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Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer cosponsoring "Iran Freedom Support Act" in the senate

Feinstein we expected but Barbara Boxer! This just after Barbara Lee and Lynn Woolsey vote for the Iran Freedom Support Act in the House. Someone needs to stop the flow of flouride in the congressional water WTF!!!

Thank you to the WhatReallyHappened reader who has alerted me to the fact that Rick Santorum has already introduced the “Iran Freedom Support Act” in the US senate and with 58 cosponsors the vote is only a formality. It turns out we have 21 democrats to thank for this act’s easy passage and wouldn’t you know it the AIPAC
website has the list of cosponsors. The following Democrats COSPONSORED this bogus legislation including the infamous Barbara Boxer, known as the only Democrat in the senate to stand up for democracy when challenging the election November 2004.

Daniel Akaka (HI)
Max Baucus (MT)
Evan Bayh (IN)
Barbara Boxer (CA)
Maria Cantwell (WA)
Kent Conrad (ND)
John Corzine (NJ)
Mark Dayton (MN)
Byron Dorgon (ND)
Richard Durbin (IL)
Dianne Feinstein (CA)
Tim Johnson (SD)
Herb Kohl (WI)
Mary Landriew (LA)
Carl Levin (MI)
Joe Lieberman (CT)
Lincoln Blanche (AR)
Barbara Mikulski (MD)
Ben Nelson (NE)
Bill Nelson (FL)
Debbie Stabenow (MI)

I think Green Party senate candidate Rae Vogeler(WI) says it well...

“If the history of the Iraq conflict tells us anything, it is that the results of regime change in Iran will be disastrous,” Vogeler said. “The U.S. economy will slide deeper into debt and possibly recession. The Middle East will slide further into chaos. The U.S. will be further isolated internationally. There will be greater anger among 1.2 billion Muslims from the Middle East to the South Pacific. Oil prices will continue to skyrocket. There will be more pointless death and destruction.”

“I am very concerned, perhaps more than our current administration and Senator Kohl, about the dangers of nuclear proliferation,” added Vogeler. “The U.S has more nuclear weaponry than any other nation. We have ten thousand nuclear war heads and Iran has none. Let’s stop nuclear proliferation by beginning to disarm here at home.”

“Sanctions on Iraq destroyed millions of Iraqi lives,” added Vogeler. “Economic sanctions are the ultimate weapons of mass destruction and the first strike in almost any war.”

I also applaud his his efforts to do his part to take back OUR congress. The way things are looking, there is not much hope for change even if we do elect a democratic congress(and that is only if they bother counting our votes next time).I don’t believe the Green Party is necessarily the best method however. There are many Democratic and Republican primaries still open. Many times these traitors to our country continue to get elected without a real challenger. Everyone needs to take the time to find out what is happening in their state and if need be run yourself or at least find a real challenger you can get behind and do everything you can to help them get elected. In the process of this primary and general election season we also need to do everything we can to expose the election fraud that is taking place in this country. Remember the exit polls? Time is running out folks, it is time to take back our country!

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Give Rae Vogeler a chance to help you- she is a serious GOP candidate. Early in her campaign, peace activist Vogeler attracted support well beyond her base in the Green Party. With hundreds of volunteers and a full-time staff, Vogeler is the real deal in upstart campaigns-so include her in your fight.

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