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*CONFERENCE* STOPPING THE MERCHANTS OF DEATH: A Strategic Conference for Grassroots Activists

Calling all organizations working to expose and stop corporations’ war making and war profiteering! Drawing upon the spirit, the experience and success of the Honeywell campaign*, the War Resisters League, in conjunction with Alliant Action, Nukewatch, Veterans for Peace—Twin City Chapter, University of St. Thomas Justice and Peace Studies Dept., and the Des Moines Catholic Worker are sponsoring a national networking and strategy conference to build a cohesive local and national anti-corporate movement to develop strategies for stopping corporate merchants of death.

An officer says No to 'war crimes'

First commissioned officer to refuse
Posted by Evan Derkacz,

Today, as his Stryker Brigade leaves for the Air Force Base that will transport them to Iraq, Lt. Ehren Watada becomes the first commissioned officer to refuse deployment claiming that "[my]participation would make me party to war crimes."

When Watada, who had attempted to resign his commission at least twice, learned in May that his request was denied, he simply refused to deploy, saying:



Ft. Lewis, WA-- First Lieutenant Ehren K. Watada refused orders today to deploy to Iraq as his Stryker Brigade began deployment. He reported to duty at 2:00 a.m. at Ft Lewis, WA, and refused orders to move to the adjacent McChord Air Force Base to prepare to fly to Iraq. Lt. Watada believes that the war and occupation in Iraq are illegal, and thus participation in the war is also illegal. Lt. Watada's attorney Eric Seitz said, "This morning Lt. Watada has been restricted to base without any actual charges or proper process. By placing a complete gag order on Lt. Watada, the military has again shown that their first concern is silencing Lt. Watada's speech in opposition to the illegal war in Iraq. We will immediately challenge these highly questionable and improper restrictions."



Ft. Lewis, WA-- First Lieutenant Ehren K. Watada refused orders today to deploy to Iraq as his Stryker Brigade began deployment. He reported to duty at 2:00 a.m. at Ft Lewis, WA, and refused orders to move to the adjacent McChord Air Force Base to prepare to fly to Iraq. Lt. Watada believes that the war and occupation in Iraq are illegal, and thus participation in the war is also illegal. He has been ordered to remain on site pending further orders from his commanding officer and cannot make or receive phone calls or any other form of communication.

Clowns Take Over Recruiting Station

The Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (CIRCA) occupied the military recruitment center in downtown Oakland for about 45 minutes until we were forced out and the center shut down for the day. Gooooo Clowns! (Lots of silly pictures)

Woman Soldier Refuses Return to Iraq, Claiming Sexual Harassment

By Suzanne Goldenberg, Guardian / UK

A female soldier in the US military has refused to serve in Iraq, accusing some of her superiors of using the war zone as a pretext for sexual harassment.

In what is believed to be the first case of a soldier refusing to serve because she feared sexual harassment, Suzanne Swift, 21, a specialist with the 54th military police company, told the Guardian she did not join her unit when it left for a second tour of duty in Iraq because it meant a return to a regime of harassment.

WMD Found in North Dakota: Disarmament Begins

A Roman Catholic Priest and two Veterans went to a Minuteman III silo
this morning and began to disarm the nuclear weapon using hammers.
Reverend Carl Kabat, OMI, Gregory Boertje-Obed, and Michael Walli
entered the E-9 missile silo on the Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara Nation in
North Dakota about 75 miles southwest of Minot. Using a sledgehammer and
household hammers, they disabled the lock on the personnel entry hatch

June 16, 2006 Trial for Scaling Fence at Pentagon on March 20

By Joy First

I wanted to share with you my experiences at the trial I participated in on June 16. As many of you know, I was arrested on March 20 at the Pentagon, along with 50 peace activists committed to nonviolent civil resistance, including Janet Parker from Madison. Approximately 250 peace activists marched from the Lincoln Memorial to the Pentagon to demand an end to the war and occupation of Iraq. We carried a coffin representing all the Iraqis and US soldiers who had died as a result of the war. Our goal was to deliver our message to end the war to Donald Rumsfeld. Cindy Sheehan and Michael Berg participated in the march, and Michael Berg was one of the 51 people arrested.

MacGregor Eddy's statement to Judge Magistrate Federman upon sentencing

On June 15, I was sentenced to two years probation, suspended
jail time and a $2,500 fine for my arrest at Vandenberg Air Force Base
during the Keep Space for Peace protest on October 8, 2005.
Before sentencing I was allowed to make a statement and I chose to quote
CG Weeramantry, world court judge and author of Armageddon or Brave New
World? Reflections on the Hostilities in Iraq.

Resistance in the U.S. military to the War on Iraq

By Ann Wright, US Army Reserve Colonel Retired and former US diplomat

As a 29 year Army and Army Reserves veteran, I am horrified to see the politicalization of the U.S. military under the Bush administration. The “ethics and professionalism” of the U.S. military has been targeted for destruction by the civilian appointees of this administration. They want “yes” men and women who do not question the legality of the policies of the administration. Tragically, from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs on down, Rumsfeld and crew have been successful in stifling professional discussion within the military, with the exception of former Army Chief of Staff Shinseki and now six retired generals. Under the Bush administration, there is no accountability or responsibility for criminal actions; privates and sergeants are court-martialed, while senior civilian and military leaders responsible for the criminal policies are free.

Tacoma congregation declares 'sanctuary' for war resisters

Linda Bloom * (646) 3693759* New York {374}

By Paul Jeffrey

TACOMA, Wash. (UMNS) - In the middle of a city surrounded by military bases, a United Methodist congregation is opening wide its doors to military personnel who may question the legitimacy of orders to fight in Iraq.

The administrative council of Tacoma's First United Methodist Church voted unanimously June 11 to declare the church a "sanctuary" for members of the armed forces with moral qualms about participating in military activities that may violate their conscience.

JUNE 27 "National Day of Action" To Stand With Lt.Watada!

On June 7th, 2006, U.S. Army First Lieutenant Ehren Watada
became the first commissioned officer to publicly announce his
opposition to the Iraq war and his intent to refuse to deploy with
his unit to Iraq.

“My son, 1st Lt. Ehren Watada, is not the same person who
entered the military service three years ago. His decision to refrain
from deploying to Iraq comes through much soul searching. It is an act of

Anti-war activist lauds officer's refusal to fight

By Sara Jean Green, Seattle Times

A Fort Lewis lieutenant's refusal to go to Iraq because he believes the war is illegal "won't be easy," but it just might "save his soul," a retired Army colonel and former State Department official who has become a prominent anti-war activist said Monday in Seattle's University District.

Ann Wright appeared with 1st Lt. Ehren Watada and his parents at a news conference at University Lutheran Church to announce a national day of action June 27, when anti-war demonstrations will be held in cities across the country in support of Watada.

Soldier's Iraq war stance backed

Watada has right to refuse to go, retired officer says

With his Fort Lewis-based Stryker Brigade possibly deploying to Iraq in the coming weeks, Lt. Ehren Watada has picked up the public endorsement of a retired Army colonel and diplomat who also contends the war there is illegal.

Speaking at University Lutheran Church in Seattle, retired Col. Ann Wright said Monday night that the artillery-targeting officer has the right to disobey "illegal orders."

Personal Testimony to the Court

U. S. District Court, Eastern Division of Virginia, Judge Thomas Jones, Presiding
Personal Testimony to the Court, June 16, 2006

Your Honor, I am Clark Gabriel Field, from Evansville, Indiana, father of an eighteen-year-old son, Phillip, and husband of Alice Bernadette - I'm sixty-nine years old.

(During the Viet Nam War, I volunteered to be an army chaplain; however, upon getting more information, I withdrew and intensified my protest against the U. S.' massive aggression against that small nation.)* Years ago, I wrote my Congressmen; (picketed the U. S. Court House back home,) attended meetings, marched in the streets, and ultimately came to Washington to march and sit in at the Capital. I was arrested, protesting the U. S. war against Viet Nam.

Hearing today for woman accused of jumping Pentagon fence

A Delaware activist is scheduled to get a hearing today in northern Virginia on charges stemming from her arrest during a March protest at the Pentagon.

June Eisley says she was one of several protesters who scaled a fence during a protest marking the third anniversary of the Iraq war. She says the protesters wanted to present Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld with a list of soldiers killed in Iraq.

Joshua Key Explains What Made Him Desert for a Fugitive’s Life

Suffering Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after Serving in Iraq, Joshua Key Explains What Made Him Desert for a Fugitive’s Life
By Neil Mackay, Sunday Herald

IT was March 2003, just days after the US invasion of Iraq. Joshua Key was driving along the banks of the Euphrates near the town of Ramadi in his tank when he came upon a scene that has since engraved itself into his memory: US troops kicking the decapitated heads of Iraqis around in the sand in an impromptu game of football.

Sheehan supports U.S. deserters in Canada

By CAROLYN THOMPSON, Associated Press

A group of American military deserters publicly embraced their new lives in Canada on Saturday with the support of "peace mom" Cindy Sheehan, who said she wished the son she lost in Iraq was among them.

"I begged him not to go to Iraq," the anti-war activist said through tears at a rally in support of the former soldiers, who wore black T-shirts emblazoned with "AWOL." "And I wish he was standing up here with these people because he didn't want to go."


Contact: David Solnit June 19, 2006 510-967-7377

6:15pm (changed from 6pm), Monday June 19, 2006
University Lutheran Church, 1604 NE 50th St. @ 16th Ave. NE, Seattle, WA

SEATTLE - June 19 - Army Colonel (Ret.) and diplomat Ann Wright joins
those publicly supporting Lieutenant Ehren Watada's decision to refuse
"illegal" orders to deploy to Iraq in the coming week. Colonel Wright,


CONTACT: Max Obuszewski 410-323-7200, ext. 31 or mobuszewski [at]

WHO: The Pledge of Resistance-Baltimore, part of a network formed by
national peace groups, engages in nonviolent resistance to protest the
occupation of Iraq. The Pledge is part of the National Campaign for
Nonviolent Resistance [NCNR] and a member of United For Peace & Justice.

On March 20, NCNR organized From Mourning to Resistance - March on the

Military Personnel Refusing War

EHREN WATADA, via David Solnit,
Available for a limited number of interviews, First Lt. Watada is
the first commissioned officer to publicly refuse to deploy to the war
in Iraq. He said today: "I am wholeheartedly opposed to the continued
war in Iraq, the deception used to wage this war, and the lawlessness
that has pervaded every aspect of our civilian leadership." He stated at

Troops refusing Iraq duty get a haven


Prompted by a Fort Lewis Army officer's decision to refuse to fight in Iraq, the First United Methodist Church of Tacoma has declared itself a sanctuary for servicemen and servicewomen who also don't want to go to Iraq.

The 300-member congregation's administrative council voted last weekend to open its doors beginning this Saturday after 1st Lt. Ehren Watada announced that he thinks the war in Iraq is illegal and that he has sought to resign his commission.

AWOL Soldier Returns To Fort Lewis

By Tracy Vedder

EUGENE, ORE. - Another Fort Lewis soldier is refusing to go to Iraq, but this time, it's a woman.

And she claims she was the victim of ongoing sexual assault and harassment during her first tour in the country.

Military police brought Suzanne Swift back to Fort Lewis in handcuffs Tuesday. She's accused of deserting her military police unit just before they were supposed to go back to Iraq.

Drop Investigation into Lt. Watada's Protected Free Speech Against Illegal War

Contact Army to Demand: “Drop Investigation into Lt. Watada's Protected Free Speech Against Illegal War”

On Wednesday, June 7th U.S. Army First Lieutenant Ehren Watada became the first U.S. commissioned officer to publicly speak out in opposition to the Iraq War and occupation. Lt. Watada outlined why he believes the war to be illegal, and why he would have to refuse to obey any future order to participate in it.

Monona (WI) Woman Going to Court for Scaling Fence at Pentagon

CONTACT: Joy First, cell – 608-239-4327

Madison, WI & Washington, DC. - Joy First will be returning to Alexandria, Va for a mandatory court appearance June 16, after being arrested with Madison resident Janet Parker and 49 others from around the country at the Pentagon on March 20, 2006.

On March 20, a group of 250 people, including Cindy Sheehan and Michael Berg, marched to the Pentagon to demand that Donald Rumsfeld, an architect of the war in Iraq, stop the war because it is an illegal and immoral action. They carried a coffin representing all the people who have been killed as a result of the war. At the Pentagon, a temporary fence had been erected to stop the peace activists from delivering their message to Rumsfeld. Fifty-one activists were arrested when they climbed over the fence as they continued to press towards the Pentagon to deliver their message.


Joni LeViness and her attorney, Rex Friend, presented testimony and legal

arguments; that Joni’s crossing out of the permitted area to assist in making a citizen’s

arrest of Halliburton’s CEO was similar to going through a fence to put out a prairie fire.

A minor violation of law is necessary and justified when done to prevent a far greater

harm, such as Halliburton’s acts which destroy eco-systems and violate worker rights, as


By Max Obuszewski

We have assumed the name of peacemaker, but we have been, by and large, unwilling to pay any significant price. And because we want peace with half a heart and half a life and will, the war, of course, continues, because the waging of war, by its nature, is total, but the waging of peace, by our own cowardice, is partial..... We cry peace and cry peace and there is not peace. There is no peace because the making of peace is at least as costly as the making of war, at least as exigent, at least as disruptive, at least as liable to bring disgrace, prison and death in its wake." Daniel Berrigan, No Bars to Manhood, 1970

The Marine Who Saw Too Much

By Peter Laufer, AlterNet

The following text is an excerpt from Peter Laufer's new book, "Mission Rejected: U.S. Soldiers Who Say No to Iraq" (Chelsea Green, 2006).

Recruiters convinced a listless Californian named Daniel to join the Marines. On September 11, 2001, he was taking classes at a junior college near San Jose while holding down two jobs: managing a PurWater store and squeezing fruit at a Jamba Juice stand.

Fear for my daughter

By Sara Rich

It started out with being scared for her life when she signed up for
the military. She assured me that she was promised she would not go to
Iraq. I was not as trusting.

She was sent to Iraq right out of her basic training. She assured me
she would be ok as we cried while she was packing. One of her Sgt.
assured me. "Don't worry Ma'am, we'll take good care of your daughter."

Eugene Soldier refuses to deploy to Iraq


EUGENE, Ore. -- A 21-year-old woman who refused to deploy with her Army unit to Iraq for a second tour has been arrested and will be returned to Fort Lewis, Wash., Eugene police said Monday.

Eugene Police spokesman Sgt. Rich Stronach said Spec. Suzanne Swift, 21, told officers she did not want to go back to Iraq. She was picked up Sunday night at the request of the Army.


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