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Rove Knew Her Name and Leaked Her Name

By American Progress Action Fund

In August 2004, Karl Rove told CNN, "I didn't know her name and didn't leak her name." The New York Times reveals this morning that Rove was not truthful on both counts. According to the Times, "Mr. Rove has told investigators that he learned from the columnist [Robert Novak] the name of the C.I.A. officer" and confirmed that she was employed at the CIA. Rove told Novak upon hearing of Plame's identity and occupation, "I heard that, too." The growing scandal that President Bush has called "a very serious matter," a matter which has forced him and his vice president to be interviewed by a federal prosecutor, is now forcing the White House to deal with a major credibility problem over unanswered questions. The New York Times writes, "The disclosure of Mr. Rove's conversation with Mr. Novak raises a question the White House has never addressed: whether Mr. Rove ever discussed that conversation, or his exchange with [Time magazine reporter Matt] Cooper, with the president." The credibility of the entire Bush White House is at stake, and it's time for them to stop playing politics and address the issue candidly.

NEW EVIDENCE CONFIRMS ROVE WAS A SOURCE FOR NOVAK: According to the New York Times, Karl Rove spoke with columnist Robert Novak a week prior to publication of Novak's column which outed undercover CIA agent Valerie Plame. In that 7/8/03 conversation, Novak brought up Plame's role at the CIA, and Rove confirmed for the reporter that Plame did indeed work at the CIA. "I heard that, too," said Rove. Novak called Rove shortly after former Ambassador Joseph Wilson published an editorial in the New York Times which concluded that "some of the intelligence related to Iraq's nuclear weapons program was twisted to exaggerate the Iraqi threat." On July 14, 2003, Novak reported that "two senior administration officials" confirmed that Plame worked for the CIA as "an Agency operative on weapons of mass destruction." After the article caused the CIA to request the the Department of Justice launch a criminal investigation into the disclosure of Plame, Novak was forced to explain what he was thinking. In the article published on 10/1/03, Novak said that when he called the second official for confirmation, that official said: "Oh, you know about it." According to the Times, that confirmation came from senior adviser to the president and deputy chief of staff Karl Rove.

ROVE WAS A SOURCE FOR BOTH ARTICLES ABOUT PLAME: The Washington Post notes today that the new revelation "means that Rove talked to both of the journalists who are known to have published original accounts about Plame." Besides Novak's column, the other original account was an article that appeared on Time magazine's website. An e-mail revealed by Newsweek last week proved that Rove told Time's White House correspondent Matt Cooper in July 2003 that "wilson's wife" worked "at the agency on wmd."

WHITE HOUSE DENIALS DEMAND AN EXPLANATION: The new revelations about Rove's confirmed status as one of the White House leakers demands some sort of explanation from the White House. Earlier this week, President Bush raised eyebrows when he stopped short of making a public statement in support of Rove despite Scott McClellan's insistence that everyone who works at the White House "has the confidence of the President." The White House has passed up opportunity after opportunity to publicly comment and has instead resorted to behind-the-scenes spin and symbolic gestures. The White House must explain why, in 2003, it said "it is a ridiculous suggestion" to say Rove was involved and why it said "it's simply not true" that Rove was "involved in leaking classified information." The White House, with its access to e-mails, phone logs, and direct personal interactions with key players involved, can put out the facts and begin to tell its story. There's no reason that Bush has to wait to comment until the investigation is complete, particularly given that the White House has not hesitated to comment previously while the investigation was ongoing.

RIGHT-WING FAILS TO HOLD ROVE ACCOUNTABLE: Yesterday, an amendment to the Homeland Security appropriations bill was offered to "deny access to classified information to any federal employee who discloses a covert CIA agent's identity." This seemingly noncontroversial measure was shot down in a 53-44 vote, simply because Karl Rove would quite possibly have been the first official to be subject to the penalty. Some of the senators who ended up voting against the amendment were waiting on the fence to decide which way to vote and "did not vote until it was clear the measure would fail." The right-wing then turned the amendment into an attack against its critics by irresponsibly offering language that would have given our enemies power over national security. Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) offered an amendment that would have revoked the national security clearance of any administration official or officeholder who "makes a statement [which is subsequently] used as propaganda by terrorist organizations." Thus, terrorists could determine whose security credentials they would like to be revoked by merely releasing a statement against that politician. This blatantly partisan bill was an attempt to attack Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) and others over their comments relating to abuses at Guantanamo Bay, but the bill ultimately reflected Frist's abuse of power. Frist's amendment failed on a 64-33 vote.


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It looks like little George's brain has become litle George's butt! Little George must have instinctively known something when he called Karl Rove "Turd Blossom."


Bogie, a cairn terrior friend if mine says it best when he does his patriotic duty and pisses on the bushes!


This Administration uses each other to cover their backs and always has operated that way!. Their claim of a reporter telling Rove rather then the other way around tries to tell us Mr. Rove who has his nose in everything and instigates it all "Didn't Know" until he was told! Yeah, right!
Karl Rove lent his power to discredit Wilson’s wife by telling reporters about Valerie Plame. Has everyone forgotten the “fair game

Just saw this on

In 1992, Rove was fired from the G.H.W.Bush presidential re-election campaign for leaking information to journalist Robert Novak, the same columist who revealed the name of the CIA agent in his column.

This is another reason why I think the first Bush administration was (at least a small bit) better than this one. At least he did the right thing and fired Rove back in 1992. I just wish son Dubya would follow his father's example. But this is another promise that Bush Jr. simply won't keep.

Right after Rove told Novak "Oh, you know about it." He should have been upfront and said, "Don't print that info as it could undermine the security of the United States." But since he was in reveng mode no such words were uttered from that fat little face.

Why is MSM focasing on Rove so much? Why aren't they out looking for source number 2? Whoever cracks that story has a biggee.

We have got to change congress in 2006 if we are ever going to get to the bottom of this.

Keep playing mind games with myself..............Who's going to blow the lid off first! Colin Powell, good little soldier that no longer has to take orders and knows too much. Former CIA director Tenet. Took the fall, got a medal for doing lousy work, but still knows too much. May decide to cop a plea so he can live with his conscience again.

Got any more names we can add to the list?

At any rate it has got to be bye-bye bush and neo-cons.

I don't expect Cooper to blow any lids when he speaks on Meet the Corporate Press Sunday but I think he might have something interesting to say. I've seen many on the right take Cooper's email quite literally and maybe they've been correct to do so but... maybe they haven't been correct either.

If Cooper is writing a quick email to his boss, who is not completely familiar with Cooper's coversation with Rove at that time, is it more likely that Cooper would use the term "Valerie Plame" or Wilson's wife?

I may be wrong but I don't know that Cooper has come out and said that Rove did not use Valeria Plame or Valerie Wilson.

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