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Not One Penny More for War!

UFPJ National Call-In Day
Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Call Congress: 202-224-3121

President Bush has asked Congress for another $72 billion for his illegal
war in Iraq. This will bring the cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
to almost $120 billion for 2006 -- that's on top of the $432 billion the
military is already spending this year, and in addition to the more than
$250 billion already spent on the Iraq war!

Call your Representative and Senators at202-224-3121 on Tuesday, Feb.
28th, and tell them: Not one penny more for war!

Members of Congress are afraid to vote against this money because they
don't want to be accused of not supporting the troops. It is time to stop
using the troops as a shield for failed policy. It is time for the people
of this country to speak up and show Congress how to stand up to the

Help us flood the Capitol Switchboard with calls for peace by forwarding
this email to your friends and family. (If you received this email from a
friend, please consider joining United for Peace and Justice's ongoing
action network to keep receiving our alerts.)

Bush's inane "stay the course" rhetoric has lost all credibility. There is
no course, no plan, no end in sight to this war. The U.S. is not making
progress, in fact, deadly attacks are increasing, and 2006 will be the
most expensive year of the war so far.

Like an addicted gambler, Bush refuses to get up from the table, begging
for more money to lay down in a game he can't win. But this gambler is
playing with our money and the lives of our family members, friends and
neighbors, and the lives of countless Iraqi civilians. The only way to
stop him is to cut off the money.

Some members of the House and the Senate are claiming that Iraq is not
important to their constituents, that they are not hearing from people
about the war. Make sure they hear from you -- and everyone you know who,
like the majority of this country, opposes the war.

Make at least one phone call to your Representative or to one of you
Senators, but three phone calls are better than one!

To see how your Representative has voted on the war, download our
Congressional Scorecard (in Excel spreadsheet format) by clicking here.
Visit the Legislative Action section of our website to learn more about
how you can help pressure Congress to stop dithering and bring an end to
this war!

As you tell Congress not to spend another penny for war, please consider
donating some dollars for peace. While Congress is contemplating billions
more in war appropriations, United for Peace and Justice is struggling to
raise the funds we need to continue pressing for all the troops to be
brought home now.

If each one of you could -- RIGHT NOW -- make a personally significant
contribution of $15, $25, $50 or $100, or sign up as a sustainer and make
a recurring donation at $5 or $10/month, we would have enough money to
continue pressuring Congress, cover our organizing expenses, and raise the
volume of opposition to the war.

Follow the links below for more information on anti-war events being
planned around the country for the third anniversary of the Iraq War, and
on a massive mobilization being planned for New York City on Saturday,
April 29.

Thanks for your support -- together we will bring this immoral war to an


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Can you tell me why that we cannot impeach this President, is it because he is the antichrist, and everybody is afraid of him.
When Clinton was in just for getting a blow job everybody wanted to impeach him. Now this President has a war, whic he took upon himslf to have killing people like its no tomorrow, lying to the people, spying on us, and he he is still there, what is wrong with this picture. He is doing anything he wants and he is not afraid of doing it. And he is still doing his dirdy deeds making money for his buddies and hurting the american people. Slowly and surly we are loosing are rights and the constitution, it wont be long before we will be calling him king george.

I have always been and will always be against the wat on Iraq

We were lied into this war which is bankrupting our country - in more ways than one. Bring our fighting men and women home NOW!

Please do not allocate more funds for the illegal war in Iraq! If you want to support our troops, bring them home!

There is no reason for our troops to be in Iraq other than our criminal quest for oil, greed, politics, power and imperialism!


As of February 26 2006 there have been the 2391 needless deaths and countless injuries to our troops. You want to support them bring them home and do not spend another dime on bush's criminal war!

U.S. Deaths Confirmed By The DoD: 2283
Reported U.S. Deaths Pending DoD Confirmation: 8
Total 2291
DoD Confirmation List
Latest Coalition Fatality: Feb 26, 2006


Click here: LII: Constitution


Dear FBI


U.S. Deaths Confirmed By The DoD: 2283
Reported U.S. Deaths Pending DoD Confirmation: 7
Total 2291
DoD Confirmation List
Latest Coalition Fatality: Feb 26, 2006

The "bush administration" is in grave violation of our Constitutional laws
and International laws. The "bush administration" is in grave violation of
Civil Rights and Human Rights. You would not know it by watching the "news"

Click here: Definition of Fascism

6. Controlled Mass Media -
Sometimes the media is directly controlled by the government, but in other
cases, the media is indirectly controlled by government regulation, or
sympathetic media spokespeople and executives. Censorship, especially in
war time, is very common

Does the "mainstream mass media" and FBI recall condoleeza rice giving
sworn testimony that the "bush administration" was warned of a probable
"terrorist attack" several months prior to September 11, 2001?

It is very interesting to me that when President Nixon's "abuse of power"
and/or illegally wiretapped a few the media got hold of it and crucified
him. The "bush administration" has illegally wiretapped hundreds (you,
me?) if not thousands? Where is the Media now?

Given the facts the "mainstream mass media" is in a fight against the
Constitution, Democracy, Freedom, Liberty and it goes against the best
interests of the People of the republic of the united states of america.

My Tip for the Day:

TERRORISM. War Crimes. Crimes against humanity. The mass murder of
innocent men, women and walking-talking-living-breathing children.
Torture. War Profiteering. Treason. Voter fraud. Organized Crime. Slander.
Criminal negligence on and before the events of September 11, 2001.
Needlessly/Criminally putting US Military Service People at great risk of
injury and death. Conspiracy, War and Terrorism against the Constitution,
Bill of Rights and the People of the republic of the united states of

GUILTY: "bush administration"; "vice president" "dick" cheney, karl rove,
donald rumsfeld, condi rice, "president" george w. bush, "NEOCON" creeps

AIDING AND ABETTING: "mainstream mass media" and/or fox "news" cbs "news"
cnn "news" abc "news" nbc "news" ....

Click here: VICTORY?

Click here: "LIBERATION"

Click here:

Click here: Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting


Click here: george w bush WAR CRIMES - Google Search

Click here: Definition of a Republic

Click here: Definition of Fascism

Click here: George W Bush and the 14 points of fascism - Project for the
OLD American Century

2. Disdain for
the Recognition of Human Rights -
Because of fear of enemies and the need for security, the people in
fascist regimes are persuaded that human rights can be ignored in certain
cases because of "need." The people tend to look the other way or even
approve of torture, summary executions, assassinations, long
incarcerations of prisoners, etc

The New Yorker: The Memo: How internal effort to ban torture was thwarted

6. Controlled Mass Media -
Sometimes the media is directly controlled by the government, but in other
cases, the media is indirectly controlled by government regulation, or
sympathetic media spokespeople and executives. Censorship, especially in
war time, is very common

9. Corporate Power is Protected -
The industrial and business aristocracy of a fascist nation often are the
ones who put the government leaders into power, creating a mutually
beneficial business/government relationship and power elite

14. Fraudulent Elections -
Sometimes elections in fascist nations are a complete sham. Other times
elections are manipulated by smear campaigns against or even assassination
of opposition candidates, use of legislation to control voting numbers or
political district boundaries, and manipulation of the media. Fascist
nations also typically use their judiciaries to manipulate or control

Click here: VOTE FRAUDArchives

Check out what barry says

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and CIA are not about politics or
"keeping people employed" {aka corporate greed/profits} The FBI and CIA
are not about the "votes" "voters" "constituents" or "contributors" of a
politician. The FBI and CIA should be very concerned over voter rights and
voter fraud -DEMOCRACY. The FBI and CIA SHOULD not be about trying to
promote "freedom" and "democracy" in other sovereign states
(neo-conservative spin aka fascism). How could we promote freedom and
democracy abroad when we do not have it here? The FBI CIA should be about
the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Liberty and Justice for all.
============================== Check out Thanks for the Memories

Check out War Crimes

Check out Church and State


Click here: Bigger Than Watergate!

Click here: Welcome to!

Check out Where is the Plane, Flight 77?

Click here: Want to Know Cover-up Information - 9/11, Energy, Health,
Media, Mind Control, War Cover-ups, More


Click here: Cavalli-Sforza on Human Races

Click here: The American Taliban

If racism, bigotry and/or xenophobia is retardation of progress are
racists, bigots and/or xenophobes retarded?

If one feels they are superior by reason of "race" or "religion" or for
any other reason of insanity are they "inferior" or are they equal but



Michael Lee Elmendorf
republic of the united states of america

No more payoffs to the evil war profiteers!!

The current situation in Iraq appears to heading for a full scale civil/religious war - - the very worst kind, since it will be a war of violent passions among people who have already demonstrated their propensity toward extreme violence - - among the several contending Iraqi/Arab factions, and if it escalates much more our troops will be caught in the crossfire. It were better Mr. Bush had use some money to bring the troops home before there is a mass sacrificing of American lives in an already hopeless situation - - a situation created largely by the ineptness and lies of the Bush administration and the psychopathic fantasies of the neoconservative "think tanks", the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute, whose Cheney/Rumsfeld cronies have so strongly influenced our hapless President. Bring 'em home Dubya; you're far out of your water on this and your hands are already very wet with the blood you have already caused to be spilled.

just get us out bush is looking out for his familys business oil . its time the usa minds its own business and takes care of the people here .


enough is enough. No more money for a lost cause plus no more
bodies. Admit you made a mistake, PLEASE!!!!

Democrats are supposed to be anti-war. Stop the insanity!

Not another dime of taxpayer dollars should go to this illegal war!!

Stop the war in Iraq by pulling the troops out now! We don't need more people killed on either side. What you are doing is illegal, immoral and plain wrong. We do not want any more of our tax-money to go for the Haliburtons and other special interests. You need to figure out how to heal the thousands of injured soldiers here at home when they return and not allow any of the funds to enrich the bottomless war pockets.

Get it? Got it? Use it! The data is in. War is a bad idea. Premptive peace is the new technology.

This preemptive War that should never have been in the first place has been the costliest to us poor people and will cost many generations to come. So no more spending to war and filling the White House croonie's pockets, because believe it or not it has made a few people very, very rich!
I am tired of it!

war is sapping the american economy for the poor and middle man...the rich and wealthy may be profiting from it but, the little people will suffer if you keep wasting money on this war and letting it go unaccounted for in places like the katrina ravaged gulf coast. it's time for congress and the president and his cabinet to start thinking about america and american citizens instead of their own pocketbooks.

I support H.R. 4232, the "End the War in Iraq Act of 2005" bill.

Stop the outsourcing too. On TV said with CAFTA l7 million
service jobs going offshore on top of the millions alrady.
Over 200 US companies in Ramos, Mexico and when they can
because of transportation go to China from $1 an hour in
Mexico to $1 a day in China.

It is time for us all to stop this money-making machine called the Iraqi War which is feeding off the blood of our troops. It is time to bring them home where they belong and the time has come to try Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rove as war criminals.

$72 billion more for this unjus war? I think not.Take that amount and invest it in America. Help the Katrina victims, give some of the money to education, the poor and the homeless.
If Bush and his gang of criminals want $72 million , let them fucking pay for it.

Quit supporting King George Bush's illegal war! Bring our troops home!

And start impeachment for this moron--sooner the better. Sweep out his entire gang! They are like the wrong-way Corrigan on the football field. Even Cheney thinks it's okay to hunt with an illegal hunting license. These morons are not above the law. I want Congress to take control NOW.

The U.S. bankrupted Russia and this mighty country is headed that direction. Don't let Bush bankrupt our nation for all the wrong reasons. As a senior citizen, who got robbed of $4,000 of my Social Security pay before the first check, while you're at it, let's put all of you Congress people on the same Social Security System as the rest of us, then you'll fix it RIGHT. We the citizens have lost faith in all of you in Washington over this Bush administration ruining everything.

Thank you... Gene Beley

This has gone on way to long.

How dare the President!!! He wants the American People to keep pumping Billions into this war & yet he proposes to cut Billions from the support of the people,i.E. Education,Military,Veteran Affairs,Medicare,Etc. The list goes on! Oh don't forget the $6.8 billion he's trying to make away the security of 6 of our major ports!!! It's ludicrous!!!

I was a young child in the Vietnam era war protest, now as a 50 year old home bound house husband, cannot go to any anti war protests only do cyperspace typings and I don't care the US goverment is spying on anyone who types anything in the US so I don't mind letting them know who I am! I am just wanting an end to the war , President Bush as a homebound person me, I urge you to with drawal our troops till everyone man woman comes home even all ciivans from the war zone Iraq etc

I'm sick and tired of politicians supporting this war and buckeling under the pressure of whether they are going to get reelected or not.


The money we've spent thus far could have helped our own people at home.

How about helping everyone in the USA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The entire premise for war in Iraq is a fraud. The axis of evil hides in the bushes.

we are hemmoraging money president bush has only one thing on his mind the damnable war he started illegally,meanwhile he obviously thinks, having never worked for a living ,that money grows on trees,
he does not seem to understand nor care that the american people are being hurt with his wreckless spending, because of cuts in social programs t o obtain money for his death machine

No more taxpayer money should be given to this incompetent, corrupt administration to throw away and give to their friends.

I strongly oppose any further funds being made available for the Iraq war. Clearly the President lied regarding his reasons for wanting to attack this third world country -- and with out a declaration of war from Congress I might add. Consequently, this has been an unlawful and immoral war from the start. In addition, we now find our troops hopelessly embroiled in Iraq's Civil war, and as if the was not bad enough, we are actually taking sides in that war. Finally, given the irresponsible, record government budget deficit, we simply do not have the money available to waste on this foolish and pointless engagement in Iraq. I urge you to VOTE NO TO APPROVING ADDITIONAL REVENUES TO FINANCE OUR CONTININUING INVOLMENT IN IRAQ!!!!!!!

Dear Sir:

Our invasion of Iraq has made a bad situation worse and our continued presence degrades a bad situation. We need to get out now.

This war is also sapping urgently needed funds for a futile attempt to control an insurgency. Any slim chance we might have had to succeed in Iraq was squandered in the first few weeks when we failed to restore order and improve living conditions.

What grassroots insurgency has ever been defeated?

Cease this insanity now. Stop funding a counterproductive occupation of a foreign nation.

Please no more money for war! We have been fighting a war on terrorism yet we must acknowledge we can not irradicate terrorism. It is foolish to spend more money on a war, while in our country thee is poor health care, people living in streets, among other assorted problems. We should concentrate on the mentioned problems and not on a war to erradicate terrorism.

Dear Congressman Sabo,

Do our troops a favor. Bring them home. No more money for a Bush War!

Dave Nelson

The presence of American troops in Iraq is doing more harm than it is good. I would like to see us leave a.s.a.p.

There is no reason for this non-sense. I think it was just a ploy for certain people to get money.

It is disgraceful the amount of damage that has been done to citizens of Iraq. My father was an actual war hero, special services when it meant something... this you would perhaps not understand, but men like him (who was head IG inspector in Europe, who was head of munitions world wide during the bay of pigs episode, who had too many medals to count them all) do not like war, nor do they want war.

Even in the '50's, while in Japan, he said it was overkill and it did not have to be so much bombing. He was horrified by it, but served his country. For 30 some years.

Then the VA pretty much killed him by giving him the wrong meds... great show there guys.

So, it is time to get out of the war business, and it is time to get into the peace business.

Do you not think you have enough gold to line your pockets yet?

It is time to leave Iraq and begin to make peace instead of war in this world. If you want a good project, how about cleaning up all the water in the world. That is a good one.

The Democrats are DOA. They are not going to do anything. Just words, words,

I have opposed the war in Iraq from the "get-go". In my view the motives for engaging in this war are not in the best interests of the American people nor the citizens of Iraq. It is not in the best interest of the American people to bankrupt the U.S. in a cause that is apparently futile - like Viet Nam, a war of questionable pupose and war that cannot be won. Philosophically I view war as a "loose-loose" endeavor, particularly this war. We have domestic concerns that need the attention and financial support of the U.S. Government: education being among the most important. There is an enormous population of homeless - children and families as well as individuals - in the U.S. Victims of natural catastrophes are being left to fend for themselves. Our governmental resources would be better used to solve our own problems. I encourage the Bush administration to remove our troops from Iraq immediately and to disengage entirely from any further involvment in Iraq.

Withdraw from Iraq and let's focus on the needs of Americans
and our troubled country. Healthcare, education and developing
alternatives to oil need priority.
Stop the bloodshed from the veins of our troops and from our
now fragile economy.

George Luce
Homestead, FL 33030

Make war to poberty and hunger, war to ignorance and violence. Not war to other peaple.

Unfortunately, in Wisconsin we have congressman Mark Green (R), who is a lapdog of the Bush administration. He has virtually ignored all constituent requests that are contrary to the Bush regime plan of action. Fortunately, Mark Green is balanced by our Senator, Russ Feingold, who seems to be one of the few people on the Senate floor able to boldly speak out against the inept leadership that we are now suffering. This post is an indictment of those representatives who play party politics when our nation is going to hell in a BUSHel basket and encouragement and thanks to those who will put political interests aside and speak up on behalf of our country's/world's future.

Politicians who want to get re-elected should stop wasting tax dollars
on the Genocide War against Arabic people by the Hitlerian Bush/Cheny
and the profiteering War vendors like Halliburton. Like Hitler,
Bush has a Genocide Agenda that will expand the war, increase anti-American terror attacks and waste trillions of tax dollars on foreign re-building on an infinite Genocide mission killing thousands of innocent Americans & Arabic civilians. Instead of making US tax payers pay to bomb Iraq & rebuild it, Bush should stop ignoring all domestic constituent needs for rebuilding (Katrina) assistance, affordable health insurance and meaningful job creation rather than low-paying Walmart jobs with NO benefits. Email your politicans and tell them to STOP funding mass murder/mutilation/WAR agenda by Psycho Dictator Bush, Cheny & their greedy corrupt, cronies NOW if they want to get re-elected!

When key military personnel call for withdrawal of troops on the basis that their presence in Iraq is "fueling the flames", as they repeatedly have, then it is clear that they should be withdrawn and an international peacekeeping force be brought in. The time is now...


No more money for Halliburton Cheney. Stop the war against the Iraq people and bring our troops home safely now! Stop trying to steal Iraq oil.

No more money for Halliburton Cheney. Stop the war against the Iraq people and bring our troops home safely now! Stop trying to steal Iraq oil.

Stop stealing from the American people as important programs re medical research, programs for the homelesss, New Orleans fiasco.
Time for you all to go--a pack of thieves and liars.

When Jr. Bush entered office he had three objectives, first,it was his intention to drain the U. S. Treasury, second, to gain control of all the oil in the Middle East and third, to line the pockets of his already rich friends. He has done well with his first and third objectives, the Treasury is broke and his rich friends are richer but he is having a lot of difficulty with his second objective. The Arabs did not bown to the Bush God as he expected and they never will. The war in Iraq is absolutely unwinable and the quicker that this fact is accepted the less American blood will be spilled. Contact you representatives in the House and Senate and demand that they not approve another penny to support this useless and needless war.


How much more evidence, like a 35% presidential approval rating, does the congress need to know before pulling the purse-strings on this unholy exercise in human destruction. Mr. Bush has but one out for himself, that is to plead insanity on judgement day. May God have mercy on his soul.


Kevin Harmon

This war is based on a web of lies from our President. The fact is he was informed about a attack on American soil a long time ago. He sat in that classroom looking like a idiot as he always does. We went to Iraq for Oil it is the simple truth but, our government says that is not true. If our President came to me on a street corner right now fearing for his life and ask me for help. I would say run you fool. If it was anyone else I would not I would take them in a save them. People are dead from this war over Oil. Does he show any emotions for those families I think not only if it's a photo opporunity.

Beaf up are County'
but keep are money here
Feed are poor'Better
School for are kids and
are Waterway free of all
out sider do I haft to say
more. Yes we all well be
VOTING soon!
Larry Lapel


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