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Inter Press Service
By Jim Lobe

WASHINGTON, Jul 18 (IPS) - While to people living outside the Washington


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Dem talking points. God knows they need some…

1) A serious breach of our national security was committed. That’s why the CIA set this whole investigation in motion when they reported it as such.

2) The breach ruined an invaluable and irreplaceable national security asset. The spy network that was ruined was 20 years in the making and tasked with tracking the spread of WMD in the Middle East. Given the dangers in the world today there could not be a more important network.

3) This breach came from the highest levels of the Bush administration and was intentionally committed in order to smear a whistle blower who was exposing the Bush administrations fraudulent case for war.

4) This treasonous selling out of our national security in order to keep people from exposing their fraudulent case for war involves criminal and impeachable offenses that go far beyond anything the Nixon administration was guilty of.

5) We can’t have people in our government who behave this way. All good Americans must demand that anybody involved in this in be brought to justice. Our national security depends on it.


Look's like you have been doing some real homework here,thank GOD
there are people like yourself who are connected and gifted with the written word.
You are just begining to scrach the surface and "they"( in Government) know it.... their house of card WILL come down and full exposer WILL
be the end result.
I pray for this to happen and I pray for the grandsons I have I Irag
every night!

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