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Neil Young's "Let's Impeach the President"



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This is so amateurish as to be embarrassing.

Neil, thanks for speaking up. Clinton got impeached for lying about sex. Look at how many people have died because Bush lied about WMD and got us into this terribly stupid war - at on $2 billion a week of borrowed money.

let's just impeach the President- and the Vice President, too!

Great song! It's the truth. Bush has destroyed the once great nation that 12 generations of my family built. After living under 5 years of filthy lies, I welcome any little glimpse of truth and call the author my brother. War profiteers have slandered the messages of Jesus and Mohammed to manipulate people who don't think. Those who know better have been too quiet. Good song!

.. anyway, the truth is not limited to the pros.

It's a sing-along. It sounds the way it's supposed to sound. So, sing along.

You prefer, perhaps, John Ashcroft singing, "Let the Eagle Soar"? ;-)

Me, I think a streaming Internet "Pre-Release" is pretty damn advanced . . . on par with the LIVE 8 broadcasts last July 2 . . .
INTERDEPENDENCE DAY!!! I find the songs relative and well written with good arrangements and good production. . . I haven't heard a single bouquet of such insight since the soundtrack for "The Strawberry Statement."

So, "Anonymous", if that is your REAL name .. . WHO ARE YOU to call Neil Young, "Amateurish?" .. . how many albums have YOU done? What's the biggest audience you ever played for? Do you teach music or have several degrees in music? Are you in the Record Industry?Can you even play a musical instrument? ;-)

. . . or are you just a little BushCo COINTELPRO toadie throwing "monkey shit" for a living? . . . How much does "THE DECIDER" pay his "NEUTRALIZERS" these daze???

"Amateurish"? . . . Your ad hominem attack is pretty weak, dude . . .
Maybe you should re-read the Karl Rove "Easy Reader" version of "The Prince" by Machiavelli a few more times before you climb in here throwing barbs on THIS list . .. ;-)

"He came dancing across the water
With his galleons and guns
Looking for the new world
And the palace in the sun.
On the shore lay Montezuma
With his coca leaves and pearls
In his halls he often wandered
With the secrets of the worlds."
- Cortez The Killer by Neil Young


That ashcroft song haunts me...

Hey anonomys. Shut the hell up and go eat a bowl of republico's.

Neil Young rules.

Peace to all.

lol i love the bowl of republico's line!!! yeah neil young is an original rocker and bush is an original fcukhead...(misspelled on purpose)

I wish there was better version of this for me to listen to. The way it is recorded, it makes it hard to understand some of what's being said. Maybe Neil Young should talk to Green Day to make it something that younger people would be a little more interested in hearing stylistically. Let's face it, politicians and companies know what works. Catchy tunes, catchphrases that stick in your mind. There's no reason you can't have a great message and an especially catchy tune (Green Day - Holiday for instance).

we need more people willing to stand up for truth. I love neil. Always have. Always will.

Thank you for the music and words to express our anger and dismay over the violent and despoiled state of the world created by the Bush Administration. This is something we can sing and hum while we protest the illegal, immoral, and deadly war against Iraq.

If Neil Young's song is amateurish, maybe we need more amateurish. Frankly, I stand with Neil Young. Let's impeach the president.

When Lynard Skynard was offended by Neil Young's song, Southern Man, they fought fire with fire. They fought back with Sweet Home Alabama.

I'm a huge Neil Young fan, and when he lost his father, I was there for him via this song

Father's Day Song of Sympathy for Neil Young
words and music by Dr. BLT (c)2005

But now that he's written Impeach the President, I must walk in the footsteps of Lynard Skynard, and voice my protest:

Neil Young (Have You Forgotten)
words and music by Dr. BLT (c)2006

even using the wide open definition of organised noise. Musical is hardly a fitting description to your "retort". Absolutely pittiful, and very sloppy. The towers since you have forgotten, have been a target since they were built. Every President that wanted to, has had one agency or another stop an attempt to destroy them. That was loud and clear... every President that wanted to.

what is going on Dr .BLT , who are you & what do have against the sing-along-song let's impeach da prezldent ?
You know , we are international musicians , we love this song & we play it at our shows!
Your recording here: I can't understand any lyrics !!! what are U trying to say ? is this an " insider" thing ...i don't get it...
we wanna sing letz im-peach , not yours !!
Please don't devide the tide ! Music is supposed 2 UNITE us !

Father's Day Song of Sympathy for Neil Young
words and music by Dr. BLT (c)2005

Neil Young (Have You Forgotten)
words and music by Dr. BLT (c)2006

Sorry for the inconvenience.

aka Dr. BLT, The World's First Blog 'n Roll Artist

You call Sweet Home Alabama a musical retort to Southern Man? Have you read the lyrics to the two songs? Imagine accusing someone of being a pedophile, and having him answer you by telling you how polite he is. "A southern man don't need him around anyhow". How profound. How acerbic. They might just as well have said, "Yeah, you're right, but so what? We don't care." But of course we're dealing with a band that produced Saturday Night Special and Gimme Three Steps. What more could we expect?

But as bad as they were, they hold no candle to that cacophony of sludge you call a song. Don't quit the day job, pal. And f you want to continue in their footsteps, stay off of airplanes.

Let's go back to peace and love! What's this country coming too? We impeached Nixon, Why in the heck not Bush? Let's go back to love instead of war, violence and killing! What ever happened to the demonstration marches? Let's get back to helping people in need instead of charging them money. Let's get back to helping our elderly ,instead of making them pay outragious medical expenses. What do you say America? Let's erase people's debts over here instead of foreign countries. Let's come up with a better child support system, instead of one that cripples fathers and mothers. Let's actually help Americas people in this country instead of this so called free country. Man, I should run for President. I would do a better job. Oh, I forgot! You have to be rich to be President of this country. Let's make it where an honest poor person, like a farmer or rancher can be president. Let the backbone of this country run it instead of crooked lawyers and payed under the table congressmen. What do you say America?

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