You are herecontent / Rep. Conyers and 91 Members of Congress Call on Karl Rove to Resign

Rep. Conyers and 91 Members of Congress Call on Karl Rove to Resign

Rep. Conyers and 91 Members of Congress Call on Karl Rove to Resign or Explain Outing of CIA Operative Valerie Plame

News from Rep. Conyer's office:

Rep. John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI), Ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, released a letter signed by 91 Members of Congress asking that the President either demand that Karl Rove come forward to explain his role in the outing of CIA operative Valerie Plame, or that he ask him to resign (a copy of the letter and the list of signatories is available as a PDF).

Conyers stated: "in light of today's revelation that Karl Rove served as a source for Robert Novak in his column outing Ms. Plame, it is becoming increasingly clear that a full and complete explanation should be demanded of Mr. Rove as well as an understanding of what the President knew and when he knew it. As we wage a war against terror, it is simply not tenable for the President's top advisor to be disclosing the names of CIA operatives as part of a political smear campaign. If Rove is willing to spin this issue with the press, as today's stories indicate, he ought to be willing to speak frankly about his involvement in this scandal to the American people."

In addition, Rep. Conyers released a letter (PDF) to House Judiciary Chairman Sensenbrenner signed by 13 Democratic Members of the Committee asking for immediate hearings on the growing Rove controversy and issued a media advisory (PDF) announcing nationwide town hall meetings on the Downing Street and Rovegate controversies next weekend (please click on the link below to view the letter to Sensenbrenner and the Town Hall Meeting advisory).



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Fire Turd Blossom, ... get him the hell out of the White House. We no longer want to pay his salary with OUR MONEY.
Book him , throw him in prison... Turd Blossom can fart behind bars. I'll pay to see that.


Go after Rove immemdiately if not sooner! How can the Whitehouse explain this away, but of course they can wiggle and wiggle just to placate Bush and so far get away with it. That has to end and so be it if it is the end of Wahington's elite the sooner the better!

There's only one way these weasles will be removed from office. We must first convince the United States of Idiots that they have weapons of mass destruction…

their pens ... we must impeach their ability to declare illegal wars.

The WMD reason has been used and crashed. Let's use the <'Freedom is on the March'> reason. Bringing democracy to Washington has a ring to it.

If Conyers is saying something, you know the opposite is true...

There is nothing to Plamegate, you people are wasting your time going after Rove or Bush through this route. But you are entertianing..

especially if his idea of fun is blindfaith to lies that lead to war.

We strive to amuse you.

Scmat - typical repugnican. dumb as a rock, sharp as a bowling ball.

Karl? Is that you? I thought you would be too busy rigging the next election, or planning your next slime attack to stop by and visit us. Wow, since you're here telling us all that there is nothing going on, we must believe it. I'll just stop visiting this site now, and hand over any freedom I might have left to sleazy, money-gubbing ass monkeys like yourself and go hop in the unemployment line where I belong. Would you like me to put myself in chains and whip myself for you my lord and master? Power is such a burden, I wouldn't want you to break a sweat while stealing your paycheck.

Dear Schmac or whatever,

As I told Seixon, or whatever his name is, earlier this week, you guys need your nightly fix of right wingnut oil. I suggest you tune in to the Fox Propaganda Channel and O'Reilly & Co., you know the pom pom squad for the Bushikov dynasty.

Seriously, when you disrespect the ranking member of the Congressional Judiciary Committee you expose yourself as a prejudiced fascist.

Let me guess, when the semen stained blue dress evidence emerged I'll bet you were all over that like stink on shit along with all the other moral fascist Republicans. Maybe you should go out tonight and get laid yourself and relieve some of your sexual tension.

You're an asshole!

Surely you folks don't think that the DSM and Karl Rove is a Democrat issue? It's a criminal issue of huge proportions. The fact that Clinton was a pathological liar has nothing to do with whether Karl Rove is a sneaky traitor who will be going to jail. They can be cellmates for all I care.


We live in the present on the blogs...
Bush is the tyrant that declared us into this war for WMD's.

Schmatt go sue McDonalds for being a fat-boy, or better yet, go and sue your mom for being alive. And change your name to one that doesn't rhyme with the past tense form of the verb shit. That way your black heart wont be so obvious HERR shat....

Stop. Forget all the non-issues that keep getting tossed into the fray. Here's the bottom line: Karl Rove was using Joe Wilson's wife to undermine Wilson's criticisms of Bush's rationale for invading Iraq.

And whatever noble reasons Rove might be claiming now, two years after the fact, the Bush administration has done everything in its power to stall, cover up, stonewall, sidestep,etc on this issue. If there was nothing to hide, then why have they spent the past two years hiding it?

I've sent sixth-graders to detention on less evidence.

You would be even more entertaining if you could spell entertaining.

Your rants are becoming increasingly paranoid and delusional. Now you attack Rep. Conyers , a man with integrity and commitment to his job as a PUBLIC SERVANT not self serving actions. I think you ,like many Americans are deluding yourselves because you can't admit that you bought Bush's lies , given their emense proportions and consequences. Americans see themselves as intelligent and usually are but historically have had lapses and this is the biggest one yet.Why are 96% of the killed or captured "insurgents" Iraqui citizens, that number is from DOD reports , and my son who was there. He has told me many times of the number of Iraquis who say "go home and these insurgent attacks will stop". We are the only country left that still believes terrorists hate our way of life and freedom. This is far from true, they hate our occupation of their homes, deaths of their citizens in the name of democracy and theft of their resources.It is clear that you post your rediculous statements on this site because you are ashamed at your blind allegiance to a bunch of psychpaths who don't give a damn about you or your life. It's good you have a cause but your self respect will return if you accept what most of us already know , Bush is the worst Pres. to date and the whole bunch must go.

July 15, 2005
The Christian Science Monitor

Rove leak is just part of larger scandal
By Daniel Schorr

WASHINGTON – Let me remind you that the underlying issue in the Karl Rove controversy is not a leak, but a war and how America was misled into that war.

In 2002 President Bush, having decided to invade Iraq, was casting about for a casus belli. The weapons of mass destruction theme was not yielding very much until a dubious Italian intelligence report, based partly on forged documents (it later turned out), provided reason to speculate that Iraq might be trying to buy so-called yellowcake uranium from the African country of Niger. It did not seem to matter that the CIA advised that the Italian information was "fragmentary and lacked detail."

Prodded by Vice President Dick Cheney and in the hope of getting more conclusive information, the CIA sent Joseph Wilson, an old Africa hand, to Niger to investigate. Mr. Wilson spent eight days talking to everyone in Niger possibly involved and came back to report no sign of an Iraqi bid for uranium and, anyway, Niger's uranium was committed to other countries for many years to come.

No news is bad news for an administration gearing up for war. Ignoring Wilson's report, Cheney talked on TV about Iraq's nuclear potential. And the president himself, in his 2003 State of the Union address no less, pronounced: "The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa."

Wilson declined to maintain a discreet silence. He told various people that the president was at least mistaken, at most telling an untruth. Finally Wilson directly challenged the administration with a July 6, 2003 New York Times op-ed headlined, "What I didn't find in Africa," and making clear his belief that the president deliberately manipulated intelligence in order to justify an invasion.

One can imagine the fury in the White House. We now know from the e-mail traffic of Time's correspondent Matt Cooper that five days after the op-ed appeared, he advised his bureau chief of a supersecret conversation with Karl Rove who alerted him to the fact that Wilson's wife worked for the CIA and may have recommended him for the Niger assignment. Three days later, Bob Novak's column appeared giving Wilson's wife's name, Valerie Plame, and the fact she was an undercover CIA officer. Mr. Novak has yet to say, in public, whether Mr. Rove was his source. Enough is known to surmise that the leaks of Rove, or others deputized by him, amounted to retaliation against someone who had the temerity to challenge the president of the United States when he was striving to find some plausible reason for invading Iraq.

The role of Rove and associates added up to a small incident in a very large scandal - the effort to delude America into thinking it faced a threat dire enough to justify a war.

• Daniel Schorr is the senior news analyst at National Public Radio.

Karl must be near panic. His and every other 'story' keeps changing.
Karl is looking for a post edit version that works and as each one flops the incompatent bungler bell goes off. How many flops does he need to flip to be a 'flip-floper'?

He's going to be floundering through turd blossoms the rest of his life with no goals except to avoid looking in the mirror...Karl a "public servant"? PATHETIC !

Just remember what and who you're dealing with here (ultimately):

And he's got his finger on the button too.

Scared yet? You should be.


Your damn right Im scared. China is getting beligerent and that scares me even more. Now China is even making nuclear threats if we interfere with Taiwan. Its even more reason to continue these efforts to prosecute high crimes. Still Cheney could actually end up President if GW is impeached. Big problems these days, BIG I say.........No matter who you take down, a neocon will still take over... B I G ! !

The plan is to take down ALL the Neocons, no partial, including future ones like JEB. Go for the Impeachable, RICO the rest, vote out Republicans in 2006, block all PNAC'ers in 2008, especially JEB, Powell, maybe McCain even.
No offense to Republicans, but I cannot possibly vote for the host of Neocons. Republicans gotta help us out by cleaning up their own house.

And the house of cards begins to fall.

Senior White House officials who can't refrain from talking about CIA employees need to be fired. Its a complete lack of discretion and its improper conduct.

Assume the following:
Cheney's office told Bolton to find dirt on Wilson and/or his family.
Bolton told the NeoCON pricks in Cheney's office about Plame.
The NeoCON pricks told Rove about Plame's CIA connection.

Rove used whatever backchannel he always uses to pass this information on to Judith Miller (Mary Matalin?) - who is herself an operative for Cheney's shadow government with it's own intelligence manufacturing organization in Cheney's office.

Judith Miller contacted her "handler," Darth Novak, to tell him what she had learned and to ask how to make it pubilc without getting in trouble for doing so. Novak said that he'd handle it from there, and she didn't need to write anything about it.

Novak then set about finding two high level administration officials as confirming sources, one of whom was Rove, and broke the story.

Miller is most certainly the first person outside of the administration and the agency to learn of Plame's CIA position. Whoever told her is guilty of Treason, and whoever authorized that to occur is guilty as well...all the way up to Cheney, who most assuredly was the Mafia Don who ordered the HIT.

Screw the technicalities of the law - they likely made damn sure they could dance on the head of that pin when they developed the strategy to destroy Wilson and his wife (Rove's strategy). These people have violated their oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States.

If the entire truth is ever exposed about not just this Conspiracy, but the Bigger Conspiracy that relied on the implementation of an attack upon the United States "Homeland" (PNAC) as the trip wire/pretext for the invasion and occupation of the Middle East (using AIPAC's moles within the Cheney Regime to orchestrate it), there will be a run on torches and pitch forks, and suitable rope with which to hang them all from the lamp posts in front of the White House.

Follow the evidence all the way back to 9/11 - but do so with an evil heart, because it's too dificult to comprehend otherwise.

A pattern of outing under cover agents?

Well, lookie here...the CONSPIRACY includes a PATTERN of outing those who are working covertly on the two greatest issues of our time, TERRORISM & WMD. Now why, in the aftermath of 9/11, would those in the administration have reason to hinder the intelligence work being done to thwart the efforts of Al Qaeda, just as they did prior to 9/11? Because Al Qaeda is a tool of the NeoCONS?

Can you say RICO?

Friday, July 15, 2005

Bush admin may be responsible for botching effort to thwart London bombing

"Without naming any country, he said it was the responsibility of "coalition partners" to examine how a foreign journalist was able to have an access to the "classified information" about Khan's arrest. (NOTE: In this story, it quotes Condi Rice saying the Americans leaked the name - she later retracted that assertion.)" ible-for.html

"Follow the evidence all the way back to 9/11 - but do so with an evil heart, because it's too difficult to comprehend otherwise."

I agree with you, this whole PNAC thing smells like the way mafia operates. Hits are ordered, then murder & mayhem. The ones who order hits come out smelling like a rose...Imagine if mafiosos became the White House Administration, and the mafia godfather became Vice President (AKA the Puppetmaster). The way the Bushco lies in lockstep everyday is very revealing of the LOYALTY they have to their PNAC crime organization & corp cronies...if anyone squeals , the whole thing falls apart. Their lust is their love of money.
All they care about is the grease that keeps their machine going>>>
oil, money, power.
Mafia dances around technicalities, just like these PNAC thugs.
Everybody else (American people, Iraqui people) are used or just get in their way. Mafia would be in the gas chamber by now with this WMD scam...PNAC is still sitting in the Oval Office. If it looks like a duck.... then RICO 'em! Hit 'em with Patriot Act too !

I mean if PNAC (AKA Bushco) cared so much about America's defense strategy, why did they literally ADVERTISE their "Pearl Harbor bait" on the worldwide web in September 2000, for any psycopathic terrorist organization to see, hmmmmmmm? That violates NATIONAL SECURITY!!! What a koinkydink that their Pearl Harbor event happened at WTC almost a year later to the day. What kind of "public servants" would stick our necks out like that?
I've wondered if there's something afoot with a possible PNAC>CIA>Al Qaeda connection. I've sometimes wondered if MSM is not just bought, but also afraid to connect the dots...
then you get that pitchforks-and-the torches-scenario on the White House lawn.

Outing the CIA agent, who does that except a hoodlum? Rove is capable of something like that, and Bushco is protecting him. So what else are the hoodlum and his mob bosses capable of?

The way I see it, there's also something fishy with the PNAC'ers & the Zionistst ... the rest of us are pawns in the real big scheme of things>>>oil and power.

You know real estate agents favorite saying: "Location, location, location." PNAC considers the Mid-East prime real estate.

The ones who voted for Bushco have got to stop thinking of them as good Christian white boys...Bushco is a good 'ol boy network worse than the mafia . Now we just gotta find a good Prosecutor who knows his (or her) stuff regarding RICO... don't let them walk on technicalities ! CABEESH?!

These Predators move in, take over, purge, and suck dry anything
of value. They view themselves as, "The Supermen" and so their
NEO Machiavellian tactics are "justified." The Constitution and
the "Golden Rule" are just obstacles to get around, not a beautiful set of Fair Game Rules for civilized people.

Technology and Psychology are not tools to help people lead better
lives, they are resources to be turned into weapons of "advantage."

against the American people.

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