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Where Are Bush, Rove, and Gang?

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Wednesday July 13, 2005
BUSH in Washington, DC - 9:55 AM: President Bush meets with his Cabinet
with focus on budget (mid-session review coming out same day). [White
House, 7/8/05]

NEW* BOLTEN in Washington DC * 11:30 AM: On camera and on the record
briefing by Director of the Office of Management and Budget Joshua
Bolten on the mid-session review of the FY 2006 budget in Room 450,
EEOB. [White House, 7/13/05]

NEW* McCLELLAN in Washington, DC - 12:30 pm: Briefing by the Press
Secretary in the Brady Briefing Room.

NEW* CHERTOFF: Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff speaks on
the department's reorganization and future agenda at 1:00 pm ET.

NEW* BROWNBACK in Washington, DC * 2:00 PM: Presser today on the Sudan
with Barney Frank, Charlie Rangel and Barbara Lee. [, 7/13/05]

NEW* MEHLMAN in Dallas County, IA: Republican National Committee (RNC)
Chairman Ken Mehlman will travel to Iowa for events in Dallas County,
Iowa on Wednesday, July 13, 2005. Mehlman will drop by afundraiser for
City Council Candidate Isaiah McGee and make remarks at Dallas County
GOP Fundraiser Reception. [RNC, 7/12/05]

NEW* LAURA BUSH in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: Mrs. Bush is to visit a
Catholic-run organization that teaches AIDS prevention, provides home
and clinic care for AIDS sufferers and supports children orphaned by the
disease. The group, called Pastoral Activities and Services For People
with AIDS in Dar Es Salaam Archdiocese, or PASADA, is funded in part
with money from the president's five-year, $15 billion AIDS initiative.
[AP, 7/13/05]

Thursday July 14, 2005
MEHLMAN in Milwaukee, WI * 9:30 AM: Republican National Committee (RNC)
Chairman Ken Mehlman will address the National Association for the
Advancement of Colored People's (NAACP) 96th Annual Convention in
Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Thursday July 14, 2005. Chairman Mehlman's
remarks will reflect the Party's on-going commitment to reaching out to
the African American community. [RNC, 7/12/05]

BUSH in Indianapolis, Indiana - 11:45 AM: President Bush makes remarks
at the Indiana Black Expo Corporate Luncheon. [White House, 7/8/05]

Friday July 15, 2005
BUSH in Washington, DC: President Bush will welcome President Antonio
Saca of El Salvador to the White House. The President looks forward to
continuing his dialogue with President Saca on issues of shared interest
like free trade, democracy, and security. [White House, 7/8/05]

BUSH in North Carolina: President Bush might visit Gaston County textile
mill as part of his effort to "to shore up support for his Central
American trade agreement." Details and confirmation form the White House
are still to come. [AP, 7/12/05]

GIULIANI in Orlando, FL * 10 AM: Rudy Giuliani will be the keynote
speaker at the Southeast Building Conference -- the South's largest
building industry trade show and educational conference -- at the Orange
County Convention Center in Orlando. Sponsored by the Florida Home
Builders Association, the 27th annual conference will be held Thursday
through Saturday. Giuliani will speak about "building strength during
times of adversity." [Florida Today, 7/11/05;]

Monday July 18, 2005
BUSH in Washington DC: President Bush will welcome Prime Minister
Manmohan Singh to the White House on July 18. The visit marks the next
stage in the expanding and deepening U.S.-India relationship, building
on the recent high-level exchanges and initiatives between the two
governments. The two leaders will touch on all aspects of U.S.-India
cooperation including economic, energy, and strategic elements. [White
House, 6/3/05]

HUCKABEE in Des Moines, IA: Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-AR) will be named NGA
chair at the conclusion of the annual meeting in Des Moines, Iowa. [AP,

Tuesday July 19, 2005
BUSH in Washington DC: President Bush will welcome Prime Minister John
Howard to the White House on July 19th. A critical ally and partner,
Australia continues to work with the United States to combat terrorism,
stop the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and promote peace
and freedom. President Bush looks forward to discussing with Prime
Minister Howard important regional and international issues and ways to
further deepen and broaden bilateral relations between the United States
and Australia. [White House, 6/24/05]

NEW* ROVE in Washington, DC: Rove is scheduled to attend a mall
high-donor Washington-based event with Rep. Jim Gerlach, R-Pa., July 19.
[CongressDaily, 7/11/05]

Wednesday July 20, 2005
DOLE in Chester, VA * 10 AM: Former Presidential Candidate and Senator
Bob Dole will hold a press conference in Chester, VA, the site of the
second stop on his nationwide speaking tour to promote Part D of the new
Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit. Senator Dole will unveil the list
of "10 Things Seniors Need to Know", an educational pamphlet that
explains the details of the Medicare Drug Benefit in easy to understand
language. Senator Dole will be joined by Leslie Norwalk of CMS, who will
discuss CMS outreach activities and review the technical aspects of the
new law. Bob Dufour of Wal-Mart will be on hand to discuss the Medicare
information displays and other outreach activities that Wal-Mart is
setting up in more than 3,700 Wal-Mart stores, SAM'S Clubs and
Neighborhood Markets to dispense the "10 Things" pamphlet.

Thursday July 21, 2005
BUSH in McLean, VA: President Bush will appear at a fundraising dinner
at the McLean home of a prominent Jerry Kilgore supporter, the former
Attorney General who easily won the Republican nomination for governor
in June. [AP, 6/15/05, CNN, 6/29/2005]

Friday July 22, 2005
CHENEY in Princeton, NJ: New Jersey Republican Committee fundraiser
featuring VP Cheney. [New Jersey Republican Committee]

Monday July 25, 2005
NEW* CHENEY in Pittsburgh, PA: Vice President Cheney will be in
Pittsburgh for a luncheon and a separate, exclusive "roundtable
discussion" to help raise money for Rep. Tim Murphy, R-Pa.
[CongressDaily, 7/11/05]

Tuesday July 26, 2005
NEW* ROVE in Maryland: Karl Rove will be the star attraction at a
fundraiser in Washington for Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele.
Although Mr. Steele has not publicly committed himself to run for the
U.S. Senate next year, the fundraiser headlined by Karl Rove, the White
House deputy chief of staff, sends a strong signal that the lieutenant
governor will be the Republican candidate. [Washington Times, 7/11/05]

Friday July 29, 2005
BUSH in Washington, DC: President Bush will host Pakistan's Prime
Minister Shaukat Aziz. The Pakistani Foreign Ministry said Aziz will
stay in Washington three days and visit leading members of Congress as
well. [AP, 7/6/2005]

Thursday August 4, 2005
NEW* BUSH in Crawford, TX: President and Mrs. Bush will welcome
President Alvaro Uribe of Colombia and Mrs. Uribe to their ranch in
Crawford, Texas on August 4, 2005. [White House, 7/13/05]

Wednesday September 21, 2005
DOLE in Greensboro, NC * 6 PM: Former President Bill Clinton and former
Sen. Bob Dole will headline a fund-raising gala in Greensboro in
September to raise money for Bennett College for Women. A reception for
Clinton and Dole will be held at Grandover Resort and Conference Center
at 6 p.m. on Sept. 21. At 7 p.m., Bennett contributors can attend the
gala celebration with the two former political leaders. [American City
Business Journals, 7/1/05]


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All the Neo-Con's are in their bunkers, counting the money they stole from us. Yea go ahead, look around, kiss the America we knew goodbye.

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