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Downing Street Re-enactment of Blair War Cabinet as Mad Hatter's Tea Party

By the Stop the War Coalition

LONDON - July 19 - Downing Street re-enactment of Blair war cabinet as Mad Hatter's Tea Party to mark third anniversary of meeting that took Britain to war.

Documents leaked to the British press earlier this year revealed that Tony Blair's war cabinet met in Downing Street on 23rd July 2002 to discuss US plans for the invasion of Iraq. Sir Richard Dearlove, the head of MI6, who had just returned from talks in Washington, told those present that war was seen as inevitable and that the intelligence was being "fixed" to provide the reason for going to war. The leaks have caused a storm in America where they are fuelling a campaign to have President Bush impeached.

To mark this Saturday's third anniversary of the meeting, Democratic congressmen and activists will be holding a series of readings at more than 300 sites across America of the leaked minutes of the meeting, a document that has become known as the Downing Street Memo.

A special British re-enactment will take place in Whitehall directly opposite Downing Street where the original meeting was held. A group of British actors and activists from the Stop the War Coalition will portray the meeting in the form of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. Supporters of this British day of action are invited to come along with a picnic, dressed as an "Alice in Wonderland" character. is a rapidly growing coalition of veterans' groups, peace groups and political activist groups which launched, on 26th May 2005, a campaign to urge the US Congress to begin a formal investigation into whether President Bush has committed impeachable offences in connection with the Iraq war. Together with Congressman John Conyers, organized hearings in the US Capitol and a rally in front of the White House on 16th June. That rally was addressed by Reg Keys from Military Families against the War in Britain. British citizens are showing their solidarity with this rapidly growing movement against the war and subsequent occupation of Iraq by participating in this day of action outside the gates of Downing Street itself.

2pm - assemble

2.15pm - re-enactment

2.30pm - singers (TBC)

2.45pm - messages of support

2.55pm - re- enactment

3.10pm - singers

3.25pm - closing remarks

CONTACT: Stop the War Coalition
Andrew Burgin 07939 242229
Lindsey German 07810540584



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