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Raw acquires copy of letter from British ambassador in lead-up to war

Raw acquires copy of letter from British ambassador in lead-up to war: 'Need to wrongfoot Saddam'
Larisa Alexandrovna and John Byrne

RAW STORY has acquired a copy of the Mar. 18, 2002 letter dispatched from then-British ambassador to the United States Sir Christopher Meyer to Tony Blair's chief foreign policy advisor, David Manning.

The release comes just before the third anniversary of the Downing Street minutes. The minutes documented a high-level meeting between the Blair and Bush governments, at which the director of British intelligence declared 'the facts were being fixed around the policy' before either nation sought approval for war.

The copy, obtained through British channels, provides further indication of the veracity of the documents and offers striking visual evidence that the communications were made at the highest levels of the Blair government. Meyer drafted the letter on British Embassy stationery.

In the letter from Meyer, he indicates that the British had a "need to wrongfoot Saddam on the inspectors and the UN" Security Council Resolutions, possibly suggesting that the British and the United States were coordinating to 'trick' Saddam into starting a war.

Meyer's letter is the third image of the documents to be released. The British Telegraph printed copies of a letter from British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw and another by Manning last fall.

His full letter can be read in PDF format here. This copy has been truncated to hide markings that might indicate their source.

The original documents, obtained by Sunday Times reporter Michael Smith, have been destroyed.



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St. Germain 07.18.05

The topic of the day is the ongoing war in Iraq , and yet again you find yourselves involved in one you cannot win. It has become the focus of all of the hatred against the Allied forces and is in danger of escalating even further. Yet it is hard to hear the voices of peace over the noise of war. Your peacemakers exist, but peace is not yet spoken of as increasing numbers of deaths occur. The world cries out for a stop to the madness that is engulfing the Middle East and is having repercussions elsewhere. There is no response from those that are promoting this war to keep their footing in that area. Liberation is now a word that is no longer mentioned, and has been replaced by occupation.

The dangers that exist in the Middle East are likely to draw other countries into the affray, as it threatens to move out of control. How much longer will the rest of the world look on without moving to a peaceful solution? How many more terrorist attacks will be tolerated before those that hold positions of power will say that they have had enough? The dark will continue to ignore those who promote peace, as it is not on their agenda. You already have an impasse where neither side will stop the escalation of the war.

It is clear that only a change of leadership will enable a different approach to be made to bring a halt to the war. Fortunately moves are in hand to bring that about, and the emergency of the situation is not lost on those involved. It is no longer an issue that should be decided on a party political basis. It is one of wide world importance, and concerns everyone regardless of their beliefs. The outcome is one that will dictate where Humanity goes from this point onwards, and whether enlightened souls are allowed to lead everyone out of the chaos.

As we see it from a greater view point, the demand for a stop to war and instead world peace is growing very rapidly. It is an energy that cannot be ignored for much longer and it will have its day. Your petitions to the Creator are heard and you will be assisted by heavenly forces that will ensure a peace comes to Earth. The Angelic Legions and the First Contact Forces are not standing idly by, and already the plan is in hand to release you from the grips of the dark. No earthly force will be able to repel or withstand the day of reckoning. That day now draws nearer than ever and will be signaled by greater showing in your skies of space craft from the Galactic Federation. Let me remind you that they have millions of craft, and they are the peace force under the command of Lord Ashtar

As ever, try to keep your head above the negative energies and do not allow the fear of others to pull you down. By doing so you will help bring calmness to those around you. Talk about the issues of the day, but do so in a way that does not involve negative emotions. Not everyone will believe that peace will be achieved through the combined efforts of both the dear ones of the world, and those off world. Spread your belief that all will be well and others will be impressed by your calm and confidence. This is the time to stand firm and hold your ground.

So many good things are happening upon Earth just now, and all are part of a great awakening. It is taking place on all levels and you are drawing the Light to yourselves to a greater degree than before. This is your silent weapon against which the dark have no reply and it will be victorious. Many of you already sense the changes in the energies around you, and they can have an electrifying affect and your perception seems much keener. Indeed, they are very uplifting in more senses than one. Regardless of what goes on around you, your own progress is assured.

There is a pathway that is being taken by the dark, and another by the Light and there is no longer a place on Earth for them to remain together. This is a time of sorting out the dregs that have accumulated over eons of time and cannot take their place in the Light. One must not forget that Mother Earth carries these energies and is also throwing off those that she cannot take with her. Soon you will help her to clear away the pollution of negative energies and help in her cleansing. When you came to Earth it was in a pristine condition, and it behoves you to ensure that it is restored before this cycle ends. As you know, this is a mammoth task but it will be lightened by the advent of First Contact and the help it will bring.

I am St. Germain and simply ask that you do not waver in your resolve to keep focussed in the Light. It is more important than ever before as you ready yourselves to claim your victory. You have great faith that is wonderful to see in action at this time. I feel tremendous admiration for all you have done, and back you with my Love so that together we shall join arms as we cross the finishing line. You still do not fully understand how you are loved beyond measure, but once the veils are removed all shall see you in your full glory.

Thank you St. Germain

Mike Quinsey

Dem talking points. God knows they need some…

1) A serious breach of our national security was committed. That’s why the CIA set this whole investigation in motion when they reported it as such.

2) The breach ruined an invaluable and irreplaceable national security asset. The spy network that was ruined was 20 years in the making and tasked with tracking the spread of WMD in the Middle East. Given the dangers in the world today there could not be a more important network.

3) This breach came from the highest levels of the Bush administration and was intentionally committed in order to smear a whistle blower who was exposing the Bush administrations fraudulent case for war.

4) This treasonous selling out of our national security in order to keep people from exposing their fraudulent case for war involves criminal and impeachable offenses that go far beyond anything the Nixon administration was guilty of.

5) We can’t have people in our government who behave this way. All good Americans must demand that anybody involved in this in be brought to justice. Our national security depends on it.

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