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JOE WILSON: 'The President should fire Rove'!

The Ambassador Strikes Back, Answers to the Right Wing Spin Machine

Ambassador Joseph Wilson fired back today at the Rightwing Spin Machine, which, having been issued marching orders late yesterday in a set of talking points from the RNC , is...

Ambassador Joseph Wilson fired back today at the Rightwing Spin Machine, which, having been issued marching orders late yesterday in a set of talking points from the RNC, is once again hoping to distract from the potentially treasonous crimes that George W. Bush's top political operative and Deputy Chief of Staff, Karl Rove is being alleged to have committed.

In a phone discussion early this afternoon, Wilson told The BRAD BLOG in no uncertain terms that "the President should fire Rove."

He told us that he'd be appearing on NBC's Today Show tomorrow morning and would be repeating that call.

As well, he told The BRAD BLOG that he planned to read a letter on air which he received from Bush's father, President George H.W. Bush shortly after an article of his was printed in the San Jose Weekly News, on October 13, 2002, in which Wilson related his concerns about the pitfalls of the approach to Iraq being taken at the time by both the U.N. and the U.S.

In reply to that article, Wilson said that the former President wrote that he had "read your article and I agree with a lot of it."

Additionally, Wilson explained, Bush 41's own National Security Advisor, Brett Scowcroft had contacted him to ask whether he "could walk on over to the White House with the letter" at the time. Which apparently he did.

Wilson also had sent the article to Bush 41's Secretary of State, James Baker.

"None of them responded saying you’re a Democratic partisan hack and your views suck," said Wilson.

The above points are notable, because armed with those RNC talking point, Rush Limbaugh, Fox "News" and Friends have today kicked into overdrive smearing and lying about Wilson, claiming that he was against the Iraq War from the get-go.

If fact, Wilson, who was in charge of the Embassy in Iraq during the first Gulf War under Bush 41 (he was the last American to speak personally with Saddam Hussein before the war begain, and was responsible for taking care of some 125 Americans who had sought refuge in the American Embassy there when they were not allowed by Saddam to leave the country just prior to the war), says that it was "a full eight months" after he was sent by the CIA to Niger to investigate claims that Iraq had attempted to purchase uranium there, "before I had said anything publicly about what America should consider in regard to a war with Iraq."

"My real concern was always WMD," he told us, "not Regime Change."

That concern was expressed in the October 2002, San Jose Weekly News editorial which apparently George W. Bush's own father and National Security Advisor tended to agree with. Wilson's trip to Niger occurred a full eight months earlier, in February of that same year.

We asked him if he had heard Fox "News'" John Gibson make his deplorable and irresponsible statement yesterday which said that "Karl Rove should receive a medal," because Wilson's wife, covert CIA asset Valerie Plame, "should have been outted."

"Where I come from," slurred Gibson, "we do not want secret spy masters pulling the puppet strings in the background.

Gibson's "logic", such that he has any, seems to be based on the unsupported claims that Plame -- or Wilson's "little wifey" as Gibson condescendingly referred to her -- was "pulling the puppet strings" of national policy from her covert position in the CIA by sending Wilson, to Niger. That was, in Gibson's false claim, because Wilson, "was opposed to the War in Iraq, opposed to Bush policy, and pointedly and loudly said so."

No, he didn't, Mr. Gibson. Never mind those pesky facts. It's only Fox "News" you work for, so we realize such facts are hardly relevant to you receiving your paycheck there.

"That is something that should be out in the open," blathered Gibson, "And the person doing it should be identified and should own up to it. So Rove should get a medal, if he did do what he says he didn't do."

In response, Wilson simply said, "Well, that's a lie. But no surprise there."

In the meantime, despite such pesky facts, the wingnuts also continue to claim that Plame was, in fact, not even a covert asset at the time of her outting.

The BRAD BLOG has learned from several sources, as also confirmed in Time magazine that Plame was indeed a "NOC", a nonofficial covert agent, the most valuable and secretive of CIA assets.

In regard to whether she was covert or not at the time of her outting by Rove, Bob Novak or whoever his "two senior administration sources" were, Wilson said, "What I can say is, that the CIA looked at the evidence of what had happened and referred the case to the Justice Department. That means that the CIA may think that a crime has been committed."

On Rightwing Hackery hoping to cynically deflect from the seriousness of the potentially treasonous crime committed by claiming that "Wilson lied" about his wife's involvement in sending him to Niger, Wilson says, "In actual fact, all I've done is repeat what the CIA itself has said since July 22nd, 2003 as reported initially in Newsday by Knut Royce and Tim Phelps."

That Newsday article says [emphasis added]:

A senior intelligence official confirmed that Plame was a Directorate of Operations undercover officer who worked "alongside" the operations officers who asked her husband to travel to Niger.

But he said she did not recommend her husband to undertake the Niger assignment. "They [the officers who did ask Wilson to check the uranium story] were aware of who she was married to, which is not surprising," he said. "There are people elsewhere in government who are trying to make her look like she was the one who was cooking this up, for some reason," he said. "I can't figure out what it could be."

"The CIA said [my wife] was not the person to have authorized my trip. They've repeated that time and time again."

And the Bush Apologists, who suddenly don't seem to care all that much about National Security after all, keep repeating the opposite. Time and time again.



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It would be the ultimate irony if the "justice" meted out to a U.S. regime of war criminals, responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocents and the torture of many more, were based on having betrayed one of its own intelligence assets.

It's all part of the greater whole. The coruption that permiates all areas of the Bush administration. Can anyone name any part of any program Bush has endorsed that has done any good to anybody other than Bush's well heeled cronies? I can't..... Has NCLB provided a better education for your child? Have you benefitted from the tax cuts? Is the air you breathe cleaner than it was before Bush? The most notable accomplishment of these Bush years is the delusion of Bush telling Bush that he's doing a wonderful thing. Cheney and Rove et al have an easy ticket - for now! But you are correct, JUSTICE will prevail and it has now begun -- Based on the betrayal "of its own intelligence assets"

If you sow corruption, you will reap corruption, a bible lesson that as a "Christian" Bush is about to learn.......IN ABUNDANCE!

Proverbs 22:8, He who sows injustice will reap calamity, and the rod of his fury will fail.

And another one: Proverbs 24:19 reads: Fret not yourself because of evildoers, and be not envious of the wicked; for the evil man has no future; the lamp of the wicked will be put out.

Oh yeah, bushboy and his thuggish minions are going down!

Why doesn't Bush know enough to fire Rove? That's what really THIS makes me vervous.

At a time when "National Security" has never been more important, we have the biggest breach in National Security -- and it's "no big deal?"

Bush should be removed from office for that treasonous behavior! (Didn't he swear to uphold the constitution? defend the US against ALL enemies -- even if one lives in the Whitehouse?)

I heard a great line on the radio yesterday- "Bush firing Rove would be like Charlie McCarthy firing Edgar Bergen." that abuot sums it up, doesn't it?

as we all know, Rove is the one who has made it possible for the administration to pull off these seemingly impossible atrocities- without him, the party is sunk. worse yet, they need their "Luca Brazi" even more than ever with the downing street momoes out, etc-they are literally fighting for their political lives! As alarming as the Plame scandal is, it's peanuts compared to what these guys have done and so far gotten away with. That being said, I firmly believe it is the single most crucial thing at the moment-win this one, we not only gain the momentum and get a foot in the door, we also send luca to sleep with the fishes- THIS IS HUGE!!! also, this seems to be the first time the mainstream media are actually willing to (somewhat)go after these guys!we simply can't let them backslide, or we lose vital momentum! PLEASE contact your local papers,networks, cable news, etc. and let them know that A] you're pleased that they're taking this seriously, or B] that you will NOT tolerate their obvious misrepresentation, whichever the case may be! ALSO please consider contacting your reps & senators (especially if they're republicans) and let them know that you will NOT TOLERATE their inaction or worse on this issue!let them know in no uncertain terms that it WILL effect the outcome of the next congressional election, and urge others to do the same! I know we have bigger fish to fry, but I can't overstate the importance of this issue politically! TO ARMS! TO ARMS!

If the RICO statues are utilized in combination with the Patriot Act, the co-conspirators, at the behest of CHENEY and under the direction of ROVE, are going to have a new kind of religious experience.

Hell hath no fury like a nation scorned.

Don't tread on US

With the dynamics associated with the Downing Street Memo forever hanging over Mr. Bush's head, he cannot afford to answer to the Rove questions. Both issues can be made to support each other. This President is in a down slide for which he cannot pull himself out of without more lying. I see a lot of distractions put into play, and I am not sold on the resent London bombings being unrelated to a distraction dynamic. I know this kind of thinking is unpopular, but if the memos are true, this president has a lot of blood already on his hands.

When you look at all the forces in play right now, you can't help but be a little concerned with the direction of our country. Just to present the truth in a way that the Bush supporting half of this equation can see the logic necessary to impeach Bush, will be a monumental effort. Even now, there has been an unreal, renewed by the bombings in London, core group of Bush supporters who just don't seem to have the capacity for the truth unless it is filled with hate for someone or something. Lets roll up are sleeves we have a lot of work to do.


I think Bush & Co have been at this game so long, and have been getting away with their crimes, that they feel this thing with Rove will blow over like everthing else.

Arrogance is what got them into this mess. They finally just over stepped and landed in doo doo.

They stepped in Rove-r doo-doo.

Maybe the MSM has just been giving them plenty of rope with which to hang themselves.

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