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Big Event in San Francisco, Calif., Dec.10th

At 1 p.m. PT on Sunday, December 10th

Under the spot where the UN signed its charter 60 years ago, in United Nations Plaza - (CIVIC CENTER BART), hear speakers Larry Everest, Dr. Peter Phillips, and musicians. Wear Orange to protest the Military Commissions Act. Sign the petitions; . BE THERE RAIN or SHINE!

Sign up here to attend.

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Fox news tv covered this and the SF Chronicle (largest SF newspaper);p

SLight sprinkles but no rain! Great speakers!

Great success - We spoke about RECALLING Nancy Pelosi; 59.6% of her constituents VOTED in the last election to IMPEACH Pres.Bush/Cheney!!!


The Constitution of the United States says, WE as Americans are of the United States shall be defended against invasions and no other shall be state given pillage over another state. And that the President will defend against invaders of our land with the Army, Navy and all of our forces. He took an Oath of office to do this, He swore to defend our country and our people from harm, against all that is not of the United States of America.
We dieing from murders and suffer loses of life and limb and fiances from these invaders from our South that are in no way legally to be in our country. Our own Government is using our TAX Dollars to Support and Enable these invaders. Has invited them in a White House Party in his first term Without Approval or Vote from Congress to make Treaty with and Support them with our jobs and our Tax Dollars.
I ask for the Congress to forthwith Start An IMPEACHMENT against George W. Bush to be executed immediately.
He should be tried for high crimes and misdemeanor's in that he has used our Tax dollars without the American consent in a devious means to threaten the Well being of it Citizens and the safety of the citizens Of The United States with lose of lives of our citizens and using our valuable resource's and putting our Citizens in harms way of Criminals, Killers.Thieves, Thug's, Robbers, Rapists, Child Molester's, and untold scam artiste, unlicensed workers and unscreened disease's.
Depriving Americans of the safety and Well Being and jobs that our Constitution With his swearing in Granted each American from the Start of this Great Country.
I call on Congress and all its members to go forth and save our country from being hijacked before we are penniless, homeless and secure our Homeland before WE the People Lose our way of life or our very lives from these invader's.
David Brian Earl
755 Espanola Ave. # 44
Ormond Bch. Florida 32174

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