noise to Obama’s speech of mostly stick, and a little carrot. Some of the protesters took his “largesse” at offering Congress the chance to endorse his plan to attack Syria (the carrot) as a concession by Obama. They say we should seize the moment and “let Congress know” how many people are against this strike and potential regional war.

A Modest Proposal for Syria

 David Swanson has authored a Modest Proposal for Syria, which he has granted me permission to share with you, unedited, in this video format. It is just a few moments long, and well worth your time and deep consideration.

Top 10 Unproven Claims for War Against Syria

By Dennis Kucinich

In the lead-up to the Iraq War, I researched, wrote and circulated a document to members of Congress which explored unanswered questions and refuted President Bush's claim for a cause for war. The document detailed how there was no proof Iraq was connected to 9/11 or tied to al Qaeda's role in 9/11, that Iraq neither had WMDs nor was it a threat to the U.S., lacking intention and capability to attack. Unfortunately, not enough members of Congress performed due diligence before they approved the war.

Here are some key questions which President Obama has yet to answer in the call for congressional approval for war against Syria. This article is a call for independent thinking and congressional oversight, which rises above partisan considerations.

Calls to Congress 499 to 1 against Syria war

By Garth Kant and Chelsea Schilling

Americans are slamming at least 24 members of Congress with thousands of phone calls and emails, urging lawmakers not to approve a military strike on Syria by a margin of as much as 499 to 1.

A national debate is raging on Twitter. Tweets and statements from members of Congress both Democrat and Republican show tremendously strong opposition to President Obama’s call for an air strike on Syria:

Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Wash., tweeted, “Calls and emails from my constituents is 100 to 1 AGAINST getting involved in Syria. The American people are speaking.”

Obama's Planned Lawless Aggression on Syria Based on Lies, Damn Lies and Big Lies


Obama's Planned Lawless Aggression on Syria Based on Lies, Damn Lies and Big Lies


by Stephen Lendman


Permanent war is official US policy. Throughout his tenure, Obama waged multiple direct and proxy wars. 


He's heading for direct intervention against Syria. He's doing it lawlessly. He's doing it based on lies, damn lies and Big Lies. 


The Big Dog and Its Tail: Who’s Hiding Behing the ‘Making Assad Accountable’ Mask?

By John Grant

Responses to wrongdoing must not exacerbate problems.
            - Jonathan Granoff, President, Global Security Institute
Watching news coverage of the debate over bombing Syria, one realizes there’s more going on than Barack Obama or John Kerry are telling Congress and the American people. Kerry may have sworn to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee -- but that doesn’t mean he has to tell the whole story.

So, Where Did Syria Get Its Chemical Weapons?

Asia Times:

Syria's chemical weapons program dates back to the early 1970s when they first acquired materials and expertise from Egypt prior to the 1973 war against Israel. Since then, it is believed that Syria has received assistance with their chemical weapons program from Russia, India, China and various West European countries. Syria's current indigenous capabilities allow it to produce several hundred tons of chemical weapons agents per year. According to the Monterey Institute of International Studies, "Open sources assert that there are at least three Syrian facilities currently engaged in producing CW, located near Damascus, Hama and Safira village."

Curiously, there is little mention of how much chemical agent Syria actually has. There are scattered references to an ability of being able to produce hundreds of tons a year and an estimated CW stockpile of hundreds of tons. But compared to other nations, notably the United States and Russia, it is likely to be very small. Consider that in 1985, Congress mandated that the US destroy more than 98 percent of its chemical weapons stockpile. Yet of the original total of 31,496 tons there remains 24,144 tons to be destroyed.


... The one common characteristic Syria shares with Iraq in regard to its chemical weapons program is the help it received from the West in establishing it. Former CIA director William Webster told a Congressional panel in 1989 that the CIA had determined foreign assistance was of "critical importance in allowing Syria to develop its chemical warfare capability. West European firms were instrumental in supplying the required precursor chemicals and equipment. Without the provision of these key elements, Damascus would not have been able to produce chemical weapons."

Syria's principle suppliers of chemical and biological weapons production technology were large chemical brokerage houses in Holland, Switzerland, France, Austria and Germany, including many of the same companies that were supplying Iraq.

At least one German company, Schott Glasswerke, has been subjected to an official inquiry for its delivery of glass-lined reactor vessels, sarin precursors and production equipment to a suspected Syrian poison gas plant.

Russia on Syria: Alternative to Peace is Bloody Chaod


Russia on Syria: Alternative to Peace is Bloody Chaos


by Stephen Lendman


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov addressed Obama's intended lawless aggression. He did so forthrightly. He did it because it matters.


Russia strongly opposes Washington's regime change plans. It won't stay silent and watch. Interfax reported Lavrov's comments. 


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