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Petition Supporting Impeachment of Bush and Cheney

Sign our Ten Reasons to Impeach Bush and Cheney Petition online.

Then print this PDF, make copies, and collect signatures from friends and neighbors.

One good place to collect names is right in front of your Representative's office, if there is passing foot traffic. You should do so prominently with a visible sign so your Representative (and staff) can't miss it. Other good locations are busy malls, libraries, and post offices. Be creative! You can also go door-to-door in your neighborhood and bring your petition to work or church.

If someone does not have an email address, ask for their postal address instead.

If you'd prefer to collect petitions with a group, join (or help us organize) a local Impeachment Committee:

Instructions for submitting collected email addresses:

  1. Go to
  2. look just below the message and click the "send to friend" link
  3. the "send to friend" page lets you keypunch up to 20 email addresses, one per line
  4. copy/paste this list of email addresses and save it on your computer for local organizing efforts in the future
  5. press "submit"

This will send an email to everyone on your list asking them to sign our Ten Reasons to Impeach Bush and Cheney Petition online, which will go directly to their Representative - and get an individual response.

Then send the original petitions to your representative.


Full text of the Petition

I support the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney for the following reasons:

1. Violating the United Nations Charter by launching an illegal "War of Aggression" against Iraq without cause, using fraud to sell the war to Congress and the public, and misusing government funds to begin bombing without Congressional authorization.

According to the Article VI of the Constitution,"all treaties" are the "supreme law of the land." The United Nations charter, to which the U.S. is a signatory, outlaws the use of force without the approval of the U.N. Security Council. Then-U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan stated in 2004 that the invasion of Iraq violated the U.N. Charter. Even Iraq war supporter Richard Perle has said the same.

Former federal prosecutor Elizabeth de la Vega presents the evidence the case for war was fradulent here and at greater length in her book United States v. George Bush et al.

The bombing of Iraq previous to the passage of the October, 2002 Congressional Authorization to Use Military Force was examined in 2005 by the Times of London. Spending funds from the Treasury without congressional authorization violates Article I, Section 9 of the Constitution.

2. Violating U.S. and international law by authorizing the torture of thousands of captives, resulting in dozens of deaths, and keeping prisoners hidden from the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Torture violates two U.S. laws, the War Crimes of Act of 1996 and the Torture Statue of 1994, as well as international law including the Convention Against Torture.

Specific Bush administration actions in this area are examined in detail in Chapter 2 of Cowboy Nation by Marjorie Cohn.

3. Violating the Constitution by arbitrarily detaining Americans, legal residents, and non-Americans, without due process, without charge, and without access to counsel.

The detention of individuals without due process violates the 5th Amendment.

While the Bush administration has been rebuked in several court cases, most recently that of Ali al-Marri, it continues to attempt to exceed constitutional limits.

4. Violating the Geneva Conventions by targeting civilians, journalists, hospitals, and ambulances, and using illegal weapons, including white phosphorous, depleted uranium, and a new type of napalm.

The Fourth Geneva Convention forbids collective punishment and the targeting of civilians. Large-scale violations of the Convention by the Bush administration are examined in Chapter 3 of Cowboy Nation by Marjorie Cohn.

5. Violating U.S. law and the Constitution through widespread wiretapping of the phone calls and emails of Americans without a warrant.

Wiretapping U.S. citizens without warrents is forbidden under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). The Bush administration has openly admitted repeatedly violating FISA. The administrations actions are examined in detail in How Would a Patriot Act? by Glenn Greenwald.

6. Violating the Constitution by using "signing statements" to defy hundreds of laws passed by Congress.

In 2006 an American Bar Association commission composed of constitutional scholars, former presidential advisers, and legal and judicial experts found that President Bush's use of signing statements "undermine the rule of law and our constitutional system of separation of powers." The Boston Globe published a Pulizer Prize-winning series of articles on signing statements available here.

7. Violating U.S. and state law by obstructing honest elections in 2000, 2002, 2004, and 2006.

An investigation by the Democratic staff of the House Judiciary Committee into the voting procedures in Ohio during the 2004 election found "widespread instances of intimidation and misinformation in violation of the Voting Rights Act, the Civil Rights Act of 1968, Equal Protection, Due Process and the Ohio right to vote." BBC journalist Greg Palast has covered significant voting irregularities in other elections here, here and here.

8. Violating U.S. law by using paid propaganda and disinformation, selectively and misleadingly leaking classified information, and exposing the identity of a covert CIA operative working on sensitive WMD proliferation for political retribution.

The General Accounting Office found in 2004 (pdf) that the Bush administration had violated federal law by producing video news releases using an on-screen "reporter." The administration has also admitted to paying journalists who support its policies, such as columnists Armstrong Williams and Maggie Gallagher.

I. Lewis Libby, assistant to both Vice President Cheney and President Bush, was convicted in March, 2007 of perjury and obstruction of justice in the outing of CIA covert operative Valerie Plame. Libby's obstruction of justice prevented a successful investigation into Cheney and Bush's role in Plame's outing and whether either violated the Intelligence Identities Protection Act or other laws.

9. Subverting the Constitution and abusing Presidential power by asserting a "Unitary Executive Theory" giving unlimited powers to the President, by obstructing efforts by Congress and the Courts to review and restrict Presidential actions, and by promoting and signing legislation negating the Bill of Rights and the Writ of Habeas Corpus.

The Bush administration has advocated the so-called "Unitary Executive Theory," which claims the Constitution grants the president essentially unchecked power, especially during wartime. The evidence that the theory grossly violates the Constitution's separation of powers is examined here.

The numerous instances in which the USA Patriot Act violates the Bill of Rights is detailed by the American Civil Liberties Union here.

In October, 2006 Bush signed an amendment to the Military Commissions Act suspending Habeas Corpus for any alien the government determines to be an "unlawful enemy combatant," allowing the government to hold individuals indefinitely without charges. The numerous consequences of the Military Commissions Act amendment are examined by Amnesty International here.

10. Gross negligence in failing to assist New Orleans residents after Hurricane Katrina, in ignoring urgent warnings of an Al Qaeda attack prior to Sept. 11, 2001, and in increasing air pollution causing global warming.

President Bush's negligence regarding Hurricane Katrina is detailed here.

Declassified records of warnings given Bush administration officials by then-Counterterrorism Director Richard Clarke and the CIA are available at the National Security Archive.

The Bush administration's record on global warming is examined by the National Resources Defense Council here.

Sign the petition online.


Collecting Names on the Street

The 5 second pitch on the street is: "Sign our petition to impeach Bush and Cheney!"

If they agree, you hand them the clipboard and they sign, and while they are signing you can say:

"We will deliver this petition to our Congressman, Joe Blow. You can have even more impact if you send an email to him directly, so if you don't mind we will email you with the link to our online letter. Thank you so much for your support!"


Put a graphic link to the petition on your website using this code:

<a href=""><img src=""></a>


Americans living abroad or just far from home, are encouraged to sign the petition above and can also use this special form to send a letter to your local government.



There are several ways you can spread the word:

Visit our petition page and enter the email addresses of your friends in the box

Visit our petition page, send yourself a copy of the petition, and forward that copy to your friends

Create your own customized link and send it to your friends:
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When you sign our petitions, you are Emailing your Congress Member. You can only sign each petition once.

Ten Reasons to Impeach Bush and Cheney.

Start the Cheney Impeachment Hearings Now.

Put Your Name in Congressional Record for Impeaching Cheney.

Impeach Cheney First.

Impeach Bush and Cheney.

Impeach Bush and Cheney in 2006.


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