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Bush honesty rating drops to lowest point

NBC/WSJ poll: Iraq replaces jobs as most important American priority
By Mark Murray
Political reporter
NBC News

WASHINGTON - The last two weeks certainly have been eventful ones in America and across the globe: President Bush gave a prime-time speech on Iraq and attended a G-8 summit in Scotland; Sandra Day O’Connor announced her retirement from the Supreme Court (with perhaps another retirement on the way); and suicide bombers killed approximately 50 people in London. After these events, the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds that Bush’s overall job rating has slipped and that his rating for being “honest and straightforward


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What this poll shows is the growing disgust of the American people with the Bush Administration. Can you imagine wha the poll numbers would look like if the MSM were actually doing their jobs and reporting and investigating all of the various sordid issues clouding Bush. I am going to be interested how the numbers change as more information (truth) comes out in the MSM about Rove. Imagine more if the other source on the CIA Plame outing turns out to be someone like Cheney!

Soon the country may be asking that old question which haunted another Republican Administration a generation ago:

What did the President know and when did he know it?

He is starting to look more like Nixon all the time. Where's our Howard Baker?

... a twinkle in his grandpa's eye.

Take a look at this poll and compare it to the President's job approval ratings right after his reelection. After Bush claimed victory on November 3rd, polls found his job approval numbers at 68%. It's only been half a year since his second inauguration, and already his approval ratings are at their lowest levels for this administration. What this poll proves is what I expected all along if George Bush won the election and not Kerry, that Americans would begin to realize the mistake of voting for him after his illegal invasion of Iraq. To go from 68% to 46% is a huge drop too, and these numbers are expected to go even lower. Any bets on when his approval ratings will be in the 30s?


Point and perspective well taken.

Last weekend a contribution to this site suggested that Bush may be the worst president ever. It was also suggested that Bush needed to be elected again before the full extent of his character would become clear to the People. And this new poll reaffirms these inferences! The People are slowly seeing through the fog created by this administration to hide their agenda! I expect this poll is a harbinger for Bush and his gang, and all other polls will continue to drop. The question will then become how low the poll numbers will go for the worst President seen to date.

I'm wondering when, if ever, the american public, mis-educated, manipulated, titilated, and overstimulated as they are, will realize the depth and breadth of the criminal activity that has characterized this administration, from rigged voting machines, to willfully ignoring multiple warnings of impending terror attacks, to illegal wars, to torture and murder of detainees, some of them children, to war profiteering, to exposing covert operatives, and these are just some of what we know, no thanks to the mainstream media, there is probably much much more that remains hidden inside an administration that seeks to hide everything. If anyone was ever guilty of high crimes, it is this crowd.

Your comments are so on point and well put; thank you for stating (restating) what, I suspect, many of us feel (in our guts) the very same thing. Bravo!

The Bum is still there, the Military is still being gutted everyday, all social programs are gone, Hospitals closing, food and gas prices still on the rise.

I don't care about Rove he is just a small piece of the puzzle. But some people are waking up, slowly.

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