New TCBH! poem by Gary Lindorff: ‘Leaving Rome’ (written in Ireland)

Let every crack be a place for seeds to sprout,

Let the forest return to this place!
Let the rocks be done wearing our face,
And may every fractured avenue lead out!

Rome is crumbling.

All of the magic
That will save us is outside of Rome.

Inside the empire
Everything is falling.
It’s a magic-vacuum
That has sucked us in for so long
That we began to believe that every road
Ultimately led nowhere!

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The Last Death in a War is 90% Backwash

They say the last sip of a drink is mostly backwash. The last understanding of a war should be that every speck of it is backwash in the sense used by Ellen N. La Motte in her 1916 book The Backwash of War. La Motte was a U.S. nurse who worked at a French hospital in Belgium not far from a semi-permanent front line at which men slaughtered each other for no discernable purpose for months on end, and the mangled bodies from one side, plus the occasional civilian, were brought into the read more

Tomgram: Beverly Gologorsky, Health Care That Makes Us Ill

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Recently, at a rally in Wisconsin, President Trump implicitly attacked the late Senator John McCain over Obamacare: “We should’ve had health care, but one man decided to vote against it.” He was referring to the Republican Senate’s 2017 attempt at a “skinny repeal” of the Affordable read more

Humanitarian Aid Blocked from Entering Venezuelan Embassy in Washington D.C.

Two months ago, I heard a story. You heard it too, if you went anywhere near a television or a newspaper in the United States. The government of Venezuela needed to be overthrown because it wouldn’t allow in humanitarian aid.

The story was false, of course. The United States had imposed brutal sanctions on Venezuela for years, resulting in 40,000 deaths (with more being added every day) and sought to read more

The Line Between U.S. Prisons and Death Camps

Ethics classes in U.S. philosophy departments are pathologically obsessed with imaginary scenarios, often involving trollies, that purport to demonstrate some people’s greater acceptance of causing death or suffering if they don’t have to physically, directly, immediately cause it. Some people would supposedly pull a switch so that a trolley killed one person rather than staying on another track and killing five people, but wouldn’t push one person onto a track to save five people.

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Why we need alternative media and FAIR: Failed ‘Coup’ a Fake Corporate News Story Designed to Trick Venezuelan Soldiers — and the Public

By Dave Lindorff

After days of breathless reporting in the US media about public and military support for Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro collapsing, and about an April 30 coup by presidential poseur Juan Guaidó, we now know the truth:  The whole thing was a fraud, staged at the instigation of Washington in hopes that the Venezuelan people and rank-and-file troops would fall for the trick and there was an actual coup.

We also know, from an excellent  read more