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GOP, Amazingly, Continuing to Attack Wilson

While the Media has picked up the Rove story and missed the central point that what he did was part of an attempt to deceive a nation about justifications for war, the GOP is continuing to attack Joseph Wilson for exposing its lies. (Will the Media cover these talking points? But then what would they use as the basis for their next articles?)

Exclusive: GOP talking points on Rove seek to discredit Wilson

RAW STORY has obtained an exclusive copy of Republican talking points on Bush adviser Karl Rove's leaking the name of a CIA agent to a reporter, circulated by the Republican National Committee to "D.C. Talkers" in Washington.

The document, emblazoned with the words "Special Edition" and dated Tuesday, seeks to discredit claims put forth by Ambassador Joseph Wilson, whose wife was 'outed' as a covert operative by a conservative columnist. After obtaining copies of emails sent from a Time reporter to his editor, Newsweek fingered Rove as a source for the leak which disclosed the agent's identity.

The talking points mirror a release by Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman earlier Tuesday, in which he declared the attacks on Rove were spawned by the 'MoveOn' wing of the Democratic Party. MoveOn later accused the White House of a 'cover up.'

The talking points, acquired by RAW STORY, are here.


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if the Bush whitehouse has weapons of mass PEARSONAL destruction, then Rove is George's "chemical Ali" and mehlman, gillespie et al are the tariq aziz.We need to call for weapons inspections and total disarmament.if they do not disarm willingly, we need to disarm them by any means necessary.

You're advocating regime change.


US !!!


At least we won't be on a Wild Goose Chase (WGC)this time....
WMPD are all right there in one location... the WH .
(I hope MSM's report the WMPD in the WH before PNAC gang goes AWOL.)

Why does President Bush hate America?

His contempt for our beautiful country is evident by his disregard of the possibly treasonous behavior on the part of one of his staff members that works very closely with him in the White House.

This staff member's name is Karl Rove.

If the president thinks that anyone suspected of the traitor-like behavior of placing CIA assets in danger is OK to work in the White House while the determination of that threat is ongoing, then there is something seriously wrong with how the current President of the United States thinks that this country is not itself (as a whole) is placed in harms way by his indifference to this possible threat.

W seems so doped up on pharmaceuticals that
he doesn't even understand what is going on most of
the time.
It seems ever clearer that we have a shadow government
and the head of the "president" is kept spinning by his
"most trusted advisors".

Most Americans don't even suspect that our president
is......Dick Cheney. He insured his own cover by running
as VP. Seems like typical corporate criminal strategy.

What a vile and deceitful bunch this is.

Bush and the rest will just be impeached as part of the " Cheney package deal" (AKA PNAC package).

We are asking the wrong person the right questions. Scott McClellan is the wrong person to be asking. We need to call the President out and make him answer our questions himself. As a public servant is is required to answer TO the people. Now is the trick. How do we call him out? We the people can go to the grand jury to express our concerns about the issues of the DSM. Just like a procecuter can. Below is something that i came across on the net. Maybe it can help us.


Hello to everyone

It has been a while since I posted. In New Jersey people can call on the grand jury and Louisiana, and 1981 ruling of the West Virginia Supreme

Court allowing any citizen to present a complaint to the grand jury. So what is good for one state should be good for another.

Here is an article below that explains what I am talking about. I hope this can be of some use.

N.J. Appellate court: Let citizens seek grand jury probe
"Coburn noted that a federal law allows citizens to ask federal grand juries for permission to appear and make complaints."
Wednesday, June 30, 2004BY ROBERT SCHWANEBERGStar-Ledger StaffBreathing new life into a long-forgotten right, a state appeals court ruled yesterday that ordinary citizens who have evidence of criminal wrongdoing can bring their suspicions to a county grand jury and request an investigation.If it stands, the ruling would end the monopoly that county prosecutors hold on bringing allegations to a grand jury and create a new opportunity for concerned citizens to attack official corruption.But the Attorney General's Office vowed to appeal, warning that the ruling invites unprecedented troublemaking by vindictive ex-spouses, political opponents and others with a grudge."It is a ludicrous decision," said John Hagerty, a spokesman for the state Division of Criminal Justice. "It allows for any citizen or gadfly to walk into a grand jury and try to indict a neighbor. It allows for public officials, during an election, to walk in and endeavor to indict an opponent."Late yesterday, the Attorney General's Office asked the appeals court to stay its ruling until the New Jersey Supreme Court decides whether to hear the case.The ruling was a victory for Larry Loigman, an activist lawyer who tried to present allegations of official wrongdoing to the Monmouth County grand jury. A judge told him to take his evidence to the county prosecutor and Loigman, a vocal critic of that office, appealed.In a unanimous decision, three appeals court judges directed that a letter containing Loigman's allegations be read to the grand jury, which would then decide whether to launch an investigation and call Loigman as a witness."It is an excellent ruling for the citizens of the state," Loigman said. "Anyone who's dissatisfied with what's going on, they don't have to rely on the county prosecutor or the attorney general. They have their own representatives sitting there -- the grand jurors -- and now they have a way to approach those people.""It certainly opens up the door to a whole new area for going after official misconduct," Loigman said.Actually, the ruling reopens a door that has been so little used in recent years that even judges and prosecutors had forgotten it was there.Taking a long view of legal history, Appellate Division Judge Donald Coburn concluded that a citizen's right to present allegations to a grand jury is well established. The most recent example he could find of its use in New Jersey was 47 years ago, and one case, from Louisiana, went back to 1893.But some other states have embraced the right more recently.Coburn quoted at length from a 1981 ruling of the West Virginia Supreme Court allowing any citizen to present a complaint to the grand jury by applying to the judge in charge of it."If the grand jury is available only to the prosecuting attorney and all complaints must pass through him, the grand jury can justifiably be described as a prosecutorial tool," the West Virginia high court wrote."If the grand jury is to be a meaningful institution, its integrity must be maintained as an independent body, free from all outside interference and prosecutorial control or direction."Quoting a 1977 decision by Minnesota's supreme court, Coburn wrote that allowing citizens to bring complaints directly to the grand jury "serves as a kind of 'safety valve' and has much to commend it."In light of the grand jury's "extraordinary powers of investigation,"he rejected claims by the Attorney General's Office that citizens had no right to bring complaints to the grand jury. Appellate Division Judges Stephen Skillman and Harold Wells joined Coburn's opinion.Loigman said the case began when a client advised him of financial irregularities in the Middletown Township payroll related to a state grant from an agency within the Attorney General's Office. He said he alerted that agency to the improprieties but "they never conducted an investigation."In February 2002, Loigman put his allegations into a letter addressed to the Monmouth County grand jury at the county courthouse. When he got no reply, Loigman said, he contacted Assignment Judge Lawrence Lawson, who told him to contact the county prosecutor or attorney general. Instead, he appealed.The appeals court directed Lawson to have Loigman's letter read to the grand jurors along with any instructions the judge deems appropriate. Coburn said that every letter addressed to a grand jury should be delivered to the assignment judge, who will then "determine whether he or she should instruct the jury on the matter."Loigman said the ruling applies only to county grand juries as a state law requires the Attorney General's Office to present all cases to the state grand jury. Coburn noted that a federal law allows citizens to ask federal grand juries for permission to appear and make complaints.Robert Schwaneberg covers legal issues. He can be reached or (609) 989-0324.

Simper Fi, Fernando Powers

I knew there was something the American people could do!
After all these are elected officials,and maybe many before us had to by pass coruption for America and it's people!
Sounds like a good avenue to pursue!
We the people can and should go to a grand jury on the DSM!


We should be able to use this route to bypass the Congress. Hopefully we do not have too many that are as corrupt in the Grand Jury as we have in the White House.

Go read the Select Subcommitte on Intelligence report of 2004. There they go through this whole Wilson episode, and they show that he lied, and lied, and lied.

Of course they are attacking Wilson, he has lied his ass off to create this "scandal". He said it was a vicious attack to reveal his wife's name. Funny that, since her name was for everyone to see on the internet before all of this even happened. Wilson is a liar, the bipartisan intelligence report proves this, as do other facts.

Get a clue.

Go read an intelligence report tained by the same people who are friends of those that leak identities? Real smart buddy. Stay in school.

Rove tried to smear Wilson by outing his wife.End of story. It's treasonous and shows Rove was more interested in political retribution than national security.

It's called treason.

Utter and complete baloney. You go read the danged report. In an addendum, the three farthest right Republican Senators claim that Wilson lied about his wife's involvement - and that has NEVER BEEN SHOWN TO BE THE CASE. Furthermore, the distortions used to say that Wilson's work showed them they should have been MORE CONCERNED come with the qualifier"up to October 2002" (which was before the SotU speech that started this whole leak/attack crap), when the cdocuments became available and were obvious forgeries.

That "report" shows no such thing as you're claiming. What a ridiculous statement. Shut off Rush Limbaugh and go read the report.

You're libeling a good American - the same guy who sheltered 800 people in the US embassy in Baghdad right before the First Gulf War, and blew smoke in Saddam's face. The same guy Bush's father called a hero, because he was.

And he is again, for telling the truth at great personal cost. Want to see the DSM's claims in action? Want to see how intelligence and facts are fixed to fit the policy? Look no further than THIS.

Now go read the report and get a clue.

Wasn't it the 'Bush 1' that said it is equivalant to a traitor, anyone that outs a CIA operative? What is wrong with his son?

that ugly mean little man , Rumpelstilskin.

You misspelled "Subcommittee" sharp guy.

So did you wizard!

First, the background. Here's what Rove said, according to Cooper's email:
it was, KR said, wilson's wife, who apparently works at the agency on wmd [weapons of mass destruction] issues who authorized the trip.

Okay, let's get on to Wilson. Here's the talking points quoting an interview with Wilson on CNN. In reponse to the question:
Did Valerie Plame, your wife, come up with the idea to send you to Niger?
Wilson responds
No. My wife served as a conduit, as I put in my book. When her supervisors asked her to contact me for the purposes of coming into the CIA to discuss all the issues surrounding this allegation of Niger selling uranium to Iraq.

The talking points then go on to quote the Senate Selection Committee:
The CPD reports officer told Committee staff that the former ambassoder's wife "offered up his name" in a memorandum to the Deputy Chief of the CPD on February 12, 2002, from the former ambassador's wife says, "my husband has good relations with both the PM and the former Minister of Mines (not to mention lots of French contacts), both of whom could possibly shed light on this sort of activity."

The contradiction between Wilson said and the Selection Committe lies in the definitions of the phrases "authorised", "offered his name up", "conduit", and "come up with the idea". She could have "offerred up his name" as in "come up with the idea", or she could have merely "offerred up his name" as in stated that he was suitable for the job. Either reading is consistent, although having the full memo to the DC would be the only way to determine for sure.

However, in no way does the above imply that she "authorized the trip", as stated by Rove in his email to Cooper.

It is worth noting that, during the interview, allegations that his wife somehow drove the decision to send Wilson were already around. Wilson appears to be responding to these allegations. He openly admits that his wife was involved in the communications between CPD and himself.

Wilson clarifies in a WaPo article here.
The decision to send me to Niger was not made, and could not be made, by Valerie. At the conclusion of a meeting that she did not attend, I was asked by CIA officials whether I would be willing to travel to Niger. While a CIA reports officer and a State Department analyst, both cited in the report, speculate about what happened, neither of them was in the chain of command that made the decision to send me. Reams of documents were given over to the Senate committee, but the only quotation attributed to my wife on this subject was the anodyne "my husband has good relations with both the PM (Prime Minister) and the former Minister of Mines (not to mention lots of French contacts), both of whom could possibly shed light on this sort of activity." In fact, with 2-year-old twins at home, Valerie did not relish my absence for a two-week period. But she acquiesced because, in the zeal to be responsive to the legitimate concerns raised by the vice president, officials of her agency turned to a known functionary who had previously checked out uranium-related questions for them.

Even if Wilson was being imprecise about his wife's involvement in recommending him, there's still nothing to say that she "authorized the trip". Rove's statement stands as a blatant lie, whereas Wilson's statement could go either way (until I see the original memo), and is frankly rather insignificant considering that his charge that Rove lied stands.

Now I'd ask you, which is the more critical lie? That Wilson doesn't admit that his wife may have suggested his name (as opposed to merely stating that he was suitable, or acting as a communications channel), or that some 30,000 Iraqi civilians and 1,700 American soldiers have died thanks to an Administration and its attack-dogs like Rove fixing the intelligence and the facts around the policy?

If you are concerned about lies, I commend you. Truth is sacred, and Eris knows it's in short supply. But perhaps you should apply the same standard of truth to your own ideology?


Take your facist, Fox Drivel Channel bullshit and shove it where the sun don't shine!

Any "SELECT COMMITTEE OF REPUBLICANS" (READ FACISTS)has a whole lot of credibility with the O'Reilly's of the world, Brit Hume and the rest of the right wingnut cases spewing the bullshit you just can't get enough of.

May I further suggest that you bend your knees, put your head between your legs and kiss your ass and the rest of the FACIST asses goodbye!

Your comments show that you are partison and that you will never change. It's a lot easier to be behind something (even if it is wrong)than take a chance and look at a new way of coming at a subject. You are definitely stuck in a rut!!!!

It is one thing to say "go read Select Subcommitte on Intelligence report of 2004," but which one are you referring to that proves your point?


How can anyone realistically say Plame sent her husband Wilson to investigate the Niger claim when Novak made it clear that he was selected by CIA officials???

This is from Robert Novak's July 2003 article:
"Wilson never worked for the CIA, but his wife, Valerie Plame, is an Agency operative on weapons of mass destruction. Two senior administration officials told me Wilson's wife suggested sending him to Niger to investigate the Italian report. The CIA says its counter-proliferation officials selected Wilson and asked his wife to contact him."

Again, from Novak's follow up article (10/03):
At the CIA, the official designated to talk to me denied that Wilson's wife had inspired his selection but said she was delegated to request his help. He asked me not to use her name, saying she probably never again will be given a foreign assignment but that exposure of her name might cause "difficulties" if she travels abroad. He never suggested to me that Wilson's wife or anybody else would be endangered. If he had, I would not have used her name. I used it in the sixth paragraph of my column because it looked like the missing explanation of an otherwise incredible choice by the CIA for its mission.

Novak, who is a well-known and deeply connected right-winger, makes it clear who selected Wilson for the trip to Niger...CIA counter-proliferation officials and not his wife, Valerie Plame. Novak's own writing's debunk this RNC talking point.

Nice try, Rove, but this will not go away regardless of how hard you try to spin.

and Rove outed his CIA wife. Please give us (and yourself) a break, Seixon. Would you follow Hitler to the the edge of the abyss and dive in? Would you follow Bush when he says "Bring 'em on!" ? Seixon, I no longer consider you to be a troll, but a deeply troubled individual. This is perhaps good though, because you are starting to think and ask questions and probe, and perhaps this will help de-program you so that you can put a simple 2 + 2 together to = 4. Keep It Simple Seixon. I swear you remind me of those brainwashed pyramid scammed folks that downline soap etc.

So as you say , it is right to attack a person who lies. If we subscribe to your logic we have the obligation to attack the whole Bush administration for their constant lies. I wonder if Sen. McCain is saddened by Herr Rove's situation, I'm sure he holds Turd Blossom in the highest regard or do you believe Rove's attacks of him were justified ? I hope you are not married Seixon , I would hate to think you allow anyone to treat your family thusly, but that's what cowards do.

In General, should senior white house officials discuss CIA employees with the press?

You know, in this country not that long ago, they used to shoot people for high-treason. Kind of sets an example, people take honor and oaths a bit more seriously. I'm not saying we should implement it, but maybe someone should get moving on this before this guy tries to suicide out of any formal punishment? Will be interesting to see how the rest of the media and the GOP swings the RAW STORY article. E-mail your friends people. Send them the link to the story, and this site, etc.

I'm not sure I support shooting, even in Rove's case. TARRING and FEATHERING, on the other hand, I could definately get behind.

The more these Republican co-conspirators attack Wilson and attempt to deflect the reality of what Rove (and likely Cheney) actually DID do, the less the American people will have the stomach to tolerate it.

Joe Wilson was asked to confirm whether or not there was the potential for nuclear weaponry in Iraq.

He got it right - there was none.

Nothing changes this fact.

If the administration were truly interested in getting accurate intelligence to ascertain the urgency with which to pursue an invasion of Iraq, this would have been valuable information for them to consider.

Their actions following the receipt of Wilson's report are THE SMOKING GUN. This activity CONFIRMS THE DOWNING STREET MINUTES ascertion that the administration was intent on FIXING THE FACTS in order to rush to war. The FACTS that Wilson uncovered not only did not serve their desire to rush to war, it threw a monkey wrench dirctly into their war plan.

These are facts.

The actions that "high level administration officials" undertook to discredit Wilson and effectively destroy his wife's career at the cost of disclosing an entire business that had served as a CIA front in the search for WMD - these actions are treasonous on their face and undermine the "War On Terror." How many informants died that we don't know about?


It was their strategy when the FACTS did not suit their strategy then, and remains the case today. ATTACK THE MESSENGER.

This is the defining moment of this administration, and they are right on script...the ROVIAN SCRIPT. It's time to use their behavior to expose their traitorous ways.

Is this the lesson you want your children to learn?

What message is this sending to the world?

It's time to be America again.


(APPLAUSE) Glad somebody else has a conscience. :)

I agree.......

I was wondering what they would do,and this is so typical.
Lay the blame on everybody else.

My son was going to go FBI and to think the Bush government would have sold him out makes me sick.
Many of these people risk there lives they don't need the Bush government to sell them out for politics.

Who haven't they blamed for there wrong deeds.

It is getting to be quite the thing, not taking any responsibility for the things we get caught about. My 'ex' blames the society for his misgivings and has been in Jail at least three times this year.
Bush has gotten to the point that he has played the blame-game so long, that he believes it himself. He talks about morale responsibility, but speaks of just the opposite from the corner ofhis mouth. He wants to set up the Judges to be neo-cons, say down with Roe-v-Wade, and he wants to turn America upside down by making it go into debt (and poverty)while he attempts to gain world-wide control. It's obvious that he cares not for America--look at what he is doing to it!!!

... Mcc swore in front of press that Rove was innocent. Now press is confronting Mcc (YOU GO MSM !) ...Mcc is Bushco's spokesperson, THEREFORE, Mcc was lying , OR Bushco was lying OR both.

Now the Republicans want to debate the rational for the Iraq war by defending this war profiteer Karl Rove. Thus this should open the door for Senate Congressional hearings. They call Joe Wilson a liar then lets have congressional hearings to prove who is lying.

(aside from the Bushco conspirators), is that they walking and talking in "lock-step" like so many of the everyday German peoples did during the Third Reich. Why aren't their stomachs turned already by the atrocities that have been done to the Iraqui peoples and the American troops in the name of idol OIL? Why are they not outraged by tens of thousands of resistors dead and imprisoned besides the outing of a CIA agent? Since Bushco cannot discern the difference between a resistor and an insurgent anymore, I refuse to label anyone "insurgent" without proof. It's much easier to label Rove "GUILTY OF FELONY".


It's true - what so many of us have suspected - Bush's brain IS "leaking".

I hope you are RIGHT!!!!

like Frankenstein !

Haha :-)

"Short of a criminal indictment, Rove is not going anywhere," said Marshall Wittmann, a former Republican aide who now works for the Democratic Leadership Council.

"For Bush to get rid of Rove would be like Charlie McCarthy firing Edgar Bergen."


Part of the Rove defense strategy is to further discredit Wilson?

Trying to discredit Wilson is what got them in this mess in the first place.

Democrats ought to pounce all over that and call for Mehlman to resign his post while the White House Press is still looking.

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