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Karl Rove and the Downing Street Memo

By Cynthia Bogard

In the big scheme of things, it won’t make one bit of difference if Karl Rove is fired or even prosecuted for punishing whistleblower Joe Wilson by exposing his wife as a CIA agent. Call “Bush’s Brain


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Please tell me what makes you think that the MSM can be moved to expose the terrible worngs that have befallen our nation.

The MONEY!!! $$$$$

If the PEOPLE aren't buying what they are selling,
they go out of business.

Boycott the businesses that advertise with MSM
and be vocal about why. Call "Tylenol" and
say, "I am not going to buy your product anymore
because you advertise on CNN and they refuse
to tell the TRUTH about the Downing Street Minutes
which clearly show that President Bush lied to
Congress and the American People to trick us
into an illegal war and he should be impeached.
Have a nice day."

Then call Lexus
Then call Geico
Then call . ..

After that, go to their company web pages and e-mail them
and post messages on their message forums if they have them.

It's just too slow to work for this particular situation. If applied religiously, it would take months before companies even began to notice, and it's hard to sustain over time. Calling/writing is good, though.

In the 1991 gulf war, I was one of the many who were fascinated by what we saw. Smart bombs with cameras, “Fair and Balanced

This would mean the government owns it. Take a look at a different approach:

Agreed. Even my beloved BBC NEWS is doing back flips to cover up
last week's "False Flag" operation and sell its "patsies."

I agree with you about the taxes. PNS is a good idea tho. Bigger minds than mine could make it work. Maybe a C-SPAN channel that does more of a news format, C-SPAN4 or something.....

I checked the website above. Everybody should as its a fantastic idea. I will support them with a donation..... Check it out people

As I posted on another page.

Don't let bushandco let us take our eye off the ball, DSM. They want this Rove diversion front and center in the press so they won't be pressed to answer the questions the Memoes require. They will drag Rove out til the supreme court nominations. And hope we quietly forget all about the DSM.

We must pressure the MSM to be questioning both. For every emai you send involving Rove it should include questions on DSM. Actually it should start with DSM and use Rove as a secondary.

I'll be sending my emails again later today. I for one will not let the (P)resident just file the DSM away with a no comment.

And if anyone out there has the names of the dems in congress I'll be happy to pepper them with email too. They should be the ones on board already and us backing them. It's time they had the courage to say "yes, we voted for the war, we were given the same lying info that you were."

Betty, as I replied to you on another thread I couldn't disagree with you more. A poll was released today saying that for the first time this administration has a credibility problem with a plurality of people. The more Bush talks the more his numbers sink (go figure). People have finally figured out this emperor has no clothes.

Unlike the ill-conceived neo-con "war on terror" we have the manpower to fight these reprobates on multiple fronts. His people have been spinning so hard the last few days they're going to be chomping Dramamine by the truckload. It's only going to get worse for them. You know why? Because as we spend the rest of this week and next hammering away at Rove, just when they thought that other issue at least had subsided we're going to blind side them and the momentum will continue to build.

Do you remember how Bush prepared the country for this goddam war? Long before the first bomb was dropped on Baghdad most Americans were resigned to its inevitability. It became self-fulling prophecy. So it shall be with the impeachment of Bush and his henchmen, Betty. It is up to you and I and everyone else connected with this movement to convey that Bush has crossed the event horizon to his undoing. Let's show them that Lefties know how to fight, too. Our bombshells are strictly of the political nature but right now the Bushies are devastated. After they stole the second election they thought they could just run on cruise control through '08. How the tide has turned.

The pressure on Rove should not be abated. Bush cannot borrow and spend political capital like he does with the federal budget. Keep hitting them, hard, on every issue that is dogging them right now.

The Rove thing is not a ploy. They've just stepped in another pile of stuff. We can't give them a bye due to caution. After Rove, Cheney.

To Betty:
Carl Rove's recent situation (and future troubles) ARE a part of the DSM story and not a distraction. It is essential to the DSM story that we confirm the lies about yellow cake from Niger and how Rove's actions were a part of the effort to cover-up the truth that lead us to war. What we need to focus on now is the how the upcoming Supreme Court vacancies may distract. We must never forget, or forgive..........

Exactly, you hit from all sides with multiple truths , there is not just one truth... all the truths end up at the BIG TRUTH, as opposed to Bushco's BIG LIE.

Then the ULTIMATE TRUTH will be the human side of the whole issue: that we have to repair the damage Bush and medical benefits for Vets and families for the rest of their lives, money & humanitarian aid to Iraq. I really think we need to humbly beseech the UN's and the world community's help and aid for the latter.

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