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Sen. Kerry is wielding a double-edged sword

The Hill
By Alexander Bolton

Sen. John Kerry is facing a dilemma.

With an eye towards running for president again in 2008, the Massachusetts Democrat has positioned himself as one of the most pugnacious critics of the Bush administration, often aligning himself with liberal activists. But at times, his aggressive anti-Bush rhetoric risks alienating other parts of his own party.

Kerry’s predicament was apparent this week as he took the lead among Democrats by calling for President Bush to fire his deputy chief of staff, Karl Rove, for Rove’s alleged role in revealing the identity of CIA agent Valerie Plame.

At a press conference Tuesday on homeland security, as Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) nodded in agreement, Kerry said: “Karl Rove ought to be fired.


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At least John Kerry is showing some signs of growing a spine which is more than can be said of many Democrats in Congress. They keep talking of the upcoming elections like they don't even have to put out any effort, my vote is not in the bank. I want to see more action and Dean-like energy than I've seen from them yet. There are some historic events going on right now and I don't see too many Democratic politicians rising to the challenge.Are they more intrested in their corporate donations or our future?

Kerry made such a poor showing in his run for president that I cannot imagine voting for him again.

I would vote for Kerry Again . . . but this time I would make sure
that the voting machine I did it on had a paper trail.

Yes i know thosed damned republicans rigged another one didnt they

No way, Republicans are cool. These guys are operating at a level
that has betrayed the Republican party just as much as they have
betrayed the American People and the World.

That is absolutely true. If only republicans would wake up and see that they too have been betrayed

Beware- neocons are parasites on anything

I totally agree. The psychology of a NEO CON is that of a total
Predator. The only thing they want is "More". The only thing
that matters is "Winning" and completely destroying those on their
"Enemies" list. All are "Expendable" to the system and "Zero
Tolerance" is the loyalty oath.

If the Camp Fire Girls were the most advance civilization, they
would infiltrate and purge it of any that stood in their way.
To me, "Power Junkies" are the scariest of all addictive personalities.

I guess that's why Dr. Wilhelm Reich was such a threat to them.
He had the psychology of the NEO CON nailed in his work,
"Mass Psychology of Fascism." Funny how he died suddenly, isn't it?

Neocons are a malignant cancer on the ass of the Republican elephant. I firmly believe that they are a completely seperate political party, but without the ethics to stand on its own. Originally they had attached themselves to the Democratic party in the days of Johnson, but found greener pastures and nurture(!) with the Regean(!!) admin. Enter the PNAC <--the real villians! - in 1997 and the rest is, as they say, history.

As I was saying: ...Enter the PNAC <-- the REAL villians! - in 1997 to organize the neocons and take the oenus off the neocon lable and the rest is history.

suggest googling "Project for the New American Century" and, for more information: "Information Clearing House"

What the hell? still didn't go.....Ment to say: "the REAL villians - and the rest is history.
check out "Project for the New American Century" and articles at "Information Clearing House"

Yes they did rig another one. Thanks for pointing that out.

I see the "fence sitting" of the Democrats more of a "wait and see"
approach or strategy.

I think Americans have this "Knight In Shining Armor" dillusion of
elected officials as "LEADERS." Anyone in a Power System that
tries to "lead" against it, will quickly become the target of a
Machiavellian "neutralization" operation.

If we want the Democrats (and the Republicans) to do anything,
we have to start the "movement" at the grass roots level. Once
these guys see that the support base has shifted, they will quickly
run to the front and try to convince everyone that they were
supporting it from the beginning. That's what they do. :-)

So, keep on blasting the MSM demanding Downing Street Minutes.
Keep on boycotting those companies that advertise on the MSM
Keep on blasting your local media demanding DSM
Keep on boycotting those companies that advertise on your local media
Keep on slipping "REAL NEWS HEADLINES" in the front of those
newspaper vending boxes.
Keep on complaining to the FCC
Keep on complaining to the FCC House oversite subcommittee.

WAKE THE PEOPLE UP!!! The "Leaders" will quickly follow . . .

"Are you sleeping, are you sleeping, brother John, sister Jane?
Morning bells are ringing . . .

Why don't the elected leaders read the polls and then run to the front?

Good question. What do you think?

I guess from my experience, polls are kind of "wake up call"
on an issue. I know you might find this hard to believe, but some
of these guys aren't the brightest light on the Christmas tree, if
ya know what I mean. They can lead some pretty "narrow" lives.

I think an issue only comes on their "radar screens" of awareness
when somebody actually takes the time to "gauge" it with a poll.
Then I think most of these guys take a quick "risk analysis" to see if they are ones being attacked. If not, then they take a "cost vs. benefit" analysis to see if it is something they wish to support or stay clear of.

However, when you have "a thousand people in the streets",
businesses being boycotted, and workers going on strike . . .
then they put on the ol' track shoes and make to the front.
At least that's the pattern I've seen in the past.

And as we saw from the "42% in favor of impeaching Bush" Zogby poll
a few weeks back, "polls" don't mean much when they are kept from
the people from a MSM "black out." :-)

... the only language they understand. So deprive them by boycotting and all of a sudden they "care". Boycott them at election time too. And if candidates are PNAC'ers, RICO 'em so they can't run for office at all (felons can't be candidates, can they?)

The pols are watching, listening, and growing more nervous. One of the reasons we're in this situation is that politicians were afraid to vote against Iraq. Kerry's in the situation he's in because he doesn't stand for anything-and always has. When the train leaves the station, everyone will swear they were on board from the start-that is their nature.

Kerry didn't make a poor showing in the election...Bush didn't win by that much and if the voting machines were the way they are supposed to be he would have one. And besides that, someone, somewhere needs to make someone accountable for the Downing Street seems like everyone is afraid to take Bush on!!!!

Kerry didn't make a poor showing in the election...Bush didn't win by that much and if the voting machines were the way they are supposed to be he would have won. And besides that, someone, somewhere needs to make someone accountable for the Downing Street seems like everyone is afraid to take Bush on!!!!

Kerry threw the election by not contesting the Ohio results. Exit polls had Kerry winning,Diebold's no paper trail voting machines gave the opposite result.Kerry said the exit polls were wrong and conceded. That was just the final move by Kerry in throwing the election. When asked if you knew then what you know now, would you still have voted for the war,Kerry said he would still have voted for the war. How many millions of votes did he lose off that comment. He lost mine. When he didn't use video of Bush, sitting in the classroom on the morning of 9-11 looking like a deer in the headlights, in any of his campaign ads, he threw the election.

Sorry, didn't mean to send twice!

All of the Democrats (and some Republicans) are now sorry they voted to let Bush go to war in Iraq. Some may be calling what Kerry is doing now as supporting the extreme left. I think in time, others will wish they followed Kerry, as more people become disgusted with Bush and his war.

I'm surprised the democrats don't show any gumption. Especially when Rove's new fame leads perfectly into pre-war intelligence and how it was mis-used. It's all part and parcel of the same thing. And they should be chipping away at the premise for war and why Rove wanted to out a CIA agent whose husband wasn't immediately supportive of the administration.

Anonymous- Please make up your mind!

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