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Photos of Rove Protest in DC


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Let's organize to picket Neo-con godfather headquarters at PNAC

Very cute picture........but lacks a bit of credibility.
Was there anybody over the age of five at the protest?
This issue deserves some serious support it.

Those kids should be out playing, not placed in front of a camera like puppets. Those kids do not fully understand the implications of the subject they are "protesting". Regardless of the issue, leave the kids to do kid things, and let the adults handle this.

I agree. Children should not be used as props. It is a cheap, style-over-substance tactic. I don't like it when Bush does it and those who do so in protesting the Bush admin should know better.

If protestors need to have the kids in tow while they fight the good fight that's one thing but leave them out of said fight, the issues of which they likely cannot comprehend.

we're fighting FOR our youngsters so they don't have to fight in real battles later on in life... let them play now, but not the violent RPG's , ok?

Bringing kids to peaceful demonstrations is a good way to teach them democracy. Bringing them to demonstrations that are not peaceful is not productive learning for children who have a right to their childhoods and their innocence. Photographing children carrying posters is really cloying. It just does not seem right, they are not fully congnizant and abstract thinkers to be in a sense "used" as poster kids. I love the signs to get Rove out but the kids detract from the statement - even make it look manipulative - of who? All of us including the kids!

You are correct

I think it is a good idea to let the children participate in their govt. If they are involved at a young age they will be less likely as adults to sit by and watch their country get hi-jacked.The more normal it seems to them to speak up against injustice the better their future.Of course they shouldn't do this instead of being children and playing but in conjunction.

We should all have access to the truth, and be truthful. So far, this administration has not been truthful at all and we ordinary citizens are paying the consequences. Justice demands truth. The kids don't need to carry placards, however. But they should know that their future is being jeopardized by the very people who are claiming to protect them. Keep protesting, loudly.

These kids are way too young to comprehend anything that is going on.......This is ridiculous!

check 'em out , there are actually lots of adults on this picket line...BTW these kids are probably a lot more mature than Turd Blossom... he's just an overgrown bully

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