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The Corporate Media Begins to Connect the Dots

By Anthony Wade

Congratulations to David Gregory and his White House press room cohorts on finally putting some of the plot together. Yesterday, White House Press Whore Scott McClellan was caught between a rock and the lies he has been telling for years now and had no choice but to say things so ridiculous, it is surprising he said any of it with a straight face.

I use the word ridiculous, because McClellan seems to like the word as evidenced by his statements about the possibility of Karl Rove being the leaker in the Valerie Plame case. Yesterday, Gregory and others simply tried to get Rove to stand by his previous comments on the situation. Every time they tried, McClellan bobbed and wove to the point that he said 23 times that the investigation was ongoing and thus he could not comment. Finally frustrated, Gregory ripped into McClellan saying that his evasiveness and excuses were ridiculous. Putting one and one together, Gregory correctly pointed out that McClellan apparently had no issue with denying Rove’s involvement when there was no proof out there to the contrary and that this obviously smelled a lot like selective CYA.

The big questions however, remain unasked, let alone unanswered. The dots are not entirely connected yet. Joseph Wilson represented the first real voice to be critical of the Bush machine in their run-up to war. He represented the truth, as his assertions have turned out to be accurate, that Iraq did not reconstitute their nuclear weapons program. More importantly, in light of the Downing Street Memos, it highlights that Bush did indeed know that the intelligence he was peddling was false, and that war was not the last resort but rather the plan all along.

No, the question to be asked here is how exactly did Karl Rove come into the information that he leaked to Cooper? Why did he have such information if it was not within the purview of his job? Who in the administration decided that he needed to know the secret identity of Valerie Plame? Therein lays the seed of treason. The other dot that remains unconnected is that the role of Valerie Plame was to uncover WMD! Connecting these dots mean that one of the closest men to our President leaked information of a covert operative whose job it was to protect us from the very threats that Bush knew were not even in Iraq!

Instead now of protecting the American people and upholding the ethics he promised to us, Bush and the White House is in its usual disinformation mode. The words that are barely coming out are so parsed, it is obvious that their intent is to cover up, not truly represent the people. Karl Rove can say through his lawyer that he did not mention Plame’s name, but that is irrelevant. He mentioned that Wilson’s wife worked for the agency on WMD issues. That is it. Game over, you lose. There is a word for that in our law and it is called treason. Do not minimize it. Whomever Ms. Plame worked with while undercover immediately became exposed and was either tortured or killed as a direct result of the traitor Rove. Do not parse words with me. The fact that Valerie Plame is alive today is by the grace of God alone.

It was a poignant moment yesterday when David Gregory and the White House Press Pool finally stumbled onto the facts we have put together all along. It was a significant moment when he finally confronted this lying machine and called evil what it is. It was however only the first step. It cannot end there just because Scott McClellan thinks he can cover up crimes committed against this country at the behest of his boss. The other dots are out there and the corporate media needs to finally connect them, or face a further disintegration of their credibility.

George Bush sold us on the Iraq War based on WMD in Iraq that he knew were not there. He lied to Congress to go to war and that is an impeachable offense. At the time he was trying to scare up support for his war, he made the claim that Saddam Hussein had tried to purchase uranium from the Niger NINE times during a one week stretch, including in his State of the Union address. Joseph Wilson knew these claims were false and eventually wrote an honest op-ed piece in the New York Times. Not eight days later, Robert Novak outed his wife as an undercover CIA agent, ruining her career and probably costing the lives of her contacts. Further compounding the obscenity of this act was that her job at the time was to protect us from the very WMD George Bush still cannot find, but loves to scare us with. Novak reported the information was leaked by top administration sources. No kidding. Immediately, the Bush spin machine went into overdrive and Scott McClellan, who repeatedly stated the investigation was ongoing, kept saying that it was ridiculous to link Rove with this story. Two years later, and who looks ridiculous now?

Scott McClellan is a liar but he at least is paid to lie. George Bush is a liar, but he is paid to represent the American people, not cause the deaths of 1,700-7,000 American soldiers and over 100,000 innocent Iraqi civilians. He is further paid to not then cover up the lies he has already perpetrated upon us, with even more lies. Bill Clinton lied about a personal affair, and we were told how important the rule of law is and how he had to be impeached. Where are those cries today? Where is the consistency? Where is the outrage?

Karl Rove is paid to be an advisor. In that capacity he should not have had the access to the identity of Valerie Plame; dot number one. Judith Miller never wrote an article about this, yet was willing to go to jail instead of reveal her source; dot number two. Valerie Plame was working on the very issue, WMD, which Bush was pretending at the time he wanted to protect us from; dot number three. All of these things point back to the Downing Street Memos which prove impeachable offenses; dot number four.

Connect the dots. Call a liar a liar. Call a traitor a traitor. It is time for the house of cards to fall. The American people can handle the truth. We will recover as long as the truth still stands for something. As long as honor still drives our purpose and feeds our soul. As long as we can have our faith in government restored. Connect the dots.

Anthony Wade, a contributing writer to, is dedicated to educating the populace to the lies and abuses of the government. He is a 37-year-old independent writer from New York with political commentary articles seen on multiple websites. A Christian progressive and professional Rehabilitation Counselor working with the poor and disabled, Mr. Wade believes that you can have faith and hold elected officials accountable for lies and excess. Anthony Wade’s Archive: Email Anthony:


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While not excusing KR's actions in any way, I wouldn't go so far as to say Wilson "represented the truth", because his lies have been understandably overlooked by most of the readers who come to this website. And is there any evidence that Plame's associates were tortured or killed as a result of the leak? I'd like to see proof, or I'm gonna have to call BULLSHIT on that.

my friend,

your views suggest a bit of myopia or a poor attempt to minimize the consequences from KR's past actions. the simple reality is that any covert activity is concordant with risk. so any information that may identify a person in a covert setting is commensurate with increasing the risk to that person (and their contacts). so, would this state department or pentagon rush to the media to admit that a covert person or their group was directly compromised due to KR's leak? we know the simple answer to this question is no. the mandate of all intelligence agencies and the like is to maintain a positive position at all times, even when the sky is about to fall with WMDs from iraq. as someone said in the past, money talks and bullshit walks. in this event, KR talked and i currently hold my faith that the grand jury investigating this matter will resolve what may look like, smell like, or actually be bullshit (to use your vernacular).

if you wrote your comment with the aid of crib sheets provided by the gop, you might want to rethink your next contribution here.

thanks for giving me a reason to contribute in this forum!

I prefaced my post by saying I wasn't making excuses for that slimeball KR.

You're so quick to jump on me for calling out the author on his BULLSHIT that you couldn't address the issues I raised, which were Wilson's own untruthfal claims, which you should know about if you did your homework, and any solid proof that Plame's CIA cohorts were "killed or tortured", as the author plainly stated. I'm on YOUR side, so calm down & let's fight the real bad guys here.

Do tell, what are his "lies"? Seriously.

You can start with his 2003 NY Times Op-Ed. He lied in it about who sent him to Africa and about what he put into his report to the State Department.

Wilson is a politically motivated person who got caught trying to smear a good administration.

Mr. Mehlman Talking Points, nobody cares about who sent whom or what "sent" means. The problem is that Karl Rove attempted to discredit Joe Wilson "double super secret background"-like. The reason? Because he had threatened the rationale for War. Even if ol' Valerie had said, "Hey Joe, get your bum over to Niger", Karl Rove had no reason to know that and certainly the ONLY reason he would bother "leaking" that information would be to discredit a critic of the War. And he KNEW it was wrong - why else the "double super secret background"? If he weren't being sneaky and traitorous, then why couldn't he just tell Matt Cooper on the record?

The GOP is "out on a limb" with this one.

"How Hitler Became a Dictator
by Jacob G. Hornberger, Posted June 28, 2004

Whenever U.S. officials wish to demonize someone, they inevitably compare him to Adolf Hitler. The message immediately resonates with people because everyone knows that Hitler was a brutal dictator.

But how many people know how Hitler actually became a dictator? My bet is, very few. I’d also bet that more than a few people would be surprised at how he pulled it off, especially given that after World War I Germany had become a democratic republic.

The story of how Hitler became a dictator is set forth in The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, by William Shirer, on which this article is based..."

I am so tired of hearing McClellan repeat the same lines over and over again at these press conferences- eg. in relation to the U.N.- It needs to be "reformed" (at least repeated 100 times); in regard to soldiers' deaths ("we feel for the family and mourn the loss"- repeated without feeling).

The media has finally picked up on the "credibility" of the Bush administration only due to the Rove revelation- If only they would focus on the lies told to us by Bush that led to the invasion of Iraq. The media won't need our help in keeping the Rove issue alive, but we need to keep reminding the corporate media about the Downing Street Minutes.

and resign, before neocons keep using you.

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