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Patriots for Al Gore Requests Resolution of Inquiry


Patriots for Al Gore calls upon the U.S. House of Representatives to issue a Resolution of Inquiry regarding information contained in the Downing Street memo. We also call upon our representatives to put partisanship aside and to do what is right for the American people.

Auburn Ill. (PRWEB) July 8, 2005 -- The Downing Street Memo which was published in The London Times on May 1, 2005, gives us an insight into how the propaganda and policy was settled on in what we believe was a deliberate attempt by the U.S and British governments to mislead America and Britain into the war in Iraq.

It supports the assertions of many that the war was merely a manipulation and deception carried out for the benefit of those planning it at the expense of American lives and our constitution. It also brings forth many questions regarding the rationale behind the war in Iraq which must now be answered to account for the many lives lost and forever changed by it.

Patriots for Al Gore therefore calls upon a Resolution of Inquiry to be drafted by the U.S House of Representatives to seek justice for the following crimes committed against the American people, and violations of the U.S. Constitution by the Bush administration as a result of this information coming to light:

1. War crimes in violation of the Geneva Conventions.
2. Abuse of the power of the offices they obtained by less than Democratic methods, as outlined in our constitution.
3. Betrayal of the trust and good faith of the American people, with lies that led to the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians and the deaths of our own troops in the thousands. They must also take accountability for the thousands who have lost limbs, livelihoods, and hope.
4. Torture and human rights abuses committed against prisoners in Abu Ghraib, Iraq, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and in prisons in Afghanistan. These abuses are in violation of international law, as also outlined in the current report of Amnesty International. These abuses have resulted in the precipitation of more violence and terrorist activity, thus placing our people and troops here and abroad in more danger.

Until this Resolution of Inquiry is granted to seek accountability for these abuses, we will never know the truth behind this war, and the souls of those lost will never be at peace.
Political party matters not in this cause. We stand beside all Americans regardless of Party to demand that the crimes committed against the American people, the Iraqi people, and the usurpations committed against our constitution be thoroughly investigated, and justice for those crimes be levied against all guilty parties as outlined in our constitution and our laws.

We will not regain our soul as a nation unless we join together as American citizens to do what must be done to ensure that justice is served in this matter. Our people deserve nothing less, and our Founding Fathers would expect nothing less from us. We then expect nothing less from those in the U.S House of Representatives who took oaths to protect and defend the constitution of the United States of America.

Jan Moore,
Patriots for Al Gore
Patriots for Al Gore is a Federal PAC, and is not connected to any candidate or candidate's committee.

The above is a request for a resolution of inquiry which was sent out as a press release by our PAC on July 8th , 2005. In commemoration of the third anniversary of the Downing Street memo, and as a member of the After Downing Street .org ( alliance, Patriots for Al Gore sends you this request to urge you to stand by the American people and our constitution. We urge you to approve Representative Barbara Lee’s Resolution of Inquiry regarding pre-Iraq war intelligence and the fixing of it in order to precipitate the illegal war against Iraq. If it is then found that our constitution was violated to precipitate this war with the American people being deliberately lied to as these minutes suggest and outline, you must then take it upon yourself to put this country first in bringing forward articles of impeachment against the architects of this war.

This war in Iraq has shattered the soul of this nation. This war has not made us safer. This war has eroded our respect in the international community. This war has eroded our civil liberties. This war has eroded the economy of those who pay the most for war in so many other ways- by sacrificing their own children. This war has made deficits our children should not have to spend the rest of their lives paying back. This war has assured us that terrorism is now a way of life for millions of people everyday, as Iraq has now been transformed into one giant terrorist training camp. This war cannot be allowed to continue, as it is most certainly a violation of international law, the UN Charter, our constitution, and the faith of the American people.

We demand a full and forthright investigation into this memo, and we expect that those who claim to represent the American people and support the troops will show it by releasing all documents related to these minutes regarding pre-war intelligence. Non cooperation is therefore then not an option if there is nothing to hide. We will no longer allow our children to be lied to. We will no longer submit to the agenda of those who profit while our blood is so senselessly spilled in the Middle Eastern sand.

Your duty as a representative of the people whether they are for or against this war, is to seek the truth. We demand this truth, and will be relentless in its pursuit. This request is but our first step. We stand with the After Downing Street Alliance in seeking that truth for our country, for our soul, for our children, and for all of those who so bravely gave the ultimate sacrifice for what they were told was a “noble cause,


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Great idea, keep the pressure on.

I invite all progressives to rally around Al Gore.a courageous leader who can win in 2008 !

Hello Al & Staff, Please Pass This To Al... We met @ the Earth Summit in Rio 1991 ? Thank U, Roger Drowne EC

Time For A Big ( GLOBAL ) Political Change…

The Elephant & Donkey Parties in the USA Are Very Sick…

Ck It Out… Try Something New...

& Thank U, for All U Do...

The Buffalo Party . com Staff

I just wanted to add that this letter is being sent to every House member by me, and I will continue to pummel them about this until we see results. I also wanted to publicly thank Mr. Swanson, Mr.Bonifaz, Ms. Sheehan, and all who started this site. It was greatly needed. I am so gratified reading about all of the other events taking place today. They give me hope. I too hope to become more involved as well in seeking the truth and calling for the end of this war and for our troops to come home as the months go by. And thank you Representative Lee for taking the initiative in putting forth a Resolution of Inquiry! That is how you support the troops!

Reading the other comments here I just have to add the disclaimer, that our PAC is not affiliated with Al Gore or his office. It wouldn't be fair to him to give that impression, and if I have unintentionally, I do apologize for that. We do however, share his vision, and we also hope to see him continue to be a leader in this country. We also hope to hear him speak out more about the war in Iraq and other issues, and do invite all to share their views on this with him as well.
Thank you.

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