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The Rules Of War: Bush-Blair In Fantasy Land

July 12, 2005 The Baltimore Chronicle
By Ward Reilly

The Rules of "War"...

Let's pretend for a moment that "al Qaeda" IS responsible for the London bombings. That is what George and Tony are claiming. So let's assume it's true. Just for the sake of argument.

What is more disgusting than seeing Bush and Blair lament about the tragedy of "innocent civilian victims" being killed? Nothing, that's what.

Bush said on July 8, "....And the contrast couldn't be clearer between the intentions and the hearts of those of us who care deeply about human rights and human liberty, and those who kill---those who have got such evil in their heart that they take the lives of innocent folks."

"...take the lives of innocent folks." he said. It is "evil" he said.

Earth to un-Curious George....can you say "100,000 dead Iraqis"? All dead because of you, since March 19, 2003? ALL INNOCENT. Can you say 1780+ dead US troops, who would not have died had it not been for you?

So I ask the President, which of the above-described groups do you put yourself into? Human rights, or killer of innocent folks?

And how do you think the relatives of the slaughtered Iraqi people feel about you and your "democracy and liberation"? Imagine "London" happening every day, day after day after day... like it DOES in Baghdad. Except take away the electricity and water that they have in London, because in Baghdad, that is what life has been like every day for over 800 straight days. Our "liberation."

"Mission Accomplished," Captain America?

Is there anyone out there who really thinks that attacking a wartime enemy is unjustified? Are we at war with al Qaeda or not? We told "them" the fight was in Iraq, and they have just begged to differ.

Is there really somebody out there who doesn't realize that when you bomb and occupy a country, especially if the attack and occupation were "preventive" and "imperialistic," AND illegal, that that country has a RIGHT to do to us, exactly what we are doing to them?

The Rules of warfare apply.

It's called defending yourself. If what happened in London was "terrorism," what exactly is the definition of what we have done in Iraq?

That is the most basic rule of war. Defend yourself. And this is guerilla war. The only war they've got.The "war" we gave them. The "war" we forced on them.

Is there really somebody out there that doesn't think that the taxpaying citizens of any country at war are also at war? I believe that we (the US and England) define the innocent dead citizens in Iraq and Afghanistan, as "collateral damage." Never " innocent victims."


An estimated 100,000 Iraqis, all INNOCENT of any crime, have suffered the EXACT same fate from our bombs, artillery, and bullets, plus lack of sanitation and health care services, as has been suffered by the British citizens who were just killed on the streets of London. And that goes for our own troops, too. They are being wasted in an unwinnable war, in a land where nobody really wants them to be. Kicking in every door in Iraq was NOT a good strategy, Mr. Commander In Chief. Using soldiers as a police force is a misuse of our military.

It's called WAR. Do you really think that it is only an act of war if the bombs are dropped in Iraq? Ask the British about the German rocket bombings in WWII. Indiscriminant bombings all over London...they weren't called "terrorist attacks," because every civilian that died was considered to be a victim of the open-warfare of WWII.

And guess what? As far as the rules of war are concerned, in that WE attacked two innocent nations, in reality, their retaliation is justified, while the killings we have committed ARE NOT. By invading those two nations, we have granted them permission to hit us ANYWHERE, and it is legally justified. WE INVADED THEM ILLEGALLY, not vice-versa.

Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9-11. Remember? You told the troops "bin Laden" told the troops "WMDs" told the troops "Saddam" told the troops..."we will NOT occupy"....the troops are tired of your lies.

And again, this is just assuming that "al Qaeda" placed these latest bombs-of-war in London. Who is it that we're fighting? bin Laden, right?.... Saddam, right?... al Sadr, right? Nope...wrong again: NOW it's al Zarqawi..."Iraq's biggest terrorist leader of al Qaeda of Iraq," or so I hear this week.

Our tax dollars commit war-crimes by way of the policy of the "Commander In Chief", our CIVILIAN boss of the military (even if our CIC does like to put on his GI Joe flight suit and strut around on deck). He is a civilian, and his policy is OUR policy, by default.

We, being the United States and England, started this mess by illegally attacking Iraq, and now we know for a FACT that Bush and Blair started bombing in Iraq in July of 2002, four months BEFORE the Congressional vote giving them the "authority" to use military force, and until the day the last US and British occupation troops are gone from the Middle East, we are all "fair game."

NOTHING will ever be able to justify our attack on Iraq, because of the (now documented) actions of Bush, Cheney, Blair, etc. Nothing, never. No matter how many times the administration changes the reason for the "war" or changes who the enemy is.

The moment that Bush/Cheney/Blair say "cease fire" will be the moment our citizen-soldiers and Iraqi citizens will stop being slaughtered. Until then, it doesn't really matter who puts bombs in the subway, because we started a war against "them." They have the RIGHT to defend themselves against an aggressor nation.

Civilians die in war, not just soldiers, except in "John Wayne land"...and there is no "John Wayne land," except in George's head and George's Bible. Ask the Iraqis about "innocent victims."

Cease Fire NOW, Mr. CIC. Stop the "war" NOW, Mr."Last Throes" CIC wanna-be. Repair the damage done in Iraq and Afghanistan with CIVILIANS and money--if we have any money left--and apologize for your horrifying war crimes, NOW. The bombings will stop shortly thereafter, IF we are lucky, and the Islamic world forgives us our crimes.

Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9-11, folks, so please, once and for all, put that propaganda B.S. away forever. We have attacked two innocent nations, giving birth to a whole new generation of hate. George did it. Dick did it. Tony did it, and the bombings in London are THEIR FAULT, and our fault, until WE THE PEOPLE stop them. Period.

Again, this is assuming that "al Qaeda" placed the bombs, and that is a pretty wide assumption. But that is the immediate "official line" of George and Tony. So guess what? It's ALL of our fault. I did it. You did it. Every citizen of the USA and England did it.

The Rules of War apply here.

Bring on the war-crimes tribunal NOW! Only then will we be forgiven for the Bush war-crimes, and only then will "insurgents" stop killing us. You cannot invade an innocent nation without justification, ever. We did. Now we are paying the price for Bush's crimes.

The rules of war apply to us, too. It's not impeachment time. It's Nuremberg time.


Ward Reilly is the SE national contact for Vietnam Veterans against the War, and a member of Veterans For Peace. He was a volunteer Infantryman in the First Infantry Division from 1971 to 1974.


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If Bush is in a room by himself, and his lips are not moving, can you still hear him lying?

I think of all the Moms and Dads in the world that are totally frightened by Bush's actions, not just his lies, and how they have to "pretend" Bush is "ok" in front of their kids. Parents actually have to live in a REAL fantasy lands in front of their kids, for the sake of their kids psyche. It is a shame what Bush has wrought upon the earth, but the wrath of justice will eventually shame Bush.
Keep the faith!

Shout it out

I wish he could stand up and shout it far and wide across America because it's the truth. More truth than people would wish for I think because it's the glaring gut wrenching hypocrisy-of-it-all kind of truth that not too many Americans seem willing to hear.

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