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Bush Administration Deceptions Longstanding and Growing

By Jim Mullins

The Bush administration and much of the major media either ignored or gave little publicity to the revelations in the "Downing Street Memo" when it was leaked and published in London's Sunday Times close to two months ago. Now the leak has become a flood of memos written by British cabinet ministers that affirm and substantiate its damning statement that "the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy."

British officials in intelligence, legal and military leadership had expressed great misgivings about the invasion's legality, American claims of quick military success and the lack of US plans to govern Iraq and secure the peace. Its legality was particularly troubling to the legal and military oficials who saw themselves as liable for Nuremberg style war crime trials in the International Criminal Court to which they were bound by treaty. A treaty signed by President Clinton but not given senatorial ratification at President Bush's insistence.

President Bush's plans for war in Iraq began long before 9/11. His biographer, Mickey Herskowitz, quotes candidate George W. Bush: "One of the keys to being a great leader is to be seen as a Commander-in-chief. My father had all this political capital built up when he drove the Iraqis out of Kuwait and he wasted it." And: "If I have a chance to invade, if I had that much capital, I'm not going to waste it."

He campaigned however, on having a humble foreign policy and avoiding war. This was nonsense for George Bush pushed for an invasion of Iraq from day one of his presidency. It was all about him and his place in history. 9/11 presented the opportunity to achieve his overweening ambition to be a warrior crusading president.

President Bush's deceptive statements about Iraq's deadly threats to America's security culminated in Secretary of State Colin Powell's Power Point presentation at the UN. Its members silently rejected it and broke into cheering for the French foreign minister who cautioned that time should be given for the UN inspectors to finish their work.

But the tide is slowly turning. Cong. Walter B. Jones [R-NC] who was so infuriated by the French spokesperson that he had the french fries in the Congressional dining room renamed "freedom fries" has now said that he will sponson legislation calling on the Bush administration to define how it intends to get our troops out of Iraq. House Judiciary Committee Minority leader John B. Conyers Jr. now has 120 co-sponsors of a Presidential letter requesting answers to the Downing Street Memo. His request for 80,000 citizen petition signers has now reached 560,000.

President Bush feels that his reelection was a referendum on his actions taking us to war thus avoiding facing up to the lies and deceptions that got us there. His later ploy-a drive for Middle East democracy-is exposed by a policy that applauds elections in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, condemns those in Iran, overlooks the dynastic succession in Azerbaijan and stymies investigations of human rights and the horrific massacre in Uzbekistan.

Egypt has had a dictatorial regime with referendums-not contested elections-on President Mubarak rule since 1980. He is now allowing opponents but only nonentities from his own party with opposition parties either banned or leaders jailed on trumped up charges. Saudi Arabia which has had autocratic royal family rule since its inception in 1920 will now allow election of village councils where on the other hand Iran has regular local, parliamentary and presidential elections with parties representing left, right and moderate tendencies as we witnessed last Sunday.

Azerbaijan has had a former-communist dictator, Heydar Aliyev, since the Cold War ended. The phony election that installed his son Alham Aliyev as his dynastic successor elicited no comment from the Bush administration. An investigation of the recent massacre in Uzbekistan where up to 2,000 demonstrators were slaughtered and Uzbek dictator Islam Karimov's violations of human rights has been stalled both in NATO and the OSCE by the Bush administration. The British Ambassador has stated that torture, including boiling of body parts is endemic.

Scott Ritter, former American Weapons Inspector in the Soviet Union and the UN in Iraq who disputed Bush claims of Iraqi WMD based on-the-ground experience has now reported that the United States is expanding US military bases and Special Forces in Aberbaijan as a prelude to an invasion of Iran. The same secret actions that began soon after 9/11 in terms of Iraq while the Afghan war was raging and Osama bin Laden was still on the loose.

We should not accept on faith Bush administration propaganda that may lead us to a far deeper quagmire in Iran and demand answers and truth instead of bumper-sticker slogans such as "democracy" and "freedom."


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Someone, somewhere has to stop Bush!!!!!!!!!!!! I think he believes he is the dictator of America and will be in power forever!

we're working on it.

No, it's bigger than just one man; it's Rove, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Bush the 1st, etc... Oh, and a hell of a lot of neocons and their sheep, prayer warriors, corporate boardmembers... People that can't do any better on a ballot than create a hanging chad...

Did I miss something during the Clinton years?

Was the Clinton Administration bent on territorial expansion and increasing its hegemony over Mid-East oil production? Did I miss something there, so when some pundit says " Ahhh..they all did it"
(referring to lying to Congress), I know for sure its another right wing "talking point".

I guess we should start taking the Bush Doctrine very seriously: attacking another country is legitimate because we say so...

Is the US Military actually being used in the Mid-East as, say a Rook, in a larger foreign policy escapade or gambit? Is the Chinese attempt to buy UNOCAL part of this larger canvas?

Was the Clinton Administration as "sneaky and lowdown" as the Bush Administration? Did the Clinton White House inner circle pull a bunch of dirty tricks on noncombatants, like Rove and Libby stabbing Wilson and wife square in the back?

Are the rumors of v. Clausewitz being revived from the dead true?

Is the US Military simply a tool to be used when necessary and appropriate to achieve a larger goal, say making Iran dependent in some way on US client states for commerce?

If we begin answering these questions we may go to the heart of the matter, motives and all!

Should a President of the US with an approval rating of less than 50 % be qualified to appoint US Supreme Court Judges with life time tenure?

You know, that's an excellent question/point. Maybe an admendment to the Constitution is needed here (not that any future Neo-Con would care to regard the Constitution, unless it is to ban gay marriage).

And how about a President considered not upholding the Constitution by not enforcing the Law?


The Constitution has been amended to prohibit from this day hencefortheth, no neweth Neocon marriages, and all current Neocon marriages are to end in divorce, ASAPeth. This will prevent the Neocon offspring (AKA spoiled rotten callous brats) from proliferating the nation, and thereby the planet. If any Neocon breeds out of wedlock the offspring will be adopted by NORMAL American families thereby guaranteeing a normal degree of goodness and kindness to proliferate friendliness upon the earth.

He will be once he declares martial law. That is on of his perogatives, especially in "authorized" war time.

Perhaps this is nothing, but I have a bad feeling about this
upcoming FEMA Region IV exercise. There were NORAD and FEMA
"drills" in NYC on 9/11. There were "terrorists" drills going on
in London on 7/7.

From the press release,( here is the scenario:

FORT MONROE, Va. -- Here’s the scenario…A seafaring vessel transporting a 10-kiloton nuclear warhead makes its way into a port off the coast of Charleston, S.C. Terrorists aboard the ship attempt to smuggle the warhead off the ship to detonate it. Is this really a possibility?


What happens if this "drill" gets too real and BushCo get to
exercise all that Executive "POWER" under the FEMA statutes?
Lots of FEMA concentration camps out there, all set up and
ready for "guests."

Anyone have a take on this?

and over and over again... anybody out there?

Here is a run down for those not familiar with Operation Northwoods:

I don't want to sound like Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory but August 2005 is the 60 year anniversary of Hiroshima & Nagasaki. I saw a link on this site refrencing an article on this implying there are plans to use that date to detonate devices here. Again, I don't want to be chicken little and I would in normal circumstances dismiss this as crazy but these are not normal circumstances. If anyone knows the link I refered to please post it again. This would be the Martial excuse George & DICK would use.

Bush declaring martial law is one of my nightmare scenarios. We can be sure the white house has talked about it and may well have concrete plans. They would need a “triggering event,

"Give me freedom or give me death"!

I absolutely agree that Bush & Co. should not be permitted to make any nominations until he answers the questions about the DSM and the Rove/Scooter Libby deal. When he answers a question, we'll let him suggest a judicial nominee. Then we'll tell him that one is not good. Answer another question, and so on and so on. . . well, you get it.

We should make the same mockery of the Supreme Court that Bush & Co. are making of the rest of the American governmental system. This is really another civil war of ideological sorts. I keep saying this until my last breath, these Repugnant, Repulsive Republicans CAN NOT BE TRUSTED WITH POWER!!!!!!! PERIOD

Hey, neocon(hopefullyconvicts)s, my name is RICHARD J. SCHAEDLER. I am a licensed Pennsylvania attorney in practice since 1978. I understand the US Constitution and the idea of three branches of federal government intended to act as a system of checks and balances on each other. I also understand business, being in the business of the practice of law. I understand corporate governance, i.e. one share one vote. What has developed in this country during my legal career is the melding of the corporate governance into the realm of public government. The neocons like to refer to it as PRIVATIZATION, one of their favorite catch phrases. All you need look at is what happened to the budget surplus which Bush 7 Co. inherited in January, 2001. Now in July, 2005, Bush & Co. have turned that surplus into a record deficit and compounded the sin by giving the wealthiest few in this country huge tax breaks further extending these deficits far into the future. The money being spent by the US Treasury is going to the likes of Haliburton and Bechtel as well as other huge defense contractors who also just happen to control media conglomerates which were permitted by guess who? Right, the neocons' heroes, the Repugnant, Repulsive Republicans.

The independent press, if one still exists in this nation, must pop its collective head out of its collective butts and start investigating this whole sordid mess. I hope all of you are as sick and tired as I am of the Bush & Co. propaganda purveyors.


I 100% agree with everything you said!

Now it appears this National Security leak goes to Libby who' works with Dick Chenney.
Doctors,,Cops,Pilots and many others are suspended during an investigation,as it involves human life.
And Rove and Libby are under investigation that involves the entire United States and there not suspended.
Not to forget the BOLD FACE LIE earlier that came out of the whitehouse that Rove was not involved.
Once again the American people are lied to.
As this leak could lead to Bush and Dick they should not be given executive power until this matter is resolved.

"What has developed in this country during my legal career is the melding of the corporate governance into the realm of public government."

So can we put them all in jail for failure to meet their fiduciary responsibilities to the shareholders, or do we have to wait until they're finished converting the entire public realm into corporate assets.

thank you for telling it like it is, bravely speaking for all of us (well for me anyways ;) thank you very very much ... you got guts man

Dem talking points. God knows they need some…

1) A serious breach of our national security was committed. That’s why the CIA set this whole investigation in motion when they reported it as such.

2) The breach ruined an invaluable and irreplaceable national security asset. The spy network that was ruined was 20 years in the making and tasked with tracking the spread of WMD in the Middle East. Given the dangers in the world today there could not be a more important network.

3) This breach came from the highest levels of the Bush administration and was intentionally committed in order to smear a whistle blower who was exposing the Bush administrations fraudulent case for war.

4) This treasonous selling out of our national security in order to keep people from exposing their fraudulent case for war involves criminal and impeachable offenses that go far beyond anything the Nixon administration was guilty of.

5) We can’t have people in our government who behave this way. All good Americans must demand that anybody involved in this in be brought to justice. Our national security depends on it.

In other words, everything going on in the Bush Administration from the day he cheated his way into office back in 2000, ALL of it is de-classified as of NOW, ASAP for ALL to see. Secrets are BAD for Americans, NOT good for us.

I don't want to see any more secret shockers de-classified forty years after the fact , like Operation Northwoods in 1962:

The american left and center etc. needs to stop once and for all being afraid of Bush and his big bad corporate fascist empire.

Bush is nothing more than an abused and destroyed pawn.

PNAC contains Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, Michael Ledeen, David Wurmser, Dick Cheney, Ahmad Chalabi and other known turn-coat traitors to the United States.

THEY are the real president of the united states, and remember they are insane. What we should all be doing is marching and invoking citizens arrests and other, in addition to aiding the F.B.I.

They did this in Ohio and Blackwell was forever shamed, in fact the hearings on the Ohio vote irregularities were so vicious the police had to step down and get the hell out of the way.

Remember, THIS is a problem:

PNAC and friends have always wanted the ultimate corporate consolidation of power. John Bonifaz and others must know this clearly. The control of the VOTING was to be outsourced just like JOBS, and that means a destruction of civil rights.

What we MUST do is organize, organize and fight them until Cheney is removed!!!!!! It will happen, do not be afraid or hold back. They are on the full defensive now and we have our OWN media that is far more powerful than theirs!!!!

Remember a country is only as doomed as its people, are misinformed.

Doug E.

What we are witnessing is not necessarily about immediate power, nor is it a new game from the so-called Neocons. Everything going on predates the current Bush. It's all about something George (the 1st) talked about in the late 80's which he lovingly referred to as the New World Order. George sr. needed to be elected to a second term to really set his plan in motion, but we the people had had enough and elected Clinton, twice (to senior's chagrin). The New World Order during that time became a non-profit organization and was renamed The Project for the New American Century, headed by the likes of Rumsfeld, Rove, Cheney and Jeb Bush. The Clinton era really put the brakes on the first George's plan - New World Order by the turn of the century. Due to a rapidly expanding American citizen's world view, a better economy and the rise of technological advances, electronic media outlets and the internet, it looked like it was getting increasingly more difficult to pull the wool over our eyes. They had to act quickly because George the 1st is growing old. When they won(?) the election in 2000 they needed to create a boogeyman, a common enemy, that we would all rally against. The easiest way to do that was to create a new Pearl Harbor, the WTC incident. It went off without a hitch, it went so well that Congress didn't question it. They did question the intelligence and created the Patriot Act, which many in America stood behind, sadly throwing away freedom in exchange for security (New World Order - testing the water, how many can be successfully brainwashed?). We flew flags, we wrote songs about our flags, we waved our flags while we sang songs about our flags. We went into Afghanistan to find Osama, leader of the new boogeymen, he's still at large. We went into Iraq, for the oil... I mean, for democracy (New World Order). We went into Iraq to find Saddam. We found Saddam pretty quick, unlike Osama who probably knows the best way to hide is to remain in plain sight. But who needs to hide at all when the leader of the free world has got your back? Here's food for thought: Does George Jr. know that the men he is surrounded by are working to forward his father's vision? Does he know that Rove did something wrong? Does he think the best way to fight terrorists, most of whom were Saudis, is to go to war in Iraq? Is it possible that the answer to those questions is NO? Is it possible he's just a burned out ex-coke abuser who just reads the same scripted speech over and over because it's what dad tells him to do? I'm not saying that exonerates him, but it does make him a very bad president. Sadly, being a bad president, if that's the case, is not a means for impeachment. But the uncovering of the truth behind the lies as they relate to the old men from the administration of George the 1st and removing those men should be the ultimate goal of any free thinking member of this great country. Without those men, George the 2nd would become a true lame duck. Any investigations done with zeal and vigor should uncover a large web of deceit and betrayal leading back to the Reagan administration, an actor reading a script, with George the 1st standing in the background, smiling and nodding as the leader of the free world espouses another old man's rhetoric. Additionally, I truly believe that if George the 2nd was not an option going into the new millennium then we would be talking about Jeb or Neil, with exactly the same players and same situation that we are witnessing today.

Sounds like it goes back to Prescott Bush.....George Bush Senior has turned into a much more moderate, then he was in those days. Prescott Bush was always the lunatic fringe, and instilled in Bush Senior, that the CIA should make a new world order.

I don't think Bush Senior, seeing the irreversible damage done to the CIA believes the new world order is "justified". He's another pawn, for Cheney and Chalabi and all the real terrorists to have fun and games!

He's even a pawn for Osama Bin Laden, to watch the americans DIE. Bush Senior's CIA at one point got out of control, and created Al Quaeda, and it has since become the largest regret.

We know Bush Senior has always been a bad shell, but at this juncture he can redeem himself. But all the other neocons are traitors.....AND WE HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO REMOVE THEM BY FORCE.

Doug E.

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