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How the United States Marked the 3rd Anniversary of the Downing Street Memo

How the United States Marked the 3rd Anniversary of the Downing Street Memo
By David Swanson

Hundreds of people were turned away today as capacity crowds packed public forums in U.S. cities to discuss the Downing Street Memo and related evidence that President Bush lied about the reasons for war. Halls were filled to capacity and beyond in LA, Oakland, Seattle, Detroit, Northampton, New York, and elsewhere, for events led by Congress Members, including Maxine Waters, Barbara Lee, Jim McDermott, John Conyers, and Maurice Hinchey.

For the second time in the two months since we launched the campaign, I've been overwhelmed by what we've tapped into. The first time was when we put up a website about the Downing Street minutes and a demand for an investigation into grounds for impeachment. I'd never seen a coalition grow so quickly or a website receive so much traffic. Today we saw crowds of people in red and blue states chant "Impeach Bush!" at events with leaders not yet ready to use the I word. The much maligned American Public is way out ahead of us – I'm telling you.

I need to get outside the Beltway more! Today I did so, briefly. I drove over and spoke at an event in Montgomery County, Maryland. The questions I got from the crowd were along the lines of "Why is it so hard to get a Democrat from a solidly Democratic district to introduce articles of impeachment? What are they waiting for?"

It's a hell of a question. They know that a Zogby poll in the end of June – the ONLY poll done on impeachment of Bush – found that 42 percent of Americans (meaning a strong majority of Democrats) favor impeachment if the President lied about the reasons for war. They know that 52 percent believe he did in fact so lie, according to ABC/Washington Post.

What are they waiting for?

If they're waiting for a show of public pressure, they got a good glimpse of it today. The blog entries and photos and audio clips that flowed into the site all day were full of energy, excitement, enthusiasm, and righteous anger.

At an event in Detroit with Congressman Conyers, constitutional law professor Bob Sedler asked the crowd if Bush had committed impeachable offenses, and the whole room shouted "YES!"

The scene in New York was similar. Quoting our blogger:

"I hope many of you are watching this amazing event online. This is a [sic] both a rowdy and a mature crowd! Liz Holtzman was awarded--and she deserved--a standing ovation for her tales of the Nixon Impeachment and her sane cautions about the difficulty of getting Congress to act.

"It will only happen, she reminded us, via the WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

"And now Rep. Hinchey is on fire--clear and direct and comprehensive in his exposition of the various crimes that the Bush Administration has, provably, committed.

"It is incredible to be in this hot hall and to feel the energy of the overflow crowd. The will of the people is remarkably clear here..."

Other reports that came in from around the country described events as small as this one in Ohio:

"Twelve peacemakers from NE Ohio gathered at the Community Center of Newton Falls (zipcode 44444) to hear a dramatic reading of the Downing Street memo and engage in a lively discussion of local peace events and social justice issues. The entrance to the Community Center is prominently marked by a memorial to four young men from this small town who lost their lives in the War in Vietnam. We felt their spirit among us crying out to a new generation: the politicians lied and we died! Honor the dead - reveal the truth and stop the war!"

Or this one in Louisville, Kentucky:

"On this blistering hot day, the Louisville Peace Action Community (LPAC) held its DSM event at a busy intersection in a working class neighborhood in Louisville's southend.

"We had about 40 people with signs & petitions and we had great visibility--thousands of cars saw us and many, many pedestrians talked to us. In our group we had an 82-year-old nun & several babies.

"We also had a visit from 'George Bush' on a megaphone telling people NOT to read the Memo, because he didn't want them to know the truth. He sounded as stupid as ever.

"We had an overwhelmingly positive response and were glad to find a good new intersection for future actions. After two hours in the blazing heat, we hit a local watering hole for a round of congratulations and good laughs. The truth will prevail."

Many events were house parties, like this one:

"A motivated and committed group has gathered at a house party in Raleigh, NC to watch the DVD of the Conyers' hearing and to continue the lively discussion we've already started. We have twice the expected turnout, with participants from all over the Triangle area. We're excited about building on this momentum and adding even more voices to this movement."

Will the media cover these events and the facts that motivated them?

I know of some newspapers, including major ones, doing stories for tomorrow. But the focus appears likely to be on the activism, more than the substance of the discussions. And there was substance!

Former CIA analysts testified on the state of intelligence under Bush-Cheney. Families of soldiers who have died in Iraq, and veterans of the fighting in Iraq told their stories. Legal analysts and other experts provided historical perspective and understanding of the strength of the evidence.

Every event discussed the evidence of the Downing Street Documents. Most events made plans to generate co-sponsors for H.Res. 375, a Resolution of Inquiry introduced by Congresswoman Lee on Thursday that would require the White House and the State Department to turn over all documentation of communications with officials of the UK between January and October 2002.

In New York, Congressman Hinchey engaged in an analysis of strategies related to expanding the special prosecutor's reach or creating a new one. In Oakland, Daniel Ellsberg, known for having released the Pentagon Papers, said that the intelligence committees in Congress have the right to hold minority hearings with subpoena power and argued for pressuring the Democrats to do that rather than pressuring the Republicans to act like they care about their country.

A "mainstream" radio station in one city called me to get in touch with someone at a local event. "It would be impolitic," the producer said, with no sign of intending irony, to simply cover what's in the Downing Street Memo. But, he said, he COULD cover a rally.

C-Span, meanwhile, chose not to cover any of the events, not because the lineup of speakers was not impressive, but – according to their reply to one activist – because they choose not to cover events if too many people ask them to do so. (We asked thousands of people to ask C-Span, which in the past has worked much more often than not doing that has.)

At least we can be satisfied that on this day we became the media and did our own reporting. The results are at

My favorite of the various short entries I posted today is this one:

"I just got off the phone with Bill Moyer of the Backbone Campaign in Seattle. They, like the organizers today in New York, Oakland, Los Angeles, and Northampton, had to turn people away because the space was filled beyond capacity.

"Congressman Jim McDermott, I'm told, gave a tremendous speech, as did spokespeople from Military Families Speak Out, and as I'm sure Bill did himself.

"They also performed a humurous reenactment of the Downing Street Meeting.

"Then they organized groups to write letters to the media, to Congress, and to the Governor of Washington State.

"When I told Bill about the events eleswhere today, he said 'It's the beginning of the end for the Bush Administration.'"

DAVID SWANSON is a co-founder of After Downing Street, a writer and activist, and the Washington Director of He is a board member of Progressive Democrats of America, and serves on the Executive Council of the Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild, TNG-CWA. He has worked as a newspaper reporter and as a communications director, with jobs including Press Secretary for Dennis Kucinich's 2004 presidential campaign, Media Coordinator for the International Labor Communications Association, and three years as Communications Coordinator for ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. Swanson obtained a Master's degree in philosophy from the University of Virginia in 1997.


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Here's more on the protest in Hollywood.

This so called President,Mr. Bush,and his Administration ,and the confused supporters are arrogance,nasty,and mean spirit,and we must keep the pressure going to bring back peace, justice,and Civil Rights,plus Civil Liberties to take back Our Country meaning for the American peoples once again.We owes this to our young,and brave Men's/Women's who have paided the utimate price by giving up their lives to be sented to fight an unjust War which apparently was only for self gain,and greed.This Administration reminds me of an old Star Trek show with Captain James T. Kirk where he was on a plantet that was controled by a rock cages that had a face,and processed a powerful force sheild,and had mind control over the citizens,and it tryed to eliminate Captain Kirk,and its Crew.They freeded the citizen by not allowing them to feed this power called Void,and at the right time turned the Starship enterprise Phasers on this object which took a little while to finally overtake his force sheild but Captain Kirk instructed Scotty to continue fireing the Phasers without stoping until Void was defeated. This Administration is like Void they will not quick,tell the truth to the American peoples or anything else that will benefit the American peoples,and the pressure that is going on now against this Administration for Justice,and the Truth,and for to take back our Country for the American peoples as our Forefathers mend for it to be in which they must be turning over in their resting place by now by what this Radical Administration is doing,but we the American peoples must be that Phaser for our Soldiers ,and Children's and Grandchildren's by keeping the pressure on for true freedom,peace,and Democracy.We can't quit,adjust,or stop fighting for what true Democracy really is,and how important it is for all peoples around the Globe.

Eichman Patriots:

I watched editors Jim Kelly – Time and Mark Whitaker – Newsweek on C-Span explaining that they present the news without fear or favor. In disgust I re-visited the Iraqi family blogs on my computer to find out the real situation in Iraq. There are at least five blogs direct from Iraq and they all agree that Iraq under the Americans is much worse than it was under Sadam Hussein. The American people have been fed propaganda that would shame Dr. Goebles. When the Iraq body-count dossier was released it revealed that 37% of Iraq civilian casualties were caused by US troops and 9% were caused by “terrorists

I know the MSM calls the DSM "old" news, but what about the hearings, the 3rd Anniversary angle, the rallies and town hall meetings? What about, as Paul Harvey says, "The rest of the story"?

I am very excited to see so many folks finally speaking out, but this letter should not have been printed until all the grammatical errors had been corrected. This is not a very good representation of Democrats who want to convince the American people that this administration should be removed. Please be careful what you print, so as not to make us look quite so uneducated.

I read this letter as someone new to our country and new to our language. WE DO NEED EVERYONE TO BE INFORMED AND SPEAK OUT. A little FYA here. I was at a PF Chang's on Sunday, being served by some very intelligent, articulate college students. I asked them if they had every heard of the Downing Street Memos. None of them had!!!! Where are the college Dems? It was the college activism that made the country listen about Viet Nam.

It's success like this that makes me proud to be part of this Coalition. Reading back to Lorenzo's post, we need to keep firing our phasers until we can defeat this Void.

And once more, happy DSM Day to everyone who wishes to turn America back in the right direction.

I'll keep it brief.
4 posts in this subject.
Bravo!!! First us four, next...the WORLD!!!!!
Conyers wasted a perfectly humid Saturday, when he could have attempted reading the Patriot Act (for once).

Democratic Members are:

Jane Harman, CA
Alcee L. Hastings, FL
Silvestre Reyes, TX
Robert E. (Bud) Cramer, AL
Anna G. Eshoo, CA
Rush D. Holt, NJ
C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger, MD
John Tierney, MA

Since these Democrats are the ones on this committee, and since they can hold minority meetings, they represent us....all of us.

Minority meetings with SUBPOENA powers!

Democrat Members:

Carl Levin, MI
Dianne Feinstein, CA
Ron Wyden, OR
Evan Bayh, IN
Barbara A. Mikulski, MD
Jon S. Corzine, NJ

Carl Levin is my Senator. I have been e-mailing him, and getting some really thoughtful responses. I don't think it is our Dem Congressmen we have to convince.

It is clear that President Bush intended to invade Iraq because of his own agenda and not because Iraq was a theat to the security of the United States. The Downing Street Memo proves this. PLEASE, do not ignore this fact. PLEASE, don't let this pass without the proper response. Bush's policies are outrageous, and for the first time in my life, I am fearful for the future of our great country. Bush should be impeached.

The good news is David Swanson is wrong. C-SPAN covered the Inglewood, CA event hosted by Con. Maxine Waters. Check C-SPAN web-site for air-date.

Hundreds of Blacks, Whites, Latinos, and Asians gathered in a hall on a sweltering day in Inglewood for a standing-room-only 'Out of Iraq Teach-in.' An over-flow crowd of another couple of hundred wated outside and listened on out-door speakers.

Swanson mistakenly wrote:

We the righteous Americans who seek truth and accountability from our government, have become a "minority" to this..? This states clearly that the government, "our paid for public servants" puts themselves above the law, and above their constituents will, a clear picture of their loyalty..and beyond the fear of being "voted out", kicked out by the will of the people..think about what that means

I was so disappointed on Sunday morning, to find nothing in the NYT or the Detroit Free Press. As far as mainstream America knows, it what just another quiet day spent talking about Lance Armstrong and John Roberts. I called C-Span this morning to ask when the LA Rally would be shown. She didn't know. And what is this about C-Span choosing to not air a topic "if too many people ask for it"? Has it now been put up on their website? WE MUST KEEP UP THE HEAT ON THIS ADMIN. THERE ARE THOSE CONVINCED THAT CHENEY HAS HIS EYE ON IRAN NEXT.

Remember the republicans own all media....They aren't going to air anything that will hurt themselves. All you will see is fluffy stuff.

Remember the Democrats also own media. Remember that they also supported bombing Iraq, deadly sanctions. Remember that they also support the continuing occupation. Witness Nancy Pelosi's voting for the latest 82 billion dollar investment, and her rejection of any call, no matter how timid, of setting a date for withdrawal.

Resist both parties.

How are you going to resist both parties and still get Bush and Cheney (Cheney first) impeached? Who do you think does the impeaching? The Senate has the Constitutional power to take hold of the government when the Executive (Bush) is unable to handle the job. And God knows, Bush isn't sane enough for the job and Cheney is a thug. Both must be taken out. Of necessity, both parties must sign on to such a takeover. Right now, the group most likely is the so-called Gang of Fourteen, the same mix of Democratic and Republican Senators who stood up to Cheney's attempted coup on May 23rd. Remember the "nuclear option" incident? Well, that was it. This group is still together. I have a dream: that the US Senate with the support of the Pentagon seizes control, puts Bush under White House arrest, locks up Cheney, Rove, Libby and DeLay, guys too dangerous to be free to continue the harm they are doing. All these characters are guilty of several crimes, so charge them. Senate serves Cheney and Bush with the Articles of Impeachment. The American Enterprise Institute has all its communications cut. Senate members go on TV and radio, & Internet explaining their actions and purpose to get public support. I have no doubt it will be forthcoming. I have a dream: that the Senate then takes up the real issues facing this country, i.e. the financial/monetary crisis, saves the banks and the machine tool capacity of General Motors for the benefit of the American people. Amen, Amen.

Sorry I forgot about Rumsfeld. Support from the Pentagon is contingent upon removing Rumsfeld and his backers. There are plenty of military people who hate what is going on in Iraq who sill support a Senate takeover. Only with the Senate in control can the conditions for the withdrawl of US forces from Iraq be set. We all know Cheney/Bush/Rumsfeld will never end this war.

Wrong! It's the speaker of the house who is next in line after the president and vice-president. That means Hastert. After that it's the president pro-tem of the senate: Frist. This sure doesn't sound appealing to me.

When I read David Swanson's comment that C-Span had not covered the weekend's events in DC re 3rd anniversary of DSM, I called C-Span this morning to ask them. I got a young man on the phone who said he didn't know if C-Span covered DC's events. I asked him doesn't someone know? He said no--no one could tell me whether C-Span covered any of the events. Can you believe this? When I commented, why the vagueness,he hung up. My bet is that David Swanson is probably right--the evasiveness I got from this spokesperson for C-Span strongly suggests they didn't cover the events in DC. And if they didn't, it's deplorable and disgusting. C-Span is supported by public funds, isn't it?

Scant reportage by the media shouldn't surprise you at all, or discourage you either. The media is subservient to the Bush Administration. So much for the myth of the "liberal" press.

Of course the American Public is way ahead of the Congress. In a republic, the people are the true leaders.


The apocalyptic planetary situation,,
has made the job easy, but threatened for the philosophers. ALL kinds of ethic questions have been simplified and condensed to ONE superior existential question supplementing the class struggle problematic: Are you FOR or AGAINST survival of the planetary life ?

Based on scientific analysis, everything must be viewed and valued in the light of its pro- or contra planetary life quality.

You are GOOD if you actively fight the forces that are detrimental to the planetary life. You are EVIL if you do not.

The destructive forces threatening the planet are not difficult to identify.
All destructive power and viciousness is concentrated in the corporate US empire of evil.

On top of the evil is the bunch of fascistic religious fanatics, nazionists, neocons and other rightwing extremists within the corporate ruling US circles. The religious ones are looking forward to receiving their exclusive premiums after the the end of the world.

Their power bases - like those of Hitler and Bush - essentially are launching platforms for their deadly revenge for their evil childhood.

The culture of sadistic child mistreatment among white, in particular anglo-american, parents must stop now. From the point of view of Mother Earth, humiliation of a child is the absolutely worst of all crimes.

For 500 years it has been great fun and necessary for the sake of colonialism to torture the kids physically and mentally. But the sane part of human kind must now stop this luxurious sport, if the planet is to be saved.

The urgent cultural revolution must replace the 3000 years old unspeakably devastating set of 10 commandments by the ONE opposite, all deciding, Commandment: *Thou shalt give your child unlimited and unconditional love, respect, security and freedom to natural unfolding.*

The cultural revolution will be grossly enhanced by the eradication of the cancer tumor of the planet which immediately will be followed by a recovery from the worldwide cultural setback and metastatic oppression imposed by the empire of terror.

Depopulation is a significant part of the evil empire policies,;article=57307;show_parent=1

Next after the general imperialist policies with billions of victims, AIDS by far is the most successful of the US-made genocides serving its depopulation schemes,

The latest series of other US genocides include:
9/11 (with oceans of evidence against the official story, e.g. as pretext for
Afghanistan and Iraq
The December 26 tsunami,

The latest CIA/Mossad assassinations include:
- 48 leading biologists worldwide,
- former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri,
- car (not suicide) bombing of Iraqi mosques and seemingly meaningless assassinations of Shiite alternating with Sunni clerics for the purpose of instigating the civil war that is the only possible remaining pretext for the colonialists to stay on top of the Iraqi oil
- the London 7/7 terrorism,
- Sharm el-Sheikh.

What project will come up next ? Among the candidates are:

- US nuclear strike against its own territory, probably blamed on Iran,

- worldwide pandemic,

The revelation of these plans is due to deserted or dismissed CIA and FBI agents who left their jobs because they would not any more participate in the crimes demanded by Rumsfeld, neocons, etc.

A Peoples CIA using the same subtle methods as the corporate CIA/Mossad, but for the opposite purpose, should be contemplated.


- Evaporate the remainder of the thick cloud of spin of lies, deceit and hypocrisy that for two centuries efficiently has covered the REAL USA of naked genocide, slavery, aggression, exploitation, looting, racism, terror, torture and unspeakable suffering and death of billions and billions of victims worldwide,

- teach the world that CIA/Mossad is behind EVERY major political crime in the world, and not any more to let them get away with their corporate media purported routine false-flag tactics, whether blamed on oil producing arabs, *terrorists*, nature or other dissidents. Always ask: Who benefits from the crime?

- spread far and wide all information of revealed upcoming US/Israel false-flag crimes so as to preemptively neutralize them

- learn from the heroic Iraqi Resistance, form one billion diversified guerilla groups and drown the yankees in the ocean of people,

- ask armed resistance movements and Anti-Nazi countries, e.g. the new anti-US alliances (BRIC, South American alliances, Arab-South American Axis, etc.) for training and equipment for ousting the more than 1000 military/torture nazi bases in more than 130 countries

- support all of the new anti-US coalitions of countries and their demands that the nazis now shut down their *temporary* bases

- DESTROY THE US ECONOMY ! Accelerate the self-imposed coming US economic collapse by expanding the boycott of ALL US products ! Use euro in stead of dollar as reserve currency ! Demand that all countries, in particular the oil producing countries, shun the dollar ! China as the greatest creditor of the US has a special obligation to exterminate the dollar and thereby wipe out the mad dogs

- use the coming collapse of the dollar and corporate sector for taking over the corporations,

- break up the USA,

- publish Boyd Graves*s revelation that AIDS was created by the US for eradication of the African people, make the African and other governments make US accountable for economic compensation to all of the millions of victims and support Boyd Graves* demand that the curing drug described in US Patent Number 5676977, dated Oct. 14, 1997, be made available for all of the victims

- promote the cultural revolution that considers and punishes humiliation of a child as the most severe of all crimes and aims at a situation where no child is handled by anybody who does not love children as such, i.e. anybody who did not have a happy childhood

- the countries threatened by the nazis must learn from Iraq and Venezuela by arming the people and preparing for guerilla war before the nazis invade their countries.
The arsenal also should include smart weapons like the non-lethal but very efficient E-bomb,
It has recently been publicly recognized as THE solution to eradicate the cancer tumor of the planet,

The United Peoples

Randi Rhodes has stressed that the Judiciary Committee in the House of Representatives is the place where the impeachment process takes place.

Republicans will never do this.

Every single member of the House of Representatives is up for re-election in 2006.

If enough of us vote Democratic in 2006 for Congress members, (70%), the Republicans will not be able to steal the election.

We really have to do this!

How are we ever going to get anything done about Correcting.. At least Begin to...Turn this Country Around and put it back on the Road of Democracy for All...If there is still Some People out here who prefers to Shoot the ' Messenger of TRUTH.'..By aiming at his "Poor command of THE English Language ?? How Many languages can YOU write or Speak ? I bet None. Thank God there are people who See the Truth and Want to Broadcast it to those Too Blind to SEE . If not for Those , we would Stay in the Dark..blinded by LIES because that is Easier to DO, than Open up your Blind Eyes..And Help Save this Country from Those who Have a grip on our Throats and don`t show any inclination of Letting go... (without Some Forceful Persuasion from the PEOPLE OF THIS Country. ) GET Real. VGF

In the recent months since the revelation of the DSM to the public at large, Criminal Dubya, Inc. is scattering like roaches in the sunlight, trying to find their dark lair to hide the truth of the scandulous hypocrisy and greed that they are using to manipulate the fear amongst the civilized world and use the Arabs as their scapegoat for the war on terror.

Ever since the end of World War II, the U.S. government, amongst them included, Georgie, Jr's unscrupulous family members, Prescott Bush and George H.W. Bush, have been infiltrating in the affairs of many countries in the Middle East such as Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia and implementing and supporting these iron fisted dictators like the Shah of Iran, General Musharif of Pakistan, Saddam Hussein and Osama bin-Laden to suppress and anger the people of the Arab community for the oil profits and other corporate interests. This continuous gluttony of this filthy resource that has polluted our enviroment along with their exploiting our lust for purchasing these gas-guzzling "f-you" machines (SUV's) shows how these corporations will go to great lengths in putting our lives at risk with our weakness for materialism and the ever-greater demand for oil to get us from point-A to point-B when the United States has the power and potential to improve our mass transit systems and finding the use of alternative resources.

The war in Iraq is proof that George W. Bush is running the White House like it's a Texas-style oil company and is returning the favor to his corporate buddies to come along for the ride after their grateful contributions to his presidential campaign on the very backs and lives of those he's claiming to "serve and defend the great republic from the tyranny of terrorism". Never has there been such a hostile takeover as what this administration is presently doing while using and abusing our proficient military and our dear allies such as Great Britain, the grateful source of the DSM that we now know.

Who needs al-Qaeda to do the evil deed when there's IBM, Mobil, Halliburton, Enron etc.? As long as Criminal Dubya, Inc. has a stranglehold on our media, our civil liberties, our allies and our psyche, our peaceful future is in grave danger and we might as well have George Orwell be the framer of a "new" constitution instead of George Washington, Ben Franklin, James Madison, Samuel Adams and our other forefathers of patriotic dissent that has, until now, starting to rekindle in each and every one of us thanks to their contributions in developing this country; we should all owe them a return favor, especially against these corporate terrorists!!

Heart warming comments from America; a country (ditto England) that I held no hope for; I thought the Corporate Media had all your brains in thrall but, it seems you are waking up to the wiles of the Zionist in control there (and England, and Australia)!

Droll,how the Zionist central banks had foreknowledge of 9/11 and 7/7 and, adjusted the markets accordingly. It was that same masonic mob that destroyed Old Rome, and before that, Old Babylon; they financed Herr Hitler and the Bolsheviks; they keep the cannon fodder in Israel going until they are no longer needed. They control the media, government, universities and, specially the so-called economists. They are the true enemy of all mankind but, their protocols are perfectly true regarding the art of politics,and the control of the bovine/ovine herd. You can find on the www a copy of "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion". Read them, and see if they fit the way the world is governed. If you reckon the glove fits then, there you have the real owners of the world today, and the real enemy of all.

requested a meeting with Rep. Cheeks-Kilpatrick to discuss the issue of war crimes and a resolution of inquiry regarding evidence of impeachable offenses. I note the following sentence from my intial message: "Is there any time soon when Rep.Cheeks Kilpatrick will be in the District, and available for a meeting to discuss signing on to a resolution of inquiry regarding the evidence of impeachable offenses by the top officials of the Bush administration, in their campaign to create pretexts for their attack on Iraq?"

It is, I think rather obviously, extremely disappointing to me personally that my Congressional Representative summarily concludes that taking action regarding these issues is "too premature," without even attempting to schedule a meeting to discuss the matter. While I understand that the composition and current leadership of the Congress, among other realities,makes actual impeachment proceedings at this particular time impossible, I sincerely believe that a thorough discussion of tactical options, and developing a shared analysis could serve as the basis for effective action in the future. Without the opportunity to discuss these historic issues,
the essential meaning of your message, i.e., "It's wrong but nothing can be done," is a self-fulfilling proposition that ill-suits an elected legislator. It is absolutely imperative that the rule of law be restored in America, even (especially) at the highest levels of the executive branch of the federal government. Unless and until we sit down together to discuss how to go about doing that, the current catastrophe will continue to eat us alive. After over two years of a criminal, counterproductive, expensive and deadly war that has killed tens of thousands and permanently injured many more, to say that congress taking forceful action to confront the Bush/Cheney administration's lies and crimes is "premature" leaves me
somewhat stunned. How many more have to die before taking forceful action against those responsible for these atrocities will no longer be "premature?"

Tom Stephens

----- Original Message -----
From: "Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks-Kilpatrick"

Sent: Tuesday, July 19, 2005 5:53 PM
Subject: Responding to your message

July 19, 2005

Mr. Tom Stephens
4595 Hereford Street
Detroit, Michigan 48224

Dear Mr. Stephens:

Thank you for contacting me to encourage my support for an impeachment
resolution against President Bush for misleading the country into the war against Iraq. I have been a consistent critic of President Bush's handling of the war and was one of 133 Members of Congress who voted against giving the President the authority to use military force against Iraq.

We have known for some time that subsequent to the invasion there have been a variety of reasons proffered to justify the military action against Iraq, especially since it was discovered that Iraq possessed no weapons of mass destruction. The release of the so-called "Downing Street Memo" confirms that the United States and Great Britain clandestinely agreed to attack Iraq in 2002. Recently, ninety of my House colleagues and I shared our concerns about the issues raised in the memo with the President.

I agree that Congress should hold hearings to look into this matter, but it is too premature to suggest an impeachment investigation of the President's conduct in the lead up to the War in Iraq. Unfortunately, the likelihood of Congress conducting an oversight hearing is extremely remote given the current leadership in Congress. If more people like yourself communicated their support for Congress to demand greater accountability from the administration, I am confident that more scrutiny would be given to the President's leadership of the overall war effort.

Again, thank you for contacting me on this very important issue. Your views are appreciated and shared.

Carolyn Cheeks-Kilpatrick
Member of Congress

I recently watched a "Nightline" story of the current famine crisis in Niger, the second poorest country on earth, if not Africa, and not only was I appalled at their tragic plight of the millions of Nigerians dying of hunger and disease but how this criminal Bush administration used this innocent country as a source of Saddam Hussein's uranium supplier for "his weapons of mass destruction" and implementing their pathetically evil plan for going to war in Iraq.

If anyone can remember back in January of 2003 in his State of the Union address to the already duped Congress and the American people two months before the illegal war broke out, George W. Bush, "with retarded eloquence", claimed that he received CIA intelligence reports that Saddam Hussein brought uranium from Africa, primarily from Niger, and that the coordinated efforts of the UN weapons inspectors were no longer viable and significant enough even though Saddam was cooperative and allowed them to enter Iraq and inspect his weapons facilities whether the UN had announced their arrival or not. The question is: how can President Bush use a country like Niger as an accessory to Iraq's non-existent WMD program when Niger can't feed it's own people? Then you wonder why that scumbag Karl Rove retaliated on Joseph Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, not only for political reasons but trying to successfully engineer a sick neo-con plot to insult and manipulate fear into the American people and frame the dying Nigerians, who have more pressing problems of their own other than being Saddam's supplier of poisonous yellowcake uranium, and get away with it!

It was a good thing Joe Wilson went to Niger to double- and triple-check that false intelligence claim. He had provided enough of the added proof that George W. Bush, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney and the rest of those motherf---ers in the White House have no respect, sympathy nor mercy for either our troops and their families, the Iraqi people and the suffering Nigerians: neglected pawns for the Bush administration's sadistic and selfish ambitions!!

There is much that has been fascist. There is a larger agenda that began in the 1940's.
The Nazi Hydra ( Eichman ) and the Arabian Fascists ( Rommel ). There was CIA OPS Bloodstone, Paperclip and others that provided the foundation of the present problem.
This is a problem with fascism and not a relgious war. The Bush family has had long ties with the Nazi movement. Prescott was charged with the Trading With The Enemies Act violations. They got gold from Aushwitz.

The Carlyle Group in Washington, DC all stand to profit hugely from the contracts. Bechtel owes the tubes that were bombed in London. I smell a rat.

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