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Dragging the Media Down Downing Street

Dragging the Media Down Downing Street
By David Swanson,

The U.S. corporate media has begun to awaken to the fact that top Bush adviser Karl Rove exposed an undercover CIA agent's identity and then lied about it. But reporters, editors, and producers remain slow to pick up on the heart of the story, namely that this was part of an extensive campaign to deceive the media, the public, and the Congress about the justifications for an unjustifiable war.

The media has also given coverage to the recent bombings in London, but in very few instances has communicated the fact that the Bush and Blair administrations took their focus off Al Qaeda in order to launch a war against a sovereign state with no ties to the 9-11 attacks, and that this was done on the basis of intentionally false claims about weapons of mass destruction and ties to those attacks. There is a danger that Blair and Bush will try to misuse the recent tragedy as they have done that of four years ago, that the media will allow them to do so, and that the result will be still more attacks.

One way to break this cycle would be to provide the appropriate public discussion and congressional investigation of the lies that launched the war on Iraq.

On May 26, there had been virtually no U.S. media coverage of the Downing Street Minutes. On that day a coalition of veterans groups, peace groups, political activist groups, and blogs launched a campaign at to demand media coverage and congressional action. This survey of media coverage as of May 31st shows that results were not immediate:

But by the time Prime Minister Blair visited the White House on June 7, a coalition of hundreds of blogs called the Big Brass Alliance, and the work of dozens of progressive radio shows around the country had begun to pay off. By June 16, when 35 Congress Members held an unofficial hearing at the Capitol, Congressman John Conyers delivered a letter with 560,000 signatures and 123 congressional signatures to the White House, and the After Downing Street coalition held a rally in Lafayette Square Park, the Downing Street Minutes had become news. Pundits had begun talking about how the blogosphere now served as a court of appeals when the media blacked out a story -- -- , but it's hard to overstate the impact that new progressive radio and progressive print publications had as well.

In any event, the door had been opened. Letters to the editor had been joined by op-eds and editorials and even news stories. The White House press corps had raised the issue twice at press briefings: . The cable news pundits had acknowledged the story and yelled at each other about it. If there were serious reporters waiting for a timely hook that would persuade their editors to allow them to do their jobs, now was the moment. Alas, either there were no reporters or the editorial wall was still standing. Even news stories about how there were no news stories stopped seeming interesting to editors unwilling to do actual journalism. No polls have been done, but it seems likely that many Americans still don't know what the Downing Street Minutes say.

In recent weeks, a FOIA request from 52 Congress Members has gone uncovered by the media. A letter to the Senate Intelligence Committee from 10 Senators has passed unnoticed. A Resolution of Inquiry is expected to soon be introduced in the House, thus far unremarked upon. And the three-year anniversary of the meeting on Downing Street that gave us the minutes is rapidly approaching, without comment. Many media outlets in the United States have done one or two stories about the Downing Street minutes. Some have done none. None have created the endless echo chamber that's so badly needed, but which is apparently reserved for celebrities and sex.

So, has decided to organize events all over the country on that three-year anniversary, Saturday, July 23, in an effort to create a public discussion, as well as to gather yet more signatures on Congressman Conyers' letter, promote support for the Resolution of Inquiry and the Senate Intelligence Committee investigation, and to spread the word about an investigative trip to London that Congressman Conyers is planning for next month.

Over 150 public forums, town-hall meetings, dramatic recreations of the Downing Street Minutes, house parties, and study circles have been planned for July 23rd. See this site:

Now is the time to request a meeting with your local newspaper's editorial board and ask them to write in favor of an investigation. Here are talking points:

Here's another good clip to share:

Ask them to do at least as well as the editorials compiled here:

Ask them also to run op-eds and columns as good as the ones in this collection:

And now is the time to demand that news operations report the news. Ask them politely, and then protest noisily, until they do at least as well as the articles and broadcast stories collected here:

And – above all – now is the time to hammer unremittingly at the corporate wall of those worst offenders among the media outlets. No media outlet has given this story the level of coverage awarded to, say, the Michael Jackson trial. But some have completely or virtually blocked it out. Others have covered it dishonestly.

Those that have imposed a complete or nearly complete blackout include:
CBS (I know of no coverage);
ABC (there may be no more than this one interview: );
NBC (there has been at least one report, which can be found in the collection above, but little or no follow up);
PBS (Jim Lehrer did one interview that touched on this; NPR has done several substantive stories);
Many major newspapers not found in the collection above.

Remember that they all gave Bush 30 minutes of prime time to repeat his false claims in a speech on June 28

Those media outlets that have covered the Downing Street Minutes dishonestly include these:

Clearly any major media outlet that at this point does not have at least one investigative journalist in London and one in Washington, D.C., working on this is in the entertainment business. Let them know we are not entertained!

Contact your local media outlets here:


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The media's dilemma is that they would love to join an attack on the government, but the media is ruled by people strongly supporting US military bases in the mideast, and therefore, avoid implicating anyone in the administration or congress who promoted the invasion of Iraq and are now laying the groundwork for expanding the war into Iran, Syria, Egypt, and Saudia Arabia.

I know we're all looking forward to watching the Bush team playing Alexander the Great.

When we initally invaded Iraq, did the whole mission accomplished thing and yet, now Iraqis and US--we're are getting our butts kicked? Wouldn't it make sense if we did do Iran next, once we're on the ground, and an American presence exists (assuming we ever did), we would suffer the same sort of fate, if not worse?

Iranian's are not Arab's. They are the ancient Persians, they speak Farsi--is someone underestimating this perhaps? Nah, they would never do that, right?

How much oil can Bush get from Iran? How much money can Halliburton and Bechtel expect to acquire via more non compete contracts?
If the answer to those two questions is more than zero, then I am sure that this administration has already discussed the option.


Only dreamers still talk about an exit strategy fron Iraq. The people who cooked the intelligence books to stampede the country into war, as shown by the Downing Street Memmos, have so much support by the media, that the truth will never be revealed. While the neocons are estalishing miltary bases throughout the region to expand the war, the media keeps the nation's focus on Micael Jackson, Terry Schivo, etc.See:
for description of another US base not reported in the media.

The US press is by no means gathering courage or momentum to more investigative reporting by sharply questioning the White House Speaker. The just got plain scared!

Once one of their own reporting colleagues (Judith Miller) got jail time, it clicked in their head. "Hell, that could be me next! I'm not falling on my sword for Rove or Novak!"

The US press has been complicit in all the lies and deceit of this administration. They suddenly haven't gotten tough on questioning the motives for the Iraq War, extraordinary rendition, prisoner abuse, global warming, Patriotic Act or domestic and intertional debt.

It is only when their pretty little asses were in direct danger did they start to do their jobs. I won't forget that they have been AWOL for the past four years while we are becoming a fascist state.

This is an amazing piece of reporting by Mike Mejia comparing the case of former FBI agent Sibel Edmonds with the evidence provided by the downing street memos. It's time to stop scratching the surface.

can we please forget the logic that
instead of focusing on al qaeda, Bush did _____. Al Qaeda is an intelligence apparatus of the us intelligence services and also has never been proven in any court of law to actually exist. As former british foreign secretary Robin Cook pointed out this week, Al Qaeda is the name of a database the cia had on mijahdheen fighters funded by the us to bleed out the russians in the 80's. In addition there was just an uncovering of a 1000 member terror response drill happening on the London underground at the same time as the actual bombing. this is a signature tactic of false flag psychological warfare - "let one happen, stop the rest". With such an expansive drill going on as protective camoflauge for the the actual bombers, there was a perfect oppurtunity for a real bomb to go off instead of a drill. This mirrors the 5 ongoing NORAD wargames of 9/11 that paralyzed our air defense system. The two most recent stories on explain all of this much better than I am prepared to though, so I urge you to read these stories. better to pull this weed of fascism out by the root my comrades.

Update by Sheldan Nidle

Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Hearts, with more to tell you! Once again, those black-hearted ones, determined to retain their power, have been up to their usual mischief. This last deliberately orchestrated horror of theirs was a warning to Britain to maintain her commitment to the black hole known to you as the Iraqi insurgency. For some time now, the British government has seen the quagmire of Iraq rapidly becoming a full-fledged disaster, and the British Ministry of Defense secretly planned a way out in the early summer. But the dark cabal got wind of this scheme and arranged for the July 7th "shot across the bows" to keep Britain in line. They are at present celebrating the success of their heinous trickery. Slaughter of "the little man" means nothing to them, and their bombastic insolence grows by the day. However, unbeknown to them, proof of their complicity in this day of sorrow has been added to the lengthy list of their crimes against humanity. As a result of this latest outrage, we are ever more resolved to quickly finish this job and bring these blackguards to justice.

While this bloody plot played out, our Earth allies remained on course, moving ever closer to the moment for initiating their own agenda, starting with the ousting of this treacherous, American regime from power. Like most oligarchies, it is convinced that its dark objectives are invincible and is consequently filled with disdainful arrogance. It has surrounded itself with high-ranking commanders whose loyalty it believes to be unimpeachable. Personnel of equally unquestioned loyalty also fill the upper levels of many government departments and agencies. However, secret coalitions are forming that are deeply disenchanted with this regime and that intend to uphold the well-planned countercoup when it is shortly put into operation. Rest assured that all is not as it appears in the news and that behind the scenes, elements of the American government is preparing to rise up against these miserable traitors. This event will be watched closely by Heaven and actively supported by those operatives assigned by the Galactic Federation of Light.

As part of our role in this mission, we recently carried out a number of daytime aerial maneuvers around the globe. These are being done to show our support for those brave Souls who are preparing for this vital putsch against the dark. Our forces, seen and unseen, are demonstrating their readiness to proceed with the final actions of this long drawn-out drama. The time has come to end the growing madness of the last five years. Your world must be restored to a state of peace and hope. This cause will be the first of many rapid steps leading to our formal recognition by your major governments. Those who understand what is truly going on know that the present American regime is deeply psychotic, and that its immediate replacement is essential. It is for this reason that we, in Heaven and in the Galactic Federation, have asked our Earth allies to hasten their proceedings. They assure us that their major work is now complete and that the results will soon be publicly known. They ask you all for your support, your prayers and, when necessary, your cooperation.

As you may have noticed, Heaven is accelerating the changes in your body. Many of you are experiencing much deeper levels of fatigue, accompanied by a perplexing "wipe-out" of your short-term memory, and occasionally your long-term data banks. These are symptoms of the changes in your physical, emotional, and mental bodies that will allow you to more easily integrate higher levels of DNA encoding. This is needed to restore you to full consciousness. Remember that transformation is an inherently chaotic process. Try to see the parallel between your bodily changes and the disturbing events of the day. Keep the bigger picture in mind and the fact that many levels are involved; for each event that happens openly, many more take place in secret or on subtler levels. Your reality will make more sense if you use your inner discernment to look beyond surface appearances. Your intuitive detective skills can then confirm for you a glorious Truth.

This Truth is that first contact is imminent, and that an end to this present reality is close at hand. Many irons are in the fire and are moving toward a preordained triumph. The unsettling drama that is your world is set irrevocably on an intercept course with us. This happy reunion now depends on the finishing of a few last-minute details. We greatly look forward to the coming line-up of events. And yet we are aware of how vital these last details are. However, these can be resolved in a few rapid thrusts. This we know and accept. We ask you, too, to be patient and ready to act, knowing that the patience of even the most devout saint can be tested by the seemingly inscrutable workings of the Divine. Thus we know how trying all this has been for you. The path to your liberation has led you into the dark hour before the dawn. This is the time to call up your great inner resources. And before you know it, you will be toasting the sunrise!

Each of you is a divine Being filled with Love, great knowledge, and the sacred wisdom of Heaven. You have come to this world to transform it. In so doing, you return this realm to the Light and snatch it from under the dark shroud that has long covered it. This is your present mission here. An elaborate spiritual enigma was interwoven with the matrix of this realm long before you were born into it. Each of you possesses the means to solve an aspect of this sacred mystery. Therefore, you were awakened in stages from the somnambulism induced by the nature of this reality. Each stage of this awakening increases the numbers and permits those already awake to rise up higher, thus allowing all the different pieces of the whole to emerge into the Light. The energies generating the changes also coalesce and grow, thus prompting you further along this heavenly path.

This remaining period is to be typified by a reality collapsing in upon itself. This swirl of change is molding a new realm based upon principles that are rapidly taking hold in your subconscious. At the right divine moment, these are to emerge, producing new perceptions that will form the very core of your new reality. Forging this central paradigm is the glorious work of Heaven. Each of you has been "programmed" by your present life contract to come on line and help in these events as and when needed. When this grand undertaking is finished, you can, as fully conscious Beings, look back upon this time with joy and bless the workings of divine magic. Then can you comprehend the immensity of what you have done! For now, all is confusion and frustration, and much seems senseless. Have trust, dear blessed Children, and know that dawn is breaking.

As you move through the coming days, learn to be more easy and pleasant with yourself and with others. These final moments may try not only your patience but also your preconceptions about the nature of the coming new realm. Do not be pulled into the turbulence of the reef; look beyond to the promise of the lagoon and accept that such profound change can be at once upsetting and yet wondrous. Divine magic works first to confound the dark and draw its hatefulness into a place where the glorious Light of Heaven can overcome it. Focus rather on the wonder that is ready to unfold! And accept that much can occur in ways and timings that you may not have expected. We therefore reiterate the need to be easy and gentle with yourselves. Your emotions are easily frayed and your mental constructs quite fragile. Be Kind and Rejoice in the Glory of the Light!

Today, we reviewed what is happening and offered you some wisdom. We ask that you look at this transforming world through different lenses. Seek to discern its more subtle ways and perceive the Truth about what is truly happening out there. Before you know it, we will be joyously by your side! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

I'll stay right here and feed a tree when all's said and done, how about that?


This is an updated email list of the MSM……

Let them know what was lost here. Let them know that this administration deliberately burned a vital and irreplaceable national security asset in order to try and silence those where exposing their lies about the need to go to war.

The list has been formatted with commas so all you have to do is cut and past into your email program.

I recommend sending them in groups so as not to jam up your server and somewhat hide the fact you are sending a mass email. There are about 15 groups below, so send the same email 15 times. It will take five minutes. (You can send directly to one and put the rest of each group in your ‘BCC’ field to hide all but two recipients)

Keep the email short.

PUT YOUR POINT IN THE SUBJECT LINE. Mine read: Karl Rove has betrayed the United States. REPORT IT!

Feel free to email the list to all your friends, co-workers, and relatives. Feel free to repost list on your favorite blog or posting forum.

You’ll get 10-20 that come back as undeliverable at any given moment.

Have fun, good luck.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Kathleen&,,,,,,,,,

Karl Rove is a traitor to this country. At the very LEAST, he should be fired....immediately.

Yep, we're trying!


I am so impressed with all the efforts being put into reaching and influencing the mass media; I wish you all well and encourage you. We need to press on all fronts, including these and the defense of the Internet, and learn from how the system responds to our pressure. I have come to the conclusion however, after years of writing letters to the editor, that we need a focus on bypassing the media and reaching the people directly.

Watching the alternative media for important news stories and searching on and to see who is covering them, I find that with shocking regularity a wide variety of major stories are being blocked out completely or nearly completely in the mass media. Often the stories are widely covered in Europe; my cousins in Germany, who are not news junkies, know more about what is going on in the US than do most Americans! (Interestingly, time after time the exception to the rule, the one major media outlet that publishes a silenced story, is Yahoo News. I can't help but wonder if this is somehow connected with Microsoft's determined and seemingly extravagant efforts to buy them out!)

Stories given the silent treatment in the past few months include: the one-day shutdown of all the West Coast ports by the workers in the ILWU to protest the war in Iraq; A major victory of representatives of the tomato pickers who won an agreement with MacDonalds; Nader declaring for Impeachment of Bush on the White House lawn; the House vote to ban Pentagon Propaganda; Ron Paul getting 26% of the vote in the Oregon Republican primary, his best showing yet; the anti-war platform of Libertarian nominee Barr; Obama's declaration that he would review all of Bush's fiat laws and strike down any he found unconstitutional or reprehensible; the Army's replacement of a judge for ruling against the prosecution in a prominent Guantanamo prisoner's trial; the denouncing of the US proposals for an "agreement" with Iraq by Maliki and Sadr; and now the filing of Articles of Impeachment by Cong. Kucinich.

This pattern reflects not oversights, not cowardice, not a failure to appreciate what the public wants or needs to hear. Rather it strongly suggests a routine, deliberate, coordinated policy of news manipulation and suppression organized at the top. We don't know how this is done or for certain who the players in it are, but clearly it does happen. Our poor local editors probably know that they can't yield to our reasoned arguments or appeals to our shared values because for them, that way lies the axe!

I see us as being in a race to connect with the people before our Internet window gets shut down. (Hope I'm wrong!) I would strongly suggest that we need to aggressively be pursuing ways to bypass the mass media and start reaching the millions directly. This can look like clever clips on YouTube, an advertising campaign to promote sites like Truthout or AfterDowningStreet, networks of neighborhood activists to put out news alerts via leaflet, with links to websites, (good preparation for the day when we lose access to the Net); or my own current project, promoting the propagation by forwarding from person to person across the Internet of blacked-out news stories.

I have registered the domain name "" for experimenting with, promoting and organizing this concept. The key problem as I see it is how to get the idea out there that this is something everyone should be doing, something that is needed. Please post any suggestions about what to do with the site here, and I will look for them.



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