You are herecontent / Former CIA Officer Testifies: Rove Leak, Cover-Up 'Increases Risk to Security of American People'!

Former CIA Officer Testifies: Rove Leak, Cover-Up 'Increases Risk to Security of American People'!

Former CIA Officer Testifies: Rove Leak, Cover-Up 'Increases Risk to Security of American People'!


Blasts 'Partisan Obfuscation', 'Ruthless Attacks' on Joe Wilson at Joint House/Senate Hearings!
Says 'Politics in This Country Trumps National Security'

Jim Marcinkowski, former CIA case officer, gave some remarkable testimony at today's Joint Democratic House/Senate Hearings on Karl Rove's TreasonGate. He described the leak about Valerie Plame's identity and it's subsequent coverup by the White House as "a disservice to our country," resulting in an "increase in the risk to the people of the United States."...

Story & Transcript of key passages from his testimony.


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I hope this shames some of the right people into finally talking.

It is apparent to me that the majority of Republicans have no dignity, ethics, and no common decency. Our country is in turmoil and we are not respected anymore, due to these so-called Republicans. I applaud the CIA agent who has spoken the truth. He is a "true" Republican, one who is to be hailed, respected and honored. He is the epitome of the soaring and majestic eagle We are humans first, then follow with our caste. I have never, ever seen our beautiful country in such shambles. Evil has permeated this once honorable country and is soiling the land. This is a horrendous chapter in American history. We ALL out to be ashamed of ourselves!

These former CIA agents made a very honest case for the harm the media, the administration, the Republican party and anyone that doesn't speak out against the outing of an agent. This trust these agents were talking about is true for everyone even in our own relationships with each other as parents, friends, government officials , CIA officer, the twist trust by distortions and lies endangers us all. It is not a noble lie. George Washington set the tone with: I cannot tell a lie, I chopped down the cherry tree. What happened? Now, we lie..lie and more lies no matter who they hurt...but the lies are hurting us all as these CIA agents have eloquently made the case for not destroys trust...and most important can we ever get it back.

When a person goes into service for his country, whether it be in the military, CIA or FBI, they have put trust in those who's orders they follow. It is the obligation of those in power to preserve that trust and to protect those in service of the country. This administration appears to have not only used information gotten from classified documents for political gain but in the process has damaged security of the nation.
They have forced this nation into a war that has put memebers of our military into ongoing grave danger, nearly 1700 are now dead, and in doing so have ravaged the nation of Iraq and caused an instability in the entire Middle East. They have had so little regard for the average soldier that months and months into the confict when confronted by a brave soldier had to admit that equipment had not been supplied to the soldiers on the front line.
What kind of leadership would do these things? What kind of leadership would encourage the trust of its citizens and abuse that trust as it moved toward its own objective? What leadership would demand the trust while deceiving the nation.
What leadership would, in a time of attack, formulate an agenda that uses the valuable resources away from the war on terror for a war of convienence?
What leadership would fracture its own nation with its partisan demands at a time of crisis and war?
How can members of the Republican Party in the House and the Senate still refuse to even discuss the issues of the Downing Street Memo and the Valerie Plame outing? Every single member of the House and Senate need to be a part of the discussion. They owe that much to the people of the nation.

Not meaning to be crude, but if I were a spook, I would be doing some serious thinking about putting two into the back of the head of the guy that outed my buddy for political reasons.
and just for good measure, the reporters also.
I would view these people as a direct threat to me and my family. After all, now any agent that has worked with Plame in the past is in danger.
and whats to stop the same people from outing another agent for political reasons?
(Especially if they get away with it.)
Is this just absurd, meaningless violent thoughts or do i have a point?

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