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US Diplomat Who Resigned over Invasion of Iraq to Speak at Downing Street Minutes Teach-In in Houston

The Progressive Action Alliance (PAA) , Houston members of Code Pink , and other organizations will sponsor the "Downing Street Minutes Teach-In/Movie Night" from 7 to 9:30 pm Saturday, July 23, 2005 at the First Unitarian Universalist Church at 5200 Fannin. This is an event to recognize the 3rd anniversary of the Downing Street Minutes and it coincides with similar events in over 150 cities nationwide. This effort is being coordinated by After Downing Street , a coalition of veterans' groups, peace groups, and political activist groups, which has launched a campaign to urge the U.S. Congress to begin a formal investigation into whether President Bush has committed impeachable offenses in connection with the Iraq war.

The Downing Street Minutes (DSM) are the highly classified minutes of a meeting of Prime Minister Tony Blair and his advisers, which were leaked to a London newspaper. They show conclusively that Bush deceived the American people and the world by saying he would try to avoid war when he had in fact already decided to invade Iraq. "Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy." The DSM have received intensive worldwide circulation but have been largely suppressed by the American mainstream media. It is essential that we continue to bring them to the public's attention by events such as this. Complete details about the DSM may be found at the web site.

Our speaker will be Ann Wright, one of three US diplomats who resigned in March 2003 in opposition to the Iraq invasion. She is a member of Code Pink and has spoken at many Code Pink events in Washington, DC and New York City. Ms. Wright has master's and law degrees from the University of Arkansas and a masters degree in National Security Affairs from the US Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island. She has been featured in articles in the Washington Post magazine, Government Executive magazine, Foreign Service Journal, Ms magazine and has been interviewed by radio and TV networks. She participated in the documentary film "Uncovered: The Truth about the Iraq War." Her story is in the new Code Pink book. For more information about this remarkable woman, you can read her extremely impressive biography and testimony to Congress on the PAA web site at .

In addition, we will have several very good films, which are still being selected. The meeting is open to the public. A $5 donation is suggested to help defray the expense of renting the meeting room, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. There will be free refreshments. Further details are still being worked out and updates of this information will be available on the PAA web site listed above.

Please join us in this educational experience and help build support for the growing effort to bring out the truth, and to remove those who lie to justify war from the White House.

Press Contact: June Larsen 281-482-5621

Bill Crosier
Progressive Action Alliance
Demand an investigation -


See also a story on Houston Indymedia.


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From the Washington Post - July 21, 2005

-A classified State Department memorandum central to a federal leak investigation contained information about CIA officer Valerie Plame in a paragraph marked "(S)" for secret, a clear indication that any Bush administration official who read it should have been aware the information was classified, according to current and former government officials.

-It is a federal crime, punishable by up to 10 years in prison, for a federal official to knowingly disclose the identity of a covert CIA official if the person knows the government is trying to keep it secret.

You can twist these words and spin as much as you want but we are getting closer to the truth. You know the truth. You are hiding behind a wall of lies and we are tearing it down! It would behoove you to come clean now if you desire to save face. If this drags out any longer then you can rest assured that we the people will scream for long prison terms befitting the crimes your people have committed in our collective name! America, our great country, deserves no less.

Fire Karl Rove!


And the more they drag this out the harder 'we the people will be on them!"

If the GOP Congress and Senate doesn't move we will see the destruction of the GOP party!
Justice will be served and it's going to look bad on the GOP that tried to stop investigations and wouldn't do there job!

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