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GOP candidate calls for impeachment

Rutland Herald (Vermont)
By Gordon Dritschilo Herald Staff

A Congressional candidate who wants to impeach President Bush insists he can win the Republican primary.

Dennis Morrisseau, 62, of West Pawlet, plans to seek the Republican nomination to run for U.S. House of Representatives. The seat is being vacated by Rep. Bernard Sanders, I-Vt., who plans a run for the U.S. Senate.

A central part of his platform, Morrisseau said, will be bringing articles of impeachment against Bush.

He will most likely face Maj. Gen. Martha Rainville, adjutant general of the Vermont National Guard, in the September 2006 primary, along with any other candidates who might get themselves placed on the ballot between now and then.

Morrisseau said he considers himself more of a Republican than the president, and he thinks a lot of Vermont Republicans agree with him.

"This leadership isn't very Republican and I don't think it's very popular with Vermont Republicans," he said. "Republicans in this state tend to be mind-your-own-business people, keep taxes low and government small."

Morrisseau held up former Gov. Deane Davis as an example of a Vermont Republican.

"Davis was the best environmentalist we had in this state," he said. "That's Republicanism in Vermont. We like small businesses. We're afraid of outsiders and large businesses. That's what I'm about."

While 38.8 percent of Vermonters — and likely the lion's share of Vermont Republicans — voted for Bush, Morrisseau said he thinks there is enough anti-Bush sentiment within Republican circles for his message to find an audience.

"I think I've got a great shot," he said. "There's been movement since the election, if you track the polls. That's not just Democrats, that's Republicans, too. Down in southern Vermont, the man is reviled among Republicans."

Morrisseau was dismissive of the party leadership in Vermont.

"The Republican leadership is Bush people for the most part," he said. "Generally speaking, I don't pay much attention to party leadership. I recommend that. I recommend it highly."

Morrisseau said he imagines there is a lot of soul-searching going on among the Republicans who continue to support Bush.

"If you're an old and decent Republican and politics takes a 180 in your country, it sometimes takes a while to tell what you ought to do. It took me a while. I've been at this for years."

Morrisseau said he spends six or seven hours a day studying current affairs, reading newspapers, magazines and Web sites from varying places on the political spectrum.

Born in St. Johnsbury and growing up in Burlington, Morrisseau began his political life as a Democrat. He first gained media attention in 1968 when, as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army, he was threatened with court-martial for attending an anti-war demonstration in uniform.

He returned to Vermont after getting out of the Army and made his first run for Congress as a Democrat in 1970. He failed to get the party's nomination.

"The then-leadership of the Democratic Party wished only to promote Phil Hoff," he said. "They did us wrong. Being a young man and impulsive, I and a few others formed the Liberty Union Party to their left."

In 1971, the death of Sen. Winston Prouty led to a special election in Congress as Rep. Robert Stafford stepped up to take the Senate seat, and Morrisseau ran again.

"This time, I ran as a Democrat only because Liberty Union had been taken over by hard-left people," he said. "I wasn't comfortable with that — I never was a hard-left person."

Again, Morrisseau lost in the primary.

"I didn't run in '72," he said. "I was a McGovern delegate at the Democratic National Convention, though I was really a McCarthy supporter. In 1974, I ran a third time and got my butt handed to me. I got out of politics."

Morrisseau opened three restaurants in Burlington, including Leunig's Bistro on Church Street. It was during this time, he said, his political transformation occurred.

"I realized what a lot of my left-wing friends thought about business, what it was and how it works, was wrong," he said. "I became a Republican."

While he has not been nearly as politically active as he was as a liberal, Morrisseau defended his Republican credentials.

"I voted for Reagan, way back there," he said. "I liked Jerry Ford, but I think I voted for Carter. I voted for Bush in 2000. In 2004, I held my nose and voted for Kerry."

With the close study he has made of current events since his retirement, Morrisseau said he felt it was time to step up to the plate once again.

"The only time I got seriously active was LBJ, Nixon and that war," he said. "Now, we have that situation again with a government running amok."

Morrisseau said he sees an administration flagrantly abusing the powers of the executive branch and a national party leadership gaining dominance over the entire government.

"I'm a Republican," he said. "I'm not a Brown Shirt. I've never, in any contemplation of U.S. history, seen anything like that asserted at any time. I don't think we're going to get much done in the way of standard politics until we clean this neo-con nest out."

While he expects many people will join his crusade, Morrisseau said he does not yet have an organization. In terms of fund-raising, he said he is taking his cue from Howard Dean's presidential campaign.

"I'm not going to try to keep up with the flows of money that'll be coming into this state, but I'm not going to get left far behind," he said. "We're not going out to fat cats, hat in hand, no way. Grassroots is the way to go."

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I salute you for having the courage to speak the truth!
You are more of a Republican and an American than Bush!


Is he for real? Or telling Vermonter's what they want to hear to get elected? I'd be very wary.

Yep. I'm from a state that has a long history of republicans masquerading as democrats, then switching party lines after the election.

any garden variety slime trail leaver is much more republican than Bush is, the GOP should replace it's symbol of the ELEPHANT with one of any
garden variety NEMATODE, it'd be more fitting, relevant to what they stand for.

A real sign of progress.

I thought of writing how the non-neo con Republicans should retake their party, or better yet start a new party, to ensure alienation from the Bush Adminstration. This your time. If your a small time Republican, jump on the Morrisseau band wagon. If you have read this far into this site then you know that you need to act against the facist powers that are corupting our liberties, economy, and relations with our global neighbors!

I think you found his grassroots organization- Republicans who have had enough.

But I really do not see Dems jumping for him, may Independants.

Just saw Troy, based on the Homer's Iliad. The story never changes. Power hungry men get too much power behind them, talk young men into fighting and dying to enhance their power, and lots of innocent people die. Who would have thought the US would create a preemptive war (duh)? Will it ever end?

We've made such a science of our militancy -- how could anyone let all those resources go to waste!

I for one will never, NEVER, trust the NEO-CON, NAZI's LIES again.

SO Close all the Military Bases, Hospitals, Schools, Steal all the money you can. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO BE PROUD OF AT ALL.


to detract votes from the Democrat candidate , same way Republicans used the pro-lifers to draw us into their party? ( I got away from Clinton, then came back to Dems to get rid of Bush... PRO-LIFE MY EYE).
I'm not saying I would vote for every Democrat, I'll vote a Green Party or Independant candidate if I don't like a particular Democrat.

But I do not know how I could possibly trust a Republican again. We pro-lifers tend to be very trusting of people that say that they are the way they think, and then we get sucked into genocide for oil !!!(oh, that was before the 9/11 "terrorist attack"... BTW "terrorist attack"> MY EYE).

"terrorist attack"> MY EYE is right! For anyone who doesn't know where "yank had enuf" is coming from with this statement, PLEASE take an hour and watch Painful Deceptions. It can be downloaded or streamed for free (WMP or QuickTime) at this site:

Dr. David Griffin's speech at Madison is great, too.

Yes, I'm afraid I've gone from naive to cynical once I found the de-classified "Operation Northwoods" online . Imagine if Bush was president in 1962, I could've been dead in S Florida (I played with Cuban exiles in my neighborhood). Thank God for JFK !

Yep, only one thing makes sense to me now>"new Pearl Harbor">PNAC's words... "Pearl Harbor bait" >>>my version of their words

That's amazing that you deduced it from the PNAC papers -- that came later in the game for me. It was the video of WTC Building 7 coming down in an obvious controlled demolition (8 hours after the planes hit the towers; it takes weeks to set up a controlled demolition) that wouldn't let go of me. Then I saw pictures of the Pentagon before the wall collapsed and before foam was being sprayed everywhere -- there was no sign of a 757. That was almost a year ago now and I've been studying it ever since. It's all covered in Painful Deceptions. Obviously there's a shadow governemnt of various corporate and governmental groups that have been engaged in this stuff for a long time. I don't how we'll ever shake them off (though large scale recognition of the biggest lie of all, 9/11, would go a long way!)

well-versed on criminal and tax law to nail them with RICO and tax evasion and other state and federal criminal laws. Isn't PNAC like the command station for a bunch of thugs? I smell Al Capone when I surf their website. BTW I only caught on to the "new Pearl Harbor" less than two months ago, when I saw Neil McKay's report online . He was the first reporter to bring it to the public eye in September 2002, Scottish Sunday Herald. The de-classified 1962 "Operation Northwoods" I saw about a week ago totally took away any leftover remnants of my naivete. I did not realize the WTC building 7 thing>>Ahhh, lost innocence...not easy thing to face.

Yep, my loss of innocence has been hell on me -- and my friends, too, I fear. Here's a page where you can catch three very short clips of WTC 7 coming down from different angles. They were broadcast on 9/11 and never again. The building had a massive steel frame, was 2 blocks from the towers, had only very small fires, and yet at 5:20 (there's also a still shot of the neat little pile of debris)...

It is widely believed this building was the control center for the operation, and that's why it had to come down when the show was over. Floor 27 had recently been reinforced heavily (with bullet proof windows among other things) and had its own air and water supply. It was supposed to have been Giuliani's "Emergency Headquarters" but he was not there that day, needless to say.

yank, I just realized from your last note that you're thinking in terms of US national laws. While I hate to increase anyone's paranoia, I should have been more specific and made it plain that, from what I've learned, we are dealing with multi-national corporations and multi-national governmental forces. These people are not subject to American laws. While our current administration is deeply involved in these entities, more than any in the past, the forces they represent care little about humanity, just the bottom line and their own self interests. It's a real mess. The New World Order -- it must be exposed and tamed for the good of all. Am I Paranoid? God, I hope so.

this ring, but I thought state and federal laws could stop PNAC since it is in "the homeland". You want your skin to really crawl, read some of their whitepaper Rebuilding America's Defenses , the word "homeland" is used quite frequently and I thought it was an odd sounding word after the 9/11 speeches...but "homeland security" is in the PNAC R.A.D. whitepaper a year BEFORE 9/11.

If it helps gets the main boondoggle impeached, great news. But don't stand behind him because many of these republicans are snaky bastards....

Lets get Sensenbrenner kicked out of Wisconsin....I smell a Cunningham scandal on Sensenbrenner's ass.

Doug E

I hate the term neo-conservative, I am a life time conservative and card carrying Libertarian and haven't voted for a Republican for twenty years. These scoundrels called neo-conservatives are anything but, they have nothing to do with conservative political philosophy, a better term would be fascist although neo-con as in neo-conartist would be accurate.

The true blue republicans of America need to wake up and get there head out of there asses and throw out the criminals who have taken over the Republican party including the religious fanatics who want to do gods will by destroying all our rights.

Benjamin Franklin once said that the founding fathers had given us a republic, if we can keep it. Well 200 some odd years later we have pretty much lost our republic. Now we are an empire strutting around the world bullying, destroying and declaring war on anybody who gets in our way, it's all for freedom and democracy of course; tell that to the 100,000 innocent men, weomen, and especially children we have murdered in Iraq, and all for a lie. Stalin, Hitler and Mao would be proud of our very own little George Stupid!

The only answer to this problem is a return to constitutionally limited government and restoration of the Republic and government of the people, for the people, and by the people. Throw out these slimy bastards, George Bush, Dick Cheney, Condolezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, et all, who are whoring for Halliburton and others of the military industrial congressional complex.


The sooner the better.
These are not Republicans!

Well said. The words spoken by today's politicians (regardless of party) seldom, if ever, have anything like their true meanings.

"Neo", for example, now seems to mean "not". And words like "freedom" and democracy" have been so distorted that they actually imply their opposites. It appears that democracy no longer has anything to do with "government of the people, by the people, for the people". It's more like government of the people, by tyranical dictatorships, for multi-national corporate interests.

A rose is a rose by any other name, but this is NO rose... this thatch of thorns is "tyranny".

Nixon went to China, Reagan was going to "get the government off your backs," etc.
Whatever a politician says, he generally does the opposite.

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