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Report from Oklahoma


Making The Sacrifice For Our Country, Its Around The Block, Just A Half Mile Down Classen Street, Its Happening In Oklahoma City

Today, Terra, Randy and myself (the Okcitykid) showed up at the Backdoor Coffee Shop for our third anniversary of the Downing Street Minutes get together. And to our surprise, Archive Video and Audio, AVA was there putting together an anti religious right skit. We found that to be interesting and they of course were interested in what we where doing, about that time Lisa showed up. We then watched a clip AVA was producing and they had shown some interest in clips we were playing on a Laptop Terra and Randy brought, during this time Amanda and her friend showed up.

It was almost a hundred degrees outside while it was a comfortable 73 degrees inside the air conditioning. But for our country we decided to make the sacrifice and go outside and show people signs that Randy and Terra had made. The AVA group also thought it was a worthy sacrifice, they also decided to make the sacrifice for their country and joined in. The heat was melting with sunlight blasting down upon us without a cloud in the sky, we stood out in the median on Classen. We felt proud of our country men realizing that no one would try to run us down. Some of them saw the signs and honked and waved as if they agreed with us. One individual however thought that he would show us the right way with his finger. Usually we would go along believing that the right way was the right way, but however, what do you do when the right way is the wrong way. This indeed is puzzling. Never-the-less, we will continue to point left, as it is, right now, seems to be the right way.

We have some really nice pictures, and as soon as they get uploaded, I'll post them for you.

At the end, Gaby, the counter person who worked at the coffee shop showed some interest and took some fliers and signed right up, just another member showed up, a lovely young lady (sorry, didn't get your name) - We had so much fun making the sacrifice for our country, that we decided to do this every Tuesday evening in front of the Backdoor Coffee Shop.

So come one, come all, each Tuesday everning at five, or show up by six, carry a sign, have a chat, take a seat and enjoy a fine cup of coffee, at the Backdoor Coffee Shop. Remember, we're doing this for our country.


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Can you use an internet connection at BackDoor Coffee Shop? Can we participate online 'live' via conference? With software such as Microsoft Netmeeting. Thank you. Keep the Faith!

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