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We've Got the Wrong Guy

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By Geov Parrish

It's something of a stretch to proclaim Karl Rove, the Machiavellian political adviser to President Bush, innocent. But in this case, he just might be. And there's been something positively unseemly about the transparent glee with which many Democrats have been calling for Rove to be frog-marched out of the White House.

That glee is a form of tribute, really. It's an acknowledgment of just how successful (and ruthless) Rove has been—as a political strategist, in building Bush's political empire, and in forging a solid Republican majority in Congress.

So why would he be so stupid as to leak Valerie Plame's professional identity?

In the matter of Plame, it's entirely possible that Rove isn't the culprit and is guilty of nothing more than talking about her with a reporter, although, two years ago when this first surfaced, the White House said that he had not. That doesn't mean Rove betrayed her name knowingly, or knew Plame was undercover—two provisions of the Intelligence Identities Protection Act, a law that is extremely difficult to prosecute.

It could be that Robert Luskin, Rove's lawyer, is being entirely truthful when he says that Rove testified voluntarily before the federal grand jury, never invoked the Fifth Amendment to avoid self-incrimination, and has been assured by prosecutors that he is not a focus of the investigation into who leaked Plame's name.

In their zeal to nail Rove, liberals and progressives might be missing the real story. Rove says he first learned about Plame's status from reporters. If so, somebody had to tell those reporters.

A clue as to who told the journalists comes from who the reporters are. Matthew Cooper, Time's correspondent, says he talked with Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Dick Cheney's chief of staff, after he talked with Rove. Libby also has claimed that he did not talk with reporters about Plame.

The leak originally hit print in a column by Robert Novak, who is tight with Bush's neocon crowd. But the most intriguing figure is Judith Miller, The New York Times' reporter now in jail for not revealing her source of the information about Plame. Previously, she was most notorious as the credulous scribe who printed, on page one, mountains of prewar lies about Saddam Hussein and weapons of mass destruction, lies often sourced to (among other people) Iraqi National Congress leader and former Iraqi exile Ahmed Chalabi. Chalabi was a favored protégé of the neocon war hawks who pushed the Bush White House into war, a cabal led by Cheney himself. Miller was their favored mouthpiece.

It's no stretch to picture a situation in which the neocons became alarmed when former Ambassador Joseph Wilson publicly criticized the Bush team for pushing discredited evidence that Hussein tried to purchase yellowcake uranium from the African country of Niger. The neocons' response was to send a warning to other prospective dissidents by going after the messenger—to discredit Wilson, Plame's husband, just as this administration has attacked Richard Clarke, Paul O'Neill, and various other high-profile critics of administration policy before him.

Karl Rove is not the only figure in the Bush administration who plays nasty. But these men are not stupid. They would not have leaked such an explosive secret about Plame, one that endangered CIA agents and compromised national security, without some level of deniability. One reason it's hard to imagine Rove as the culprit is that he's simply too smart to blurt out something like this.

Those people wanting Karl Rove's head probably aren't going to get it. Unless he's indicted and convicted, there are too many doubts about his guilt, and he is too indispensable to Bush for the president to fire him. Even if Rove becomes an even greater political liability.

But that doesn't mean heads aren't going to roll somewhere. By all accounts, the investigation of special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is expanding rapidly. It is probably, at this point, encompassing far more than the Intelligence Identities Protection Act.

In all likelihood, this is about more than Karl Rove, more than simply getting back at Wilson for his criticisms of the administration. This is about taking on members of the Bush administration who were, and are, so committed to war, so committed to empire, that compromising national security is less important than maintaining the political momentum necessary to launch an illegal invasion.

In this way, the leaking of Plame's identity goes much more to the heart of the Bush administration than it would if it were a simple case of a political operative exacting vengeance. This is, once again, all about the lies that the Bush administration used to justify its war. As with the Downing Street Memo, we are learning more and more about just how desperate some members of the Bush administration were to have their war.

It's easy and fun to imagine Karl Rove in handcuffs. It's far more damning to get to the heart of what actually happened here. In all likelihood, Rove did not do what he is accused of. But somebody did.


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GREAT POINTS; especially for those who thought Rove a distraction;
when in fact the story got the media off their fearful corrupted duffs. I would think the Prosecution is very aware of her role promoting WMD war coverage. No she didnt write a story about Valerie Plame, SHE WROTE what led up to Wilson debunking information
CAN WE BE hopeful that the Special Prosecution Team IS ON ALL COVERT

What is her motive (or fear).

Her fear may be that the source is a high-ranking Democrat!

There ARE no high-ranking Democrats in this imbroglio.

The next Supreme Court vacancy?

Rage usually is...and mine had to do with the implications of the whole thing. But Karl Rove is certainly representative of the attitude of the whole bunch.

One thing all of this is pointing out is the level this group, Rove /Bush/Cheney took us and continue to take us. I don't know how we get this type of stuff to stop...any suggestions. Maybe what is needed is a program on cable that has everyday folks asking the questions and bringing up the lies, talking about them and forcing those handing out the lies out in the open.

The stories Rove makes up to destroy people is more at the level of Junior High. What person with any amount of character does this into adulthood? I would not be surprised if he is at the bottom of the latest against the Clintons, that rediculous book. And by the way, you would think they could come up with something more creative, but they are back to the whispers about sex. Honestly!

My outrage has only grown, regarding Iraq, Wilson Plame, the dishonesty and manipulation.

Perhaps Rove did not do the crime but I don't think we should let up on him one bit....

Judith Miller should be subjected to Bush/Rumsfeld hospitality at Guantanamo. Perhaps there they could make her talk - and tell us who her source is.

I don't give a rats ass if that stinking lying fat smarmy Facist bastard Rove didn't TECHNICALLY break any laws, he has been involved in this and lied about this from the beginning. If Rove goes down it will start the domino effect and the lying cowards who feel untouchable will start squealing and more will fall. One at a time first then in bunches just like Nixon. As long as that smirking piece of crap of a Pres. and his talking DICK are out we will have a country back. Pardon my rant but I have never hated anyone like this.

I was just saying to my hubby last evening...they all have this smirk, all of them and I want to slap it off of their faces. Cheney's smirk is even crooked, just like him. I must say your words have been heard in this house often....i.e. we have never felt like this about a Pres. and V.P., can't stand the bunch of them.

Half of this household has voted Republican always until this last election. Heard often "this is not the Republican party I have always known" I swear we have been taken back to the dishonest years of Nixon and his group only worse.

What a joke...Bush said he would bring integrity back to the Whitehouse...Ha! He does not know what it means.

So you see I rant too and often!

We, the people of this country share your disdain for these rogues!

All of us who love the America we grew up to trust and revere, need people such as yourselves to look at this information and analyze it in logical terms not partisan terms. I applaud your ability to do just that. I encourage you to challenge others who either do not want to see the logic or continue to be too partisan to bother to even look or care.

This is not a matter of Republicans winning or losing or Democrats winning or losing, it is about the United States winning or losing its stature in the world. I'm certain n one of us would have voted for Bush had he campaigned on a platform of world domination and empire building. But that is exactly what this country has been all about since January 20, 2001 when Bush took the oath of office which he has so blatantly violated.

Yes! But I think its not so much the "United States winning or losing its stature in the world," as it is a matter of the United States' surivability as a nation from the misleadership
of those in office. When our "leaders" are sent scurrying to their dark holes at the light of truth, pointing their fingers at their accusers and yelling "Blame, Blame" - as they're now doing against Wilson and Plame - when our "leaders" find a safer haven in their lies than in the truth, then, as a nation, we are in jeopardy from a terror far more sinister than "Terrorism."

What we are witnessing is not necessarily about Rove, Downing Street or The Supreme Court nomination; nor is it a new game from the so-called Neocons. Everything going on predates the current Bush. It's all about something George (the 1st) talked about in the late 80's which he lovingly referred to as the New World Order. George sr. needed to be elected to a second term to really set his plan in motion, but we the people had had enough and elected Clinton, twice (to senior's chagrin). The New World Order during that time became a non-profit organization and was renamed The Project for the New American Century, headed by the likes of Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Cheney and Jeb Bush. The Clinton era really put the brakes on the first George's plan - New World Order by the turn of the century. Due to a rapidly expanding American citizen's world view, a better economy and the rise of technological advances, electronic media outlets and the internet, it looked like it was getting increasingly more difficult to pull the wool over our eyes. They had to act quickly because George the 1st is growing old. When they won(?) the election in 2000 they needed to create a boogeyman, a common enemy, that we would all rally against. The easiest way to do that was to create a new Pearl Harbor, the WTC incident. It went off without a hitch, it went so well that Congress didn't question it. They did question the intelligence and created the Patriot Act, which many in America stood behind, sadly throwing away freedom in exchange for security (New World Order - testing the water, how many can be successfully brainwashed?). We flew flags, we wrote songs about our flags, we waved our flags while we sang songs about our flags. We went into Afghanistan to find Osama, leader of the new boogeymen, he's still at large. We went into Iraq, for the oil... I mean, for democracy (New World Order). We went into Iraq to find Saddam. We found Saddam pretty quick, unlike Osama who probably knows the best way to hide is to remain in plain sight. But who needs to hide at all when the leader of the free world has got your back? Here's food for thought: Does George Jr. know that the men he is surrounded by are working to forward his father's vision? Does he know that Rove did something wrong? Does he think the best way to fight terrorists, most of whom were Saudis, is to go to war in Iraq? Is it possible that the answer to those questions is NO? Is it possible he's just a burned out ex-coke abuser who just reads the same scripted speech over and over because it's what dad tells him to do? I'm not saying that exonerates him, but it does make him a very bad president. Sadly, being a bad president, if that's the case, is not a means for impeachment. But the uncovering of the truth behind the lies as they relate to the old men from the administration of George the 1st and removing those men should be the ultimate goal of any free thinking member of this great country. Without those men, George the 2nd would become a true lame duck. Any investigations done with zeal and vigor should uncover a large web of deceit and betrayal leading back to the Reagan administration, an actor reading a script, with George the 1st standing in the background, smiling and nodding as the leader of the free world espouses another old man's rhetoric. Additionally, I truly believe that if George the 2nd was not an option going into the new millennium then we would be talking about Jeb or Neil, with exactly the same players and same situation that we are witnessing today, including John Roberts.


One of the reasons we even know about the evidence supporting lies and deceit in the run up to the war in iraq is because of the internet. Congress has hit on a way to suppress even that source:

Please let people know.

I couldn't agree with you anymore. This administration is filled with lying fascists who are making Nixon look like a boyscout. It burns me when they try to hide behind ridiculous statements like "he talked about her but didn't give her name" and so many just believe that crap. Let a regular Joe use that in court for his defense and see how fast the judge throws the book at him. the sooner these chickensh!ts are out of the whitehouse, the sooner we can bring back unity and dignity that Bushco has thrown away. And i think it's interesting that Rove was fired by daddy Bush for a similar incident involving a certain reporter back then. That reporter was none other than Novack himself. We need a big shovel to dig out from all of this.

The truth is that whoever gets elected in the next campaign is going to have 4+ years of dirt to sweep off the porch. These punks in power are nothing more than profiteers, taking what they can from our pockets (which is nothing new) and turning it into profits for themselves and their buddies as they laugh at you and me and the very knuckleheads that elected them. We really screwed the pooch on these last two elections, and I don't mean via our collective votes, I mean due to the fact that many of us are just waking up to the reality of the situation. We should have seen it coming and we should have had the discourse we are now engaged in prior to the fourth election of these madmen (Reagan in '80 being the first). I voted for Nader in 2000 and I reside in Florida - the decision maker. I wonder how many of my fellow Floridians threw away their votes? Nader came in third, damn. What a waste... Speaking of waste, the lies of the current administration are simply spurious tales for the dustbin. We can look at their words and actions as much and as long as we want, but they continue to evade every question, continue to spin every illegal act they get caught in and turn it around. How do they continue to turn it around? Lots of practice, they are marketing geniuses! If any one of you out there has an idea other than emailing congress (non-stop, even at work), writing the crooks in the Whitehouse, petitions, holding signs downtown (where John Q. Public, whose attention we really need, just looks at you like you're a nuisance and in the way of his next communion with a Big Mac before gassing up the SUV), continually harassing the FCC, the PTC, and whatever acronym comes up next in the papers attached to a story about how big brother is trying to mind control us now and forever more and we can't do a God Damn Thing about it, write it HERE. Write it THERE, SAM I AM - WRITE IT EVERYWHERE. The only way to fight these fiends is through the very same method - MARKETING! I don't know how (yet) to accomplish it, but I'm sure that enough of us can put our heads together and figure it out. The future of not only our country but the world depends on it!


Billboards all over America denouncing the evil might be a good start. Now if only I were a rich man...


"Progress for America, a conservative organization with ties to the administration, unveiled the opening salvo in an ad campaign designed to ensure confirmation. It stressed Roberts' resume of academic and professional accomplishments and public service"

This is what I'm talking about! We need to band together and do the same thing these neocons are doing.


From the Washington Post - July 21, 2005

-A classified State Department memorandum central to a federal leak investigation contained information about CIA officer Valerie Plame in a paragraph marked "(S)" for secret, a clear indication that any Bush administration official who read it should have been aware the information was classified, according to current and former government officials.

-It is a federal crime, punishable by up to 10 years in prison, for a federal official to knowingly disclose the identity of a covert CIA official if the person knows the government is trying to keep it secret.

You can twist these words and spin as much as you want but we are getting closer to the truth. You know the truth. You are hiding behind a wall of lies and we are tearing it down! It would behoove you to come clean now if you desire to save face. If this drags out any longer then you can rest assured that we the people will scream for long prison terms befitting the crimes your people have comitted in our collective name! America, our great country, deserves no less.

I can't even stand seeing him on TV-even when you can't hear him, his body language, his condescending smirk, even the walk he uses speaks volumes! You and me both on the hatred thing.

Feels good to vent, doesn't it?!

This is OUR country. The money you're spending is OUR money. The resources and manpower you are squandering belong to US and are us. If you want to look at it in corporate terms, we are your stockholders. As soon as we can do it, you're fired.
» reply

Hope you don't mind, but I'm gonna use this one in my mass email today! You rock!


Help yourself.

Bush didn't just do a hostile takeover of our shares, Bushco STOLE our shares and now wants us to spill our blood to help him steal shares from others!

Neocon chickenhawks? More like chickenSH*TS

I, too, love this one; so succinct and to the point. No matter how they would try, the right wingers couldn't spend this one. Good on ya, thanks!

You know, our ownership includes the national forests being cut down, all our natural preserves, the oil in Alaska and wherever else oil is to be found in this country. A friend of mine who lives in Alaska told me that the trucks were lined up six months before that legislation opening up the oil fields was passed. Arrogant. They remind me of a gang of teenage boys...they don't mind making a mess, cause they don't intend to clean it up. WE THE PEOPLE are left with a totally degraded environment that we are unable to afford to clean up. With this deficit that BushCo has engineered, our children and grandchildren won't be able to clean it up either, which means our children's children will be dealing with birth defects.

The CDC reported several years back a sharp upswing in the number of children born with neural tube disorders (spina bifida is one such disorder) along the southern border of our country, where there are a lot of refineries and other chemical waste-producing companies that are not controlled by our environmental regulations. The CDC attributed this increase in birth defects to environmental degradation due to chemical waste.

Back to Alaska, since this administration has approved the opening up of the oil fields, I would like to know which company is getting that oil? and for how much? That is a NATIONAL resource, and if the money (if, indeed, any is being paid to the government) is not going into the national treasury, I wonder where it IS going?

"wherever else on Government land oil is to be found" "instead of wherever else oil is to be found"

His arrogance far outweighs any smarts ... any smarts he does have is in an evil vein (mad scientist type)

Agree, agree, agree. I told my son (right afer the November election when he was extolling the smartness & cleverness of Rove), that Karl Rove, in my opinion, wasn't that smart; that he was/is just evil.

Proverbs 6:12-15: A worthless person, a wicked man, goes about with crooked speech, winks with his eyes, scrapes with his feet, points with his finger, with perverted heart devises evil, continually sowing discord; therefore calamity will come upon him suddenly; in a moment he will be broken beyond healing.

There you have: worthless, wicked, and evil, yep!

In all cases in the past, Karl Rove's opponents were political foes. In this case, his foe is the CIA. In his over-confidence about the security of himself in the midst of a GOP-controlled government, he screwed up when he crossed the path of the CIA and the law of the land. Now his foe is the judicial system and no amount of spin will help him.

In all previous battles, Rove hid in the shadows and lobed hand grenades. He would start rumors which his opponents were powerless to stop, and let human nature work its ways. This time it’s a fair fight and in a fair fight, he’s helpless.

He bush wacked'em.

Better to go to jail for 4 months than 18 years. Gee, could it be possible that SHE is the source for "the source" (Rove)?

Nah. Too crazy, right?

Meanwhile the blood of our future continues to spill in Iraq, which is the real story buried beneath all the political posturing.

They're smart enough to keep the waters muddied up with useless spin, but they are the royalty of fools if they think we can't see right through them. The only problem is that most of America is not looking.

Most of America is not looking because most Americans are blind idiots who could care less about Karl Rove, Judith Miller, or "national security". What is important to them is who will win Celebrity Poker and the Daytona 500 and how to make the payment on their new SUV.

Are you talking about the red states?

how many Americans in 2000 would've thunk this much stuff would happen by 2005?

I used to think just like you until I started talking to people about what is happening. Those who know me know that if I'm that serious about something, it might need checking out. It's urgent to inform people. I usually give them several urls to look at, which include all the evidence. Most, so far have looked. I know, because I follow up and ask if they've had a chance. Then we discuss it. What I've found is a lot of people in despair. This is not a good thing. That despair is usually expressed as a cry of, "There's nothing we can do!" Yes there is. We can take every lawful option available to us. It's our responsibility to speak out and tell these people that they do not have our permission to kill our economy and our children and lay our country to waste for power and profit. If we don't do it, and we lose our country and our world, then we are ALSO responsible for letting it happen. The stakes are high and these people are playing it dirty. So, there've been more letters to congress and editors by some that I have talked to. Americans are starting to pay attention, and the NeoCons should be very careful.

They can't pay attention to something they don't hear about.

I'm printing and distributing a newsletter called "Saving Democracy" locally. It includes articles from several astute and literate people talking about the consequences of letting the neocons continue raping us (of course, nobody says it like that, but I think it's a pretty accurate description). Each time I've asked someone if I can use their article in this way, I've received permission. Also pamphlets outlining the evidence succinctly and pointing people to sources for the evidence so they can see for themselves. We need to be speaking up and supporting other people who are speaking up.

Like most of my middle class I'm busy trying to make ends meet. I solved some of that problem by trimming down on useless things that I don't need. Like television. Who needs it, when all it is is a spin machine? I've lost respect for spots of the media that I used to feel had some degree of integrity.

Well, I am not going to argue that Karl could squirm out of this from a legal standpoint, but it doesn't really matter if he legally did anything wrong. He admittedly talked about a CIA official to people without security clearance, and he did it without checking on the covert status of the operative. In other words, at best he was reckless with American security and thus should be fired without a doubt, and yesterday.

Clearly somebody had to disclosed Plame's identity to Novak - maybe the special prosecutor knows, we certainly do not. Was Novak's source Miller? If that is so then Miller is refusing to divulge the ORIGINAL source, hence she is now in the poky for refusing to testify in front of the grand jury – under the guise that she is simply protecting the source-reporter confidentiality. Whereas it may in reality be that she is simply protecting her own safety by keeping mum. For whoever leaked Plame’s identity to her (Miller) was a very senior official who knew she would never write the story herself – classic catch 22.

again, all of the astute observations that 'this is too simple' are probsably on target. as dumb as you'd like to think he is, doesn't figure that he'd be the sole 'blurter' of the 'smear' and certainly,
with Scooter Libby in the picture, potentially with Dick Cheney's tongue in his ear compelling him to regurgitate...there are a whole bunch of
scenario's that exist, but the best one I think is this one:

president and vice (how apt that word is to him) president sitting in
first class section of air force one with colin powell, and one of them whips this memo out of their briefcase and says; "hey, look at these hyar apples", and adds; "any ideas on how we can get this on the street to break this guy's ass????"

my guess is that as sold out as Powell is/was, he probably had to go to the lavatory and vomit. this heaving didn't probably stop the other occupants of the first class section of that bird from coming up with new and exciting ways to destroy Joe Wilson's credibility and
prevent questions about the lies the president was telling about Saddam's ongoing nuclear aspirations.

in any case, this was the crystalline or sleaze moment that whilst the aircraft was still miles above the proletariat earth below, the royalty up front was discussing the destruction techniques of a man's reputation and veracity. by the time the plane landed at Andrews, each of those first class seat occupants had their marching orders, and my guess is that Rove was unlikely to be the sole funnel of the
slime down the willing throats of the MSM. My second best assertion is that Judith Miller, if under sodium pentothal, would probable spill many beans about 'who else' in first class was uttering the identity of Wilson's wife to her. My best guess is that he'd be Scooter Libby.

I think we should stop giving Powell a free ride. He sat before the U.N. and spouted the crap line for line even though he knew it was a lie. Powell's envolvement goes way back to the beginning and he never once spoke up. Just like in the old days. Do any of you remember a little village in Viet Nam called My Lai? Powell was the one in charge of the cover up, he is not as clean as we are led to believe.

Powell and Tenet are the most likely to blow the top off of this thing. Whether, or not, it will happen is conjecture, but they know where a lot of bodies are buried.

Powell resigned... what do you think? Is he in a damned if you do or damned if you don't situation? Is he in a catch-22? Mai-lai, was he compelled to help superiors cover-up or was he the idea man on that?

I wish he'd talk, but you know he's got family like the rest of us... at least he resigned. Was that his message...?

Depending on how messy this gets, I can see Cheney trying to pin all of this on Tenent or Powell, or both to save his own ass.

I don't think he'd do that. His worst nightmare would be if they start talking.

I would really hate to be a part of this administration. It's dog eat dog right now. If they can't hang it on the "liberals", they WILL hang it on one of their own. I find that despicable.

Cheney leaked the info.
Gave it to Miller, Libby, and Rove.

Rove, sorry to say, IS stupid enough to leak info IF Cheney already has done so. Remember, neocons march in lockstep.

Its Cheney and Rove running the show folks.

If Fitzgerald nails them-- Rove and Cheney, Bush will be calling for daddy. At least Bush the first wasn't criminally moronic enough to invade Baghdad.

Impeach the lot of them.... Impeach Bush, Cheney, Rove; or preferably, jail time for all the neocons.

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