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Clues to Who Might Be At/Near the Source of the Rove Leak Scandal

By David Sirota

I am not one who likes to engage in a lot of speculation, but the Karl Rove/leak scandal has really gotten me thinking: why won't they just fire Rove? The answer is not that Rove is innocent, or even that they can't because he's too powerful - I'm starting to think the reason is because while Rove was definitely involved and definitely deserves to face legal consequnces, he wasn't the root. Somebody else was the root of this leak - and that somebody is likely a person the Bush administration can't just cut loose like they could even Rove, who is after all, a staffer. It must be somebody even higher up on the food chain.

Before I tell you who I think it might be, let's just go through what we know. Rove now admits he learned of the classified information from a journalist (which of course does not excuse him from going and confirming that information to another "journalist" like Bob Novak). It's very possible that person was Judith Miller, but that's not really important - what is important is that the journalist got the information from someone else...someone higher up.

Novak has given us a clue about who this higher up is. He says it was "no partisan gunslinger." Not that Novak's description should be taken as 100 percent credible - he is a partisan hack after all. But still, the question is who would someone like Bob Novak make that description of?

I'd like to think it was Vice President Dick Cheney, but even Novak wouldn't describe him in those terms, and I do believe Cheney is too smart and too keen to his own self-preservation to get himself directly involved in something like this. So again, who is an official who is up in the White House stratosphere that can't just be fired, that isn't a "partisan gunslinger?"

I'm thinking we need to start asking Condoleezza Rice some questions. Now, I say that having no proof at all that she was involved. I'm just trying to read what we do know. And if you think about it, Rice really should be on the hot seat. Here is a person who came out of academia and who might not have the appreciation for how quickly you can get burnt down for leaking classified info, and who might think that's all part of "how its done" in Washington's partisan battles.

Furthermore, Rice is not well known as a "partisan gunslinger" (even though she is). Also, she was the face of the Bush administration in the lead up to war - she was the front person in defending all the administration's WMD claims, she was talking to all sorts of reporters trying to make the WMD threat seem as menacing as possible. She was the one who allowed Bush's reference to Iraq supposedly buying uranium from Niger to get into the State of the Union address, and then denied it by laughably pretending she never read the intelligence reports debunking the claim - as if we are expected to believe that.

Then suddenly, Joe Wilson comes along and debunks the whole thing. That means Rice would have had not only a broad motive to defend the White House, but a personal motive to defend her own competence: Wilson's proof that the Iraq-uranium-Niger thing was bogus was a direct indictment against Rice, because she was personally supposed to vet the State of the Union address and the specific claims in question before they were aired. And, as we know, the leak of Wilson's wife's name came as a means to discredit Wilson's debunking of the Iraq-Niger claim.

Again - this is all speculation. I'm trying to use the skills I acquired as a child player of the board game Clue to try to figure out what's going on - and I have no proof that Rice was involved. But someone with her profile and position raises questions: she is someone who isn't known as a "partisan gunslinger;" she is someone that, because she is now Secretary of State, they can't just fire easily; and she had not only a broad ideological motive, but a very personal one. And now, at the end of the day, we find out that Rice's number two, Stephen Hadley, has a connection to the scandal.

So the real question at the end of all of this is simple: Has anyone asked Condi Rice about her involvement in this scandal?

Rove said he learned about classified info from a reporter

Novak says the source is "no partisan gunslinger"

Rice pretends she never read the intelligence reports

Rice's deputy Stephen Hadley is now involved



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With evidence from Downingstreetmemo (as well as sundry other items available to anyone who wants to ferret them out) and now the Rove et al. leak, the time is ripe for all progressives to unite in a strong campaign to impeach the entire Bush Administration for lying to the American people, innumerable dirty tricks all to the detriment of the health of the U.S. The Democrats in Congress have to be urged to summon the courage to talk, nay YELL, the urgency to get the entire Bush gang out of power and save the lives of the U.S. military currently engaged in Iraq. Reinforcements, if any, should be deployed to destroy completely the Taliban in Afghanistan, and to adopt the policy of officially rejecting U.S. support of autocratic or dictatorial regimes (starting with Saudi Arabia). The time is now indeed ripe for political action to clean out the scoundrels in power, in the spirit of the Declaration of Independence.

I'm with you all the way. I'm trying to light the fires under two republican senators. McCain and Kyl, can't even get an answer from them. My representative is on our side and has been from the start. (Grijalva.)

How do we get through to these lackeys that it is not democrat nor republican but the national security of our country? Even the implication that something like this was done should have brought everyone to their feet screaming and demanding answers.

Do these people forget they work for ALL Americans?

We have to take back congress in 2006.

Unfortunately, most of them work for their corporate sponsors most of the time.

That's a major part of the problem. Everyone's in it up to their eyelids.

We can't get bogged down in GOP talking points, false flags and non-issues. For instance, the idea that the big controversey is whether Dick Cheney sent Joe Wilson to Africa or not. Or, whether Rove told Matt Cooper the woman's name was Valerie Plame Wilson. These are non-issues and they smell rotten. That's what has to be hammered home to the press and to anyone we talk to: honest people don't act this way, honest people don't hide behind their lawyers. Hell, honest people wouldn't be talking to anyone on "double super secret background"

I'm new and not experienced, but over that last several days I've read hundreds of articles and only one comes to mind.

Seems that Wilson made ovetures through a third party to Rice before his article appeared, however was rebuffed. Is it possible that they discovered Wilson's wifes identity much earlier?

This is another fascinating analysis demonstrating sound logic. I can't help but think that if Aunt Jemimah (Rice) turns out to be Judith Miller's source, VP Cheney had to have had a hand in it in a major way. It is clear that his office was the motivating force behind getting the CIA to send Ambassador Wilson to Niger in the first place. When his little cooked up plan didn't wash and Wilson blew the whistle, the Veep was, let's say, pissed off. Is it really that hard to conceive Cheney discussing his wrath with Rice who also had to be pissed as well at the results of Wilson's visit to Niger?

I'll take it even a step further. While Bush is not all that clever on his own, he, too, had to have been pissed at the results of Wilson's visit to Niger. Is it hard to fathom Bush having a private tete d'tete with Rove, his closest POLITICAL advisor about the embarassing op-ed by Wilson in the NY Times? It probably went something along the lines of: WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT THIS WILSON THING KARL? WELL, MR. PRESIDENT, THE VICE PRESIDENT HAS INFORMATION ON AMBASSADOR WILSON AND HIS FAMILY WHICH CAN BE USED TO COMPROMISE WILSON'S AND HIS FAMILY IF NECESSARY TO DISCREDIT HIS CONCLUSION. ALL WE NEED TO DO IS PLANT THE SEED OF DOUBT IN THE MEDIA'S COVERAGE OF WILSON'S REPORT AND SUBSEQUENT OP-ED PIECE AND THE REST WILL BE TAKEN CARE OF BY THE MEDIA FRIENDLY TO OUR ADMINISTRATION'S POSITION.

Cheney may not have been the leak, but I firmly believe he supplied a few pipe wrenches to the plumbers who caused the leaks!

You got it, Mr. Siriota. Rove might be douche boy's brain, but it doesn't mean that he's always the one with the it's likely the true METHANE that generated this wise idea to out a CIA official and commit the 'T' word (starts with a T and ends with an N),
probably came from Penisless Cheney himself. That's how we suddenly find him sweating bullets and getting admitted to hospitals for chest pains...he's not too hot on doing the frog march or for that matter,
wearing wide striped suits either. The bonerless one himself (cheney) is likely the real source of the leak, and sadly, dufus himself with the wired gizmo on his back all the time was probably utterly clueless and had not one iota of an idea, nor methane gas pocket like his real mouthpiece....but he's such a feckless turd that he'd have signed off on it and chuckled to himself about the total clever idea that he thought was his. When you're fried on cocaine and found jesus (right off the dashboard of his car, probably) you tend to need mouthpieces like the weinerless cheney, and as much as you'd like to think that TURD BLOSSOM himself was the architect of this crap, he was just the nether lips that let the gas slip, not the true source of the fart itself. That was, again, cheney. But they all are like the '3' stooges only what they do to this country is far from hilarious.

let's try to keep it real.

One way to get your senator's attention is to start a recall petition to get them replaced. Progressives can do this in each state with a senator that won't vote for impeachment.

It's a win-win proposition; even if you don't achieve the recall, it publicizes the movement for impeachment. The added publicity may sway your senator's vote.

When Bush becomes linked in the public's mind with lies, corruption, and illegal activities, the Republicans in Congress will want to distance themselves from him. Voting for impeachment is one way to do this. It becomes a liability to support him.

It happened to Nixon when the stench of corruption began to disgust the voters. It was all over when the Republicans began to stop supporting him. He resigned because he was going to be impeached anyway.


Ask yourself a question...

Why is it that the fate of America rests in the hands of the RNC and the DNC to determine which of these illegally-funded organized crime rings can shout the loudest to influence public opinion?

Remember a time not so long ago when a (then respected) guy named John McCain fought tooth and nail for something called "Campaign Finance Reform" designed to take the money out of the political process?

What happened to that effort? What happened to that war hero? What happended to America since the failure of that effort?

Think about how much money the RNC spends to purchase air time from the MSM to sell their products (candidates). Is it really any wonder that those CEOs at the largest media companies go out of their way to please one of their largest customers?

The RNC has purchased the control of the MSM through the mechanisms that continues to allow money to influence the electoral and legislative process. McCain said it most clearly and was defeated. Following his defeat on the issue, he ambled over to the trough and joined the rest of the hogs, lining their pockets with our money.

It's OUR Money!


This two party system has failed. The slippery slopes that the money and the power and the internal political wars fuel have led to the most extreme of outcomes, WAR FOR POLITICAL AND FINANCIAL GAIN, as one might expect.

This is the RNC's war. They bought and paid for the propoganda that SOLD it using their constituent's money to fund the RNC propoganda machine, under the direction and control of Karl Rove - THE ARCHITECT OF THE PROPOGANDA THAT SOLD THE WAR.

AIPAC and the RNC CONSPIRED to place their own OPERATIVES within the White House and Defense Department, once in place, designed a marketing plan and financed the SELLING OF THIS WAR.

Rove is an operative for the RNC, an ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE, on the payroll of the United States Government.

Feith, Fleisher, Bolton, Franklin, Wolfowitz, Pearle, Libby, Abrams, Zakheim and a long list of other OPERATIVES with AIPAC ties were installed in positions necessary to pull off the most elaborate CONSPIRACY ever intentionally set the conditions for the invasion of the Middle East by the Government of the United States (we the sheeple).

Read. Learn.

Right on, Plunger, as usual you are on right ON target on the bullseye:
The original reason for the existence of the Neocons is Israel.

Israel uses American kids for protection.
Our tax dollars are being used for Israel's protection.
Zionist influence and money is being used to get American kids & our taxes over to the MidEast to protect Israel.
American blood is shed for Israel's protection NOT just in the MidEast, but also on 9/11 at WTC and London subway as well.

Palestinians have HAD it, the Arab world has HAD it, the World Community at large has HAD it, and easy-going Americans such as myself have HAD it with Zionism.

Arab World does not hate America because of our freedoms to buy Nintendos (as Bush lies and implies.)
Arab World hates America because we chose sides and use Israel against them (it is the Foreign Policy you stupid assholes in Washington DC).

And guess what? Good decent true Torah Jews have always HAD it:

This is "right on."

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