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Capitol Police Had Been Told to Watch Cindy Closely

Two T-Shirts, Two Messages and Two Capitol Ejections

WASHINGTON, Feb. 1 — Cindy Sheehan's shirt on Tuesday night listed the number of soldiers who have died in Iraq. Beverly Young's shirt said "Support the Troops."

To the police guarding the Capitol, the messages alone were reason enough to remove the women from the House visitors' gallery during President Bush's State of the Union speech.

Ms. Sheehan, a war protester whose son died in Iraq and who spent the summer camped out near Mr. Bush's ranch in Texas, was arrested and charged with disruptive conduct on the Capitol grounds. She said Wednesday on a liberal Web site that she planned to a file a suit charging a violation of her right of free speech.

Ms. Young's removal came to light when her husband, Representative C. W. Bill Young, Republican of Florida, discussed it Wednesday in a speech on the House floor. She was wearing "a very conservative shirt, long sleeves, high neck," Mr. Young said.

"But," he said, "because she had on a shirt that someone didn't like that said 'Support the Troops,' she was kicked out of this gallery while the president was speaking."

Mr. Young said later that he had discussed the case with Karl Rove, the president's top political adviser, "because George Bush and my wife have been friends for a long time, and I didn't want him to think that she just got up and walked out."

Mr. Young added that he had sought an apology from the Capitol police. The Associated Press reported on Wednesday evening that the police had decided to apologize to the two women and to drop the charges against Ms. Sheehan, who had been invited to attend the speech by Representative Lynn Woolsey, Democrat of California.

The Capitol police did not return phone calls for comment. An officer who insisted on anonymity because the officers are not authorized to speak publicly about their work said the guards at the speech had been instructed to watch Ms. Sheehan closely in case she sought to interrupt the event to gain attention for her cause.

At, Ms. Sheehan said she wore a T-shirt that said "2,245 Dead. How Many More?"

She said she was arrested when she took off a jacket because she was warm after climbing a flight of stairs on a trip to the restroom.

"I wore the shirt to make a statement," she wrote. "The press knew I was going to be there, and I thought every once in awhile they would show me, and I would have the shirt on."

If she had known she would be arrested for wearing her shirt, she said, "maybe I would have, but I didn't."


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I figured this out yesterday when they arrested her.

The president is slowly turning her into a hero.

~~I Chant~~

America needs a People's hero. Some one who fights and stands for a cause, and doesn't accept arrangements to be seen and heard at overly priced golfing excursions in Scotland. Just to name one example.

Sad and ironic that the president, that started his speech memorializing Coretta Scott King and how she continued her husband's fight for liberties and rights had his minions that do his bidding, the enforcers of his laws, throw out, er... escort, er... removed the eyesores from his sight.


This is an example of Bush's war at home...Bush know, he is Iraq is not, was not a central front on a war on terror...Iraq is the central front on Bush's war...the one he started for reasons yet to be totally revealed. In order to keep, his war going he has to fight a war on US citizens to keep them involved. To quote Oprah: We have been duped and no one is allowed to question...why are we in Iraq George? This is not the central front on the war in Iraq...this is your war.

...and Gorilla Democracy at home. Capitol gorillas protect the coward-in-charge from the likes of little Cindy. They'd better! Bush knows she is a bigger threat to his agenda than al Qaeda and all the "loyal opposition" combined.

Cindy for President! Go girl. Do it.

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