You are herecontent / Veterans Surround Richard Perle, Demand Accountability for His Role in Launching Illegal War

Veterans Surround Richard Perle, Demand Accountability for His Role in Launching Illegal War

By Bill Perry, Disabled American Veteran, VVAW, VFP, VFW, VVA

Richard Perle - 1  

Here's 8 great shots I took, with a disposable camera, of Neo-Con Architect of the Iraq war, Richard Perle, and our Iraq Veterans Against the War Heroes & Sheroes, joined by our Gold Star Families "Matriots".

Richard Perle - 2  

Richard Perle had a PBS camera crew about 80 or 90 yards off to the side of the Speakers' Rostrum @ yesterday's AFSC Eyes Wide Open (BOOTS) Demo, in Washington, DC. The PBS Producers said they were rehabilitating Perle's image, so he can be kicked upstairs, similar to the Bush promotion of Paul Wolfowitz to the World Bank.

Richard Perle - 3  

They thought they wouldn't be noticed using the "Boots" demo background during the speaking portion of the EWO demo, but Philly VVAW & VFP-31 signaled our speakers line-up, and we surrounded the Adolf Eichman of the Bush Administration, and had BIG FUN humiliating the MURDERER! CHECK OUT THESE PHOTO'S!

Richard Perle - 4  

Apologies to Sue Neiderer, Celeste Zappala, and our four Iraq refugees who educated Perle on why 82% of ALL Iraqis want the U.S. OUT NOW! Sorry, folks, but I ran out of film!

Richard Perle - 5  

Richard Perle - 6  

Richard Perle - 7  

Richard Perle - 8  

Richard Perle - 9  


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I love how Blake is looking right into the camera in half of the photos. Good stuff.

They did look too polite towards the Prince of Darkness , the evil in person , who has set his mind up on another war against syria .. someone has to stop him (and his Gang that took over the whitehouse)

The staged false flag operations of the group, and the origins of their drive for power, go back decades and have their origin originally in the 7 Billion dollar MKUltra Mind Control project and.... believe it or not... Unabom. The murder case everyone always AUTOMATICALLY laughs at. Stop laughing at the Grassy knoll 2 and take a serious look at
the origins of Cheny and Rumsfeld, Perle and others.
...and remember that murder is not funny !

Perle is a fatass, arrogant, despicable PNAC clown. They are all the same. Bill Kristol, Dick Cheney and the rest make my stomach turn. In a just world, Perle would be on trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity. He is beyond any rehabilitation. I am a Vietnam veteran who served honorably. Perle is like Kissinger. He is impressed with himself, and he thinks his words are like pearls coming out of his mouth. It is one of my greatest pleasures in life to see someone like this confronted, made accountable for their crimes, and the greatest thrill would be to see him arrested. I detest people like Perle. They lie, cheat, disguise lies as truth, and they are responsible for the needless deaths of millions in recent history. Give the fat pig three more servings of ice cream. Let him eat himself to death. No great loss.

How much does one want to bet that Perle wasn't asked (by Cindy despite her knowing full well about it from me after I got her to read Bamford's 'A Pretext for War' book )about the 'A Clean Break'/war for Israel agenda which he co-authored (scroll down to discussion of such from pages 261-269 of Bamford's 'A Pretext for War' book at the following URL):

'A Clean Break' (war for Israel) agenda (from pages 261-269 of James Bamford's 'A Pretext for War' book):

Bet that Perle wasn't asked about the Mearsheimer/Walt paper that he is mentioned in as well:

“Hawkish Israeli Lobby Wants War with Iran!”

Good job Veterans , Patriots (that word belongs to US) and Matriots !



Clowns like him are neo-con coated, so anything one can say probably goes in one ear and out into the waste can. They are too far out in right field to understand the issues, let alone learn from them!


Clowns like him are neo-con coated, so anything one can say probably goes in one ear and out into the waste can. They are too far out in right field to understand the issues, let alone learn from them!

Great pix! He looks as sick as a parrot.


Why are we all sitting around? Why haven't Americans burned Washington to the ground over this?
What part of, our democracy is NOT working don't people understand?
Do we think the same corrupt system that gave us Perle and his neo cronies is going to fix itself?

Gezzzzzzz....I would never have believed Americans would have stood for this treason..if we had the guts of our forefathers Perle and the rest of his ilk would already be swinging from the end of a rope...along with about 80% of congress.

What's it going to take people?

What do you think of trying to get 10,000 protesters to shut down congress on a week day when the bastards are working.There must be 10,000 Americans who would be willing to get arrested to show the congress and the media were sick and tired and were not going to take it any more!!I am getting really tired of these legal anti-war marches and rallies on the weekend when no politicians are in Washington and the media doesn't find it interesting enough to cover protesters preaching to the converted.Maybe we could camp out in Layfette Park in front of the White House.I guarantee the media would cover it.A mass mobilization of anti-war protesters to spend a week in Washington.Is any one interested?Please contact

The fat load is starting to physically resemble Sharon in these twilight years of his. Same type of filth.

You have looked into the face of evil and survived! Next time you better use a mirror and look only at his reflection, just to be safe.

salam alaikum!

The coward couldnt even look them in the eye!

As an iraqi i can tell you we dont hate the troops, we hate their rich masters who make money off this war. PLEASE PLEASE tell your sons not to fight any more. I understand that if they leave they can go to jail but we beg you to tell them to leave. Id rather your sons were alive in Jail than Dead in Baghdad.

Please work to start a mass desertion cos it is the only way this occupation will end in a relatively peaceful way. We just want peace in Iraq.


Neocons are ANTI-Gentile. You cannot rationalize with these neocon scum. They do not care about rationality. Do not waste your oxygen trying to reason with Perle, he does not care, he will just amuse himself talking to you, then go amuse his neocon friends with his desciptions of your pain. They will all laugh, and then go to Synagog.

Seems to me you're glad Perle is available as a convenient scapegoat: on him, you can express your bloody anger.

War critics astonished as US hawk admits invasion was illegal

But Mr Perle, a key member of the defence policy board, which advises the US defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, said that "international law ... would have required us to leave Saddam Hussein alone", and this would have been morally unacceptable.

I know how to get rid of Bush and Cheney - get them hold hands and then have Bush look into Perle's soul . Since he has no soul,Bush/Cheney will get sucked into the void . Then Perle goes supernova,and that'll be three less maniacs roaming the halls of power.

May I have permission to send these photos along with a letter to PBS explaining to them why I will never, ever, ever donate to them again and be a "supporter"? The fact that my donation money would even be used to have anything to do with Richard Perle is sickening, but the fact that PBS even went along with him is even more shocking. The man is pure neo-con evil.

American media never allows criticism of neocons because that would be "anti-semitic." Only a rare 5% or so of us really know what's going on with the Israel lobby. And if we speak out, we lose our jobs are get called a racist. And I'm black!!! haha

I stopped smoking weed after I watched a Perle interview on TV and got scared out of my pants!

Some Americans are good. We're trying to stop this madness, but there are way too many dumb, fat, arrogant Americans.

Perle has a long standing relationship with PBS. He has produced documentaries and is a key door opener for film makers who need introductions to Washington insiders. He and PNAC achieved their goal: Saddam gone, US in Iraq. It matters little if the rose petal parade was confined mainly to the corridors of AEI, CSP, and Halliburton or the pages of Weekly Standard and NR. They rule. Opponents should drool--and learn.

If one disagrees with Perle, one must also credit him for consumate salesmanship and the ability to keep his cool when insulted. Who else could have pedaled a bank fraudster as a freedom fighter or a fanatical quagmire as a beach head of democracy?

PBS has survived the W years only by virtue of the good will it maintains with political ex-liberals (neocons) who remain culturally left. You certainly won't see the X-tian Right government funds for the network they see in the satanic clutches of "athiests" like Bill Moyers.

Impeach a GOP Whitehouse? Not if you have a GOP Hill, Supreme Court, Media, religious flock, media, and business community. Would a president Cheney, Roberts, or Frist make you any happier? Better to focus on a 2008 challenger with a coherent set of alternative policies. Oh, and don't forget that Truman and Johnson were smart enough to run for office while defending unpopular withdrawals from unpopular wars.

While he was chairman of the Defense Policy Board and just barely two months after September 11, 2001, Perle was openly stating that a war with Iraq was coming.

  • Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI)
  • Next Stop Iran
  • Richard Perle - November 14, 2001

Next Stop Iran

--just an old conscript doc

Richard Perle appears to be a classical psychopath. Someone with no conscience and the inability to feel empathy, guilt, or shame. About 4% of males worldwide have this disorder.
The neo-con philosophy, based on the teachings of Leo Strauss, seems tailor made for psychopaths. It is a modern version of the "ends justifies the means" ideas of Machiavelli and has been adopted by the Likud government of Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu.

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