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Editorial: Dump Rove / The investigation moves closer to the president

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

As the Valerie Plame case becomes increasingly the Karl Rove case, and as the rising water of it begins to lap closer to President Bush, there are several truths about this matter that are worth keeping in mind.

1. In the very beginning Mr. Bush said that it was unlikely that the leaker would ever be found. There is every reason to believe that he would then have taken steps to make that true.

2. It is now clear that presidential adviser Karl Rove did discuss Valerie Plame with reporters, however those discussions are now being described or construed. Mr. Bush said he would fire anyone in the White House who did that.

3. The concept of nailing someone (Valerie Plame, the CIA agent) for what her spouse may have done is unforgivably retrograde in 2005. (Ms. Plame's husband, Joseph Wilson, is the former ambassador who said that President Bush's State of the Union claim that Iraq had bought uranium was false.)

4. "Outing" a CIA agent is clearly a national security affair. The Bush administration allegedly regards national security very seriously. Mr. Bush's father, former President George H.W. Bush, was head of the CIA in 1976-77, so there is reason to believe the current president takes the CIA seriously.

5. As a matter of national security, this is neither a Republican nor a Democratic issue. Former Clinton security adviser Samuel R. "Sandy" Berger was nailed for having pilfered classified documents and thus eliminated from presidential candidate John Kerry's prospective list of candidates for secretary of state.

6. Special Prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald has not yet sung. He is supposed to be a tough prosecutor. That may mean that, however much slippin' and slidin' Karl Rove has in mind, Mr. Fitzgerald may have too much integrity to get rolled by the likes of him.

7. This isn't Watergate, however much Democrats may be licking their chops at the thought of Bush having to choose between loyalty to his friend and a long drubbing on the subject.

In any case, Watergate should serve as an educative experience for any president.

Given that Mr. Bush definitely has other things to do with his time -- starting with the Iraq war -- this is probably the time to just take a deep breath and fire Karl Rove now, before this goes any further.


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Great News...Buchanan just interviewed on CNN; agreed that whether
Rove broke the law or not...AS LONG AS THIS STORY CONTINUES...NOT GOOD NEWS FOR THE WHITEHOUSE...he said this is not Watergate, it is MUCH BIGGER THAN THAT; and it was discussed that THIS IS VERY SERIOUS BUSINESS AND WILL GO ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP!!!!!!

Buchanan was in the Nixon WH through Watergate, and has bobbed and weaved on both sides of the Political scene. His statements this morning were VERY REVEALING. Keep the Faith Peeps; but isnt it a shame that thats what its been all about. We complain and fear terrorism...I am the biggest Mush Heart I know...because I believe
in love of life, freedom of expression, and overall utopia...but alas
I even understand keeping in mind that OBL and family was/is a friend
to the Bush Regime; I believe OBL is the black sheep of the family and wants to see the government powers of the world taking care of people rather than leaving them in total squalor while they live in palaces and promote a society that benefits them alone.
Speak of Farenheit 9/11...look further Search re-open 9/11 if you will...LOOSE CHANGE is the newest documentary showing 9/11 was an inside job. AND search Marvin Bush...little bro in charge of security at the WTC's/ the airlines...etc. Why dont we EVER Hear about him??? Hair Raising stuff...
BEING AWARE...keeping and getting the plot out in the open...with
PRESSURE ON!!!!! WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!

Even Buchanan agrees as stated in CNN inteview this am.
Good stuff for US NOT for the WH!!!!!
Gee...did anyone ever think the Government was supposed to hold
to protecting their citizens, and protecting their rights to Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. The fact that there is hunger in the world, so many second rate and third world countries, with the WEALTH OF THE ELITE...NO CHILD SHOULD HAVE FLIES ON THEIR FACES, much less Senior Citizens eating catfood:o(.

The MSM and Regimes's connect the dots theory has been pre-school
diversion. Methinks, and HOPES this Rove deal is simply the entry point for what is upfront that will tip the iceberg for ALL to be revealed!!!!!!
INFINITE THANKS BE TO JOHN CONYERS, Joe Wilson, The DSM founders and crew, Mr. Fitzgerald,
In full support of ALL your good work.

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