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The Worst of the Worst

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Here are analyses of the Washington Post's failures:

The New York Times
Here are analyses of the New York Times' failures:

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Here is an analysis of Foxing the facts around the policy:




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There are more examples of deceipt and distortion on the table now than at the time of Watergate. Shame on all in Congress (and in the media) who made an impeachment issue of Clinton's lie but won't tackle lies about WMD, imminent threats, Wilson's report and Rove's politically motivated behavior, monies for Halliburton or Bechtol contracts (but not for the homeless in the US) and budget deficits, (that China may soon begin calling for).
Our politicians hide the truth, assuming their own reelection to be paramount. Are journalists silent because of fear of being fired too? Let's hear from the Thomas Paine's and the Ben Franklin's of today; a revolution of truth in words is essential.

Do we no longer have any journalists? We seem to have nothing but spinelless entertainers in the media!

Virtually every "reason" offered up repeatedly by the President, the Vice President, and key officials in the Administration, has been shown to be false. It seems evident that a concerted plan, beginning well before 2000 and implemented militarily before discussion in the House and Senate, has been undertaken to mislead the people and the press. These simple facts deserve debate and scrutiny, and eventually action, by the people's representatives and all true patriots and defenders of the Constitution.

that no one notices
1) Republican presidents
2) Joins the hands of Religious Right (ignoring the root of all evil) and Corporate greed
3) Growth of federal government over its people and civil rights diminish
4) Fear (without true reason= lies) lead tool in gathering support
5) "With us or against us" forcing freethinkers to be against USA
6) No positive effect in sight which couldn't have been accomplished using diplomacy, education, ally development and control.
7) Knew (from history of prohibition and Israel) neither would work

Censorship, distortions, Lies.
Have you noticed how truly burnt out "WE" are with propaganda and censorship?
It is not a random occurence that so many people are watching "FREE Speech TV"/ Democracy Now".
Obviously, concerns such as Honesty, Integrity, Responsibility have little relevance in your agenda about your top concern $$$!
News Bulletin: Telling the TRUTH, honest reporting, critical thinking = public attention=consumption of your product= $$$ for your corporate agenda.

It is one thing when small local stations live off press releases to provide news due to lack of staff to cover events and issues. It is another thing entirely when national level media fail to truly investigate the issues and rely of such releases (laziness) and the opinions of their advertisers (greedy and gutless) to drive what information they present. Failure to seek the real story, to tell the truth regardless of personal risk, is a failure to exercise the First Ammendment. If such freedoms and not fought for, in time, in effort, and in financial concerns, then they are being willingly surrendered, at great cost to us and to our children. This is a call to the press not to surrender! Cover the investigations of Bush's administration, and in detail, or be prepared to live in an Orwellian nightmare where we are told that by being limited we are being given freedom.

The war for oil which started out as a search for weapons of mass destruction has turned into a war to bring freedom to Iraq. Does this mean the people of Iraq will also be arrested for exercising their constitutional right to peaceful assembly?

Fortunately for the protesters they did not try to exercise their rights under the first and second amendments or the bloodbath in Washington DC would make Baghdad look like a church picnic.

interesting site.

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