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GOP Says We Should Credit Rove for 'Having Guts' & Then Advocates 'Shooting' the Media

By David Sirota

New York Rep. Peter King (R) is the latest example of how the modern-day Republican Paty is dominated by wild-eyed right-wing lunatics determined to hold onto power, no matter how indefensible their behavior is. On television and in newspapers, King is trying to make Karl Rove's treasonous leak of classified information into a positive for the White House, while once again resorting to making physically threatening statements about retribution.

As Atrios notes, on the right-wing cable show Scarborough Country, King said the media "who gave [Ambassador Joe Wilson] such a free ride...they're the ones to be shot." Right, we shouldn't thank Wilson for exposing the fact that the Iraq War, which has caused so many casualties, was based on lies. We should shoot reporters.

King went on to then say "maybe Karl Rove was not perfect [but] we live in an imperfect world, and I give him credit for having the guts." To out of touch hacks like King, people who sell out America's security, as long as they are Republican, should get "credit for having the guts" to compromise our national security as long as they are doing it to grind a political axe against somebody like Wilson who had the guts to tell the truth.

King followed up this disgusting screed with another one to the Washington Post. He told the paper that "Republicans should stop holding back and go on the offense: Fire enough bullets the other way until the Supreme Court [nomination] overtakes" the Rove story. Exactly: because there is absolutely no defense for Rove's behavior, Republicans are now admitting that all they can do is try to change the subject.

Let's not forget that all of these comments are once again laced with references to violence. That's a tactic the GOP has frighteningly resorted to more and more as its hold on power becomes increasingly tenuous.

E-mail or call Peter King - he's from the blue state of New York, and the blue town of New York City. Tell this no-talent, no-principle, unpatriotic freakshow to shut his mouth unless he has something serious to contribute, and unless he is willing to stand up like other ordinary Americans and say that compromising America's national security as Karl Rove did is unacceptable, no matter what party the perpetrator hails from.

Atrios' post on Peter King

Transcript of King's comments on Scarborough Country

GOP resorts to more and more violent language

King advocates "firing bullets" in the Washington Post

E-mail or call Peter King



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incredible statements:

Not the torture in Abu Ghuraib was the problem, but the photos.

Not the torture in Gitmos caused hate in muslim world, but the statements of democratic Reps.

Dear Rep. King: I was absolutely appalled to read of your defense on television of Karl Rove’s acts in the Valerie Plame matter. In doing so, you put partisan politics above matters of national security and the integrity of our Constitution. For shame, Mr. King! Shame on you!

The Downing Street minutes and other, related evidence, offer compelling indication that, in Spring of 2002, the Bush administration was "fixing" intelligence to deceive Congress and the American people in order to lead us into a war in Iraq. Ambassador Wilson had the temerity to correct some of this "fixed" intelligence. His act of patriotism was returned with a cowardly attack on his wife.

The documents that Time Magazine has disclosed make it clear that Karl Rove disclosed that Ambassador Wilson’s wife was an undercover CIA operative. Mr. Wilson only has one wife. It is splitting hairs to say that, because Mr. Rove did not mention the lady by name, he was not responsible for "outing" her. The identification he gave was more than sufficient.

As a result of Karl Rove’s cowardly act, our country has lost a valuable intelligence asset – and every contact Valerie Plame ever had is now at risk.

All of this because Ambassador Wilson blew the whistle on fixed intelligence. Rep. King, as a Congressmember, this should be of paramount concern to you! Manipulating (lying to) Congress into entering a war is criminal. It also undermines the Constitutional separation of powers.

If Mr. Rove has any honor at all he will resign. As for you, Rep. King, to defend the indefensible acts of Mr. Rove demeans you and the office you hold.

Congress must investigate the whole sordid matter of pre-war intelligence. This is NOT a partisan matter. But it is matter that is critical to our national security and protection of our Constitution. Where is that "stiff dose of truth" that Mr. Cheney promised America? You, Congress, need to demand it -- yesterday.

Yours truly,
Sara R

I sent the following email to Mr. King earlier today:

Mr. King,

I am writing to you to thank you. I am thanking you for showing the cable television watching world that you have no class while on Scarborough Country. Do you honestly believe that Karl Rove deserves credit for his role in outing a CIA agent? Do you actually believe that the American people are so stupid that by shoving the battle for Supreme Court nominees down their throats that they will forget what Karl Rove did, not to mention where his actions lead (Bush administration lies in regard to the buildup for war with Iraq, in particular as pointed out in the Downing Street Memos)? I sincerely hope that you do not really believe the things that you had to say. For you to say that anyone, let alone Karl Rove, should get credit for having the guts to put our national security at risk in order to further their own political agenda is disgusting. Did you think before you opened your mouth? I doubt it, because if you had, you might have considered the many hundreds of dead US soldiers, and many thousands of dead, innocent Iraqi’s, those families that they have left behind, and of the American taxpayers who for many decades to come will be bailing out the US from the financial burden that President Bush has put on this country for a war he lied to the American people to start.

You are obviously angry. I think most American’s are angry right now, and they should be. The problem with your anger is that it is directed at the wrong people. You are directing anger at people that want the truth, that want to get the truth out for all to see. As a man in your position, I would think that you would be eager to show America that you are not a part of an administration that would lie to the American people to make a case to go to war. I would think that you would be eager to show America that you stand, not as a Republican, not as a politician, but as an American and a humanitarian against those that would lead our country so far astray.

I encourage you to turn your anger toward those that deserve it. Turn your anger toward those that have put you and all other elected officials, whether they be Democrat, Republican, Independent, or whatever, in such a horrible position. Stand together and bring them to justice so that our country can regain some semblance of integrity. Show the world how democracy is supposed to work.


Brian Turner

Fairy Tale One :There is a man who lives in the North Pole, who is chubby, wears a red suit, works with elves and once a year delivers presents to children all over the world in a sleigh pulled by eight reindeer, but I refuse to "out" him

Fairy Tale two: There is a Fairy who puts money under childrens' pillows when they lose a tooth, but I'm not telling who she is!

Fairy Tale Three: There is a man in the Oval office, who promised to get to the bottom of the Plame Investigation two years ago, who met with his chief consultant continuously, never asked him who outed Plame,, doesn't know who it is, and now hears no evil, sees no evil, speaks no evil during an investigation!

Whenever the "truth" threatens to come out, "DENIAL" seems to be the "MAALOX" for George W. Bush, his corrupt Administration, and most of the Republican Party!

Below excerpt from this link:

"...The Washington Post reported in November 2002 that "the organization is modeled on a successful lobbying campaign to expand the NATO alliance. Members include former secretary of state George P. Shultz, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and former senator Bob Kerrey (D-Neb.). ... While the Iraq committee is an independent entity, committee officers said they expect to work closely with the administration. They already have met with Hadley and Bush political adviser Karl Rove. Committee officers and a White House spokesman said Rice, Hadley and Cheney will soon meet with the group." [1]

What a pickle ! - How can Rove "liberate" anybody when he's a traitor to his own country?

Dear Representative King
You deserve to be thanked. Thanked for exposing what lying scum you are. You and your kind give not a fart about truth, justice, and the American future. I hope the sky falls on you daily till you are pounded into bone meal, Sincerely your hating public...

Representative King's senseless mutterings simply demonstrate just why Republicans can not be trusted with power.

Republicans get power and look what has happened. Ask yourself this question (recall that it was Ronald Reagan who asked this question first back in 1980): Are you better off now than you were on January 19, 2001 (the final day of the Clinton Administration)?

To refresh the Hon. Mr. King's recollection, I submit the following:

1. The United States was not at war
2. The US Treasury had a surplus
3. There were a hell of a lot more good jobs
Americans were employed at than now

Check back to 1994 when the Republicans gained control of the legislative branch. What has happened since?

When you do an analysis, it is clear that the Republican Party is incapable of functioning in any fashion other than to consolidate power for power's sake and to forge a nation which is controlled by the wealthiest elements thereof.

I have written before on this site that the Republicans have been seeking to govern the country in the same manner as a corporation is governed, i.e. 1 share 1 vote. Instead of shares, the Republicans count dollars. Therefore, those with the most dollars, in their sordid view of democracy, get the most votes. Why do you think Republicans endeavor to retain current campaign financing laws. Just think how much of the national debt could be retired if all that campaign money actuall went to pay for taxes of the wealthy instead.

Rep. King, I'm not here to scold you as you are not my congressman. I do wish to point out to you, as others above have, that you are a sworn official of the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT first and foremost. Your tirade and blind allegiance to the RNC marching orders to defend Rove at all costs is an insult to yourself and all Americans.

By the way, the RNC goal to move the Supreme Court nominations to the forefront is yet another symptom of power greed within your party. As a lawyer, I am appalled at the cavalier attitude with which you trivialize and politicize such an important Constitutional process. I guess I am not that surprised as you and the rest of the Republican party have no clue as to the meaning of the Constitution of the United States because if you and your party did understand the meaning of the Constitution, the country would not be in this current mess.

Richard J. Schaedler, Esquire
PA Supreme Court ID#27809

I have friends on L.I.,N.Y. who tell me this is nothing new from King. I called both of his offices and emailed him to let him know how low he is for those comments and his support of Herr Rove. His offices tried to tell me Rove is a good American, I told them my son is a fighting liberal and does not consider Rove to be worthy of picking up dog shit.I also told his aids that when Sen. McCain and rep. Max Cleland appear w/ Rove and say he is a good American I will think about not calling him a lying cowardly traitor. I asked if they remember what Rove said about McCain , there was silence on the phone. I think we know the rest.

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