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Case for impeachment

Brattleboro Reformer, VT

The Downing Street Memos have faded from the headlines, overshadowed by the furor over Karl Rove and whether he leaked the identity of CIA agent Valerie Plame to reporters.
We know it's tough for the Washington press corps to focus on more than one story at a time, but we'll make it easy for them.

Both the Downing Street Memos -- the secret documents from Britain's intelligence agency on the Bush administration's preparations for invading Iraq -- and the ongoing scandal involving President Bush's most trusted advisor are both tied together. They show the lengths that the Bush administration will go to in convincing Americans to accept a unnecessary war. They also show how the White House bullied and discredited anyone who got in its way.

Former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill, in his book, "The Price of Loyalty," wrote that the Bush administration planned for an Iraq invasion from the day it took office. O'Neill was threatened with jail time for supposedly revealing classified information, something he did not do. Nonetheless, he clammed up after that.

Former White House counter-terrorism chief Richard Clarke echoed O'Neill observations in his book, "Against All Enemies," charged the Bush administration with ignoring al Qaida to go after Iraq. Clark ended up the target of a concentrated White House smear attack.

Scott Ritter, the former lead inspector for the United Nations investigation team in Iraq after the 1991 Gulf War, met the same fate as Clarke, because he told anyone who would listen that Iraq possessed no weapons of mass destruction and that Iraq had been effectively disarmed by his UN team.

Retired Marine Corps Gen. Anthony Zinni opposed the plans to invade Iraq. The former commander-in-chief of the U.S. Central Command also criticized the lack of postwar planning and the abuses committed by U.S. forces. The Bush administration allegedly tried to prevent him from getting any consulting jobs in Washington.

Gen. Eric Skinseki, the Army's chief of staff, told Congress before the Iraq invasion that "several hundred thousand troops" would be needed to occupy the country after the war. He was forced into early retirement.

And so on down the line. Every person who dared to point out the gaping holes in President Bush's arguments for invading Iraq has been smeared or bullied into silence.

That's why former Iraq Ambassador Joseph Wilson, Plame's husband and another Bush critic, also had to be attacked for not supporting the rationales for invading Iraq. That's why Rove apparently shopped around the information about Plame to several reporters in retaliation for Wilson's opposition.

This is a policy that comes straight from the top. The Bush administration wanted war and would do whatever it took to get it.

Whether it is bending facts to fit their policies -- as outlined in the Downing Street Memos -- or punishing critics and whistleblowers, what is unfolding is a clear pattern of lies and corruption that matches the level of Watergate and the Iran-Contra affair.

If Democrats were in control of Congress, there would have been an investigation of the Bush White House by now. Instead, we see Republicans explaining away the Bush White House's misdeeds.

We think it's time for Republicans to put aside politics and uphold the Constitution that they have all sworn to protect and defend.

It's time to start talking seriously about impeachment.

Bill Clinton got impeached for lying about an extramarital affair. Lying to the nation about a war of choice, an unnecessary and immoral war in Iraq that has done incalculable damage to this nation's standing in the world, is a far greater offense.

President Bush and his administration has much to answer for. Let the proceedings begin.



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Three cheers for the Reformer! The Burlington Free Press, however, refuses to comment on the DSM. Does anyone have a theory as to why so many papers refuse to comment? Is it laziness, fear, incompetence? If I were on an Editorial Board, I can't imagine not commenting on this. Any ideas as to what might persuad them to weigh in on this?

I think it is a combination of all three, plus a downright conservative bias. And if you ask me, I can only think of one way to persuade them to start reporting on the Downing Street Minutes, to keep doing what we have been doing, sending them numerous letters and emails urging them to report on it, as respectfully as possible of course. Can anyone actually provide a list of newspapers who have reported on Downing Street, let alone write an editorial on the minutes? Because I can easily imagine a short list.

There is a list on this site for Editorials, Columns, and News Articles that have been printed in newspapers around the country. It was posted about five days ago, I think.

Its fear of losing their coporate controlled jobs. G.E. and Westinghouse, purveyors to the nuclear weapons industry, and makers of fine "conventional" weapons, own or control much of the media. They have an agenda that is very hard to challenge due to their mind-boggling fortunes and the immense individual greed prevalent in this country. Their hands are either tied by the agenda our they are bought outright..

It's fear. Why is no one talking about how the GOP is molding and shaping the media by all the conversations they seem to have with reporters. Rove's email's, by implication, suggest that the whitehouse had a hand in every report going into the mainstream press and I've heard about similar contacts from Cheney when he didn't like what the Media were reporting. Fear...smears...personal attacks and thus...loss of employment.


The Downing Street Memo is the smoking gun and the Rove/Plame scandal just one of the money bullets fired from that fully automatic "assault on our liberties rifle".

The illegal we do immediately, the unconstitutional takes a little bit longer, George Bush's words to live by.

The only way for this news to be ever be looked into as a serious story is if the mainstream media reported it, and not just like conspiricy story but as a serious issue. Most American people now don't even remember the case for war vividly. Infact, during the elections, if just one of the millions of Bush's speeches were aired I think he wouldn't have gotten elected. And that pussy Kerry just made it worse, instead of attacking Bush on the WMD's he just sucked up and said Saddam was a "threat" I don't think he even mentioned WMD on his entire Campaing. Seriously, if people just rewathced all the Speeches he made people will Change their mind. There needs to be a site didicated to this....

I was just googling around , and one thing led to another, and then I started reading about "Operation Northwoods". I must say it stunned me, I grew up in S. Florida around the time of the Bay of Pigs. Here I am tonight reading about Operation Northwoods for the first time in my life. It's documents were de-classified by the FOIA , and are about fake terrorist attacks presented to President Kennedy to get us into a war with Cuba. He rejected the whole idea, and was later assassinated. Some of the plans possibly involved the area I lived...I lived next door to Cuban exiles, I could've been "collateral damage" when I was 4 or 5. But Kennedy rejected the fake reasons to go to war with Cuba. Who knows, he may have saved my life. This is the first time I've ever read about Operation Northwoods. I am grateful to Mr. Kennedy. However, it makes me sick to my stomach even moreso about Bush and his fake WMD's - Impeach the Bastard.

Actual de-classified Operation Northwoods document:

When I see the list of people involved in trying to stop this war, I see the making of a witness list. Here is where the power of organization could make or break a case for impeachment of this President. Included in a plan of attack has to be something to counter the Republicans manipulation and usual misleading of the facts. We also need the focus and emotional commitment to drive home the damage this administration has perpetrated on the American people. Somehow Bush has to be held accountable for the hurt his action has inflected on real human beings. Lives lost involving our nations young can generate the example of hurt. If we roll up our sleeves to show on a personal level the killing of men women and children of Iraq for reasons he lied about, we can also generate the same image of a killer, just like Sadam. It can be done; we just need someone to put it together.


Sort of like Point(LIES) /Counterpoint(TRUTH) on a website:

List the Bush Administration lies , counter them with the truth backed with links (so people wandering through the website don't have to dig and research the links). More legaleese than user friendly, but we gotta get down to brass tacks and hit Neocons with every law out there, state and federal RICO (and tax evasion if applicable), Congressional investigations & impeachment hearings, and of course eventually International laws and tribunals....THE WHOLE ENCHILADA. Get the Neocons on parking violations if we can catch them... get them out of the White House and off the streets...Book 'em.

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