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Sixty-One Congress Members Sign Onto Rep. DeFazio's Letter to Bush on Iran

Signers of DeFazio letter to President Bush re: Iran and congressional war powers
April 2006

1. DeFazio
2. Paul
3. Stark
4. Nadler
5. Kaptur
6. Kucinich
7. Bobby Scott
8. Inslee
9. Doggett
10. Allen
11. Sanders
12. Wu
13. Waters
14. McDermott
15. Slaughter
16. Farr
17. Lee
18. George Miller
19. Crowley
20. Hinchey
21. DeLauro
22. Pascrell
23. Gutierrez
24. John Lewis
25. Mike Thompson
26. Schakowsky
27. Timothy Bishop
28. Napolitano
29. Serrano
30. Boswell
31. Woolsey
32. Filner
33. Hooley
34. McGovern
35. Abercrombie
36. Honda
37. Holt
38. Baldwin
39. McCollum
40. Payne
41. Maloney
42. Conyers
43. Blumenauer
44. Millender-McDonald
45. Owens
46. Solis
47. Costello
48. Obey
49. Bennie Thompson
50. Fattah
51. Frank
52. Leach
53. Capps
54. Kilpatrick
55. Eddie Bernice Johnson
56. Grijalva
57. John Larson
58. Jackson-Lee
59. McKinney
60. Watson
61. Sherrod Brown
62. Meehan



May 4, 2006
TO: Foreign Policy LA
RE: Please sign on to Rep. DeFazio’s letter to President Bush regarding the War Powers Act and Iran by 6:00 PM today.

The below 12 organizations, representing diverse communities and foreign policy expertise, believe that Iran is, at the earliest, several years away from developing a nuclear weapon, that direct diplomacy needs to occur and that the U.S. should be clear that it will not use nuclear weapons on Iran.

That said, should the Bush or any Administration decide it must use force as a last resort, we want to remind the Administration that U.S. Constitution grants Congress this power.

We urge your Representative to sign the pasted and attached letter to the President from Representative DeFazio. If they have already done so, we would like to thank them.

48 current signatories include:

Reps. Paul, Schakowsky, Abercrombie, Honda, Baldwin, Millender-McDonald, Jackson-Lee, George Miller, Lee, Sanders, Sherrod Brown, Doggett, McGovern, McCollum, McDermott, Blumenauer, Serrano, Inslee, John Lewis, Payne, Kucinich, Conyers, Watson, Holt, Stark, Nadler, Kaptur, Bobby Scott, Allen, Wu, Waters, Slaughter, Farr, Hinchey, DeLauro, Pascrell, Gutierrez, Mike Thompson, Napolitano, Timothy Bishop, Boswell, Hooley, Filner, Woolsey, Maloney, Kilpatrick, Fattah and Larson.

For your boss to sign, please contact Mr. Vinson below by 6:00 PM, Tuesday, May 2

Tom Vinson
Legislative Director
U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR)


Terri S. Lodge
Arms Control Advocacy Collaborative

John Isaacs
Council for a Livable World

Kirsten Moller
Executive Director
Global Exchange

Helen Caldicott
Nuclear Policy Research Institute

Kevin M. Martin
Executive Director
Peace Action

Tim Carpenter
Executive Director
Progressive Democrats of America

Kathleen Gwynn
President & CEO
Steven and Michele Kirsch Foundation

Col. Richard L. Klass, USAF (retired)
Veterans Alliance for Security and Democracy

Rob Keithan
Director, Washington Office for Advocacy
Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations

Susan Udry
Legislative Coordinator
United for Peace and Justice
A coalition of over 1,400 peace and justice organizations

David Swanson
After Downing Street


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