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The Next Monument to US Leaders Should Be Located at the Seashore, not on the Washington Mall


By Dave Lindorff



Wanted: Sculptor who works in bronze to construct life-sized group of statues of President Barack Obama, House Speaker John Boehner, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi,  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, all to be mounted at the high tide line below a high cliff in Maine’s Acadia National Park.


There what’s left of American posterity can watch as the seas rise inexorably over the coming years and decades, first lapping at the feet of the statues, then the knees, then the waists, then the chests and finally cover over the heads of these “leaders” in Washington who have cynically and foolishly squandered the last opportunity to take effective action to combat climate change. 


OccupyWashingtonDC joins OccupyEPA

Call on employees to blow the whistle on policies that harm the planet and cost human lives

Wednesday, Nov. 30 at noon, Freedom Plaza – OccupyWashingtonDC will join Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, EPA whistleblower and author of “No Fear: A whistleblower’s triumph over corruption and retaliation at the EPA,” for a march to the Environmental Protection Agency to protest their weakening of clean air standards under pressure from Big Industry. The weakening of clean air standards has a proven consequence of increased rates of asthma and death. This is one example of corporate pressure on a government agency that enhances industry profits at the expense of human lives and sustainability of the planet. The President ordered EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to stand down on life-saving amendments to the clean air act.

Protesters will set up a tent on the EPA lawn to signify that this is a step towards the occupation of the EPA. Dr. Coleman-Adebayo created OccupyEPA in the spirit of the occupy movement to publicly state that the corruption of the EPA is not acceptable and that it will be exposed. "We can not sit idly by and wait for the 7,200 deaths, 11,000 emergency room visits and 38,000 acute cases of asthma that the Agency said could be avoided by the implementation of the clean air act, said Dr. Coleman-Adebayo."  "The president must immediately reverse his decision. We call upon EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to fight for the people who can not fight for themselves. She must blow the whistleblower on the real reason her proposal was rejected; that corporate greed out weighs American lives. Jackson must also stop her policy of retaliation again EPA whistleblowers and victims of civil rights abuses."

This action is part of OccupyWashingtonDC’s campaign to encourage government employees who are pressured by industry to weaken regulatory standards or who witness others being pressured to do so speak out either publicly or anonymously. Dr. Margaret Flowers of states that “It is imperative that the connection between lobbyists for big industry who pressure public officials and resulting orders, implicit or explicit, to weaken regulatory standards be exposed. The exploitation of people and the planet for corporate profit must be stopped if we are to create a world that is peaceful, just and sustainable. Government whistleblowers are true patriots and the 99% is here to encourage them and provide them with resources so they can tell the truth. This is one more step on the path to creating dignity for ourselves, our nation and the planet.”

The EPA Occupied

By Marsha Coleman Adebayo

On October 10th, a coalition of whistleblower and civil rights organizations under the auspice of Occupy Washington, DC, the No FEAR Coalition, the National Whistleblower Center, net-We, the Alliance for Workplace Accountability and NIH Workplace Fairness convened a rally at Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC.  We held a spirited march to EPA Headquarters demanding that  EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson promulgate revised clean air/smog regulations. According to Senators Barbara Boxer and Ben Cardin, over 200,000 new cases of asthma and other upper respiratory diseases will occur unless new air regulations are implemented. The president ordered Jackson to stand down on promulgation of new air regulations.

The protest also called upon Jackson to stop retaliation against whistleblowers 

We acknowledged our solidarity with South African vanadium workers. EPA Whistleblower Jon Grand was awarded a certificate of appreciation by the National Whistleblower Center. 

Please see pictures, video and news clippings from the Occupy EPA event. Please post on your website, Facebook, twitter account and distribute to friends and colleagues.

The next march on  EPA will take place Wednesday, November 16th at Freedom Plaza.  Please come out and support the communities suffering from mountain top removal.  

A Movie For The Movement: "Heist: Who Stole The American Dream?"

As the Occupy Wall Street movement pushes forward, evolving daily in mission and meaning, its cinematic companion has arrived on the scene. Heist: Who Stole The American Dream? is the latest socially and politically relevant documentary executive produced by Earl Katz, President of Public Interest Pictures. Heist will soon premiere as the fundamental primer on the historical and present-day inequities which gave rise to the Occupy Movement. From its 1930s depiction of Depression Era breadlines to Wisconsin Governor Walker's current assault on Collective Bargaining, Heist tells the story of America in decline due to the excessive greed of corporate executives and politicians bent on destroying the middle class.

Hazardous Hydrofracking in America

 Hazardous Hydrofracking in America - by Stephen Lendman


Hydraulic fracking involves using pressurized fluids to fracture rock layers to release oil, gas, coal seam gas, or other substances.


Earthworks says the process provides easier access to deposits and lets oil or gas "travel more easily from the rock pores," where it's trapped, "to the production well."

Where Occupy & No Nukes merge & win!!!

By Harvey Wasserman

The global upheaval that is the Occupy Movement is hopefully in the process of changing---and saving---the world. 

Through the astonishing power of creative non-violence, it has the magic and moxie to defeat the failing forces of corporate greed. 

A long-term agenda seems to be emerging: social justice, racial and gender equality, ecological survival, true democracy, an end to war, and so much more. "When the power of love overcomes the love of power," said Jimi Hendrix, "the world will know peace." 

Urgent Call to Action: Go to Zuccotti Park Now!!!


Urgent Call to Action: 

Go to Zuccotti Park Now!!!


By Charles M. Young



Mayor Bloomberg has announced that Occupy Wall Street must leave Zuccotti Park/Liberty Plaza from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Friday, October 14, allegedly so the city can clean it.

Almost verbatim notices have been served on other occupations around the United States and the world. Invariably, they have turned out to be a ploy to clear the space and not let demonstrators back in. Mayor Bloomberg has a long history of lying and police state tactics of crowd control.

A Comment on Occupy Wall Street's First Statement


By Dave Lindorff


While this statement by Occupy Wall Street is a powerful list of grievances against capitalism, it fails to even once mention the word "war." This is a significant failing, and cannot have been an oversight. The activists in Liberty Park and in cities across the country, if they want to make this a mass movement to confront the corporate domination of American politics and society, must be willing to confront head on the reality that the corporate elite have made the U.S. into the world's greatest war-monger. It is not just "colonialism," an outmoded term, that is the problem. It is a vast web of imperialism, imposed by a war machine that is bigger and costlier than all the rest of the world's armies combined, and it is the single biggest reason that this country is descending into a state of social and economic decay and decline.

13 Ways To Look at the Occupation of Wall Street


By Charles M. Young


1) I had brunch on Sunday in Chinatown with a friend who works in local television news. He complained that the Occupy Wall Street people had sent over video that they said showed demonstrators getting maced. It didn’t show any such thing, my friend insisted. After brunch I walked over to occupied Zuccotti Park (two blocks north of Wall Street) and told somebody at the Media table that they had to be careful about claiming more for their video than it actually showed. Then I went home and looked at the video, and it clearly showed several young women, who presented no physical threat, getting wrapped up by police in a plastic net and pepper sprayed in the face.

War on the Earth: Atomic Appalachia and the Militarized Southeast


MIC at 50 – Charlottesville, VA,   September 16-18, 2011

Coleman Smith and Clare Hanrahan of New South Network of War Resisters


Militarism is killing us. It is waging a war on the Earth and the devastation wrought is far beyond what can be presented here. We are not academics; we’re activists and organizers who care deeply about our homeland in the Southern US, the region where we live and work, and the most militarized region in the country. We have limited most of our report to the Southeast US and a special place we refer to as Atomic Appalachia. Like Middle Earth in a Tolkien story, Atomic Appalachia is a little known part of our region squeezed in between the Central and Southern Appalachians. It is a region where the impact of militarism is especially evident.

Some Resonance Please!

By Charles M. Young

Letter from prison: Tim DeChristopher speaks

From Grist

The following text appeared in a handwritten letter from Tim DeChristopher addressed to Grist’s Jennifer Prediger.

Return of the Malaise: Up to Our Asses in Alligators


By John Grant


It’s a sad reality of our day that denial and bullshit seem the most useful talents to getting elected and to govern in America.

Bullshit is meant in the sense used by Harvard philosopher Harry Frankfurt in his popular book titled On Bullshit. He defines bullshit as language with no basis in truth or fact focused on obtaining power. A liar knows the truth and tries to sell falsehoods; bullshitters simply don’t care what the truth is.

Some of the most popular candidates for the Republican Party (think Rick Perry and Michelle Bachman) are classic bullshitters who completely disdain rational analysis. For them it’s OK to say anything, like Perry and others' denial of evolution and global warming. Reason and responsible history are for the weak.

Come On Irene: A Michele Bachmann Sing Along

Come on Irene!

Poor old Michele B
Sounds deranged on the radio, breaks a million rules of logic, so ...
Fox Newsers cry and sing along and blame storms on ...
God yeah God, oh God! now I must say more than ever
Go Toora Loora Toora Loo-Rye-Aye
and they can sing just like they're loon ah tics

Come on Irene
I know what you mean. At this moment you mean anything,
But now I digress, my thoughts I confess verge on kooky
Ah come on Irene.

Dum duh Dum ..

No Fear: A Whistleblower's Triumph over Corruption and Retaliation at the EPA

In this sprawling memoir–cum–political exposé, Coleman-Adebayo, a former senior policy analyst at the EPA, describes her ascendance to the top ranks of the federal agency, and the hostility and harassment that compelled her to speak out against the unfair treatment she received.

Keystone Pipeline Protest: Crossing the Line with Beauty & Resolve

by Debra Sweet, Director, World Can't Wait

Last Friday, I joined 53 others in getting hand-cuffed by Park Police after we sat in front of the White House for a few minutes in protest of the Keystone oil pipeline proposed to run from Alberta Canada down to Texas refineries.  Before Hurricane Irene hit North Carolina a day later, it was hot and still in Washington, and sweaty sitting on the pavement in front of the White House.  I realized that most often it’s been cold or rainy when we stood or laid down there in protest against U.S. wars and torture.

August 26, 2011 White House Protest v. Keystone Pipeline Photo: Josh Lopez

Vermonters Build a Direct Action Anti-Nuke Movement They Hope Will Go National

By Dan DeWalt

Newfane, VT -- A classic David vs. Goliath battle is taking shape in the courtroom and in the streets and fields of Vermont as Entergy Nuclear of Louisiana tries to overturn Vermont law in the federal courts. 

The state has thoughtfully and repeatedly voted no to the extension of Entergy's Vermont Yankee nuclear reactor's license, which is due to expire on March 21, 2012. Results of Town Meeting votes, a 26-4 vote by the Vermont Senate, and a pivotal gubernatorial race all have shown that the state does not see Vermont Yankee as a reliable or economical partner for its energy future. Forty years' accumulation of radioactive waste on the banks of the Connecticut River is enough.

Vets: Clean Fuel Standard Good

Vets: Clean Fuel Standard Good for National Security
Standard would reduce dangerous US oil dependence, save Americans billions at the pump


The El Niño global climate cycle is triggering regular conflicts across the globe, new research suggests.

By Emma Woollacott, TGDaily

Its arrival every three to seven years boosts temperatures and cuts rainfall, doubles the risk of civil wars across 90 affected tropical countries, and could be behind as many as a fifth of worldwide conflicts during the past half-century, says the Columbia University team.

While climate has been linked with many historical conflicts, this is the first study to examine whether the connection exists today.

"The most important thing is that this looks at modern times, and it’s done on a global scale," says Solomon M Hsiang of the university's Earth Institute.

"This study shows a systematic pattern of global climate affecting conflict, and shows it right now.”

The El Niño-Southern Oscillation, or ENSO, is a periodic warming and cooling of the tropical Pacific Ocean, which affects weather patterns across much of Africa, the Middle East, India, southeast Asia, Australia, and the Americas. Half the world’s people live in the affected regions.

During the cool, or La Niña, phase, rain may be relatively plentiful in tropical areas; during the warmer El Niño, land temperatures rise, and rainfall declines in most affected places. On occasion, it brings scorching heat and multi-year droughts.

The scientists tracked ENSO from 1950 to 2004 and correlated it with the onset of civil conflicts that killed more than 25 people in a given year. The data included 175 countries and 234 conflicts, over half of which each caused more than 1,000 battle-related deaths.

And for nations whose weather is controlled by ENSO, they found that during La Niña, the chance of civil war breaking out was about three percent; during El Niño, that doubled to six percent. Countries not affected by the cycle remained at two percent, whatever the stage of the ENSO cycle.

Overall, the team calculates that El Niño may have played a role in 21 percent of civil wars worldwide — and nearly 30 percent in those countries affected by El Niño.

"No one should take this to say that climate is our fate," says Mark Cane of Columbia’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. "Rather, this is compelling evidence that it has a measurable influence on how much people fight overall."

It's pretty clear why. Some examples leap out of the data, says the team: in 1982, for example, a powerful El Niño destroyed crops in impoverished highland Peru; later that year, guerrilla attacks by the Shining Path movement kicked off a 20-year civil war.

Not everybody agrees.

"The study fails to improve on our understanding of the causes of armed conflicts, as it makes no attempt to explain the reported association between ENSO cycles and conflict risk," says Halvard Buhaug of the Peace Research Institute Oslo in Norway.

"Correlation without explanation can only lead to speculation."

Drowning Government in a Hurricane (Why Wait for a Bathtub?)

"Shrinking government" in American political discourse has, for decades now, meant the following. We enlarge the government's budget through taxation and penalties on working people and through borrowing and printing money. We not only tax the wealthy and corporations less, but we massively subsidize them with public funds. We move away from taxes and fees meant to limit the damage greed can do to the world, and we defund regulation of and law enforcement against the oligarchy. We transfer an ever greater share of the budget to the military. We expand the domestic and international surveillance-police states while merging the two. This, again, we call "shrinking government."

Going to jail for the environment: President Obama can choose between a clean energy future and dirty tar sands oil

By Mike Tidwell and Cindy Parker, Baltimore Sun

As you read this, two starkly different visions of Maryland's energy future are clashing on a sidewalk outside the White House.

One vision embraces the idea of developing clean-energy wind farms off the coast of Ocean City. Those wind farms could one day power millions of electric cars in our state at a price three times cheaper than gasoline — forever.

Uranium Safe to Eat With a Spoon!

Carefully ignoring Fukushima, Los Alamos, Vermont, and Nebraska, a comforting new announcement informs us that "nuclear energy is safe."

A series of soothing television ads and videos tells us that mining uranium in Virginia would produce jobs and protect us from scary foreigners.


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