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Rep. Lee Introduces Resolution of Inquiry into Iraq War Planning

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Congresswoman Barbara Lee (Dem., Calif.) has introduced a Resolution of Inquiry in the House of Representatives (H. Res 375) which, if passed, will require the White House and the State Department to "transmit all information relating to communication with officials of the United Kingdom between January 1, 2002, and October 16, 2002, relating to the policy of the United States with respect to Iraq."

Here is a one-page PDF of the Resolution.

And here is a flyer to help you promote co-sponsorship of the Resolution of Inquiry by your congress member.

These are the members of the committee to which the Resolution has been referred. The more members of the full House co-sponsor it, the more likely some committee members are to vote for it.

Here are current co-sponsors:

Here's an Excel table showing co-sponsors and not-yet-co-sponsors by state.

Other likely and important members to add include:

Members of the Out of Iraq Caucus who have not yet co-sponsored.
Members of the Black Caucus who have not yet co-sponsored.
Members who signed Rep. Conyers' letter to Bush but who have not yet co-sponsored.
Members of the International Relations Committee who have not yet co-sponsored.

Ask Your Congress Member to Co-Sponsor!


More Resources from the Backbone Campaign.


Here is the text of the Resolution:


Requesting the President and directing the Secretary of State to transmit to the House of Representatives not later than 14 days after the date of the adoption of this resolution all information in the possession of the President and the Secretary of State relating to communication
with officials of the United Kingdom between January 1, 2002, and October 16, 2002, relating to the policy of the United States with respect to Iraq.


Ms. LEE submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the
Committee on _________________


Requesting the President and directing the Secretary of State to transmit to the House of Representatives not later than 14 days after the date of the adoption of this resolution all information in the possession of the President and the Secretary of State relating to communication
with officials of the United Kingdom between January 1, 2002, and October 16, 2002, relating to the
policy of the United States with respect to Iraq.

Resolved, That not later than 14 days after the date of the adoption of this resolution—

(1) the President is requested to transmit to the House of Representatives all documents, including telephone and electronic mail records, logs, calendars, minutes, and memos, in the possession of the President relating to communications with officials of the United Kingdom from January 1, 2002, to October 16, 2002, relating to the policy of the United States with respect to Iraq, including any discussions or communications between the President or other Administration officials and officials of the United Kingdom that occurred before the meeting on July 23, 2002, at 10 Downing Street in London, England, between Prime Minister Tony Blair of the United Kingdom, United Kingdom intelligence officer Richard Dearlove, and other national security officials of the Blair Administration; and

(2) the Secretary of State is directed to transmit to the House of Representatives all documents, including telephone and electronic mail records, logs, calendars, minutes, memos, and records of internal discussions, in the possession of the Secretary relating to communications with officials of the United Kingdom from January 1, 2002, to October 16, 2002, relating to the policy of the United States with respect to Iraq, including any discussions or communications between the Secretary of State or other officials of the Department of State and officials of the United Kingdom that occurred before the meeting on July 23, 2002, at 10 Downing Street in London, England, between Prime Minister Tony Blair of the United Kingdom, United Kingdom intelligence officer Richard Dearlove, and other national security officials of the Blair Administration.

Ask Your Congress Member to Co-Sponsor!


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I think I may be in love! This letter is absolutely amazing. Can I borrow it and send it to my congresscritter? There is simply no better way to state this.

I'd vote for YOU!! I don't know what this adminstration has to do to EVERY AMERICAN before there is justice! I've lost alot sleep worrying.
I'm from Ohio and I CANNOT BELIEVE BUSH TOOK THIS STATE! He has 31/2 more yrs. to totally destroy America as we once knew it!
How can this be happening? Yet, there are the moronic Bush supporters spinning this mess everyday in the media putting the blame else where.
When is this madness going to end? Or, will it end us?

When you KNOW something, you KNOW it.

I was in Ohio two weeks after the election and I can promise you, without doubt or hesitation, that Bush didn't even come CLOSE to winning Ohio.

He stole it as cleanly as a hot knife slicing butter. But mostly, he stole it easily because Kerry LET him have it after the first punch was thrown.


Charlie L
Portland, OR

...who will NOT roll over and play dead.


Even Hackett disappointed me when he didn't challenge the theft in the Ohio 2nd, or at least demand an investigation in Warren County which has already been shown to be incredibly corrupt.


Charlie L
Portland, OR

I have known for a long time that George Bush and his "hit men": Cheney, Ashcroft, and Rumsfeld did not measure up to basic standards for leaders. Their exposure on TV and other media has failed to generate enough outrage of the public. Are we that much in denial? It is past time to give these guys what they deserve for such nefarious and destructive actions. They think war is justified as long as they get rich in its wake. I don't think so!

President Bush is a liar and because of him our troops are over in Iraq defending a country that does not even want us there! There were never weapons of mass destruction and there is no evidence that there are terrorist groups in Iraq.
This man has done way too much damage already and so many of our dedicated soldiers have given their lives. Enough! Stop the war and stop the man.

I agree Bush should be impeached. Bush is guilty of war crimes plain and simple. Where are the weapons of mass destruction? He brought war upon a non-aggressive nation this alone should be enough. This is not to say that i completely disagree with the war in Iraq (i support our troops there, not the decision to send them there), however we do have much larger fish to fry than a broken down 3rd world nation. N. Korea for instance is ready willing and able to stick it to us, so is Iran. I just think this war was about a pissing match between pappa Bush through his puppet son and Saddam.

Onto brighter issues... have a good look at the economy... the price of gas is sky high.... Bush may not have a direct involvement with this however he is tied to it in several ways and is getting richer from it by they day. Higher fuel prices means higher transportation costs which in turn means that the cost of EVERYTHING else goes up. Thanks Bush :|

I think Bush needs to be ousted and tried as a criminal for what he has done to this country.

It just goes to show you that you can be President without a majority of the votes.

I agree, Mr Bush should be impeached. When the house, lead by Mr Hyde impeached Mr. Clinton, he had not sent any of our mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, husbands and wives, to their death. However, a lie is much, much worst then a bullet, Right?

Busch has no regard for the daily loss of lives in his war either send enough troops to finishes it or get out of dodge

Hang the little smirking DICK sucker for War Crimes.
Why hasn't somebody started a Web Site so all the parents, wives and love ones who have lost a service person in the Iraq madness can list there names and service number so the American people can see the actual number that have died? W-T-F**K, no wounded who die after being airlifted to Germany for critical treatment are counted. Wake up Lemmings, wave goodbye to your Country when you flush your next dump down the toilet because your Country is following it.

The Bush Gang is running roughshod over this country and destroying everything beautiful and great about us. We used to be the hero's of the world, now we are the evildoers, assassins and bullies of this world. Impeach Bush and get rid of his gang of traitors before more damage is done to this wonderful democracy!

Bush seems to have forgotton who he works for, The Bush White House has Lied to the American people On Iraq and everything that has taking place in this administration. Bush has distroyed any faith that the Americans and other Countries had in the United States the World thinks of us as Trators, killers and Liers. Bush needs to be impeached on all thee above along with Karl Rove. How can we keep a Man in the white house as the President of the USA that we can't trust as a Leader? the Answer is we Can't. He is running our beautiful County in a DEEP hole that if he continues were not going to be able to get out.

Piling lies, upon deceptions, upon denials of reality, the Bush administration is morally bankrupt and no longer even comes close to representing the people of the United States. Get rid of this guy while there's still time to recover our self-esteem as a nation. While we're at it, get rid of Rumsfield, Chaney, don't nominate Roberts, & fire Bolton.

This Administration has bankrupt morals, instilled corruption as the "norm", a culture of lies and a death industry, and has bankrupt our nation with a national debt that makes a joke of the misnomer "conservative". Our foreign policy is in shreds. The majority of the American population finally sees the light>>> only 40% are still blind sheeple. They too will wake up when they realize they cannot serve two masters>>>it is evil Bushco and his PNAC thugs OR>>> GOD. Our self-esteem comes before an evil regime.

In order to be morally bankrupt, he would first HAVE TO HAVE MORALS. Obviously, he is AMORAL (totally without morals, values, ethics or religious convictions).

How sad that two Liars are leading us down the downtrodden path to total destruction; (Bush II and the gap-toothed Liar, Rice) first economically, which they have already accomplished and then through war. War will be waging in the streets of the United States and the right wing wackos will be blaming President Clinton! What a bunch of trash.

Let's impeach and then try them for treason.
and I am proud to sign myself
a 11th generation American, and PROUD TO BE A LIBERAL!
Jean Bennett

Put it in words the right should understand. From the book of Revelations here is your anti-christ. George W. Bush. Hope you all get what you deserve.

Why hasn't a single notable Conservative enlisted over the past Four Years when our nation is at war with the radical terrorists? Where is the "Follow Me!" attitude that they espouse on their talk show circuits and in the media? Better to let the poor, the needy, the new arrivals to America and the Democrats serve in the infantry, the Marines and the places where people are subject to those who oppose their country's occupation by a greedy foreign power.
Sign me a Viet Nam vet who grew up in Houston and personally saw George W(on't Go to Viet Nam) Bush get thrown out of a private Houston men's club (TOPLESS) for drunk and disoderly behaviour during the Xmas holidays of 1970.

I couldn't agree more. It just seems so impossible that Clinton was dragged through impeachment proceedings for something that occurred in his personal life. President trainwreck is tearing down everything that's good in this country and we still see "W" bumper stickers. Are the thinking people in this country just crazy, or are the Bushites just incredibly stupid?

If we think about it, merely impeaching Busch is not enough. What good will it do to impeach the "village idiot" puppet and leave the "puppeteer" still in control. Cheney has got to go, too. Also DeLay.

How far down the "order of succession" does this corruption go?

Our country has been taken over by facists. Neither party is innocent. The shadow government controls them both, and plays them against each other to keep the American People in the dark.

Impeaching Bush is a good first step, but don't be surprised if it becomes "much sound and fury, signifying nothing".

I suppose it is too much to ask for honesty and public service anymore. Civility and concern for humanity will give way to the rampant genocide that we see in Darfur (yes, "...Right here in River City"), unless we each can rise above our self interests and short-term gratifications to do the right thing for its own sake.

George Orwell was a prophet, it just took 20 years longer than he predicted for the doublespeak of "day to become night" and "lies to become truth" to take hold so strongly.

Perhaps that reveals a small glimmer of hope: that there are still true patriots out here that can return the "great experiment" of our democracy back to it's idealistic roots. The true terrorists are controlling the government of the United States. They don't have to crash airplanes into buildings, they have at their disposal all the bombs and advanced methods of delivery availible to the world's only remaining superpower.

This action should have been accomplished before any troops were sent to Iraq. Now is not too late. We must defend America's Freedom and stand up NOW to declare NO MORE WAR! when it is necessary to bring peace and hope and justice to this one world we all must share.

It's time to declare a cease fire and bring our troops home to safty and respect to those who gave so others may have. Now is the time for Iraq to take over control of their nation and defend it to the promise of democracy and peace for that nation.

If impeachment does not happen soon, all that has happened and all those who have died, will have died in vain. For their honor, glory, and memory impeachment is the only way this great natiomn can earn the respect from other nations who did not try to help Iraq find a way out of their past envelopment of a dictatorship that caused more harm than good.

We as a people must show the world that we have laws that that MAKE WAR or NOT MAKE WAR. It is through this system that the people of the USA choose a our democratic process deciding to go to war or not. Our voice was not heard and the process of declaring a war was not used properly. Therefore, I say impeachment is the best way to bring peace and declare this Middle-East situation over!

It's time to come home!

It would seem the order of succession at least would include Blunt who is in line. As to the reason none of the others are making waves, perhaps they are all power hungry. There has never been so much corruption everywhere. Never before so much disregard for fact. Even McCain said only that he "wished" this administration would take action on global warming. That is rather akin to saying "we are all doomed to die tomorrow--gee, I wish that would not happen." Never before has the END JUSTIFIED the MEANS. Half of the population seems to be lulled into complacency by consumerism and modern day living--having forgotten their roots. We will have to shake hard to bring them back to the true reality away from the make believe world that Bush projects. For many, it took the loss of a loved one in the unwarranted Iraq War to bring them back to reality. Let's hope that will not be the case for all of them.
When deals are openly made as Congress prepare to cast votes and hardly an eye is batted....well, it is time to WAKE UP, PEOPLE. Accordingly, it is time to remove all the senators and representatives who are playing along making those deals allowing corporations to rule instead of people. It is time to stop HMOs, CAFOs, and sweatshops. Out with coal, nuclear power, oil and gas. In with clean energy from alternative sources. STOP genetically modifying our food and patenting life forms. OUT WITH UNILATERALISM & IN WITH DEMOCRATIC PROCESS. STOP UNDERMINING HUMANITY AND RESPECT FREEDOM OF SPEECH, DISSENT, CIVIL RIGHTS, & HUMAN RIGHTS. WE MUST HAVE SENATORS and REPRESENTATIVES who stand up for a sustainable future as well as SUPREME COURT JUSTICES & EXECUTIVE BRANCH.
Never let up--just keep working...otherwise the world may end like "Escape from LA".

I agree...........

We lost our way when we allowed women and children to live in the streets. When we bought into the Welfare Queen Story. How's this for shame? We're holding 420 Billion Dollars in unclaimed taxes from illegal aliens. Millions of us are malnourished and won't have enought to eat tonight, let alone go to the Doctor. The Saudi's are getting richer without the flow of Iraq Oil. The Bushes like the heat of Texas. Maybe Saudi Arabia will be their new home after they've finished with us. And the number one on this incredible list is that we only give less than 1% of our vast wealth to foreign aid leaving the folks to die in Africa. One every three seconds.


impeach this brainless jackass

This man is a menace to our government and country. How many
more innocent men and women have to die in this futile war?
He is an embarrassment to us in front of the rest of the world. Something needs to be done for the sake of the dead and the American

Bush told the American people on National Television why he was
going to war with Iraq. His comment "Saddam Hussein tried to
hurt my Daddy." The Media was always good at picking at politicians
but they are not doing a good job with Bush, they should play this
comment over and over again!!!!! History will prove that this is one
of the worst Presidents the US ever had.

The subject says it all!!!!!!!!!

We have a civic duty to do whatever we can to respect those who died under false pretensis!!!!!!!! And the best way to do that is getting rd of the idiot responsible for thier deaths!!!!! Furious

Yall need to get a life and quit whining about Bush. You lost!! Get over it.

No right winger can tell us what to do. Bush wasn't really elected, he didn't really win, and even if he did no election can terminate the First Amendment. We're going to keep it up, so right wingers might as well put a sock in it. We're NEVER going to stop demanding answers and accountability. Why aren't you (or the following) right wingers doing the same? It was all the rage just a few years ago regarding Kosovo - a tiny, inexpensive and far-less dangerous action than Bush's war of naked aggression.

Unlike your beloved Bush, Bill Clinton actually won two elections and right wingers never stopped whining about him, attacking him and throwing temper tantrums. You nuts even impeached Clinton over a BJ. We're going to impeach the unelected chimp for lying us into an illegal, immoral, costly war. Get it?

"Explain to the mothers and fathers of American servicemen that may come home in body bags why their son or daughter had to give up their life?"
-Sean Hannity, Fox News, 4/6/99

"You can support the troops but not the president"
-Representative Tom Delay (R-TX)

"[The] President is once again releasing American military might on a foreign country with an ill-defined objective and no exit strategy. He has yet to tell the Congress how much this operation will cost. And he has not informed our nation's armed forces about how long they will be away from home. These strikes do not make for a sound foreign policy."
-Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA)

"If we are going to commit American troops, we must be certain they have a clear mission, an achievable goal and an exit strategy."
-Karen Hughes, speaking on behalf of George W. Bush

"I had doubts about the bombing campaign from the beginning. I didn't think we had done enough in the diplomatic area."
-Senator Trent Lott (R-MS)

"Well, I just think it's a bad idea. What's going to happen is they're going to be over there for 10, 15, maybe 20 years."
-Joe Scarborough (R-FL)

"I cannot support a failed foreign policy. History teaches us that it is often easier to make war than peace. This administration is just learning that lesson right now. The President began this mission with very vague objectives and lots of unanswered questions. A month later, these questions are still unanswered. There are no clarified rules of engagement. There is no timetable. There is no legitimate definition of victory. There is no contingency plan for Mission Creep. There is no clear funding program. There is no agenda to bolster our overextended military. There is no explanation defining what vital national interests are at stake. There was no strategic plan for war when the President started this thing and there still is no plan today."
-Representative Tom Delay (R-TX)

"Victory means exit strategy, and it's important for the President to explain to us what the exit strategy is."
-Governor George W. Bush (R-TX)

"This is President Clinton's war, and when he falls flat on his face, that's his problem."
-Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN)

"Bombing a sovereign nation for ill-defined reasons with vague objectives undermines the American stature in the world. The international respect and trust for America has diminished every time we casually let the bombs fly."
-Representative Tom Delay (R-TX)

GREAT response!! thank you! where did you get those quotes???

You lost to them too. Neocons are destroying not just the Republican Party, but all of America. Take the blinders off and wake up.

No, actually the American people lost: Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. Our Nation is the most powerful in the world. It is a Nation based on Democracy, not demagoguery. This man and his coherts ran on a platform of "values" of all things, and has proven to be a man of lies, treachery, and deceit. He lied! He flat out lied. 9/11 was the best thing that ever happened to him. All of us who knew intuitively that Iraq had absolutely NOTHING whatsoever to do with 9/11 have had our beliefs confirmed by the Downing Street Memos. If YOU are not afraid to have your knowledge and belief system expanded, go to the various websites on the Downing Street Memos. If you want to learn the factual reasons the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is targeted for oil drilling, pay attention to the quote by Tom DeLay: "To set precedent." Yellowstone and other National lands which were to be held in Trust for ALL the American People in perpetuity will then be open to gas and oil exploration. The wells in the ANWR are expected to run dry in 6 months, yet their impact on all the species for whom this is Home, is forever. Did you know that this oil (if found) is not bound for the NE U.S., but heads to the West Coast and is exported to Asia? Did you know it will be a minimum of 7-12 Years AFTER the Budget Reconciliation, if passed, for oil to be extracted? That means it does nothing for present supplies and prices in America. Did you know that? No? Well, it's another Extremist, far Right Lie brought to you by the people that brought this particular man to the Oval Office. We have never been closer to a dictatorship in this Country's history than we are right now. Nixon was almost impeached for an illegal wiretap. The Clintons were hounded for eight years over a real estate deal that turned out to be nothing. Neither of these Presidents took our Nation into war. Neither of these Presidents cost over a thousand American lives in an unprovoked war against a country that had done nothing to us as well as the loss of tens of thousands of Iragi civilians. You want us to "get over it?" I strongly urge YOU to get ON with educating yourself as to the true facts of this Administration. Your faith is missplaced. You, along with all the rest of us, have been betrayed.

None so blind as those who will not see. I have compassion for a sole that is as lost as you - God have mercy on you & your kind.
It is clear that you have no understanding of what is reality & what is not - WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD!

It is obvious you are an un educated republican supporting the criminal war crimes of a dictator for oil billions while polluting and making more uneducated fools like you with their toxins for profit.You do not even know Bush is a Federalist and an insult to the republican party read the history of the supreme court impeachment of John Pickering and get a clue, also see Hitler. Daddy Bush is just as responsible for the corporate oil barrons crimes as the current congress who support this criminal act for oil profits.

You are the same kind of brain-dead, spineless person who supported Hitler. When they come to get you, you will be the one who whines but instead of "getting a life", you will be loosing your's. George W. Bush is NOT my president but obviously he is, your Fuhrer. If one of us loses, we all lose,Idiot!

They just don't get it. Bush is AGAINST democracy. He has said at least twice that a dictatorship would be a heck of a lot easier so long as he is the dictator. Don't people realize that gas prices are high becuase HE and his buds profit from the outrageous prices? He and Cheney are in oil and gas. Helooooo.. We ALL lose under Bush. He wants us to think it is the us against them..dem against Rep, so that it keeps the focus off of how we have all been had.

I wonder who uses a phrase like, "get over it", to dismiss murder, lies, destruction of anothe nation, and the worst war profitering in US history.

We will "get over it", when all the war criminals of this Administration are impeached and punished.

It will never happen, because people like you are not
rational. Crazies never get anything accomplished!

Your a supporter of Bush and the War, you need to carry your sorry ass over their.

Ya, like you crybabies got "over" the Governor's race in Washington? Poor things, so many many many whines of "impropriety", etc...just because the recount showed Gregoire the winner.

YOU get over it too!

He needs to be impeached he is a self righteous liar plain and simple and he needs to be stopped, he is another HITLER in the making!!!!!!!!!

I am a Danish journalist, one of less than 10 people in my country to cover the 9/11 scandal! I run a website to correct the lies of the war coalition governments. People in Europe are slow to get it, but we are beginning to understand the ominous perspectives of the PNAC - my crew and I work around the clock to inform Danes of the fatal error of joining in this war. The situation in Europe is not yet similar to yours, but hysteria, xenophobia and jingoism is leading us right down the same path to Weimar.

On behalf of the people of Europe: Please impeach Bush!

You have violated every Constitutional Principle and Amendment...accountability must begin NOW

Withdrawal is a sign of weakness??? Arrogance, stupidity, fantasy, incompetence, denial, disconnect, greed, corruption and mass murder then must be signs of strength!!!!!

It is notable that all of the tough right wingers who rushed other people's children to war in Iraq are the same brave souls who hid behind their mother's skirts to avoid the draft in Vietnam.

The Constitution is the supreme law of the land, not the Patriot Act or the Foreign Intelligence Surveillence Act. An unconstitutional act cannot exist legally. Therefore, all those members of the federal government who have sworn oaths to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC, and who support and defend the illegal Patriot Act, have violated their sworn oaths before God and before we, the people. Such individuals must either renew their commitment to their oath of office and to the Constitution or be dragged from that office and clamped in irons. Either the Constitution is the supreme law of the land or it is not. If it is not supreme then the tyranny of the Republican Party has become the enemy of the Constitution and the enemy of the American people. Everything Bush and Cheney have done since seizing power has been illegal and criminal. They are war criminals and should be charged as such by the Hague court. Anyone who supports Bush and Cheney is equally as guilty as they are, as they are aiding and abetting enemies of the U.S. Constitution. Send the Bush family back to Riyadh, were they get their instructions from in the first palce.

Our government is founded upon the fundamental principle: OF THE PEOPLE; BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE...step down to let this truth prevail!!!!!!

David Ray Griffin wrote a book "THE 9/11 COMMISSION REPORT- OMISSIONS AND DISTORTIONS". Everyone needs to go get the book, you will find more truth there than anywhere else.
For those of you who are too stubborn to realize what is happening, you better wake up and know it is your stupidity that will cause our democracy to fail. Bush and company are out to destroy anyone who is not a millionaire. Look at all the lives he has runined, not just the military, but others who have dared to tell what they knew and lost their jobs, and everything else. Remember Richard Clarke, Dan Rather, just to name a couple. Wake up people, IMPEACH BUSH AND COMPANY!!!

Richard Clarke turned out to be a proven liar. Read
his speeches. Remember the speach where he said that
we were lucky to have people like Bush and Chaney?
"I am glad that............the country needed them".
When he was seeking the Presidential Nomination he
then decided he hated Bush and Chaney. They do everything
wrong, I am going to do everything right!

As for Dan Rather I am sure you know that he used false
documents. He was found to have lied. How sad to end
a career by using phony documents because you are trying
to get someone.

This is why you cannot win. People like you are so full of
hate that you are doing crazy things.

You are a typical Bush/Republican Supporter! You don't even know the name of the man you are trying to trash! Please educate yourself before you try to influence others!!

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