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Editorial: Criminals at Large

By People's Weekly World

Our page 3 story highlights the longstanding slimy, criminal tactics of Bush-Cheney mastermind Karl Rove. It points out how Rove’s lying, cheating, backstabbing methods, dating back to the Nixon days, helped the ultra-right seize the pinnacles of political power in our country.

But, as in the past, so too today, Rove is a minor figure in a major crime syndicate.

Nearly 2,000 American soldiers are dead and thousands more seriously injured, many scarred for life in body and spirit, from a war based on lies. Many thousands of Iraqi people have been killed and maimed, and their country lies in ruins. Today’s Karl Rove scandal is not just about the CIA operative he “outed.


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I agree,

There LIES aren't going to distract anymore!

For The U.S. to regain credibility and respectability around the world it is imperative that such an investigation take place. The only way anyone will respect us again is for the lies to be examined under a microscope and then action taken on any wrongdoing.

I don't believe bush and the gang care about having the respect of the world. What I believe their aim and goal to be is total world domination.

This is sadly true.

What I find hardest to take is the attitude. This administration took an entire nation and dragged others with into a calamity so tragic it's unfathonable. We have nearly destroyed Iraq for this groups fanatical, ideological beliefs. We allowed a group of warped, arrogant, know it alls to wreak havok. I know Saddam was a bad man but he didn't orchestrate 9/11 and he did not have WMD. So why are we there again?

RE: Roberts' wife
-check out Margie Burns' special report at if you haven't already- you'll be HOPPING MAD!

Unfortunately for the world, these thugs who took the U.S. and the U.K. to war on false pretenses and lies, could never, even if convicted and locked up for the rest of their natural lives, ever undo the damage to the United States and Great Britain in the eyes of the muslim world. If
you look at it from a muslim view, what these countries have done is
demonstrated an ability to wage genocidal wars against anyone who is a muslim, anywhere in the world, without apparent fear of reprisal to themselves (the government). Again, unfortunately, as Londoner's are finding out, if you live in any semblance of a 'free' society, as we all profess to live in (getting less free by the second in the U.S.) then you are held hostage by your politician's 'fucking up' around the globe, subjected to terror attacks that they cannot stop because they
are breeding terror as I type this. It would be nice for any U.S. Representative who voted for this war, be found 'guilty' by a tribunal of citizens, not a court of law, for those are now owned and operated by the politicians now and have no resemblance to anything fair or
judicial. It would be nice for each of these representatives to receive at the very least, 1,765 (however many the death toll is at the end of the fracas, actually) 'life' sentences without parole for their part in assuring that the world is a hell of alot less safe at their poor and rather hegemonic tutelage. We need to start holding politicians (ALL OF THEM) accountable for the actions they commit while in public office, and we need to send them to prison for very very long terms without parole possibility, when they wage illegal wars abroad and spend hundreds of billions of taxpayers dollars on such boondoggles when we desperately need that money spent here at home. We need to start making sure that every time a politician is caught redhanded as ours apparently are now, that they can't sleaze out of the prison terms with plea bargains and deals they make, but that they get FULL TERM SENTENCES AT HARD LABOR WITHOUT ANY CHANCE OF PAROLE. This means all of them. Every single last one of them.

Only then can American's and Briton's ever be truly free of terrorism,
for their respective governments won't be waging wars against secular groups like muslims, not unlike what Hitler did to the Jews in WW-II by the way. Only then, can we start to truly be free men and women,
in a society where we don't raise our children to become useless cannon fodder for politico's who are 'above' sending their own off on the wars they consign ours to.

these changes must occur or we will face never ending, spiralling cycles of violence and death, and we don't have to go there just because of politicians who think they have so much power that they are no longer accountable to us who they allegedly serve.

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