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Did Gonzalez and Ashcroft Conspire to Obstruct Justice?

By valabor, DailyKos

In all the focus on the minutia of the Plame leak, and with a possible Gonzalez Supreme Court nomination, I wanted to remind everyone of this Harkin moment in the Congressional Record (after the flip).

Could Alberto Gonzalez be a subject in the cover-up portion of the Plame investigation???

In short, after Attorney General John Ashcroft delayed mounting any investigation into the Plame leak, he then delayed informing the White House of the investigation (in order to trigger their duty to preserve documents). Once Ashcroft did notify the White House, White House Counsel Alberto Gonzalez asked if he could wait until the next day to send out the official notice to White House staff to preserve documents relevant to the investigation. Even though the request was extraordinary, and outside any normal prosecutorial procedures, Ashcroft obliged. Harkin laid it all out way back in October 2003:


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Another case of the obvious here. No person with an Intelligence Quotient higher than say, '65' in the real world, would doubt that
the Justice Dept now might as well be co-located in the Bush White House. If anyone thinks for one New York second that Gonzales didn't obstruct justice and help obscure the investigation into PlameGate,
they be smoking lots of really bad CRACK. This whole gang of thugs, inclusive of 'singalong with me' Ashcroft are absolutely totally looney
tunes in love with 'Der Fuhrer' they work/worked for, and certainly it
is no stretch of any imagination that they assisted in covering up key
information, destroying evidence, and probably going so far as to counsel the thugs in the White House on how best to destroy evidence,
circumvent the investigation of Fitzgerald, etc..

Can any of it be proven? With an Independent Counsel rule re-instated, it just might be. Would they be indicted for helping these thugs cover it all up? maybe. Do you think any would go to prison for their crimes? ever hear of a presidential pardon? (NIXON).

so, the best we can hope for is that in the next election cycle, if there's any legitimacy to it whatsoever, that every single piece of scum that facilitates this bullshit get tossed out onto their haunches without further ado, and someone with some spine and integrity be elected in each of their places. Pigs may fly before that, however.

we can only hope. Remember, in the Bush White House, nobody can hear you scream. (a loosely adapted quote from ALIEN).

We have much more power than you may think. First will come the Fitzgerald indictments, which may include Cheney, or his people (more likely). The media will cover this. Public opinion falls and congress gets cranky; the media finds their legs. Bush is neutralized. The 2006 elections await.
We don’t actually have to achieve impeachment to be effective.

the MAIN goal !!!

There's a lot of Moms and Dads out here...we are persevering till THE goal is achieved.

Bush's credibility is rapidly disappearing.

Any member of the Bush administration with a license to practice law and who is involved in any manner with war crimes or constitutional violations of civil rights shoul face immediate disbarrment.

Every attorney when sworn in as an officer of the court takes an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States WITH FIDELITY (my emphasis added).

I challenge any administration attorney to come forward and explain how his or her actions on behalf of this administration fulfill the terms of that oath. I'm certain John Dean of Nixon administration infamy can provide further elaboration on this point.

These are the same people that we are trusting to do the right thing in the war on terror. The latest article in New Yorker by Jane Mayer called Gitmo experiment is a report on injustices and torture. It is a report on how this administration allowed certain uses of interrogation to gain information when experts again and again told the group it was a bad way to gain information. The medical community should be outraged with the way the medical staff is used for experiments.
As far as the documents are concerned I don't know why Bush will need a library. There won't be any documents to house in it. They will all be shredded. There will probably be a lot of displays of broken bicycles though and an orange jumpsuit.

What he missed saying was he would (should) resign from Skull & Bones;
but who knows whether he would be another (dead) JFK if he tried
(what a mob):o(.
This stuff is so incredible; if one actually searched out the deaths
surrounding most administrations in the last half of the century...
it boggles the mind to think that we are led by the murderers and criminals our constitution and laws claim to be protecting us from.
ITS ALL VERY BACKWARDS...and has been for far too long.
IF the APPROPRIATE backround checks held any real water; NO BUSHEVIK
would have ever held office. I would love to hear this investigation
go back and throughout the BUSH family. We the People ought to be
WHAT A SHAKEUP THIS COULD BE...Altho hard to imagine, because if the
WH was cleaned out of its massive tenticles of corruption, who, how
where would we begin again. WHO CAN WE TRUST??? WASNT IT ODD/NOT
that Mayor Rudy was in London on 7/7???
The only reasons to mention Kerry, is that there just isnt enough real dirt on him, and that historically our economy has always been
in better shape for the working class under the DEMS.

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