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WH Memo: Phony UN Airplanes to Provoke War

By David Swanson

The Guardian is reporting that Bush told Blair "that the US was so worried about the failure to find hard evidence against Saddam that it thought of 'flying U2 reconnaissance aircraft planes with fighter cover over Iraq, painted in UN colours'. Mr Bush added: 'If Saddam fired on them, he would be in breach [of UN resolutions]'."

This came out in a memo obtained by Phillipe Sands, QC, for the new edition of his book "Lawless World." The memo is apparently the minutes of a two-hour meeting between Bush and Blair (and possibly the cast of Monty Python) which took place at the White House on January 31, 2003 – close to two months before the "decision" to go to war.

The revelation that the Guardian has focused on, however, is this one. The memo shows, according to the Guardian, "that Bush made it clear the US intended to invade whether or not there was a second resolution and even if UN inspectors found no evidence of a banned Iraqi weapons programme. Tony Blair told President George Bush that he was 'solidly' behind US plans to invade Iraq before he sought advice about the invasion's legality and despite the absence of a second UN resolution."

So, the exits are closing all around Tony, and the piles of incriminating poodle dung are piling up in the living room.

On this side of the water, this story may not even be the war crime of the week, though, since it remains to be seen whether the US media will cover it. You'd think they would do so just for the level of outlandish stupidity – just for the comic value. But, let's not hold our breath.

We now have the British media revealing to us citizens of the US democracy not just the internal workings of 10 Downing Street, but also the goings on at 1600 Pennsylvania. This memo clearly contains revelations at least as grievously incriminating as would the memo alleged to show that Bush wanted to bomb al Jazeera. The British government's attempt to crack down on leaks has not shut off all the taps.

There is the remote possibility, of course, that this latest memo came from a US source. If so, the shame of the US media for missing the scoop should be all the greater.

A movement is gaining steam to impeach Blair for his role in our president's illegal war. Our brothers and sisters in the anti-war movement in the UK are always three steps ahead of us.

What will we do in the United States if the leaders of the coalition of the willing go down one by one? What will we do if evidence emerges that our government lied to their governments? When will the nation most responsible for this humiliating disaster take up some accountability? When will we cease to be a global laughingstock and villain? When will someone in charge find even the ordinary decency to do what the police chief did after arresting Cindy Sheehan for wearing a shirt – apologize?

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BushCo Wants More Money !!!. . . $120 Billion!!!

. . . now that is some pocket change to be financing more of these "through deception you shall make war" type of "black bag" operations . . . made so popular thanks to the James Bond series. "Licensed to kill anyone, anywhere, anytime for any reason" and sex with the best "trophy" babes money can buy . . . oh, yeah, that is every 13 year old boy's dream, eh?

So, join the military, kidz, and if you can spell your name, turn on a computer, and have no problem with being a saboteur or an assassin, you may qualify for "intelligence work" with BushCo, Inc. . . .;-)

So???, are the BushCo Game Rules now:

1. BushCo buys up communication infrastructure
2. BushCo pulls a "1938 War of the Worlds" scare
3. BushCo mass markets it while "legally" blocking out all other viewpoints to promote two illegal invasions
4. BushCo bleeds the middle class to support both the poor and the war effort while centralizing wealth in the rich "ruling class" who have always felt taken advantage of because they feel each person should have to pay the same "amount" of taxes versus the same "percentage of income". (Only a fool would think of replacing this system with a National Sales Tax . . . ;-) )
5. BushCo drives the country so far in debt that the US Government financially collaspse and there is no manufacturing infrastructure to recover
6. BushCo, like a mafia gangster, picks up the US Government's "Markers" and forecloses turning the entire land mass into the "Privatized Property" of the rich with a HUGE, well outfitted and militarized private "law enforcement" security force
7. BushCo, then sends out "friendly eviction notices" and we all wait for the "rapture." ;-)

Alas, if these are indeed the new Game Rules, I feel fools like me will be looking for another country . . . and I do so love living at the beach and being around good folks that actually own more than one book and remember how to have fun!!! ;-)

"The image and the empire may be falling apart
The money has gotten scarce
One man's word held the country together
But the truth is getting fierce"
- Say It Ain't So, Joe by Murry Head/Roger Daltry


Look, I get these phoney lotto deals and bank deposit scams on my emails all the time >>> delete is the word, know wut I mean?

But you got this Bush guy all wrong , good buddy! He and his kindly gentlehenchmen are having all kinds of bake sales and fundraisers for CHARITY donations by contractors. And they in turn invest their time and talent and cost-plus no-bid contracts with money that we paid into the system in the first place for weapons J-O-B-S in our communities!

It's all about People dying to help People> get with the program.


Although interesting, we judge the release of this information is related to the White House litigation efforts. They are designed to paint Bush in a new light, and mitigate the chances the Senate finds he is unfit for continued office.

Caution is warranted. The information appears designed to distract attention from the real NSA issues, and excite the masses to chase similar themes, but to areas that are true, but not probative.

Be judicious in how you spend your time on these revelations. There's little here that says, "Bush violated the law." Rather, there is speculation over the planning. If proffered, the Senate will roll their eyes. To convict someone of a crime, they have to have committed a crime -- not simply talked about something.

We might change our view if Bush is proven to have actually sent U2 over, and interfered with the Iraqi communication system so make Saddam believe WWIII was starting. If that is true, that's no different than what Hitler did in Poland with the bogus army. However, we already know the facts: There's no WMD. The new information doesn't tip the scale any further: It's already fallen over.

The link goes into details on why there are other issues with the information about the 2003 CIA updates. We judge this information is designed to dilute attention form the NSA-Constitutional nexus that will most likely result in Bush's removal from office. Based on the interest, it appears to have worked in the White House's favor: Less time spent on the NSA issue.

Looks like NSA investigation (given the laws that are broken and evidence hopefully in the bag) will score one for The People (for a refreshing change). Thank you for all your investigative blogging, Constance, and somehow finding the judicially relevant needles in this cabal's mountainous haystack for Impeachment!

However, I do hope the newly revealed White House Memo and all the other issues come to the surface in the press now and ongoing as well , instead of this blackout in US corporate media. If U2 painted blue ever does materialize to be probative (would THAT be blacked-out?), at least the press will have been saavy enuf at that point (don't snicker now ;o) to be aware of the prior plots. Given the war itself did take place without evidence against Iraq, can Bushco/Blair be brought up on war crimes involving conspiracy charges (among others) ? If nothing else, this new Memo certainly incriminates their characters (& lack thereof), and there's still what per centage of Americans that have yet to be convinced of just that?!


I agree with Constant. The original document has not been seen, I believe. It sounds like a new piece of evidence for the crime of premeditated aggression. For most of us, the evidence-gathering stage of this process is long past.

The FOCUS should be getting some courageous folks elected to Congress. In that, we have a long way to go. (Most of these new Dem candidates seem reticent to discuss things such as war crimes. I hope I'm wrong.)

Bush's history of running corporations he has been affiliated with into the ground have reached biblical proportions. Not a single business he started or was involved in was sucessful. NOT A ONE.

So he has continued his legacy by running the USA into the ground. The corporate world has little use for such CEO's, Bush would have been tossed out on his rear long long ago. The stock holders would have seen to that.

What I can not figure out, is why there is not bigger outrage amongst the people. Perhaps their attention spans are not long enough.

So these memos are yet another bit of evidence in the chain. I'm really interested in those deleted whitehouse Emails even more. Government correspondence at those levels does not get deleted accidentally or casually, copies are automatically stored and archived as public record. For correspondence to disapear it takes a concerted effort not only to delete them from the workstations but then remove the archived copies from the servers as well.

If you go back and add up all of the transgressions, mistakes, deceptions and other actions of Bush since graduating college, up to the current day. The totality of evidence against him is undisputable. The facts undeniably prove that he is either woefully incompetant, or operating at the fringes of leaglity or both.

I can not recall any administration that had so many officials under criminal investigation outside of Nixon. The administrations claims that they are uaware of all these cases proves at the very least that they incompetant lest they be lying out right.

Perhaps one day a courageous newspaper or other media outlet will publish a cronological list of every instance where Bush mismanaged a company, was involved in questionable practices, stretched the truth, been investigated, or outright lied. No need for "here say", allegation or oppinion. There are plenty of hard facts out there, that when taken in totality are undisputable. Starting with his ROTC days, thorugh Harken Oil, up to today. On nice long big cronological list.

Actually I am surprised that Michael Moore has not already compiled such a list. Lets just say that Martha Stewart went to jail for less.

I am not as eloquent like you, but I still have to speak out. You speak the truth. There are SO MANY things that Bush and his crew have done and are still doing and plan on doing for the next 50 years (according to Rove). It makes me weary and frustrated wondering if it will ever end. To me the first public illegal act for them was using the Enron planes to fly all of the protesters to stop the vote recount in Florida. What did they have to promise Enron/Ken Lay to have them waiting in the wings??? It has gotten worse and worse. I can't believe Republicans do not care and really support him. I know many politicians have their problems on both sides of the aisle, but he and his crew are remarkable. They have lied and manipulaterd us into 9/11, a war, the largest deficit, impaired elections and so much more. For a man of supposed faith he doesn't seem to feel he is accountable to anyone. GOD HELP US.

Painting US planes to make it look like Saddam Hussein would have been shooting at UN planes. That idea may be shocking to some, but to me, it makes perfect sense. This has been probably the most out-of-control administration in our country's history.

As for that part about al-Jazeera, that one could go either way. Regardless of what you think about al-Jazeera, we should remember that it's based in Qatar, whose government only exists because the US government props it up. So if Bush really wants to get rid of it, he would have to end support for some of his cronies.

What is curious to me is that we have allowed half of our tax money to go to the Pentagon, and then be passed on to Northrup, General Dynamics, Halliburton, and the Carlyle Groups. What in hell do we need 12 aircraft carrier groups for? To hunt for terrorists? If we find a terrorist are we going to nuke him? Bush is the tip of the iceberg, to coin a phrase, Republican corruption here in San Diego is unbelievable. A Poway business man, Brent Wilkes, gave more than $600,000 to federal lawmakers Representatives John Doolittle, Randy Cunningham, Jerry Lewis, Tom DeLay, Duncan Hunter, Larry Craig, Jerry Weller, Benjamin Gillman, Roy Blunt, and Senator Lindsey Graham.

In North County San Diego the Marine Corps owns most of the beach property and the Marine base owns the land abutting it and the Marines will not give it up for a new airport that we really need.
To add to the thievery: we get $10,000,000 anually from a tobacco fund settlement and no one can find out where it has been going since Goldman was mayor. For every $10 Mayor Jerry Sanders raised in the waning weeks of his campaign, he collected a buck and change from Corky McMillin Cos. and Barnhart Inc.

We have nine months to prepare for the mid-term election and we had better get some candidates. We have to clean out just about all of the Republicans and also the Democrat sell outs. If there are any people out there who advocate an airlift of our troops out of Iraq, and the impeachment of the whole Bush gang; get thee down to the county registrar of voters and run for office.

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