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Resources for Conference

The movement to move the money and lots of resources are at

Here are some additional resources:

How would you spend the federal budget?

Bombs and Budgets Curriculum: A Teaching Guide

Federal budget pie chart

Federal Discretionary and Mandatory Spending

One minute for peace

Confronting the Military Industrial Complex


The Pentagon's Spending Spree Radio

Panetta's Weak Case for Potential Military Weakness

Ending Wars on Time Would Save $200 Billion, 1/6 of Debt Reduction Goal

The basics on US foreign interventions and foreign bases.

Mapping a Super Power.

Virginia Militarized.

The Military: Closer to You Than Your Family

Peace Is A Local Issue

Disney, Militarization and the National Security State After 9/11

UVA/Reagan War Hawk Defends Obama's War

UVA Also Plagued by Philip Zelikow

Your Tax Form Lies to You

Video of Jo Comerford on federal spending

Why the Jobs Argument Against Military Cuts Is Bogus

The Cost of the Wars

Social Scientists can get jobs helping kill people here.

How Much Money Could The Defense Department Save If It Stopped Trying To Save Souls?

Oops I lost a billion-dollar plane.

This conference will propose that Charlottesville City Council pass a resolution asking Congress to bring the war $ home.

Sample resolutions and other resources are available at

Credit Mayor Dave Norris.

Read about Your Local Military Industrial Complex.

The military in Virginia: PDF.

PVCC effort seeks to qualify more locals for defense intelligence work

The Military as a Jobs Program: There are More Efficient Ways to Stimulate the Economy

But but but other than the military, what choice to do have?

Twisted Up By a Super Coup D'Etat

If You Work Out In A Gold's Gym Or Stay At An Omni Hotel, You Are Underwriting The Fascist Agenda In America

Is Homeland Security spending paying off?

The Decade's Biggest Scam

25 years later, how ‘Top Gun’ made America love war

Windfalls of War: Pentagon's No-Bid Contracts Triple in 10 Years of War

The MIC in a Diagram

Honeywell Doing Well

The Military-Industrial Complex: A Reading List

Egypt's MIC

Chalmers Johnson on MIC

Alyona Show on MIC

Military-Industrial Complex from Eisenhower to Obama

The Economic Cost of the Military Industrial Complex

Inside the Military Media Industrial Complex: Impacts on Movements for Peace and Social Justice

The United States Military Machine

Corporations Profit from Permanent War: Memorial Day 2010

It's Cute to Kill: Wal-Mart Is Selling Military Camo Diapers by Huggies

Plan to Convert the Military Industrial Complex to Support a Peaceful, Green Economy with No Involuntary Layoffs

Thief in the Living Room

CIA shifts focus to killing targets

Getting kids through school without the military:

A Missile for Peace Day

Saving the Soul of America

Bad Business: Billions of Taxpayer Dollars Wasted on Hiring Contractors

U.S. Troops Are in 148 Countries

The Congressional 'Supercommittee': Debt Panel or Death Panel?

Global Nonviolent Action Database

Do Biological Weapons Labs Everywhere Make You Feel Safer or Less Safe?


A good book:

The Cold War and Its Origins (Volumes 1 & 2) by D.F. Fleming




The industry we used to have in the United States:

What a job fair looks like now in Charlottesville:

Discussing the situation:

While the Complex likes to threaten job loss and no doubt eliminates jobs in some places but not others, the overall military budget is bigger this year than last year, as has been true for many years, and it has nearly doubled in the past decade.

Lower the War Ceiling


Largest Employers




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